The EyeOpener- Whistleblowers: The Silenced Heroes

When faced with the overwhelming evidence of the widespread, systemic conspiracies that take place at the very highest levels of government, the general public has been pre-programmed to respond with the all-too-familiar retort: "But someone would have talked."

This reasoning is sufficient for most people to return to their day-to-day lives. No matter how much documented information is presented to someone in such a mindset, they can satisfy themselves that there are no whistleblowers who question the official narrative of 9/11, or the actions of the NSA, or the involvement of government agencies in drug running, or any of the other well-documented examples of conspiracies involving the upper echelons of politics and the intelligence apparatus of the government. To these people, the mere uttering of the words themselves are enough to dismiss any mountain of evidence: "But someone would have talked."

Join us this week on The EyeOpener as we begin a new series highlighting the whistleblowers who have been ignored and attacked for trying to bring important information to the public's attention.

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  1. Bill Bergman says:


  2. For those of us who have put our lives on the line to speak Truth to Power, there are some guidelines beyond what has so far been expressed here. A good point was made about attorneys. When the CIA/FBI tried to intimidate me, Richard Thornberg (U.S. Attorney General) and two Federal judges came to my defense. That option is quickly being reduced. Timing is a key part with a little craftiness. When I positioned myself to highlight that the CEO of Shell did not do his homework regarding climate change and global dimming, I did it with timing. I researched the positive efforts he had made, and let the audience determine that a man in such a position who did not understand climate change was either an idiot or a liar. It also helps to have the Almighty whatever you call her on your side.

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