AntiWar.Com Joins MSM to Attack Independent Reporters, Authors & Analysts

Going on Record on AntiWar.Com’s Labeling & Censoring Game, Using MSM’s Favorite ‘Radical,’ ‘Anti-Semite’ & ‘9/11 Kook’ Labels

snakeThe followers of Boiling Frogs Post know where I stand on responding to petty attacks, name-calling, and false-labeling geared towards our articles, analyses and interviews. For the last three years we have simply ignored vicious attacks and have continued our independent and nonpartisan mode of operation at this website. When we take on the Israel lobby we are labeled ‘anti-Semite.’ When we cover the Gulen lobby and movement we are yelled at as ‘Anti-Muslim.’ When we criticize President Obama we are tagged ‘racist.’ And when we go after Republican Neocons we are categorized as ‘bleeding heart liberals.’ Obviously, we can’t be all those things simultaneously. Obviously, taking on each and every one of these smear campaigns would be an act of futility, a waste of time and energy. Thus; our silence; our three-year-long track record of ignoring.

Today, for the first time, I am going on record with publicly responding to the most vicious name-calling and smearing campaign I have ever faced. When I say ‘ever’ that includes my entire ten-year battle as a whistleblower. During my ten-year long battle as a whistleblower, as the director of the largest national security whistleblower organization, and as an activist, I have never been attacked so viciously, blatantly, and nastily by any media, forum, or group. Never. What makes it worse is that it comes from a now-pseudo alternative site which I used to support, until recently.  And what makes it even worse than that is the attack and labeling being targeted not only at me, but also at my partners and authors here at BFP whom I value and respect. I carefully select my partners and contributing authors and analysts here at BFP. Once selected as partners, I treat them as such, and happen to be highly protective of them. That’s me.

Last week I wrote a commentary on Antiwar.Com which I believed, and still believe, to be an attempt to salvage a website that was once-upon a time a solid alternative media site:

While we are on the topic of media I want to respond to Justin Raimondo’s appeal for more generous funds at AntiWar.Com. In the past I was one of the vocal supporters of this website. I still am a follower of Raimondo and Philip Giraldi’s articles and analyses, and respect them both. However too much has changed over there. Since their newcomers the site has strayed away from being an alternative, and has become a major promoter of the same mainstream media it was originally created to counter. In fact, if you go and check their headlines you’ll see that over 50% of their ‘news’ is linked directly to the worst culprits among the mainstream media prostitutes: Washington Post, New York Times, BBC, Fox News … Just have a quick comb through their last few weeks and you’ll see what I am talking about.

And further here,  here and here:

Next, I want you to monitor the Antiwar.Com website for a while. This once-upon-a-time excellent website has been going through tremendous not so pretty changes. Coincidentally, these changes coincide with recent mysterious appearances of their donor angels. What I want you to look for and keep tabs on:

1- More and more they’ve been citing articles and news from their once-culprit foe US MSM. Their updates are filled with NYT, WP, CNN, Huffington Post …created twists and spins.

2- If you remember, a few months ago they put on this publicity and PR campaign for the Soros-Rockefeller funded NGO who actually gave Obama an award for being the most transparent president of the United States.

3- Check out their author column. Do you notice my name there? Well, since the unnamed mysterious donors showed up, about 2 years ago, to round up their half a million dollars a year fund, they have decided to keep my name but completely censor anything I write on their ‘once-upon-a-time’ issues: police state, perpetual wars, secrecy, whistleblowers…

4- Contrary to their title, name, they have been loudly and repeatedly and unquestioningly reporting only the unsupported numbers killed by the Assad regime in Syria, Assad’s alleged inflicted massacres, and …Now, for a site called AntiWar, they are either willingly or unintentionally beating the war drums and spreading unconfirmed propaganda, exactly the same way our infamous MSM has been doing…

It is truly a shame. I like and have been following a few of their excellent editorial writers such as Raimondo and Giraldi. They usually have a good selection of editorials. And as I said, they used to be exemplary as an independent news roundup site on civil liberties and war related topics.

It is up to the readers’ to judge the tone and the intent of my commentary. However, I can tell you this much: I tried hard to make my points respectful and reasonable. Further, I refrained from listing or commenting on some truly troubling first-hand, direct, experiences and examples in dealing and communicating with AntiWar.Com during the last two years in order to ‘save’ the original founders and good authors over there whom I respect.

I did not include the name(s) of AW’s newcomers, managers now in charge who have been labeling and censoring/blocking well-respected reporters, authors and analysts as ‘Too radical,’ ‘Anti-Semitic,’ ‘9/11 kook’ or ‘controversial.’ Their self-admitted hardcore Zionist new manager, Angela Keaton, has been consistently blocking not only me but our well-respected authors and analysts such as William Engdahl, Rick Rozoff, Gould-Fitzgerald, William Blum, Bill Bergman … In each instance, Ms. Keaton has referred to these authors’ work when sent to her as: Anti-Semite, too Radical, and lately as a ‘substandard piece of sh..’ Readers can get a flavor of one of her responses here where Angela Keaton very nastily and falsely attacks me and our authors at BFP:

Your pieces were rejected because they are simply not good. Often the articles on your site are substandard and in one case, sub-literate.

Your reputation is also that of a highly difficult contentious prima donna who loathes women and Jews. Over the past years, I have had concluded that is an accurate assessment.

Then came the entire gang this week spending hours posting on websites and social media sites such as facebook, attacking me as Anti-Semite, ‘a woman who hates Jews, ‘ and even calling me ‘a sexist woman who hates women.’

Here is AW’s new Director and Decision-Maker responding to hundreds of e-mails and comments their site has been receiving from rightful critics:

One of the joys of working at is knowing that 98% of your critics are racist garbage cans.

This is an e-mail that the Antiwar Director has been sending to many people and circulating at Facebook about me-Sibel Edmonds:

She's a Jew hating douche. She just hates Jews. Several work at

Readers can check the comments section of this article to read the truly ugly and false propaganda spread by AntiWar.Com. As I said, I usually ignore petty attacks on me. However, I have had enough, especially enough of ugly characterization of my partner authors and analysts at BFP. Not only that, by attacking these authors whom I respect greatly, they are also attacking other news forums, those  better and now more credible than AW, such as Global Reasearch.Ca, that proudly feature our contributing authors’ work.

As a side note, despite all our attempts, AntiWar.Com has refused to name their newly-found corporate guardian angels who have influenced the addition of their new managers such as Angela Keaton.

It is very unfortunate to see a once-great site being destroyed and turned into rubble. But that’s what AntiWar.Com is today: a wrecked ship run by agenda-driven and anti-truth captains. I will end this commentary by advising those who have contributed to this site now operating under false pretenses to go to them and ask for their hard-earned money back. They can put that money to much better use. There are dozens of good news and views websites they can support instead. I am not talking about BFP only. There are other trust-worthy sites that maintain integrity.

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  1. AIPAC Declares War
    by Philip Giraldi, February 23, 2012

    The American people don’t particularly want a new war in the Middle East, but apparently Congress and Washington’s most powerful lobby do. Thirty-two senators have co-sponsored a resolution that will constrain the White House from adopting any policy vis-à-vis Iran’s “nuclear weapons capability” that amounts to “containment.” The senators include the familiar figures of Joe Lieberman of Connecticut

    This was the lead article at A Jewish man Jerry Levin was a CNN bureau chief captured by Hisballah and released through no help of Israel or the U.S. who now escorts Palestinian children to school where Israeli settlers stone them. People are people, not Jews or some other divisive sect. I have found Sibel fair and balanced and will send her my donation this week.

  2. I’ve never been more proud to be a supporter of Boiling Frogs Post and of you, Sibel. Your intelligence, composure, and professionalism are shining through in your straight-forward and reasoned response to what looks to me like a spastic, spoiled child, lashing out in frustration and denial.

    It’s unfortunate that the leadership at AW chooses to attack someone who has done so much for so many. Someone who epitomizes their now sullied moniker with real courage, risk taking, and honesty.

    Sibel, take heart. The attention AW is drawing to your efforts only opens doors for rational people to be exposed and join in the good fight. And please know that there is an endless reservoir of gratitude out there, for what you have done and continue to do, that most of the time goes unexpressed. Thank you.

  3. Sibel has been a great friend and in years I’ve worked with her and in the many, many conversations we’ve had, I have never seen at any time where those vicious labels would apply. She’s the real deal…end of story for me.

  4. jschoneboom says:

    The heck with ’em, Sibel. These accusations are absurd, as anyone who has read your stuff at all can easily attest. All signs indicate that you’re exactly right, they’ve got a new agenda over at Too bad. Don’t let ’em get you down!

  5. That’s pretty sad, but I can hardly say that it’s very surprising either. Online forums tend to bring out the worst in people. There, they say things that they would never dare to say if they were face-to-face. If they did say such things face-to-face, they would quickly be labeled as uncouth, crazy and illiterate buffoons. (If I were face-to-face, I might merely suggest that they were letting their biases get in the way of their better judgement.)

    I have read your articles, listened to your podcasts and I find that those characterisations of the crew are completely unfounded. If there is anything good to take away from this, the fact that they need to indulge in character assassination to make their point tells you that they have no leg to stand on and they know it. I say, keep up the good work!

  6. Interesting that was listed under “Miscellaneous Extremism” on a State & Local Anti-Terrorism Training Reference Manual…

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is known to help develop these lists for Homeland Securty. Not sure when this document was issued -but I believe it’s a few years old. So, perhaps then Antiwar was targeted for appropriation by SPLC?

  7. The reason I am a paid subscriber, loyal reader, listener, and promoter of is because Sibel’s allegiance is to truth. Maybe I’m naive to think so, but I believe that if Americans only knew the truth of what their federal govt and its surrogates are doing, they would rebel in sufficient numbers to change course. But you see what we are up against when a source like can be hijacked by the opposition – the truth suppressors.

  8. @Hal 9000: Ditto – and Sibel, good for you. I guess you made that snake nervous enough to rattle. And the words used, like Anti-semite and woman-hater, smack of an all too familiar group. Perhaps you can extrapolate from that where AW’s new funding is coming from. Keep up the good work my friend!

  9. Cu Chulainn says:

    Scott Horton, Eric Garris and co. like to insult their contributors, for whatever reason. The issues, I suspect, go beyond personalities–the problem with libertarianism (what Europeans call liberalism) is that they ignore the solvent effects of capitalism. As followers of the Austrian School they end up fellow travelers with the Chicago School.

  10. The charges against Sibel Edmonds and her BFP contributors are utter garbage. Frankly, my contribution to this site is money well spent. The podcasts alone are worth the price of admission. William Engdahl, Rick Rozoff, William Blum, Gould-Fitzgerald, Bill Bergman? “Substandard”? Are you kidding me?! Never mind the excellent video reports by James Corbett, Andrew Marshall’s new audio series or Sibel’s own heroic work exposing the imperialist’s filthy plans. Did I mention the top-notch professionalism of Peter B. Collins?

  11. It is a sad fact of human nature that our history is littered with sh*t sandwiches being fed to anyone questioning the status quo or pointing to the uncomfortable truth. It’s easy to be wise in hindsight – foresight on the other hand is treated as treachery.

    The only bias I have seen from Sibel is one towards the unvarnished truth. The kind of truth I find refreshing from the absolute babble being delivered by the MSM around the world. BFP has helped open my eyes to the quarter-truths, half-truths, lies by omission and downright lies being fed to us on a daily basis by the media and our so-called leaders.

    And if wanting to be informed of ALL the angles makes me a kook – then I don’t want to be sane.

    Thank you Sibel for your professionalism and the many many many hours in the day I know you put into this site.

  12. Being an old anti-war/anti-imperialist activist — who for DECADES never ran into a Libertarian in the movement — the most important function of for me has been that it hosts Scott Horton’s radio interviews which are very informative. He’s not perfect; but who is? He only questions one of the official conspiracy/lone nutter stories, OKC – but that one ought to make him have unexpressed doubts about the others.

    So I would never call Scott a ‘gate-keeper’, nor do I hurl that insult at others (e.g., democracy now) because I recognize that sources of valuable information, and beloved members of my own family, accept the social conventions of American TABOO Subjects. Plus those that coined the term have their own manifest ‘baggage’.

    Unlike the Peace/Anti-Imperialist Movements of my youth and middle age, which were infested by Leninist, Trotskyist & Maoists, the current movement is plagued by Libertarians. I believe in ‘United Fronts’ but that doesn’t mean I accept their ideologies. The New Left was destroyed by the Weatherman/Maoists. I fear that Libertarianism (and its manifestation of Rand/Ron Paul] is a similar Trojan Horse or parasitical tool.

  13. For a site that calls itself antiwar, that tone is pretty remarkable. Angela Keaton’s words are abhorrent, and if she believes she is contributing to a dialogue that opposes war, yet uses such vitriol to attack critics, then she has failed to understand what it means to be a voice for peace. The way we carry ourselves and apply our ideals helps to shape our reality. Words can hasten wars. By hurling hateful verbal assaults, contradicts a truly antiwar spirit, regardless of (or in addition to) its reporting, and from that angle alone cannot be seen as a genuine and mature force for positive transformation.

  14. Sabretache says:


    I acted on your suggestion to monitor back in December. The result?

    I subscribed to BFP and removed the AW feed from my already vastly overcrowded reader

    Developments at AW clearly illustrate what happens to any ‘dissident’ organisation that is perceived as becoming a serious threat to the ‘official narrative’ viz – it is either successfully co-opted or life for its principals is made ‘difficult’.

  15. Disappointing the so called “anti-war” Ms Keaton wears her true colours by attacking you personally as ‘”Woman-Hater’, Too radical,’ ‘Anti-Semitic,’ ‘9/11 kook’ etc.’ I have not posted a comment here before but I must say that I am a truly fortunate woman to be able to subscribe to this excellent site! I am in deep admiration of such a courageous, intelligent and professional researcher and advocate for the truth, – thank you Sibel for your tireless work!
    “Women have cleaned up things since time began, and if women get into politics there will be a cleaning up of pigeon-holes and forgotten corners in which the dusts of years have fallen. — early women’s rights activist Nellie McClung.

  16. ProudPrimate says:

    I used to never miss a podcast from either Scott Horton or Charles Goyette. But I always wrote comments over there about how come they were so unwilling to “face the evidence about 9/11?”

    However, when Angela Keaton came on the scene, I felt a chilly draft wash over me that made me shudder. Still, I remained a faithful listener until the 10/21/07 broadcast, the interview with David L. Peito, wherein they utterly dismissed the story of the attempted overthrow of FDR by the Morgan/DuPont cartel (“The Business Plot” as Wikipedia calls it), as declared by Smedley Butler. Beito said he had never studied it much, but in general, he held FDR to be the lowdownest scalawag ever to show his face in Washington.

    After that, the folder is empty, because I really like FDR.

    I remember in the old days, Sibel, you were a cause célèbre on that site, with Lukery your biggest booster, and Scott Horton doing an excellent job.

    Right before the disappearance of Dr. Jekyll and the appearance of Mr. Hyde, the music suddenly became very “in-your-face” metal, and his tone of voice changed dramatically.

    I still don’t quite know what to make of it. It’s like that guy Phineas Gage who survived a crowbar falling from a scaffold and piercing his skull — but his entire personality changed, so his family hardly knew him.

  17. It’s quite unfortunate, I rely heavily on Especially now as the drum beats for war are sounding louder and louder. I’m constantly directing people to their web-site, and most definitely yours!. It seems that the powers that be will stop at nothing to win the day and destroy the lives of millions. Please know that I support you and will continue to do so, however I need a bit of, so long as eminent war (with Iran, Syria) looms heavily! I see them as a segue into places like “The Corbett Report”, (for those who are afraid of the truth). You see most of my friends are liberal idealogs who hated bush and love the obamasiah. They simply side with “Their Man” regardless of the truth. And for that I am grateful to Peter B. for sticking to the truth, even though “His Man” is at the helm. It seems that when the peaceful minded and the truth seekers are publicly at odds the establishment gains in strength. I reject them and am willing to be called the names that they call you. Please take heart and push on. There are many allies in “The War on, The War on Terror” over there at anti-war. And though they may be a bit messed up right now, I’m hopeful that soon their acts will come together and The Peace Movement will continue to grow and take shape.
    I am very grateful to you and well wish you the best!!!
    Your Friend Josh

  18. Yesterday, I failed to state the obvious: the terms of vilification that have been directed against Sibel Edmonds are reprehensible. Such nasty name-calling speaks volumes about the character of the author and reflects nothing at all about Sibel.

    Underlining the lack of understanding by their author of non-violent methods of conflict resolution,the words that were intended to hurt Sibel’s reputation and feelings were not blurted out in the heat of a mistaken moment of rage, but were carefully composed and circulated. Any one with a sincere concern with peace or non-violent conflict resolution abjures such expressions. If Angela Keaton is unable to convincingly and publicly apologize for her inexcusable polemic and promise not to engage in such again, she should not continue in employment at an organization which proclaims itself as a premier platform of an anti-war movement.

  19. I have only ONE question for,

    “Are Jews who hate Arabs Anti-Semites?”

    What I tell them is to leave me out of their 4000-year-old Dysfunctional Family Feud.

    Private Life Trauma Baby Leave Me OUT.

  20. Mgrdichian says:

    Dignity, common courtesy and decency trumps philosophy, rank and privilege every time.

    Sibel, you win.

  21. CuChulainn says:

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