BREAKING NEWS: Russia’s FSB Detains 140 in Moscow for Connection to Caucasus-Tied ‘Islamist Extremist Groups’

Boiling Frogs Post Vindicated in Its Analyses of Boston Terror & Predictions

Over a week ago I began my interview and analyses series on hidden connections and intended objectives in the Boston Terror Case. In our Boiling Frogs Post EyeOpener Report with James Corbett I offered two connected likely outcomes as a result of Washington-Scripted and CIA-Connected Boston Terror Case:

1- Our Back-Door Deal with Russia on Syria: Our soon-to-come Invasion of Syria immediately following the Boston Terror incident with Russia removing itself as an obstacle

2- Rise in “Radical Islamic Terror” in Russia’s Caucasus-mainly in Chechnya and Dagestan region

3- Per Washington’s consent a major Russian crack-down in Caucasus- US-Western governments support attributing this to Russia’s contribution in countering Global Islamic Terrorism

The following BREAKING NEWS confirms our analysis and prediction for #2 above:

FSB: 140 Detained in Moscow for Connection to ‘Islamist Extremist Groups’

Russia’s Federal Security Service announced that 140 people have been detained in the Russian capital for suspected membership in extremist Islamist organizations.

More than 30 of those detained are reportedly foreign nationals, the FSB said in a statement. According to law enforcement, the chapel in southern Moscow where the suspects were detained was often visited by people who later “converted to radicalism and joined militant groups active in the North Caucasus, as well as participated in preparing and perpetrating terrorist acts in Russia.”

Yesterday in our Boston Terror Update2 we presented further vindication on our 3 predictions: Click Here

Defense Secretary Hagel: Syria Used Chemical Weapons

Putin Urges West to Close Ranks against Terrorism

Rohrabacher to Pursue Working with Russia

More People of Russia, CIS Countries Evacuated from Syria

On April 24, we presented our Update 1 on Terror suspects’ ties to the CIA and further related developments in Russia’s Caucasus: Click Here

If you haven’t watched our video report and analysis please do it now. Here is the report produced on April 22, 2013:

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  1. The US is not planning to directly invade Syria. They have too much AA and the US would lose too many. The war in Syria is supposed to be in limbo that’s the whole goal. Dragging it out prevents pipelines and acts as soft power political leverage over Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. As for Boston either the brother were assets as a dangle and the US security complex is covering its own behind by saying lone wolves, since the US supports Chechen terrorists and linking to Al Qaeda or any other militants would ruin the whole “prevent a safe haven for terrorist” propaganda they have shoved down the public’s throats the past eleven years. Or we have some real terrorists who the FBI just ignored because anti-Russian terrorist our their friends and thus there was no motive or reason for them to sincerely look into anything. As for Syria Obama met with the Emir of Qatar this week and the following day made the Assad used chemical weapons claim which Obama is already backing off from. That that happened after Boston is coincidental.

  2. The actions of those ‘contractors’ infusing Boston blast area are sinister, not coincidental. The connections reported by Daniel Hopsicker equally : “The uncle of the two suspected Boston bombers in last week’s attack, Ruslan Tsarni, was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller” a man identified by Sibel E involved in deepstate CIA.

    “The discovery that Uncle Ruslan Tsarni had spy connections that go far deeper than had been previously known is ironic, especially since the mainstrean media’s focus yesterday was on a feverish search to find who might have recruited the Tsarnaev brothers,”

    now invented by AP as ‘Misha’.
    Is that Misha-curveball’? Misha-Yellowcake? Misha-911?

    Whitehouse threats of response to Syrian false flag sarin have b/s escalation written all over it. ASSAD forces have been reported making gains against the mercenary forces so it is time to bring in R2P NATO to bomb the fk out of ASSAD. That is our level of duplicity and corruption.
    This has set-up written all over it.

  3. tonywicher says:

    So far Russia is standing firm and not going along with the chemical weapons hype:

    I hope Sibel is wrong with her prediction of a NATO-Russia back door deal to sell out Syria, but she could well be right. “Syrian Girl” thinks the Russian committment to Syria is too strong. See Sibel’s interview on Alex Jones Radio Show today starting at 1:37 followed by
    Syrian Girl:

  4. tonywicher says:

    This was the link I meant to post to the Alex Jones interview at 1:37:

  5. metrobusman says:

    As far as political analysis goes, particularly of this region, Sibel is as canny as they come.

  6. Obama did say today that he’s looking for more evidence regarding the claim of Assad using chemical weapons, so we may still see the next shoe to drop.
    I think the R2P scenario of NATO bombing (ala Libya) seems to be pretty plausable at this point.

  7. I don’t think a direct invasion will happen since that’s not Obama’s MO. He’s all about soft power and leading from behind. This is the Brzezinski model as opposed to the direct attack-Neocon model.

  8. tonywicher says:

    Yes, but in the end the Brzezinski model merges with the Neocon model. In Libya we got to a certain point along the Brzezinski plan, but in the end they needed a “no-fly zone” (read bombing campaign) and a final amphibious landing in support of our Islamic foreign legion to get the job done. It will be he same in Syria. Assad has put up stiff resistance, with the backing of the Russians. If the Russians withdraw their support from Syria and allow the bombing campaign, the U.S. can make it as big as necessary to smash the Syrian state.

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