The EyeOpener- A Brief History of Fake News

BFP VideoThe old adage that “Knowledge is power” has been apparent to warriors and would-be rulers throughout history.

A well-known illustration from the annals of history revolves around Nathan Rothschild, the British representative of Meyer Amschel's infamous Rothschild banking dynasty. At the Battle of Waterloo, Rothschild’s riders and messengers were able to get news of Napoleon's defeat home to Nathan a full day in advance of the government's own news carriers. As the story goes, Nathan was able to convince the public that he had in fact received news of Wellington's defeat by selling heavily on the English stock market. When panic selling ensued, Rothschild had his agents buying up the stocks at pennies on the pound. By the time the news of Napoleon's defeat actually reached Britain's shores, Rothschild had already secured his position as one of the richest men in Britain, a fortune that was only further leveraged in the ensuing years lending post-war stabilization funds to Europe's monarchy

Regardless of the story's historical veracity, it serves to illustrate the fundamental precept: knowledge is indeed power. It also suggests a corollary: misinformation is a way of leveraging one's power over an enemy. This, too, is an ancient idea that has been used throughout the centuries as a tool of psychological warfare to confer one's army an advantage over its enemies.

In this second episode of our new series on psychological warfare James Corbett presents Military deception via spreading and seeding false news and false information as part of psychological warfare operations not only against the enemy, but also to fool one’s own troops and the public, and the role of the modern media and public relations industry in spreading and seeding fake news.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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  1. CNN’s infomercials for dictators:


    Abby Martin interviews Amber about how CNN is being paid by governments worldwide to produce and air sponsored programs disguised as news with minimal to no disclosure to viewers.

  2. [Sorry, looks like the youtube URL embeds better than the embed code.]

    James, thank you for another good installment in this series on psychological warfare. I’m curious about what laws are supposed to protect US citizens from our own military psy-ops.

  3. This is an important topic. Thanks to Gavin Marshall and Bill Bergman I have a better idea of the nuts and bolts of the Rothschild Empire beyond the normal conspiracy theories. What I would like to see is a detailed explanation of the link between UBS, BIS, and the Rothschilds. In light of the imminent downsizing of UBS in Switzerland, the fact that U.S. previous bailouts probably kept it afloat this long, the fact that UBS sold their building to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and the fact that the Rothschilds are a major shareholder of the Bank for International Settlements (the Central Bank of central banks) all make one wonder, hmm?
    The second aspect psychological warfare omits one of the most important aspects in part because it is so well covered up, and in part because of the complexity of the science. To get a glimpse of this for the lay reader, I advise going to and searching their archives for Psychoactive Mood Modification by Robert C. Beck, former chief scientist for the U.S. Office of Naval Surface weaponry along with Eldon Byrd.

  4. Here is the link. It is a little hard to find.

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