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Google Inc. is back in the news this week, with a fresh round of headlines about the search giant and government censorship. Ironically--though perhaps not surprisingly for the corporate media--the stories are not about Google's admitted but classified relationship with government agencies like the NSA, though. Instead, they portray the internet company as a protagonist sticking up for users' privacy rights against governments that are increasingly interested in blocking, scrubbing or banning links, search results, and online videos that those governments want to suppress.

As a PR exercise, Google's latest report is brilliantly executed and timed, deflecting some of the negative press that the company has received in recent weeks over the ongoing Street View debacle, even as it allows news outlets to portray the company as a valiant defender of users' privacy against increasingly invasive governments.

In this episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett presents Google’s past, its shareholders, its own repeated violations and abuses of users' privacy, its executives' personal philosophies and the unsettling statements that they have made about the very concept of privacy time and again over the years.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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  1. Has anyone noticed whether Google Chrome has tried to usurp the default function of Mozilla Firefox to run links from Mozilla Thunderbird, the email part of Mozilla?

  2. Haven’t looked at (googled?) it, Simon, but all browsers attempt to become the default for an OS, it seems. Can happen if you choose a default installation.

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