Boston Terror: Preparing for the Police-Martial Law State

Abby Martin-Breaking the Set, RT

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  1. Wow, Sibel, you did a really good job, especially having jet lag and recovering from a long trip!

    I was really impressed with Abby’s pointed questions and desire to dig into the back story, mentioning your article at BFP. It seems like maybe she’ll invite you on to follow up with the conversation about our activities in the region, namely our orchestration of religious extremists. There’s so much more to talk about – so much information which you have already provided here – that would be so useful to Abby’s/RT’s audience. You all but mentioned the name for the over arching operation, Gladio Plan B. I do hope she has you back on to talk about that specifically.

    On that note, I wish that more of the BFP contributing authors and pod casters would discuss Gladio Plan B with their guests. I’m not sure that many of them are aware of your recent series and all of the context it provides for geopolitics and acts of terror. As you said again in this interview, this information is the biggest reason for the gag orders.

    Many thanks, Abby and Sibel!

  2. Sam Adams says:

    Good interview. Sibel’s series of interviews with James Corbett really put these issues in focus for me. As mentioned in Xicha’s comments, few know about Gladio Plan B – the use of fundamentalist Islamists by US authorities to carry out geo-political objectives.

    If you mention that the US supports Al Qeada in Syria most Americans will have a blank look on their faces. Talk show hosts have no response. This falls outside the ‘good guy’ versus ‘bad guy’ narrative that they were given since childhood.

    Its actually bad guy versus bad guy, – and all the bad guys against the rest of humanity.

  3. jschoneboom says:

    Another great job, keep on hammering away Sibel. I really like Abby Martin and I think she’s getting better and better as she goes along.

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