Syria: The Not So Long Ago Cherished US Partner in Intelligence, Rendition & Torture Operations

Another Case of Convenient US Media Amnesia as War Propagandists

questionFor the past few months on a daily basis we have been forced to read, watch and listen to the awful deeds of select dictators here and there, but not everywhere. Our war-drummer TV networks suddenly found an atrocious dictator in Libya, and at lightning speed lined up victim after victim of this long-ruling but suddenly popular dictator called Gaddafi. Remember this CNN episode? Yes I am sure you do. How could anyone erase these horrifying images from memory? Our public was far too horrified and disgusted to stop and wonder why now; why so suddenly. No. For years while our government and corporate partners supplied this dictator with an expansive array of deadly war and police tools, while they basked in the profit’s glow, no one in our media showed the slightest interest in or desire for widely and readily available atrocity documents, victims and witnesses. They waited until their government-corporate masters gave them the expedited green light for manic-continuous coverage. Oh how the majority longed for and anticipated our government’s regime change there…How they clamored for the barbaric ridding of this ruthless evil dictator. One down. A few more to go. Only here and there. Certainly not everywhere.

In recent months we have been presented daily, perhaps more accurately, hourly, with another dictator’s atrocious deeds. Every hour seems to be ‘the Syria Hour’ in our media. Oh, those poor freedom fighters falling one after another…The innocent people up against the heavily armed ferocious army…The daily massacres …all televised, intensely written about, loudly talked about; everywhere. That evil Bashar Assad and his regime. That evil dictator…

SyriaUprisingGranted on and off we’ve been hearing about the Assad regime’s evilness and its status on our decade-ago designated axis of evil list. But now, well now it is a different deal. Out of the blue, suddenly, this regime and its deeds have become the center of our focus, and it has been forced into our living rooms, newspaper baskets, and car radios; on an hourly basis. Oh how our people’s hearts are bleeding for those freedom-seeking revolutionary rebels…How we despise this stinky mean dictator … We can’t wait to see the bastard taken out and beheaded; preferably live on TV.

Now, here is what you won’t be hearing from our corporate-government-owned mainstream and corporate-foundation-owned pseudo alternative media. Up until very recently, as recent as two years ago, our government, our military and intelligence agencies worked hand-in-hand with this dictator and his regime. After 9/11 this dictator and his regime became one of our top choices for outsourcing our illegal torture and detention practices. In fact, our government always coordinated its bashing and name-calling of this dictator directly with him to help him boost his public standing and popularity in Syria. You see, there are ways to support dictator regimes, and then there are other ways. In ‘certain’ cases it is strategically beneficial to a dictator, or a military regime, or a kingdom, to be outwardly bashed and be cosmetically antagonized by ‘certain’ superpowers, or Israel. Those cosmetically issued bashing-threats go a long way towards improving a dictator’s popularity at home. You know what I’m talking about, right? Think the Saudi Kingdom and Israel. The Kingdom, while best friend and partner with Israel, prefers to be shown and known as Anti-Israel. It is a matter of survival … for ‘certain’ dictators. Now back to Syria.

During my work at the FBI after the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, I worked in a very large unit-room with more than 250 translators and analysts; with no individual rooms or even cubicles separating us. I worked with those from the Saudi Arabia desk, Iran Desk, Israel Desk, Turkey Desk …and of course the Syria Desk. And I can tell you with one hundred percent factual certainty that we, the United States Government and its Intelligence Agencies and its Pentagon and State Department, worked very ‘cozily’ with Syria’s military-intelligence regime. This same dictator we see exposed and bashed by our government and its tentacles- media, readily gave us everything we wanted, and more, and in return, we gave him ‘certain’ things he wanted from us; including outwardly expressed condemnation and evil name-calling.

ArarI also want to remind you of our close partnership with the Syria regime in implementing illegal torture and detention practices. You see this same dictator’s torture practices that are being advertised as intolerable and war-worthy, were exactly the practices our government valued, appreciated, and cherished. Let me give you an example, a well-known documented example, that is [All Emphasis Mine]:

Maher Arar is a telecommunications engineer with dual Syrian and Canadian citizenship who resides in Canada. Arar's story is frequently referred to as "extraordinary rendition" but the U.S. government insisted it was a case of deportation. Arar was detained during a layover at JFK in September 2002 on his way home to Canada. He was held without charges in solitary confinement in the US for nearly two weeks, questioned, and denied meaningful access to a lawyer.

The US government suspected him of being a member of Al Qaeda and deported him, not to Canada, his current home, but to his native Syria, even though its government is known to use torture. He was detained in Syria for almost a year, during which time he was tortured, according to the findings of a commission of inquiry ordered by the Canadian government, until his release to Canada. That commission publicly cleared Arar of any links to terrorism. The Syrian government now says that Arar is "completely innocent."

Despite the recent public rhetoric, at the time of Arar's deportation, Syria was working closely with the United States government in their "War on Terror". In November 2003, Cofer Black, then counterterrorism coordinator at the US State Department and former director of counterterrorism at the CIA, was quoted as saying "The Syrian government has provided some very useful assistance on al Qaeda in the past." In September 2002, George Bush opposed the enactment of the "Syria Accountability Act" citing effectiveness of current sanctions and the ongoing diplomacy in the region. In addition, the administration noted the cooperation and support by Syria in fighting al-Qaida as a reason for its opposition to the "Syria Accountability Act".

The Syrian government shared the results of its investigation with the United States. Arar believes that his torturers were given a dossier of specific questions by United States interrogators, noting that he was asked identical questions both in the United States and in Syria.

Allow me to recap here: The Syrian regime was the regime of choice for the US government when it came to rendition and torture practices. Arar was not the only US detainee sent, handed-over to Syria; others did not have the benefit of second western citizenship privileges. This was not about looking the other way. It was the US government’s tacit approval of the Syrian regime’s dictatorial torture practices. The US and the Syria regime worked very closely and shared intelligence-police-military information with each other.

The US media has conveniently forgotten all about our government’s approval and support of the Assad regime’s dictatorial and torture practices, and its partnership with this same regime in its dark and illegal operations.  Our media seem to have gone into their highly characteristic amnesiac mode. They don’t want people to know about the past. In fact, they don’t want people to know about the present either. For instance, they have been hard at work trying to twist and falsify the US government’s position and role in the recent uprising in Syria. Based on the fictional concoction they’ve been pouring out, Americans are under the false impression that we began our support for these rebels after the uprising, and as a reaction to the Assad regime’s retaliation against these freedom seekers. When in fact we started our operation last April-May, and actually manufactured-created this highly-coordinated and managed uprising and violence.  You can read my internationally reported coverage on this here, and stay tuned for more detailed coverage on Syria here at Boiling Frogs Post.

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  1. First, good for Sibel in not backing down as she exposes more in this story.

    I’m at home as I write this. Ten minutes ago I surfed around on TV. Literally nothing good to watch. Out of roughly 80 channels, it’s all rubbish. Which means it’s another night of online research.

    I’ve been emailing Pepe Escobar over the past few days about this. We’re calling this “The One Global Network Effect”. Here in the States roughly five corporations control the media. Yet really if you look at any of it it’s like one channel from morning till night. Is radio any better? Not from what I hear. Most progressive shows are basically a sub channel of a corporate station. The advertising can then be see, we appeal to everybody. No you don’t.

    How do I cope with this? First, it’s not my job to program all of this stuff. I actually worked as a program director in radio for a short time (and that was more than enough). Would Olbermann return my calls? Probably not.

    This means lots of time online and connecting with various sources worldwide. What’s the alternative?

    If they won’t listen to me, then I refuse to be a part of their profit margin. Like Sibel and others, I have my own outlets to try and be heard. I also refuse to lose control of my content to others with huge donations.

    At a certain point, I had my own Noam Chomsky moment of I have to say and do something. My suggestion? Be as creative as you can with your online tools. Then, beat the MSM at their own game.

  2. What is also forgotten in all the sturm-in-dramg regarding is the fact that Syria under Hafez Assad contributed troops to the first Gulf War in 91. Another data point to consider is Israeli intrensigence concerning the return of the Golan Hieghts to Syria. Israel wants to keep the Golan because it controls the headwaters of the Jordan River. As Climate change progresses, water will be the new battleground over the next 50 years and Israeli control of the Jordan River will allow it to increase it’s influence in negotiations with Syria And Jordan. As for Saudi Arabia, witness the mainstream media’s and US government’s total silence regarding the crushing of the Bahraini uprising using Mercenary forces from Pakistan and Saudi military assistance. The question I ask regarding the drumbeat for war against Iran is the implication of Iranian closure of the Hormuz Straits.

  3. sammscript says:

    Thank you for thisinsightful and timely report. My only qualm is the kindness with which you espouse the US Media: You say they have “conveniently forgotten,” or perhaps they have fallen into “their amnesiac mode.” The US Media is controlled by the same sociopathic, evil, luciferian controlled humans that intend to impose their New World Order on us “useless eaters.” Without their coninual – and immoral – high definition assaults burrowing into the lobotomized masses of
    television viewers, “the lie” could not be transformed into “the truth.”
    Another awakening will sprout when the digital beast is banned from the living rooms of America.

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