The EyeOpener- Blowing the Whistle on the NSA

BFP VideoThanks to truth-telling insiders, we now know that the NSA has consistently and systematically broken the law in its surveillance activities, and in fact that these programs started before 9/11, which served merely as a justification for bringing them into the public spotlight. Sadly, if unsurprisingly, these whistleblowers have not been recognized as the heroes that they are. Quite the contrary, they have been shunned, marginalized, swept under the rug, and even prosecuted for attempting to shine the light on the NSA’s illegality, fraud, waste and corruption.

In this third episode of our EyeOpener Report James Corbett presents the National Security Agency, the whistleblowers who have exposed the agency’s unconstitutional and criminal operations, the attempts to silence and prosecute these whistleblowers, and even worse - the treatment these whistleblowers have received at the hands of the general public.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here


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  1. Good show. I’m sick of the word incompetence and how it is reached for so often. It’s never the essential problem, regarding corruption. The establishment is quite competent and quite corrupt. We didn’t become a fascist police state by accident.

    I’d love to hear more interviews here at BFP with these whistle blowers, especially Tice again.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Why doesn’t Mark Klein or some tech savvy person provide legal strategies for anonymous browsing and communication? All this type of broadcast serves is to flush out those concerned if they post. There are solutions. Just speaking about the problem without a solution does not empower. In fact how good is Tor and PGP? Do they serve any purpose other than to draw attention to oneself? I would like to hear from those on this site about that problem.

  3. Hayden bending over the desk of incompetence in the face of 911deception fits the whole ‘Failure of Imagination’ / creatioNIST ‘Normal Office Furnishings Fires” BS.
    Just for one instance, James Bamford reports this trillion dollar nsa had picked up Midhar thru the Yemen ops center, and Mihdhar was using a us country code and san diego area code – something reportedly instantly obvious to NSA signals experts, but that information was never passed on. Incompetence? Then,[p27,TShadowFactory] Hayden secretly pulled the plug on international communications to and from the U.S even those involving terrorism. ‘pulled the plug’!? “Thus, as analysts and agents searched for OBL, they had no idea that his men were already here”. But Hayden/NSA did.
    SO WHO told him to do that? WHO told him to not allow information revealing suspected terrorists already in the US to not be passed on? Who did Hayden ‘report’ to cover his ‘incompetent’ rump after the nanothermite strewn DUST of 911 settled into the lungs of the first responders?

  4. The “gift” supplied to the NSA reminds me of the FBI’s “9/11 cookie” that was offered to Sibel.

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