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USTLast Thursday, one day before leaving the sin city, in our temporary suitcase-filled rental apartment, I gave an interview to Lew Rockwell on Classified Woman and much more. I say much more because despite all the chaos I was unusually relaxed and open during this interview. Part of it had to do with my interviewee; someone I respect-someone who understands, and if you listen to this show you’ll find another reason (why I chose Mr. Rockwell as one of the first recipients of advanced copies of my book).

I am sure as in almost all my interviews I am going to get ‘some’ royally ticked off. But hey, think about it, if your interviews/statements leave everyone happy, if you end up not ticking off anyone with what you put forth, … well, then you may as well run for a political office and be among those engaged in screwing our nation. Don’t you agree? Oh, by the way, that’s me in the picture according to ‘some’;-)

Anyhow, I am still in between states-currently in Arizona. The internet connection in my hotel room is pretty iffy. So I will cut this post short and let you listen to my interview with Lew Rockwell: Click Here.

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  1. This is one of the better interviews I have heard. It’s 30 minutes long and is jam packed full of indictments of the criminal United States domestic and foreign policy. It is a condensed version of the “Talking Turkey” interview she did with Corbett, last December, and it includes a terrific description of the MSM, pseudo-alternative, and publishing industries. It explains how the tax payers’ money is funneled to terroristsMIC.

    In fact, for its length and efficacy, it’s probably the best interview to share to promote BFP and Classified Woman. I hope Sibel will post it on the CW site as well.

    Very well done, Sibel!

  2. Bill Bergman says:

    Second the motion

  3. pj98rider says:

    Third that motion

  4. Good luck on your move cross country, Sibel!

  5. Here’s an article on topic from Eric Draitser, posted yesterday at Global Research:

  6. jcarbonneau says:

    I asked Lew to have you on his show many times. I’m so glad he finally had you on his show, and the interview was fantastic. One of the best you’ve given, and I agree that when I was listening, you seemed very relaxed since you were in good company. Bonne Chance mon ami!!

  7. I concur with the comments of those above (before) me – an excellent interview. Sibel managed to distill a lot of overarching ideas and dynamics into a few sentences. And Lew did a great job of promoting the book and website. Things are clicking now. I think this interview is especially important because Sibel let loose some harsh realities on what I consider a new audience. I expect she got their attention and if they read her book and start down the trail she and others have blazed, then a shift in the cognitive equilibrium may in store.

    We have to come up with a new adjective to describe Sibel Edmonds because “extraordinary” does not do her justice.

  8. Right on, Hal 9000! How about “frickin’ extraordinary”?

    Or, we could turn it around and start using her name as the new adjective for other things we want to describe. As in “Did you see that olympic archer split an apple from 300 yards? She was sooo Sibel Edmonds.”

  9. Good work… again Sibel. Good on you for not folding to their pressure as it appeared you had in the beginning. As you stated they intimidate most into silence with their threats.

    People must stand up for the 1st amendment rights… speak truth to power and expose the lies and deception.

    Terrorism as a state black op must be exposed for what it is.

  10. After listening to the interview it’s abundantly clear that Sibel is now quite anti establishments and gone is the naivete about this democracy and functioning of the government and the MIC in a fair, just and equitable manner.

    So now that you (Sibel) have awoken and speak truth to power what IS your vision of a government, of the USA government? Given the way the world has worked re power struggles, spheres of influence, access to and control of resources… how can the world work (governments, corporations, economy, power) in an ethical manner… serving the 99.9% and not the 1%…. there’s always been a 1%…

    Isn’t democracy as we know it just a fraud and an illusions… the grand deception… because nothing really changes because the 1% always run the show in their interest?

  11. Good big questions, SanderO. I’m curious about your own suggestions. Mine include self-ownership, mutual consent, and a whole bunch of collectivism. while the US system is almost completely corrupt at the federal level, I can imagine a few things to help it purge criminmals and heal. These include election reform and banking regulation and possibly a truth and reconciliation commission. How about your ideas (Sibel is travelling now anyway)?

  12. Might need to throw in some handcuffs in the mix.

    Also, any opinions about how Iceland has been dealing with the financial crisis?

  13. Speaking of election reform:

    This guy has had a bunch of good Reality Checks on that Fox affiliate.

  14. Xicha,

    We clearly need to restore the rule of law and the rights under the constitution and Bill of Rights. Without the laws applied equally, and blindly to all… they are useless… and worse used to further oppress the already oppressed. #1 we need to return to the rule of law.

    We need to get money out of politics completely… not paid lobbyists… no corporation are permitted to lobby congress… Term limits for all government positions – 6yrs MAX… public finance of all elections. Election day is a no work day… no electronic voting.

    Probably a good idea is to get rid of political parties. I don’t see any benefit they offer to the people.

    Raise the minimum wage and abolish all laws which prohibit union activities.

    Break up all the large corporations… media, energy, telecom, and so forth.

    Reduce the military but by 95% so it is truly set up to defend our SHORES from invasion… which will not happen in any case. Revert all intel to gathering intel not engaging in operations, assassinations, weapons sales, or support of ANY government or ANY foreign NGO. Decommission all subs, aircraft carriers, missiles, fighter jets, chemical and biological weapons.

    Re write the tax code so that the wealthy pay their fair share and there no no tax write offs, tax havens, tax shelters, tax deductions or even tax lawyers. BANNED.

    Strict gun control… and ammunition control… take it from the cops as well. Too much violence in this culture.

    And that’s just a start…

  15. Hi SanderO,

    I’m with you on much of that. Except I’d like guns (and drugs) to be legal. How about banning private prisons instead?

  16. I don’t think what people do to or put in / on their bodies should be controlled by the state. On the other hand, I think there should be sensible control of substances to protect the people. It’s a fuzzy line between getting government out of our lives and having it protect our interests.

    The entire prison thing is bizarre and certainly private prisons should be closed down and not permitted.

    The real problem is the concentration of power in the hands of the few which will always act in their interest in not in the interest of the many… whether it kings and monarchs, or party leaders, or corporate boards, management and the elite. Their interests never align with those of the rest of the people. And there will always be exploitation and abuse.

    The sad thing has been the perversion of the concept of democracy by adopted laws and establishing institutions which act in an undemocratic and even anti democratic manner. There has been a brilliant effort to essentially leave a shell or a shadow of democracy in place so people continue to believe that they live in a democratic society where they have rights which are protected by the state. People such as Sibel, Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern… jumped right in to the caldron believing they were acting patriotically and supporting a democratic society and democratic institutions… by working within the national security apparatus. They accepted the myths that had been created of threats and so forth and further that these institutions and the people within in them were subject to the rule of law and acted with the interest of the people and the protection of their rights and freedoms in mind. This is clearly not the case and has not been for years and has only gotten worse and worse with each decade since the early 20th century. Of course there has always been crime and corruption, but there were perhaps more effective institutions and mechanisms to deal with it… and the notion of equal justice for all actually had currency. Now it doesn’t. We live in the Truman show… all deception and delusion while the exploitation and oppression is increasing. All was predicted and all was out there published for those who cared to know. Most people simply buy into the myth and don’t do any due diligence.

    Now things are so far gone there are apparently no mechanisms to correct all this. Being informed is great. But will do nothing to change things.

    There must be an action plan. I don’t see one. Do you?

  17. As for a plan, I’ll give you my current idea.

    I think that supporting Boiling Frogs Post and Classified Woman are the number one priority, in terms of not only informing myself, but sharing and informing others.

    More about action is discussed in this recent podcast from our own James Corbett, interviewing our own Andrew Gavin Marshall.

    Though it’s not the main point of the podcast, they do get into what can be done. The gist of it is that a replacement system/society must be created directly, beginning at home and locally. Growing our own food, creating our own educational opportunities, getting involved in local politics, etc.

    I find a lot of value in this strategy, but I think we still need to put energy into prosecuting key criminal activity happening on a larger scale. My thought is that we should pick some very concise dominos and focus like a laser on exposing and knocking them over. Issues that hold symbolic, mind-changing, culture-shifting value.

    I would offer one such domino: the shoot down of flight 93. Sibel has mentioned on two podcasts here that she has high-level military and NSA contacts with proof that 93 was shot down. These contacts feel that blowing the whistle on this lie would not have the desired effect, because they would be up against the odds, as the criminals have compromised the system. They don’t think that the risk to their own lives would be worth it. And, practically speaking, they have a point about the pessimism whistle blowers must face. That said, I think this domino is ripe for exposure and meets the criteria of being a very symbolic lie that could really snowball.

    Another specific idea I have is to do some freeway blogging to market Classified Woman to commuters. I plan to ask Paul Jamiol for large banner graphics/advice and to contact my state’s highway patrol to learn about how to do this above board. Classified Woman, to me, has the power to really enlighten the public and start a brush fire of indignation.

    So, as for an action plan, I definitely don’t have all the answers and I don’t think anyone does. But I hope these are good suggestions for any of us to consider when we feel the need to do something.

    I’m open to everyone’s thoughts and ideas and would appreciate feedback to these. Thanks!

  18. Bill Bergman says:

    What are three main takeaways from Classified Woman that you think are worth emphasizing, Xicha? This can help organize and simplify a message about complex yet important material for a broader audience. I don’t think she mentioned Flight 93 in CW, but I agree that if in fact one could prove that’s what happened, and point out how people were lied to, that is another way of tearing down the curtain.

  19. Hi Bill,

    Here are the two BFP podcasts which mention the Flight 93 shoot down contacts.

    Podcast Show #51
    Friday, 19. August 2011
    The Boiling Frogs Presents Lorie Van Auken

    Podcast Show #58
    Thursday, 29. September 2011
    The Boiling Frogs Presents Russ Tice

    It was quite a surprise for me to hear this in #51, with Lorie Van Auken, for the first time. It came as an aside – an example of how whistle blowers are feeling the chill. I think this goes to show how Sibel doesn’t just blurt things out as soon as she hears them and had been waiting for these contacts to come forward. She hasn’t been pounding on it since then either, except in the #58 show with Russ Tice, which was just over a month later. Russ’ response is so telling 😉

    As for Classified Woman, no I don’t think she mentioned 93 in there either. What I think is powerful about the book is that it really represents us as citizens; because of the way she personalized it. I think of “911: Press for Truth” the same way. When these women are knocked down, we are all knocked down. When they continue to fight, we all continue to fight. They are very inspiring heroes with an uncanny ability to connect with regular people.

    The amount of criminality documented in Classified Woman is staggering as well. It documents sanctioned espionage to sanctioned drug running to 9/11 pre-knowledge and cover-up to our special relationship with “the terrorists”. And it is all validated before and during it’s burying with the State CYA Priviledge.

    My ideas for a banner would be simple. Very large URL “”

    I would be interested in getting that as a graphic from Paul. I am also open to adding her picture from the book cover, or other ideas.

    That reminds me. While I’m looking into buying banners, I thought a similar one with “” and the boiling frog graphic would be good. But wasn’t there a recent graphic with the word “Truth” and the URL here? That would be good too.

    I’ve got one friend who’s agreed to join me on an overpass. We’d bring cameras and, as I mentioned, try to do it above board with the law if possible. Might have to add a “NObama” graphic to get their approval 😉

  20. I mean “NObamney”.

  21. I’ve been doing a lot of technical research about the destruction of the WTC. The gov lied and covered up what happened. But IU am not convinced the operation was the proverbial inside job. There was a cover up0 which began as the event was unfolding which from a political perspective sounds to me like a LIHOP and if the fore knowledge that Sibel and Coleen Rowley reported it may be that the MIC was fine with the strikes because they were intending to spin the response to wars in the ME and trillions to the MIC. The USSR was a goner and so there was no tangible threat. 9/11 provided that. And the disaster capitalists stepped right up to the plate.

    My hunch from my research is that intel did not expect the towers to collapse and certainly not bldg 7… to marshall full on support they staged the fake hit of the pentagon to piggy back on the attacks they knew were coming. They blew the side that was unoccupied of course because they did want to minimize causalities and the WTC event went out of control and so the actual causes of the collapses had to be covered up.

    Flight 93 was also a pentagon PR event which created the first hero(s) in the war on global terror. The entire *Let’s Roll* stuff was completely made up spin… and they simply shot down some plane over PA.

    The DOD organized their war games on the date of the attack, both as an excuse to account for diminished defenses and to insert fake targets into ATC radars to confuse our defenses and let the planes get through to the WTC.

    They knew the strikes would not destroy the towers. They didn’t. What destroyed them was the burning fuel and the faulty design. Building 7 came down as a result not of falling debris from WTC 1, but electrical fires and explosions from the sub station at the bottom of the tower. The 20,000 gal of diesel fuel poured out onto the 5th 6th and 7th floors burning all day slowly destroying the strength of the transfer trusses on floors 5-7 which collapsed and the tower they supported came down at FF.

    They did not investigate a thing below floor 8 and they dismissed the notion that guiliani’s 20,000 gal of diesel fuel burned. They ignored the exploding and burning transformer oil from the sub station transformers. They covered up all the bone headed decisions related to the design and erection of bldg 7.

    Those towers should not have collapsed and they dodged the wrongful death lawsuits for professional misconduct, corruption, and conspiracy associated with the wtc’s design and construction. The explanation for the collapses was a red herring… and a farce.

    It wasn’t an inside job but an case of their letting the event unfold and not knowing the consequences and then covering the root causes up. There was a criminal conspiracy to deceive the people and lots of blame for letting it happen and doing nothing to prevent it… or even standing down to let it happen AND staging the pentagon and shanksville events.

    There is no hard evidence that the wtc was destroyed by controlled demolition.

    just sayin’

  22. If we listen to what Sibel has been saying about our support and direction of terrorists continually since the 70’s/80’s, to present, then there is certainly an MO to consider when investigating the crime of 9/11. And, there was a motive for those who profited.

    I support a new transparent – meaning any data (like computer model data) is shared, not kept secret – and independent investigation into the building collapses. From my layman’s point of view, the speed and symmetry of Building 7 points to a demolition. So do other aspects of the collapses, but I really can’t argue for anything but an investigation that can be trusted by verification, using the scientific method. I think the has the right idea about publishing their research.

    With Flight 93, Sibel mentioned contacts in high places, in the know, and with documents. I only wish these individuals were able to provide more of the proof somehow.

  23. Bill Bergman says:

    Thanks for the references and ideas, and best wishes with your project ideas, Xicha. Your intent to work with state highway patrol openly looks especially valuable. I hear you on your takeaways from CW; one thing that really hit home with me was the identification and inspiration Sibel drew from the ideas of the founders of our Republic. The Jersey Girls, too, well, they have given us a lot to be thankful for.

  24. The MIC wants wars… wants insurrections… and governments to topple and others to prop up with weapons. Intel spooks are snooping around all over the place looking for opportunities… for weapons sales and so forth. MIC is out of business with no wars, and no conflicts.

    The transnational corps are trashing the world and the MIC is supporting them… and in the process creating animus toward these corporations and the CIA… and the DOD which appears to be meddling on the side of the 1% around the world and not the 99%. We create the conditions for terrorism and insurgencies and then fuel the conflicts with weapons..

    911 may likely have been a blow back against the US intervention in the ME and continual support of the Israelis who have been brutalizing the Palestinians for half a century or more. 911 or something similar was bound to happen sooner or later. One didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see it coming. And intel heard the chatter that it was in the making…and of course they were fine with it.

    The actual destruction of the three towers does not appear to be controlled demolition when one knows how they were constructed and the engineering and physics which explain how they came apart.

    My sense is that screaming INSIDE JOB is hiding what the conspiracy was… to cover a let-it-happen scenario by intel and then to cover for the negligence and corruption associated with the design and construction. The MIC was ready with the 911 story and the entire event was a PR media event brought to you by the MIC and the media lapdogs which are stenographers not reporters.

    They didn’t have to plan and execute the events… just spin the one’s they allowed to happen… and make sure that no one looked into how the show was scripted… sand of course covered up.

    Best research about what happened:

  25. Bill, thanks a lot for the feedback and well wishes. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it will be a challenge for me. I guess I’ve been inspired recently…

    Anyway, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I consider you to be one of those brave women heroes as well (except for the woman part). Thanks again!

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