The EyeOpener- Can South America Avoid the Globalist Trap?

BFP VideoAlthough usually ignored altogether by the English-language media, Latin America enjoyed a period of economic growth and growing international trade during the very time that the wheels were coming off of the American-led G8 economies in the collapse and crisis of the Lehman Brothers-Quantitative Easing era. Now, the region is founding trade agreements and even intergovernmental unions that may just play directly into the hands of the same oligarchs they claim to be resisting. Despite the abject failure of the European Union and its increasingly certain demise, Latin America is now seeking to work toward a common currency.

In this second episode of our Latin America series James Corbett takes a closer look at the latest trend in the Latin America economy, and examines economic and trade agreements such as Mercosur, UNASUR, and proposals such as the FTAA.

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  1. CerebralIndustrialComplex says:

    Apt timing with this report, James. With the passing of Hugo Chavez, it seems the opportunity for the IMF/World Bank thugs to ensnare South America is rapidly approaching, much as it was during the 70s (after years of CIA-backed revolutions, that is).

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