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Introducing UNC Terror Cooperation

checkenThe US media may be many awful things, but no one could ever accuse them of not being consistent- at least when it comes to certain subject areas; US-NATO-Chechen joint terrorism operations being one. The censorship of this topic goes to such extremes where even modified-sanitized-pasteurized versions of related events and facts are nowhere to be found in the US media. Let me list a few globally known and reported facts, then add a few twos and twos and twos together, and see whether you can find any traces of that in the US mainstream media:

Assassinations of Chechen Terrorist Leaders in Turkey

The following was reported by British paper Telegraph in September this year:

Kremlin hit squad 'assassinate Chechen Islamist in Istanbul'

The triple murder was carried out by a lone gunman in less than thirty seconds using a 9mm pistol fitted with a silencer. It brought the number of Chechens assassinated in the Turkish city in the last four years to at least six. The gunman pumped eleven bullets into the three men in a busy Istanbul street before speeding off in a black getaway car.

One of the murdered men, 33-year-old Berg-Haj Musayev, was said to be close to Doku Umarov, an Islamist terrorist leader who is Russia's most wanted man. The other two were said to be his bodyguards.

It was Umarov who claimed responsibility for the January suicide bombing of Moscow's busy Domodedovo airport, an atrocity that left 37 people dead. Musayev's widow Sehida said she was sure the Russian secret service was behind her husband's murder, a view echoed by Murat Ozer, head of a Chechen Diaspora group in Istanbul.

I am going to provide you with several cases like this, and go back several years, but for now keep this article in mind, and ask yourself: How did these notorious Chechen terrorist masterminds and leaders end up in Turkey? Why did all these high-level terrorists choose Turkey? How could they be allowed by the Turkish government to operate and carry out their terror operations from Turkey as their HQ-base?

Keep those questions in mind as you proceed to the next case and facts. Now, a bit more on these assassinations from Spiegel:

RussianRussia Hunts Down Chechen Terrorists Abroad

Russian intelligence agents appear to be systematically working off a hit list. When he came into power, Putin, who was president at the time, apparently decided to expand the death zone. "We will pursue the terrorists wherever they go. If we find them in the toilet, we'll kill them in the outhouse," the president vowed, and set his agents loose on Chechen rebels and terrorists abroad.

In February 2004, Russian agents with diplomatic passports blew up an SUV carrying Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, a Chechen rebel commander, in Qatar, where he had been a guest of that country's emir…

The attacks were carried out in Arab countries, Azerbaidjan in the southern Caucasus and, in particular, Turkey. In September 2008, the Chechen militant Gaji Edilsultanov was murdered in Istanbul in broad daylight. Three months later, his fellow militant Islam Zhanibekov was killed in an execution-style shooting in front of his wife and children. Russian special-forces units had targeted the Chechen because of his involvement in several terrorist attacks.

Late last week, there was speculation on Chechen underground websites, as well as in the Russian and Turkish media, that a so-called "Berlin group" may have been involved in the killings. Russian undercover operations have allegedly been directed from the German capital, of all places.

Officially, German authorities have no solid evidence that this is the case. However, they did not fail to notice that more than 1,200 Chechen exiles and Russian intelligence agents are now stalking each other in Berlin. The Germans have also noticed that Umarov's following is growing. They report dubious flows of cash -- including from young men who are leaving Germany to join the holy war in the Caucasus.

What I want you to specifically take with you from this second article is that: 1- The largest concentrations of these active Chechen terrorists are in (in order): Turkey- A NATO member, Azerbaijan (Almost a NATO Member), Germany (a NATO Member), followed by Dubai- one of the closest US Allies in the Arab States, and Qatar-another very close US ally and partner in the Arab states. 2- Amazingly these notorious ‘Islamist’ terrorists are not present in ‘Islamist’ nations designated as terrorist nations by the United States: Iran, Syria. Of course there are no Chechens terrorist groups in North Korea 😉 Please keep this ‘2’ together with the previous one, and we’ll move to the next area.

Chechen Terrorists Linked Closely with Turkey

Do you remember the Moscow Theater hostage Crisis in 2002? If not, you can quickly check it out here. The following report came out after the investigations and follow up:

Chechen terrorists linked with Turkey: Russia

There were earlier reports that Chechen terrorists had made telephone calls to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates during the hostage drama.

According to reports carried by the Itar-Tass on Tuesday, Russian security intelligence said that they had had indisputable proof that the Chechens had received support and encouragement from these three countries.

The head of Russia’s International Military Co-operation Department, General Anatoli Mazurkeviç, is to meet with a European Parliamentarian Council delegation later on Tuesday and complain of what Russia sees as a double standard in west on combating terrorism.

I am sure you have picked up on the commonality shared by the mentioned nations. The time frame: 2002, and the terrorist and terrorist supporting nations happen to be those outside our nation’s designated axis of evil. No Iraq, Iran or Syria. No Gaddafi-led Libya.

Let’s pause for a second and check out the Chechens’ American friends and advocates, and after that we’ll come back here. The following article appeared in the Guardian UK in 2004 [All emphasis mine]:

The Chechens American Friends

In the US, the leading group which pleads the Chechen cause is the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC). The list of the self-styled "distinguished Americans" who are its members is a roll call of the most prominent neoconservatives who so enthusiastically support the "war on terror".

NewAmCentThey include Richard Perle, the notorious Pentagon adviser; Elliott Abrams of Iran-Contra fame; Kenneth Adelman, the former US ambassador to the UN who egged on the invasion of Iraq by predicting it would be "a cakewalk"; Midge Decter, biographer of Donald Rumsfeld and a director of the rightwing Heritage Foundation; Frank Gaffney of the militarist Centre for Security Policy; Bruce Jackson, former US military intelligence officer and one-time vice-president of Lockheed Martin, now president of the US Committee on NATO; Michael Ladeen of the American Enterprise Institute, a former admirer of Italian fascism and now a leading proponent of regime change in Iran; and R James Woolsey, the former CIA director who is one of the leading cheerleaders behind George Bush's plans to re-model the Muslim world along pro-US lines.

In August, the ACPC welcomed the award of political asylum in the US, and a US-government funded grant, to Ilyas Akhmadov, foreign minister in the opposition Chechen government, and a man Moscow describes as a terrorist. Coming from both political parties, the ACPC members represent the backbone of the US foreign policy establishment, and their views are indeed those of the US administration.

Okay. You should have several twos by now to add together later: Main Chechen terror base and HQ in NATO Member and one of the closest US allies in the Middle East Turkey + Network Extension in Germany (NATO), Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (Two closest US Arab Allies and Pawns) + All the major PNAC –Neoconservative & the New World Order players and operators + the CIA.

Now, let’s head back where we left off with the Russia-Turkey angle, and take a look at a more specific player. Here is an article from 2008:

Turkish Building Company Denied Funding Chechen Militants

Moscow, April 23 (RIA Novosti) - Turkish building company ENKA Wednesday rejected claims, made in a documentary program broadcast Tuesday on Russia's Channel One TV, that it had provided financing in the 1990s to Chechen militants.

"We state that all information regarding our company broadcast April 22 in the Plan Caucasus TV program on Channel One is totally groundless and untrue," ENKA said. "We deny all such accusations."

ENKA is one of Turkey's largest construction companies working in Russia.

The claims were made against ENKA in the TV program by Sultan Kekhursayev, now living in Istanbul. He said he had been "[now dead Chechen separatist leader Dzhokhar] Dudayev's army brigadier general."

Kekhursayev said large Turkish companies working in Russia, including ENKA, funded the seizure of Chechnya's capital Grozny in the summer 1996, adding that they "had done much" to assist militants.

ENKA was in fact involved in funding Chechen terrorist groups and even more. However, the funding was channeled via ENKA; not sourced to it. ENKA was (and probably still is) one of many Turkish companies used by the US government, specifically the CIA and the State Department, catering to objectives set by American actors mentioned in this article.

How do I know this? Well, let’s say it is one of the main State Secrets that received a particular privilege with my case. No matter. I have enough public documents and information to make you privy to this State’s Secret.

ENKAENKA, one of the largest building-construction companies in Turkey (also internationally) is one of the top players, top operatives, and top members of a gigantic Turkish-American Lobby organization called the American Turkish Council (ATC). You can check its top status here at the ATC site: Click here.

To get a real picture of ATC I encourage you to read the entries here. And the following are a few excerpts from the Vanity Fair article in 2005:

Sibel also recalled hearing wiretaps indicating that Turkish Embassy targets frequently spoke to staff members at the A.T.C… the wiretaps suggested to her that the Washington office of the A.T.C. was being used as a front for criminal activity.


Please check the date mentioned above in the article on ENKA’s involvement and financing of Chechen terrorism dating back to the 1990s. And here is an excerpt from the VF article provided to the reporter by another FBI-DOJ source:

One counter-intelligence official familiar with Edmonds’s case has told Vanity Fair that the F.B.I. opened an investigation into covert activities by Turkish nationals in the late 1990’s…Toward the end of 2001, Edmonds was asked to translate some of the thousands of calls that had been recorded by this operation, some dating back to 1997. 

I believe it would be needless to ask you to add more twos here: FBI wiretaps targeting ATC, ENKA- a major operative and player of ATC, the dates of these files going back to the mid 1990s, our major American neoconservative/NWO players (movers-shakers) supporting Chechen terrorism against Russia, and their support (financing, masterminding, training, etc.) being implemented, in addition to the CIA, by operatives and players in Turkey and NATO. I could talk about various ways of money funneling through middle-men to the hands of the terrorists. Instead of talking and writing about it for hours, I’ll provide you with one example involving companies like ENKA:

Did you know that the US Government has been paying ENKA hundreds of millions of dollars for building US Embassies?  You can check it out here at ENKA’s website: US Embassy in Guinea, in Cameroon, in Mali, in Bosnia, in Sarajevo …Now ask yourself: why in the world would our government hire a Turkish company to build embassies for it around the world? My short tenure with the FBI was a real eye-opener with operations like this. This is one way to add to our black budget for our CIA’s black operations. You see, they (the CIA, aka State Department) get middlemen companies such as ENKA (believe me ATC is full of such companies) to quote a price ten or a hundred times more than the actual price. Then, they don’t let any ‘real company’ bid. Then, they get it easily approved (State Department, Congress). A company like ENKA would take a nice profit out of that, and the rest would go to finance our illegal/black operations in, let’s say Central Asia or the Caucasus.

I can assure you, every single main player in our media has known all about this-with documents, credible witnesses, for Pete’s sake through other nations’ news reports! Yet, for all these years, they have played as they’ve told by their masters-those powers ruling from behind our visible government: they’ve been consistent in censoring and blacking out the facts in ‘Islamist Terrorism Made in the USA.’ Be my guest. Take this well-documented and sourced information, and comb through our mainstream media’s archives. See what you end up with…other than ‘zilch.’

We Americans, bogged down in a perpetual so-called ‘war on terror,’ waging illegal and unjustified wars globally in the name of that ‘war on terror’ and so-called ‘Islamist terrorists,’ happen to be the world’s biggest mastermind, creator, financier, and supporter of ‘Islamist Terror.’ We used this as our number one method, modus operandi, during the Cold War throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa and the rest of the Muslim world. We made and trained and employed Bin Laden. No, it should be plural. We trained and employed and supported many Bin Ladens around the world. Then, after the Cold War, we continued the trend throughout Central Asia, the Balkans, Caucasus, and Xinjiang. Today we still remain the world’s number one terrorist nation. Either through illegal and unjustified wars of aggression or those blamed on some ‘Islamist Extremists' which happen to be directly masterminded, instigated, financed and supported by us.

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