Balochistan: CIA Carving Out New Role

… but this started before 9/11 and with a direct link to 9/11

balochistanJust finished reading the latest on CIA-Balochistan, and had to write a quick post and share.

ISLAMABAD: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), led by David Petraeus the former Commander, US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A), has a strategic, multidimensional interest in Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest province. In March 2011, The Peninsula, Qatar’s leading English language daily, revealed that the “CIA is indulging in heavy recruitment of local people as agents (each being paid $500 a month) in Balochistan to locate members of the Quetta Shura, a term used by the Americans for Mullah Omar-led Taliban commanders.”

Over the long term, the CIA has an interest in keeping the strategically important Port of Gwadar out of China’s influence. Over the short to medium term, the CIA also has an interest in supporting Jundallah, also known as People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI), a violent organization that claims to be “fighting for the rights of Sunni Muslims in Iran.”

The ‘issue’ of Balochistan is an extremely important one; however, I am not sure of the ‘real’ reasons behind the timing for and the sudden intense reportage and US congressional activities on this region lately.

Last year I published the classified-censored transcript of FBI whistleblower Behrooz Sarshar on ‘The FBI “Kamikaze Pilots” Case’, and you can find in there a passing reference to the region:

In the early 90s the Bureau hired an Iranian man as an informant, placed him on its payroll at approximately fifteen hundred dollars per month, and used him and his information in several criminal, counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations and investigations. Over time this informant, a man in his (Informant’s Age Information Deleted by S.E.), proved to be extremely reliable, and his information was found to be trustworthy.

This man had been the head of SAVAK’s, Iran’s main Intelligence agency, counterintelligence unit during the Shah’s regime. His area of operations involved the East and Southeastern region of Iran, and the countries under him were Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. He also managed the unit’s intelligence gathering operations in Sistan and Baluchistan, two semi-independent regions on the border with Afghanistan. Unlike U.S. agencies, the intelligence agency in Iran conducted most, if not all, of its surveillance and information gathering operations via human intelligence and sources. The man, the informant, was very good at what he did; he had established a large number of sources and informants scattered in the strategically most important areas within these countries.

Despite the demand and pressure by the 9/11 Family members, and thanks to the mainstream and pseudo alternative media’s black out,’ we received no further response or information from the 9/11 Omission members or their staff.

ksmPlease recall Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was born in 1964 in the Baluchistan region of Pakistan, and the ‘murky’ background on his capture:

When the Pakistani authorities, prompted by the US intelligence agencies, arrested Ramzi in the last week of September, Khalid managed to escape to Quetta where he had been given sanctuary by the JEI. It is said that in the beginning of this year, the US intelligence was tipped off by a member of the Hazara community in Quetta about the presence of Khalid in their city.

After he was transferred to the custody of the FBI, the US authorities, with the help of their Pakistani counterparts, mounted a search for bin Laden and one of his sons as well as for other dregs of Al Qaeda in the tribal belt of Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan. Many of the dregs managed to elude capture and crossed over into the adjoining Balochi areas of Iran, where some of them were arrested by the Iranian authorities.

Make sure you take into account the ‘smoke & mirrors’ factor when you are reading the background and the latest developments on this now-suddenly- signified region-Balochistan.  I am not exactly sure of the ‘real’ motivations and objectives on these latest developments, but I can tell you this much: Before 9/11 our ‘agency’ was in close cooperation and engaged in joint operations with the later-designated 9/11 culprits in Balochistan (Iran had nothing to do with it; in fact, Iran was not the beneficiary but the one who stood to lose by the joint CIA-al Qaeda operations in Balochistan).

Place ‘Balochistan’ on your radar and closely watch the images unfold among all the smoke reflected in the mirrors presented to you by our government-tentacle media.

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