BFP Syria Coverage Update: Russia’s New Draft Resolution on Syria & My Eventful RT Interview

 “They have had this division that ran the rebels there. They also help the rebels to smuggle arms into Syria, but also they have a communication division there in order to actually increase the number of defectors of the current Syrian army,” Sibel Edmonds

Interview, Russia Today, Dec 16,2011

Last night I was in the Russia Today studio for a brief interview on US-NATO-Turkey-Syrian Rebels’ operations in Southern Turkey since May 2011. What an evening! I arrived there after fighting atrocious DC traffic, running through pouring rain, all that followed by a fire alarm drill in the RT building right before the interview began!

I am not sure if they will publish the full interview session; maybe later. However, the following clip is on Russia’s new draft resolution on Syria with a few highlights from my interview with RT:

Update: Here is the full length interview:

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  1. Great job! You certainly make it look easy and not camera shy.

    Shame on all the networks and programs keeping the wool over the American people’s eyes. They obviously don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. Since, as you said, not wanting to jeopardize the troops does not fly, with the already published stories internationally.

    Sibel, do you happen to know if Democracy Now was one of those popular alternatives you mentioned were specifically approached by your sources? Can you name any others?

  2. Sibel, you realize that if all of your sources are right, when the MSM does “officially” report this, you’re going to get flooded with tons of new links to your site.

    I was watching a State Dept. asst. last night on C-SPAN in front of a Congressional committee. No surpise that he would say the following:

    We fully support the Syrian people’s right to “democracy”.
    It’s not our job to tell them what to do.
    We’ve had no “official” contact with the Free Syrian forces. They’re not a “professional fighting force”.
    We only want a stable, peaceful region.

    As I watched this, part of me was thinking, can you spot the soundbite :)?

  3. Sibel, have you had pretty good dealings with RT (aside from this interview)?

  4. OK, now we have seen interviews of James and Sibel with two different RT faces, and none of them ever mentions “” Why? When James was interviewed by RT they referenced Corbett Report, but no one in either interview mentions the website at which the story broke – I do not understand why? It is as though everyone is intentionally avoiding mentioning

  5. @Hal9000 It could a variety of things:

    If we mention her name or her site, will the govt. investigate or try to censor us?

    RT management says Corbett is less well known. Therefore, it’s ok to mention him. The alternative would be like Brian Williams at NBC saying my friend Diane Sawyer at ABC tipped us off about this story. It won’t happen.

    Think about the stories that she’s brought up so far. Now, what can the people mentioned in these do? You can ignore them. You can publically challenge her to prove it. Or, you can sue for defamation. If that happened, I’m sure RT would have no problem hiring an expensive Inside the Beltway attorney.

    RT is following the rest of the MSM (and much of the alternative) by not publically criticizing Obama. The reasoning? If we do that, we lose access. Keep in mind to many RT is still a “fringe” network. Do you regularly see any of these people on the other news outlets?:

    Max Keiser
    Alex Jones
    Wayne Madsen
    Webster Tarpley

    No you don’t. RT is trying to spin this to their advantage in their promos. Yes, we are “fringe”. We give everyone a voice. In that aspect, that’s true. Then again, unfortunately to many “fringe” has a really bad connotation.

    That being said, many people like Sibel (IMO) have to make a choice. If the other outlets won’t touch this, where do I do to be heard? To her credit, she’s never had that “fringe” label in any of her work.

    Another point. If this story keeps going and she’s right, think how bad this will make the MSM people look. One person that refuses to shut up and does her homework makes corporate networks look like amateurs. You can’t tell me that no network news president isn’t concerned about this.

  6. @ Yoshi

    Thanks for the reply. Perhaps i didn’t make myself clear. I’m not questioning why any MSM is not naming, I’m questioning why the two RT anchors, James Corbett, and Sibel chose not to name it. It is standard practice in interviews like these for the website to be named as a courtesy to the listener and the interviewee. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I listened to such an interview and the interviewee’s website was not given. I don’t watch much RT so maybe they operate differently, but they did name Corbett Report when they interviewed James. The fact that none of four people, including Sibel herself, named in two separate interviews is very strange to me. These interviews were golden opportunities for James and Sibel to promote this website. Why would they not take advantage of them? As a regular reader of this website, a regular listener of the BF podcasts, and a paid subscriber to this website, I am disappointed and puzzled. I am hoping to increase awareness of the information Sibel delivers. I have spent considerable time and money trying to do just that in my local community.

    As for government interference or censorship, well the story is already out and I can assure you the government knows where it came from. Does it makes sense to avoid drawing attention to a news website that is trying to report news the MSM is suppressing?

  7. ProudPrimate says:

    A-mazing. What a scoop! Utterly credible, and — checkable in the Turkish media. But still well hidden from all but the tiny number of Turkish readers.

    Sibel — little flame in this inky darkness — thanks for helping me find my way.

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