The EyeOpener Report- Obama’s War on Whistleblowers (And What to Do About It)

BFP VideoThe gulf that exists between the Obama of the campaign trail and Obama's actions since taking office has been glaringly obvious since the very beginning of his presidency, from his promise to close Guantanamo to his promise not to employ lobbyists to his promise to increase governmental transparency; there have been no shortage of examples of Obama's duplicity. Until recently, however, his arch defenders have merely covered their eyes and pretended not to see these glaring hypocrisies, decrying his opponents as racist and Obama as a well-meaning president who has been hampered by Republican interference.

One of the clearest and most remarkable signs that Obama was not what he claimed to be has always been the war on whistleblowers his administration has been waging since the moment he took office. This war, unprecedented in scale or scope in the history of the United States, has been waged quietly for years, apparently out of sight of the fawning media and Obama-supporting Democrats.

Join us for this week’s EyeOpener Report to examine Obama’s ruthless and belligerent war waged against whistleblowers and truth-tellers, and find out what to do about it.

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*The Transcript for this video is available at Corbett Report: Click Here

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  1. Richard says:

    From promises of transparency and an end to illegal practices like warrantless wiretapping to mister “zero tolerance” for leaks. (Which aren’t leaks, it’s people reporting crimes). I know we should not encourage to make it about King O. personal, that would just leave the door open for the next ‘hope and change’ would-be saviour, still.. I mean there are superlative degrees of hypocrisy, being a sham, betrayal, and this just about takes the cake. Like him touring Robben Island and speaking about freedom and justice. Speaking about tolerance, sometimes I wonder how much hypocrisy the universe can tolerate. This man seems to be taunting, well whatever higher power you believe in. “Come strike me! Hit me with lightning! Let the earth swallow me whole! I dare you!” At some point something’s gotta give you’d think. Every time I hear him speak I expect that bolt of lightning. Any second now.. Nope not this time either. I know full well it will be up to us to end all this madness but sometimes you’re just left standing in awe of the sanctimony. Imagining the bolt from above brings a little relief.

  2. ProudPrimate says:

    The full clip is truncated to 1:40. I’m watching the teaser now which is 5:40 till you get it fixed LOL

  3. Well, James, Sibel hit the nail on the head when she realized perhaps the biggest problem for anti-establishment types like myself and you is APATHY. I had mentioned in a previous comment directed to Sibel, that I had a double dose back in 1964. I had lived in a SE Asian 3rd world country while serving in the US Peace Corps(1962-64). I saw wounded American soldiers in late 1963 who were fighting in Vietnam. I felt the dark cloud of escalating war on the horizon. Not only were my fellow Americans seemingly oblivious to the approached horror, they also had no concern for the poverty, corruption, and struggles of billions in 3rd world countries. I became a what? Radical, I suppose, and joined what we called “The Movement”.
    We painstakingly learned how to do our research/organize/demonstate and realized the idea of appealing to the Govt. was useless in the extreme. Hence, Sibel is absolutely correct in her honorable rage regarding a pardon from the cowardly Obama and creepy crew. I cannot help but conclude that some nasty, soft, cowardly neocons are whispering insidious suggestions in his ear. I’ve been watching these pathological operators for quite a while.

    But, returning to American Apathy and so little empathy for those who struggle, after all these years, I have no easy answers. America should have millions in the street on a daily basis!! The Apathy question is a complicated one since part of it is a neurological syndrome. My personal take is we won’t see mass movements like I experienced in the 60s, 70s, unless something catastrophic happens. Not a false flag event, but something like total collapse of the dollar because of the fed/banking Ponzi scheme.
    No matter what keep up the struggle!!

  4. hermaph says:

    In fact, the irate minority are observing an increasing collapse of civil society and a simultaneous increase of abuse by established elite power structures and are aware that these things do indeed go together. Therefore, we remain frustrated by the corrupt institutions and mass media marriage to the industrial education and information management machine. We can’t say we don’t understand why the masses, products of the machine don’t connect and value the truth about society because we see they even kill the messengers. We see this. And deep down when we see those who disseminate truth being talked of as treasonous we realize that the accountability and morality has been deliberately taught instead of actively practiced in society and en-mass docility has been induced. Foucault’ use of Bentham’s panopticon type surveillance is occurring within the soul of humanity. Art has been killed and made into a side show confusion in education and society at large. The peaceful parent is confused; bereft of their treasure, the child without bond looses personal culture, strength is sapped and channeled into studying thought binding categorizations and debt ensures silence. Identity is watered down, intuition devalued, competition and duality reign supreme. All have forgotten from where science was born and the discipline of the self learned by the ancients has been washed away. The tides of information now pet deserted shores and truth needs a pardon to keep its head. We voluntarily walk the plank and no more can be said because the body has lost its head. Critical thought remains largely untaught and thus reality is dead; unknown, unsaid, unread.

    Oh my oh me I sit strum and whistle and pat my knee.
    Fact is becoming fiction in hyper reality.

  5. ProudPrimate says:

    It probably has something to do with the fact that YouTube vids have an initial default length of 1:40 (100 sec.) which is updated at start time and somehow that value got into the final parameters. Looking forward to seeing the whole (subscriber) length.

  6. MontanaMuleGal says:

    We are watching a twist in the evolution of the human being.

    Instead of practicing the “higher” human goals of compassion and sharing, the humans who will survive, sadly, are the psychopaths who do not care about other humans, animals or the planet. They are out for themselves only. They are devoid of conscience.

  7. ProudPrimate says:

    Well, this is weird. I’m still getting only 1:40 on my phone (I’m finally home) but I get the full 13:25 on my laptop. which is odd, because I have always been able to watch the full 5:51 of the teaser on my phone.

    Oh, well, at least I can watch it here in the easy chair!

  8. @ProudPrimate: can I ask what kind of phone OS? My Android won’t play the full at all – only theYT preview. Thanks.

  9. ProudPrimate says:

    Android 4.0.3
    HTC Sense 3.6
    Model PG86100

  10. Hi ProudPrimate,

    FYI, I just installed the FireFox app on my android and I can now watch the entire JWPlayer clip using it.

    Hope this helps.

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