Podcast Show #112: NSA Whistleblower Goes on Record -Reveals New Information & Names Culprits!

The Boiling Frogs Show Presents Russ Tice

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In this bombshell episode of the Boiling Frogs Post Podcast Show NSA whistleblower Russ Tice joins us to go on record for the first time with new revelations and the names of official culprits involved in the NSA’s illegal practices. Mr. Tice explains in detail how the National Security Agency targets, sucks-in, stores and analyzes illegally obtained content from the masses in the United States. He contradicts officials and the mainstream media on the status of the NSA’s Utah facility, which is already operating and “On-Line.” He reveals the NSA as a Deep State that targets and wiretaps US political candidates for its own purposes. We discuss the latest controversies involving the NSA, PRISM, Edward Snowden, and the spins and lies that are being floated by the US mainstream and pseudo-alternative media. Do NOT miss this revelatory interview.

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Here is our guest Russ Tice unplugged!

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  1. Richard says:

    Only halfway through however wanted to respond to the question how to release information, what (inter)medium to use, as mainstream has proven themselves untrustworthy and much of the alternative media is controlled opposition.

    Maybe one answer would be not to use an intermedium but release it raw on the internet. You have the clouds, the file sharing sites, the torrent network etc.
    If say Snowden would have directly uploaded his slides to several file sharing sites and then spread the links, there would have been millions of copies and downloads before TPTB would even know what was going on.

    Can you do this anonymously? I think so. I am by no means ‘tech savvy’ but believe could pull it off. Maybe with help from 1 or 2 other people.
    First get rid of hidden information in documents, meta data, geotags, exif etc. by releasing screenshots instead of the actual documents. Use new bought tablets or laptops as our bungling Ryan Fogle advised, only use them for this one purpose only.
    Then upload your package via an open wifi network (or hack one, it’s easy), or use an shabby internet cafe someone has set up in his garage, whilst the uploading itself is preferably done by one of those trusted persons with as much geographical distance inbetween.
    The final step would be to spread the links for download far and wide with the same method. It would require some effort and planning, time and a little money for single use equipment, however no organization will sit on the info you just risk your neck for and you have a far better chance of staying anonymous and secure then if you used a intermediary (who’s being watched and tapped).

    Maybe someone should put together a detailed step-by-step How-To manual.

  2. Stunning.

    This interview needs to be distributed widely and now, IMHO.


  3. Richard says:

    Readers here knew this is going on but to hear it confirmed and said out loud is still shocking. Hoover on steroids indeed. Dystopia isn’t coming, it’s here.

  4. @PeterM: We’ll have it out-open to all this coming weekend. Please help disseminate the link & inform. Thank you.

  5. Sibel, I most certainly will, and thank you.

    Thanks also to Peter B. and of course Mr. Tice.


  6. Hi Sibel and gang. Please take a look at this article. It amazes me that none of the whistle-blowers are talking about this. In my humblest opinion the reinvigorated 10th Fleet (2010) is the point agency [?} to CyberWarfare. It will be about command and control over communication. I even asked James Bamford about this on CSPAN and get the distinct impression he does not really know what the 10th Fleet will be used for. The 10th Fleet will employ an additional 44,000 above and beyond the 10 to 13 thousand already employed at Fort Meade. However, not one Navy ship will be built either. General Keith B. Alexander is now the head of the 10th Fleet. It is also my opinion that the 10th Fleet will operate under very different purposes which may be very foreign to our understanding of its mandate. And, yes. Tice is correct. Alexander is the probably the most powerful person on this planet when it comes to information now and in the future. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/05/12/alexander_cyber_confirmation/
    NSA head confirmed as chief of US cyber command • The Register
    The US government, after some delay, has formally confirmed in post the head of its now-forming military Cyber Command. Keith B Alexander, head of the NSA, has been promoted to four-star general* and will now head the new cyber forces as well as his current agency.

  7. @Pick: Thank you for this info; first for me as well. James Corbett will be producing a follow-up video report and interview with Tice. Let’s ask Tice about it? I’ll forward your comment/this info to Corbett. Again, thank you- one more reason I love our members here-help us get informed!

  8. Richard Says: “Maybe one answer would be not to use an intermedium but release it raw on the internet. You have the clouds, the file sharing sites, the torrent network etc.”
    I have tried twice now to post from my TOR browser using the correct password, and this site will no longer accept those postings. I have notified Sibel twice of this problem not for myself, but for others who might want to use that method. So far, I have received no response.

  9. Thank you Mr. Tice!

    Thank you Peter and Sibel!

    Russ Tice’s interviews here at BFP have all been really good and revealing. There was one question, at the end of the interview before this one, that it seemed like he might have answered this time around. (Hint: Flight 93 Shoot Down). But, missing that does not lessen the impact of the completely astounding confirmation which he was willing to offer on this interview.

    This interview is going to be shared with my conservative/republican/go-usa-usa-usa acquaintances. They really need to hear this kind of news from a guy like Russ Tice to even let it past their defenses for a second.

    I hope more whistle blowers/truth tellers pile on in this current environment of courage. I hope they find ways to minimize risk enough to get past their breaking points.

    It really is encouraging to hear this interview. Thanks to all who made it possible.

    @Simon – this is a WordPress blog. I don’t think Sibel knows anything about TOR or why you are having trouble. My suggestion=search for “WordPress” and “TOR” and “[…whatever you couldn’t do]” and try to find out if it’s a known issue.

  10. Hi Sibel,

    Excellent and thank you! Ask Tice, Binney and the rest of the NSA whistle-blowers too. I am looking forward to their feedback. Sibel, it is important to note that they may not know exactly or completely what the 10th Fleet is for. This would probably be the case. Within these agencies [?] are programs as I am sure you well know. Each program is compartmented and are ostensible to other programs. I hope I am not confusing?

  11. One more question for Corbett to ask, besides for confirmation of Flight 93 shoot down:

    Who owns/controls the NSA?

    If it’s not the US Government (no oversight, all compromised from white house to congress, etc), then who is giving them orders? Tice alluded to Dick Cheney at one point. Why could Cheney give them direction, instead of being one of their targets, like Obama is?

    And, yes, the confirmation of Flight 93 being shot down would be another very important piece of testimony to have. Maybe Corbett could mention that he kind of passed on the question from Sibel last time, and see if that decision has changed at all since then.


  12. One more:

    Can Mr. Tice confirm any of the information Sibel gave us about Gladio Plan B?

  13. What about RT America as an outlet? Breaking the Set?

  14. Xicha Thank you. I followed your advice.

  15. @Simon: any success?

  16. we can clearly see the rogue, maddened by its own power, tapping EVERY communication from its president on down, in a psychosis toward WAR, its democracy ruined by blackmail and ghost programs (pogroms) without oversight forming its identity; the ‘kennel master’ ensor(? what dark imagery) determinedly gathering -chekka like – the last vestiges of hope left in a world sucked dry of it.

    “I said the least untruthful thing I could think of at the time” becomes template for the constitution.

    It can now be reasonably assumed ALL data running through five eyes/ECHELON also rests in Bluffdale for future use.
    And that ‘future use’; given how SERIOUS the JFK and 911 conspiracies are – crimes against Democracy – coupled with the murderous PHOENIX program identifying enemies for slaughter; one can only begin to imagine the different groupings already underway in the corrupt heart of the superstate.

  17. I much enjoy having all the things I’ve been saying get validated by an insider.

  18. msannanola says:

    The only reason to tap congress people, top military, candidates for congress etc is blackmail. Wondering why your congress will not act on policies that 70 percent of Americans support? I did, but I don’t anymore.

    Remember folks, NSA is the military. In our country the way it is supposed to work is the military is under civilian control. That means that only congress and the president decide if we go to war under the constitution. So has the military seized control of the civilian government? Is this why we are at war constantly against an idea? despite electing a guy that professed to end all this war?

    I am also intrigued by the idea of spying from space. So did they use the spy satellites to follow up on the targets? We’re they able to get more incriminating information this way? Like pillow talk that is not part of an electronic communication? I imagine them using the electronic communication database as merely a starting point.

  19. jschoneboom says:

    This is hot stuff. Thanks Russ for having the courage to speak out, and to do it right here — an excellent choice.

  20. msannanola says:

    Reading the “minimization” procedures released by Glenn today, does anyone else think that it is more likely that intercepts of attorney / client privileged communications will be used by DOJ since they are conviently putting it in a separate database and giving it directly to DOJ.

  21. http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/2006/10/01/anonymous-blogging-with-wordpress-and-tor/
    @Xicha I went to the link above and I follow similar protocols, so wordpress is compatible with Tor. I can also log in at other secure, password protected sites. Curious that I could not post until after I contacted Sibel in this thread. I was able to anonymously post my response to you, but today when I tried to answer your question about my success, I was once again only able to post from this unsecured PC. I suspect someone is messin’ with us or you have changed the security settings at WordPress for this site.
    I hope someone can put out a transcript of the Tice interview, since this is truly bombshell info and many will not take time to listen to a full interview.

  22. remo: yes man. that’s the world we are living in since long time ago. That’s the way also why everything you can imagine is already corrupted. There was enough time. Not to worry then. Just live honest and truthful whatever happens outside and you will be good. Not too many people see that the solution is not in changing something or someone else. The solution is when one decides to change self.

  23. and the interview was brilliant as the whole work… well done.

  24. Why has no one mentioned Wikileaks?


  25. My recent inability to post anonymously at BFP and these comments below
    suggest that PGP and Tor are very good strategies that everyone who
    visits sites like these should acquire.

    Obama in Germany:
    “Here was Obama, who has constructed an international spy network and a
    domestic police state, speaking of ‘the yearnings for freedom.’

    Obama has turned America into a surveillance state that has far more in
    common with Stasi East Germany than with the America of the Kennedy and
    Reagan eras. Strange, isn?t it, that freedom was gained in East Germany
    and lost in America.”

    Paul Craig Roberts
    June 22, 2013

    “NSA: If your data is encrypted, you might be evil, so we’ll keep it
    until we’re sure.”
    Mike Masnick

  26. This story, sourced here, has over 6 thousand comments on Huffpost. I heard that it was there from a recent Corbett podcast, so I went over to check it out.

    Please, somebody stop me from ever going there again. I would much rather have 10 or 15 comments from moderately sane people with at least a modicum of cognitive abilities, than 6 thousand completely irrational, nonsensical, blithering, blathering, idiotic, [I can’t finish this sentence, because there are too many negative adjectives…]

    Whew! Glad to be back.

    @Simon, if you listen to Mr. Tice’s follow up interview with Corbett, he says that there isn’t any encryption that they can’t handle at the NSA. So, if you want to go through the trouble, just know that you’re protecting yourself from the more common criminal, but not from the NSA. BTW, I’m 100% sure that Sibel et al aren’t doing anything related to why you can or can’t post your comments using the software you mentioned. They aren’t switching any switches on and off, after reading your comments about TOR. Please start a Forum post about it, as I wouldn’t mind helping you troubleshoot.

  27. @Xicha I agree that it is not at Sibel’s end. I have been active at this site for several years. It is a tech issue, but why NSA would interfere with someone at my level of knowledge is beyond me. Thanks for the offer of a forum discussion, but I think my last comment is important. Folks should follow the protocol at ethanzuckerman. He provides a manual such as Richard requested at the beginning of this thread. It is much harder for them to track new activists that follow these protocols. The more folks that use Tor and PGP, the better. Rigorous testing of PGP by the international community makes it a better product than a proprietary security software. I will just have to limit my posts from here on out to innocuous comments. I do suggest you look under that one by Paul Craig Roberts that I posted as a speculation. (See my comment #3 “What Is the Government’s Agenda?” by Paul Roberts.) The more people that can review this idea critically, the more vulnerable the elite will be.

  28. 2goodponies says:


    Sibel and Peter – Please ask why NSA analysts in New Jersey were called into the office at 3am on Sept 11, 2001.

  29. theophoretos says:

    I don’t want to be a mood spoiler here, but I don’t see what the big deal is about Snowden or Tice’s revelation here. We have been hearing about NSA recording all our calls for several years now, Snowden has merely given a little more details or a few names of the system. What Tice has described, like NSA’s routine surveillance of politicians etc., hardly even scratches the surface of the big chunk of evils which the US government secretly does behind our back. Besides, the use of intelligence agencies to spy on political opponents is a regular practice in other countries too, especially in France. Other countries are in the process of emulating the NSA by setting up super computers to record all calls they can possibly get their hands on (domestic or foreign, citizens or terrorists). I know for sure that China is doing it too. The whole scandal is just really not much of a scandal.

    But I guess that is precisely why this NSA business got everyone’s attention. For, if you go deep inside the US government, you will find evil things Uncle Sam does that are so bizarre that no one can even believe it or comprehend it if you choose to whistleblow it. You take some “pseudo evil” like this NSA spying business and whistleblow it, at least everyone can believe it and accept it because it is within the realm of what is imaginable for people. Dear Sibel, I really beg you to take 10 minutes to read the Open Letter to you in the forum and use your expertise to comment on this problem: that you can only whistleblow “minor crimes” for that’s all that people can believe and understand.

  30. Russ, I am an alternative media radio host. I have the courage to bring you on the air and I’m not hired by the government 😉

    Would you like to come on the air for an hour show? I’ve invited Sibel, but have had no response from her.

    I’ve recently interviewed Wayne Madsen, and soon John Stranton will be coming on. I’d love to have you on to discuss this.

  31. James Bamford was just on MSNBC…cut off by White House press briefing. In the end Bamford got scarcely a minute. At least he was able to get in: “this is the tip of the iceberg” in mentioning the Klein case and the NSA secret room at ATT hub.

  32. american1975 says:

    This audio file is no longer available, keeps coming up as corrupted.

  33. Hi american1975,

    I just read your comment, so I tested it. I downloaded a fresh copy and it played fine.


  34. Are you downloading it first or trying to play in your browser?

  35. steveyk says:

    I’m a little suspicious here, he speaks like he is willing to tell all but when he says that he will not speak about international spying I have to question his motives.

    Either spying internationally was so out of control that America’s relationship with their allies will be destroyed and he doesn’t want to see that happen


    He is compromised and what he is telling us only what he is allowed to tell us or it’s even scripted what he is telling us.

    I realise this must be difficult to hear for some people. I know he has exposed some amazing things but I will always question everything and this is what I have suspicions of. I can only take this interview with a pinch of salt for now until more information becomes available.

  36. Xicha said:
    “if you listen to Mr. Tice’s follow up interview with Corbett, he says that there isn’t any encryption that they can’t handle at the NSA. So, if you want to go through the trouble, just know that you’re protecting yourself from the more common criminal, but not from the NSA.”

    That can’t be correct. Because, if that’s the case –if there’s really no such encryption that the NSA can’t crack –then how is it possible that Wikileaks is able to keep their leaks secure?

  37. I don’t know. do they? maybe they keep them offline. Good question for Mr. Tice.

    it also might be the case where nsa has it and could decrypt but hasn’t identified the target files yet.

    I’m not so sure they are secure. how would we know?

  38. american1975 says:

    Dear Sibel,
    Russ seems to have made a concerted effort to try and get this information out. Can you tell me if he either refused or was refused to go on Alex Jone’s show? Alex could really push this story viral, especially if judge picks up on it. Tice’s revelations are a hand grenade at the corrupted establishment, can’t understand why Alex has not covered Russel Tice directly on his broadcast.

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