The EyeOpener- Police State 2012: No Need to Wait, It’s Already Here

The Real Key to Dismantling Our Police State


One of the greatest problems in talking about the police state is that all such discussion of the subject is hampered by the lack of a clear-cut definition. Given the public's own ignorance of the true nature and function of a police state, story after story after story of intolerable levels of official oppression, secret illegal surveillance, and increasingly sophisticated technology for tracking, apprehending, incapacitating and even killing dissenters can be dismissed because these stories are reported one at a time, in a contextless and therefore meaningless way that invites the interpretation that these stories are only warnings of what is to come instead of sign posts of a reality that is already here.

Those who seek to sow discord amongst the potential opposition to the growing control of the state over every aspect of the public's lives can confuse and distract those opponents by engaging them in endless dialogues fretting about what a police state is, and whether our society is becoming one. Distracted in this way, the public can be tricked into believing that the police state is some imaginary future possibility, one that will only be realized when menacing troops in brown shirts, red arm bands and jack boots goose step people into internment camps against their will.

This is our EyeOpener Report by James Corbett, presenting the police state as a present reality rather than a future possibility, the distraction of the public by design, the need to look at the decades-long history documenting the step by step construction of our current system in order to recognize, understand and acknowledge our current police state status, and finally, the real key to dismantling our current police state.

Watch the Preview Here:

Watch the Full Video Report Here:

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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  1. jschoneboom says:

    Beautifully done and very valuable piece — thanks James. This is where I wish everyone, not just subscribers, could see these things, because I feel like forwarding links to this one to everyone I know. (But I understand and appreciate why it is the way it is…)

  2. I offer this lecture by John Trudell from this past October on the need for coherent non-cooperation with Tyranny.

    As the corporate Selection Pesidential process begins, we should reexamine our participation and sanction of a corrupt system whose only role is to exploit and oppress us.

  3. Well done James! Thanks for that . . .we need to help more people see with your eyes. Thanks Sibel!

  4. Agreed. Another excellent piece. I wish ai could share this one with everyone!

  5. @Ishmael: Great talk by Trudell. Thanks for the link. I have been telling people for many years that I have a problem with the concept of belief and that it might not actually exist. Nobody agrees about that part – but no matter how it’s defined, I still look at it like a type of thought. It was nice to hear John talking about the same topic, even though he’s crazy 😉

  6. I know as subscribers we get exclusive viewing of BF video, but this one is so poignant and thought provoking we should release it ASAP for possible viral status.

  7. For those frustrated with the 3-week delay in release to the general public:

    Do you feel like the Preview has any value as an enticement to come to

    One strategy would be to send around the preview and then, in three weeks, do a follow up email with the full version. Do think this would be worthwhile?

    I have one small criticism with the Preview; it’s that James uses the word “exert” instead of “excerpt” at the beginning and the end. I’ve noticed that this is just the way he pronounces the word in a bunch of his podcasts, but I think it’s possibly harmful in these Previews, as it is such an essential word in the introduction and the ending.

  8. @Ishmael: I think this Corbett interview with Denis Rancourt on the Hierarchy of Pain makes some points relative to what John Trudell is saying about an power:

  9. No doubt the Police state is here now. Preparations have been made to deal with the social unrest that will follow the coming economic collapse in the U.S. It is amazing to me they can find so many people who can treat fellow citizens this way. Mind control is the most insidious weapon of the deep state.

    I just have to state my opinion here that the FBI is a criminal enterprise. The body of evidence on this is extensive, and one could spend a lifetime studying it. I’ll just offer the following example: the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. The evidence of criminal behavior by the FBI in this case in undeniable and serves as a case study and model. If you are interested purchase a copy of the Final Report of OK City Bombing Onvestigation Committee, and a copy of the newly released DVD A Noble Lie. Listen to these two interviews

    Eric Holder should have been jailed for his role in OK City, instead he was rewarded with appointment as head of the U.S. Dept of Justice – what a sad joke. Folks there is no difference between the FBI and the KGB.

    Any one of us could suffer the fate of Kenneth Trentadue.

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