Gulenists’ & the Turkish Government’s Fraudulence War on the KCK

A Masterpiece of Propaganda with the Real Goal of Getting Rid of the BDP Kurdish Party

By Dr. Aland Mizell

gulenIn his latest speech broadcast on the website, Fethullah Gülen commented on his grief over the deaths of the security members during the PKK attacks in the country‘s Southeast region. He was disappointed that “the Turkish military failed to kill a group of bandits in the mountains over the last 30 years,” Gülen said.

In his speech Gülen also spoke of measures that should be taken to help resolve the Kurdish problems including the opening up of five new dormitories in the city of Van, and sending imams into all the Kurdish provinces to indoctrinate Kurds to accept his version of Islam. Teachers are to assimilate the Kurdish children. “If we only could have sent to that region Imams who teach Islam to them, if these measures were taken before, we would not have any Kurdish problem,” Gülen claimed.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at the times of challenge and controversy, according to Martin Luther King. The question for Mr. Gülen is where did you stand for three decades of the Kurdish suffering?

In his seminal writings on politics and language, George Orwell noted, “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectful.”  Today the world is being swayed by Gulenists; consequently, the global community are silenced and not sharing their opinion on the AKP party‘s suppression against the Kurdish people. Fethullah Gulen and his followers are claiming that he sees a war on the PKK as an option of last resort. The Turkish government has taken him at his word. In reality they had already decided on this last option. Thus, the Orwellian analysis of lies sounding truthful and murder respectful may be seen as the AKP couches its real intent in Gulen’s “last option” rhetoric.

BDPGulen’s solution is the “you are either for us or against us” mentality. In Gulen’s approach to solve Kurdish issues, “the good Kurds “are always associated with their cadre and the bad Kurds are not one of them.” The ones who are different from them become the enemy to be feared and hated like the BDP. Ultimately the enemy has to be killed and destroyed, so that people can be safe and peace will come to Turkey. Gülen is supposed to be a champion of love, tolerance, peace, and bridge-building. How can a champion of peace and tolerance speak a language of hate, rage, and killing? How can a religion leader possibly make such political statements? 

Champions of morality or even civilized human beings do not intentionally and rationally kill other human beings. Today, the Turkish government and Gulenists are using the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) as a propaganda tool, primarily to get rid of the BDP party and its members. One the most effective and most critical elements of the fighting is the ability to dehumanize the KCK, the PKK, and the BDP  and its members, that is, to perceive other human beings as less than human. Dehumanization has been the necessary and potent tool used in every enslavement or genocide.

Even as a standard-bearer for justice, America has lost its credibility around the world because of its double standard in its foreign policy. America will not criticize Turkey for its treatment of its citizens, but America will criticize Syria despite there being no real difference in how that government treats its people and Turkey’s treatment. Gulenists’ special interests have driven ties so powerful that their lobbyists in Washington have enabled legislators to embrace policies that will have a long-term cost and will put American national prestige at risk. America wants to use Turkey to further its political agenda, especially in Syria. The US wants to use Turkey and Gulenists as an example for the Arab world of a moderate Islamic system that has ties with the West and NATO. Gulenists see this intent, and see how the US wants to take advantage of Turkey against Iran and Syria. Gulenists want to take advantage and exploit America’s international relations by asking America to turn a blind eye on mass Kurdish arrests in Turkey and want America to help them destroy the PKK before the US troops get out of Iraq.

Gülen and his followers are losing the ability to hear the heartbeats of the Kurds. Many international negotiations break down because they are built on mutual accusations instead of mutual confessions. Terrorism is the term used by the powerful governments when their enemy employs means that threaten the dominance of these governments in war. The basis of a democratic state is liberty, and where laws end, tyranny begins.

Today Kurds are under the tyranny of the Turkish government. How is it possible that Western academicians and politicians remain ignorant and cannot understand that Gulenists have nothing to do with peace, tolerance and peace-building, but rather divide the society between them and us as well as create hate and rage among the people?

The current war on the KCK is an AKP planned, and a socially and politically Gulenist approved maneuver to achieve total power in Turkey. Because the Democratic Society Congress (BDP) is the main obstacle for Gulenists in Turkey, because they are the only party that is asking for Turkey to face justice, and because they are the only party that represents the Kurdish people, Gulenists have targeted the BDP.

Gulenists created Ergenekon to get rid of military rule, and now they are creating the KCK and trying to link the KCK to a terrorist organization, implicating the BDP in order to get rid of the BDP party.  Gulenists do not accept the BDP even though it is democratically elected by the millions of Kurdish people and has 36 Parliamentarians (MP).  Gulenists and Turkey’s Prime Minister think BDP members are supporting terrorism. They would like to get rid of the BDP by linking them to the KCK. Now the Gulenists are guilty of charging the KCK with guilt by association in that the Gulenists have linked the KCK to the PKK because of the PKK’s being considered terrorists. They are currently putting thousands of Kurdish political leaders in jail, and they will continue to incarcerate them until they get rid of all the BDP party. Then they will create a Kurdish party that will agree with them, not necessarily representing the Kurdish interests but representing Gulen’s ideas, such as Kemal Burkay, the Kurdish writer and poet who returned from a three decade long exile in Sweden that began shortly after the military’s coup d’état in 1980. His denouncement of the PKK and call for the Kurdish people to take advantage of the “Kurdish opening” take him from mainstream Kurdish interests to the current administration’s bidding. That is Gulen’s solution to solve Kurdish problems.

Media is the chief tool in selling Gulen’s and the Turkish government’s war policy on the Kurds in Turkey. Today’s Zaman serves the interests of the AKP government and Gulen’s empire, which are closely interlinked, and consequently frames its reporting and analysis in a manner supportive of establishing privilege but limiting debate and discussion about the Kurdish plight.

The propaganda system allows the AKP leadership to commit crimes without limit and without checks on misbehavior or criminality; in fact, the ruling party will appear regularly on TV to comment on justice, love, peace, tolerance, alliance of civilization, or bridge-building, all the while characterizing themselves as savior of the world. Human beings create enemies, so that it seems that war and the creation of enemies are coded in human genes. The main cause of making enemies is a split between us versus them, between good versus evil. The mindset of “We are the chosen ones; they are not,” or “We are the best at everything with no room for criticism” characterizes this split. The current retort, “Guns do not kill people; people kill people” needs the addendum, “And people kill ideas.” Verbal attack is the most lethal. Today Gülen and his followers verbally attack Kurds who do not share the same ideas with them by slandering the BDP and Kurdish leaders, and by using propaganda to mobilize the public against the BDP party members. They are the main obstacle for Kurds to accept Gulenists’ ideas. It should come as no surprise if all the BDP party members end up in jail, or if the new Constitution is written without the participation of the BDP party. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. Today the world should protest the Turkish Islamic government’s reprehensible actions against her citizens.

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Dr. Aland Mizell is with the University of Mindanao School of Social Science, President of the MCI and a regular contributor to The Kurdistan Tribune, and Kurdish Media. You may email the author

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