Afghan Heroin & How to Add Up the Numbers

The Big Guys’ Share vs. the Little Guys Share’

heroinAccording to news reports the Turkish government seized 4.6 Tons of Afghan heroin and 46 Tons of Hashish in the year 2011 alone:

Turkish police seized 46.9 tons of hashish and 6.4 tons of heroin in 2011, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported on Wednesday. According to the Turkish Police Department, the number of people who were detained in connection with drug trafficking rose in 2011 compared with the previous year.

Police detained 39,103 people in operations staged against drug smugglers in 2011, while the figure of previous year was 36,010.Turkey has long been a key transit point on the drug smuggling route from Asia and Middle East to Europe.

Now I want you to put this into perspective, and do so logically. If 4.6 tons of Afghan heroin is the amount seized from petty little drug guys in one year, how many tons of Afghan heroin actually ‘make it’ into the global market via the ‘big guys’?

The following number was thrown out by the United Nations last year:

According to the United Nations, just over a fifth of the 375 tons of heroin coming from top producer Afghanistan now finds its way through ex-Soviet Central Asia to Russia.

Here is an excerpt clip from an interview I gave on the Real Lords of the Poppy Fields:

As you know, I have been covering the ‘Afghan heroin’ issue for a quite a while. I will write more on this soon, but meanwhile you may want to check out the following articles at Boiling Frogs Post:

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I also want you to keep in mind the following facts:

A large percentage of Turkish GDP depends on the heroin business, and the main operators happen to be the Turkish military and police.

Since the days of Gladio US-NATO’s Turkey arm has been used to protect the duo’s monopoly of the heroin industry. You can read this here for some background.

Oh, before I forget, the Turkish military-police never destroy the seized heroin-hashish stacks. So you can go ahead and add the 46 tons + 4 tons to the global drug flow

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