The EyeOpener Report- Secrets of the Dirty Wars: What Jeremy Scahill Doesn’t Tell You

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Dirty Wars is the title of a new fluff documentary film released earlier this month, claiming to document the covert US actions in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere in the name of the phoney “War on Terror.”

The documentary has already won raves, predictably enough, from Scahill's colleagues at the Nation and Democracy Now, as well as other sympathetic mainstream “progressive” outlets. It has even brought Scahill himself a certain level of celebrity in mainstream circles. His mainstream pop culture icon status was cemented during his recent appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

But is Scahill's documentary worthy of the endless praise that is being heaped on it? Is mainstream media’s new favorite, Scahill, deliberately dumbing down the movie? What is Scahill aiming at by focusing on interminable close-ups of himself and using emotional manipulation to “grip” the audience, pretending to not know about the existence of JSOC? Why does the CIA—the organization that has been the lynchpin of all such operations in the past and has a documented history of military assets for plausible deniability in denying involvement in such actions—get off scot-free in this 90 minute “exposé” of the war on terror?

Join us for this revelatory examination of the mainstream-backed pseudo-documentary titled ‘Dirty Wars’ at Boiling Frogs Post EyeOpener Video Report.

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  1. Whay are the chances that you will create a DVD set with the series you did on Gladio Plan B?

    Will you continue with more episodes?

    How about condensing the series into a spiffy documentary and calling it “The Even Dirtier War: Gladio Continues”

  2. Excellent, James, you keep hitting ’em out of the park. Thanks for exposing me to Mr. Valentine’s work — his written critique of Dirty Wars’ is priceless.

  3. That saves me 90 minutes.

  4. jackdonovan says:

    Don’t think that watching this is wasting your time. This is a masterful example of misdirection and must be watched by everyone that is interested in Sibel’s story.

    They actually set up the “next enemy”: dictators in Africa!

  5. CuChulainn says:

    any chance of opening up the Eyeopener report videos (or audio thereof) for download, at least by members?

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