What Is the Government’s Agenda?

USA: Where there is No Democracy that Holds Government Accountable; Only a Brainwashed People who are Chaff in the Wind

It has been public information for a decade that the US government secretly, illegally, and unconstitutionally spies on its citizens. Congress and the federal courts have done nothing about this extreme violation of the US Constitution and statutory law, and the insouciant US public seems unperturbed.

In 2004 a whistleblower informed the New York Times that the National Security Agency (NSA) was violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by ignoring the FISA court and spying on Americans without obtaining the necessary warrants. The corrupt New York Times put the interests of the US government ahead of those of the American public and sat on the story for one year until George W. Bush was safely reelected.

By the time the New York Times published the story of the illegal spying one year later, the law-breaking government had had time to mitigate the offense with ex post facto law or executive orders and explain away its law-breaking as being in the country’s interest.

Last year William Binney, who was in charge of NSA’s global digital data gathering program revealed that NSA had everyone in the US under total surveillance. Every email, Internet site visited and phone call is captured and stored. In 2012 Binney received the Callaway Award for Civic Courage, an annual award given to those who champion constitutional rights at risk to their professional and personal lives.

There have been a number of whistleblowers. For example, in 2006 Mark Klein revealed that AT&T had a secret room in its San Francisco office that NSA used to collect Internet and phone-call data from US citizens who were under no suspicion.

The presstitute media handled these stories in ways that protected the government’s lawlessness from scrutiny and public outrage. The usual spin was that the public needs to be safe from terrorists, and safety is what the government is providing.

The latest whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has sought refuge in Hong Kong, which has a better record of protecting free speech than the US government. Snowden did not trust any US news source and took the story to the British newspaper, the Guardian.

There is no longer any doubt whatsoever that the US government is lawless, that it regards the US Constitution as a scrap of paper, that it does not believe Americans have any rights other than those that the government tolerates at any point in time, and that the government has no fear of being held accountable by the weak and castrated US Congress, the sycophantic federal courts, a controlled media, and an insouciant public.

Binney and Snowden have described in precisely accurate detail the extreme danger from the government’s surveillance of the population. No one is exempt, not the Director of the CIA, US Army Generals, Senators and Representatives, not even the president himself.

Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can find interviews with Binney and Snowden and become acquainted with why you do have very much indeed to fear whether or not you are doing anything wrong.

James Clapper, the lying Director of National Intelligence, who would have been perfectly at home in the Hitler or Stalin regimes, condemned Snowden as “reprehensible” for insisting that in a democracy the public should know what the government is doing. Clapper insisted that secretly spying on every ordinary American was essential in order to “protect our nation.”

Clapper is “offended” that Americans now know that the NSA is spying on the ordinary life of every American. Clapper wants Snowden to be severely punished for his “reckless disclosure” that the US government is totally violating the privacy that the US Constitution guarantees to every US citizen.

President Obama allegedly educated in constitutional law, justified Clapper’s program of spying on every communication of every American citizen as a necessary violation of Americans’ civil liberties that “protects your civil liberties.” Contrast the lack of veracity of the President of the United States with the truthfulness of Snowden, who correctly stated that the NSA spying is an “existential threat to democracy.”

The presstitutes are busy at work defending Clapper and Obama. On June 9, CNN rolled out former CIA case officer Bob Baer to implant into the public’s mind that Snowden, far from trying to preserve US civil liberties, might be a Chinese spy and that Snowden’s revelations might be indicative of a Chinese espionage case.

Demonization is the US government’s technique for discrediting Bradley Manning for complying with the US Military Code and reporting war crimes and for persecuting Julian Assange of Wikileaks for reporting leaked information about the US government’s crimes. Demonization and false charges will be the government’s weapon against Snowden.

If Washington and its presstitutes can convince Americans that courageous people, who are trying to inform Americans that their historic rights are disappearing into a police state, are espionage agents of foreign powers, America can continue to be subverted by its own government.

This brings us to the crux of the matter. What is the purpose of the spying program?

Even if an American believes the official stories of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, these are the only two terrorist acts in the US that resulted in the loss of human life in 12 years. Far more people are killed in traffic accidents and from bad diets. Why should the Constitution and civil liberty be deep-sixed because of two alleged terrorist acts in 12 years?

What is astounding is the absence of terrorist attacks. Washington is in the second decade of invading and destroying Muslim governments and countries. Civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya are extremely high, and in those countries that Washington has not yet invaded, such as Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria, civilians are being murdered by Washington’s drones and proxies on the ground.

It is extraordinary that Washington’s brutal 12 year assault on Muslim lives in six countries has not resulted in at least one dozen real, not fake FBI orchestrated, terrorist attacks in the US every day.

How can something as rare as terrorism justify the destruction of the US Constitution and US civil liberty? How safe is any American when their government regards every citizen as a potential suspect who has no rights?

Why is there no discussion of this in American public life? Watch the presstitutes turn Snowden’s revelations into an account of his disaffection and motives and away from the existential threat to democracy and civil liberty.

What is the government’s real agenda? Clearly, “the war on terror” is a front for an undeclared agenda. In “freedom and democracy” America, citizens have no idea what their government’s motives are in fomenting endless wars and a gestapo police state. The only information Americans have comes from whistleblowers, who Obama ruthlessly prosecutes. The presstitutes quickly discredit the information and demonize the whistleblowers.

Germans in the Third Reich and Soviet citizens in the Stalin era had a better idea of their government’s agendas than do “freedom and democracy” Americans today. The American people are the most uninformed people in modern history.

In America there is no democracy that holds government accountable. There is only a brainwashed people who are chaff in the wind.

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Paul Craig Roberts, Boiling Frogs Post contributing author, is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has been reporting on executive branch and cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. He has written or co-written eight books, contributed chapters to numerous books, and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. Mr. Roberts has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy, and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. You can visit his website here.

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  1. Fine article by Paul. In your book “Classified Woman” your husband said the following: “They that are willing to give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.” Yes, the apropos quote comes from Benjamen Franklin. It is also said by our government that there are no guarantees against keeping people safe from “terrorism.” If this is so, then why not keep our liberties in lieu of proving the negative? And, whose “terrorism” is more dangerous – Foreign or Domestic? Moreover, where’s the security in National Security? Should we not be asking ourselves to protect our Constitutional rights under the National INTEREST instead? It behooves us to understand the difference between the two.

  2. tonywicher says:

    Our government has been hijacked by a financial empire and no longer acts in the national interest. It has reduced the U.S. to a third world colony. The human cattle have been dumbed down to total passivity awaiting their trip to the slaughterhouse. There is also a growing awareness of an irate minority. We could be close to a
    “100th monkey” situation, some critical point beyond which what only a slowly growing minority know is rapidly communicated to the rest of the population. It’s something to hope for. All we can do is keep growing that minority by reaching out in every way to our fellow citizens.

  3. “This brings us to the crux of the matter. What is the purpose of the
    spying program? Clearly, ‘the war on terror’ is a front for an undeclared agenda. In
    America there is no democracy that holds government accountable. There
    is only a brainwashed people who are chaff in the wind.” Paul Craig
    Bruce Schneier wrote the book on Practical Cryptography and makes an important statement. In a hacker’s world paranoia is an asset. Let’s look at Dr. Robert’s comments through the lens of paranoia. This is a gentleman who brought us Reaganomics and now always asks the right questions and provides the right answers for those of us at BFP. What more is in the picture that we are not seeing? Twenty years ago I was in the Tucson desert and received schematics, diagrams, and specific frequencies for mood modification. Robert C. Beck was with the U.S. Office of Naval Surface Weaponry. Like Edward Snowden, his conscience caught up with him. Knowing that he could not get out, he did the next best thing. He made multiple copies of his research and spread
    them far and wide. You can still see the bibliography of Psychoactive Mood Modification at Elfis.net if you know where to look.
    Now look at the spread of cellphones, iPhones, and you name it. All of these are two way communication devices that everyone must have. It does not matter that Andrew Goldsworthy documents what cellphone radiation does to the human brain. I only know of a few scientists that have taken the time to research the facts.
    Add one more piece to the huge data collection center in Utah; what algorithms are necessary to make sense of such a vast amount of data? The answer lies in a very obvious place right under the nose of the some of the best minds on the planet. Who do you think funds the Large Hadron Collider and for what corporate or military purpose? Much more sophisticated algorithms are used at CERN. If the reader thinks that human communications are a vast amount of information that needs processing, consider multi billions of information about sub-atomic particles that need processing. An Israeli is currently head of the CERN project. Many scientists are like little children, or autistic
    savants. They are easily kept entertained while they work for the Man.
    The centerpiece of mood modification is biologically active frequencies that can be piggybacked on any normal radio frequencies, TV frequency, or cellphone frequency. If everyone’s individual communications can be tracked, if mood modification can be generated to those systems, then what is lacking? A frequency generating device
    that can be directed with pinpoint accuracy. Enter HAARP and the ionospheric heaters that ring the North American hemisphere. These instruments are capable of generating extremely low frequencies that are biologically active.
    What is the defense? Every heard of a Faraday cage? Why are the buildings at NSA shielded in Faraday cages? Did you know that the iron in your blood molecules acts as a natural Faraday cage. It can block unwanted frequencies, provided you don’t aggravate the situation with a cellphone stuck right next to your head. Of course, this is
    just the sort of paranoid thinking that Bruce Schneier advocates for a hacker. They can separate this behavior from their ever day world. If you are not paranoid, you are not paying attention.

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