BFP Syria Coverage Track Record: What & When We Exposed, and the MSM- Quasi Alternative Culprits Who Fought Our Exposés

Now, with all eyes and news coverage on Syria, it is time to set the record straight. This is crucial- as the saying goes: “Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.” We know this is not the first long-planned and orchestrated war. We also know that this won’t be the last one. As with Iraq, the plans, the setting of the stage, the mammoth waves of propaganda and misinformation paving the path for war with Syria, were all in place over two years ago-when no one was looking, and while the gatekeepers were busy hushing.

Boiling Frogs Post was the first and only website to break the unofficially official preparation for long-planned war with Syria.

21 months and nine days ago, on November 21, 2011, Boiling Frogs Post published an exclusive report on Syria: A Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President:

Col. Riad al-Assad has been in Turkey, working with U.S. & NATO, right inside the US Incirlik Base in Turkey, to do exactly what he vehemently denies: smuggle US weapons into Syria, participate in US psychological and information warfare inside Syria as the middle-man whom Syrian protesters tend to trust, and help with funneling intelligence and military operators across the border and night-time drop offs by air.

The joint US-NATO secret training camp in the US air force base in Incirlik, Turkey, began operations in April- May 2011 to organize and expand the dissident base in Syria. Since then, in addition to Col. Riad al-Assad, several other high-ranking Syrian military and intelligence officials have been added to operations’ headquarters in the US base. Weekly weapons smuggling operations have been carried out with full NATO-US participation since last May. The HQ also includes an information warfare division where US-NATO crafted communications are directed to dissidents in Syria via the core group of Syrian military and Intelligence defectors.

My confident report was not based on speculation. I had relied on my trust-worthy sources in the area (let’s call it the vicinity) and my current and former government insiders (both in the US and in Turkey). Two of my US military sources had initially taken the report to the New York Times and several other mainstream media outlets in October 2011. The US media was not willing to publish the exposé despite the reliability of the sources and their being in a position to know:

I immediately started checking our infamous US mainstream media sites- still nothing on this significant information. I then contacted one of my high-level sources and asked why he had come to me with his documented report instead of going directly to the big guys. With several credible insiders as his corroborators and a high-level official in Turkey, he would have no problem getting their attention. And his response? Well here it is minus a few expletives:

“Who said we didn’t go to MSM first? We got them the info back in October. First they were interested and drooling. At least the reporters. Then, they disappeared. We sat and waited for a few weeks, and no one followed up. It is Turkey. It is NATO. It is our CIA guys. The media hot shots would not touch those cases without State Department sanction attached…”

So they came to me. And we ran the story. Of course, there was not a peep from anyone in the mainstream or pseudo-alternative outlets when we went ahead and published the exposé.

Still, not-discouraged by the intentional blackout on US-NATO war preparations against Syria, I continued our coverage. On December 10, 2011, I wrote the following editorial:

Syria: The Not So Long Ago Cherished US Partner in Intelligence, Rendition & Torture Operations

On Sunday, December 11, 2011, we broke yet another exclusive story on Syria:

BFP Exclusive- Developing Story: Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border

According to first-hand accounts and reports provided to Boiling Frogs Post by several sources in Jordan, during the last few hours foreign military groups, estimated at hundreds of individuals, began to spread near the villages of the north-Jordan city of “Al-Mafraq”, which is adjacent to the Jordanian and Syrian border.

According to one Jordanian military officer who asked to remain anonymous, hundreds of soldiers who speak languages ​other than Arabic were seen during the past two days in those areas moving back and forth in military vehicles between the King Hussein Air Base of al-Mafraq (10 km from the Syrian border), and the vicinity of Jordanian villages adjacent to the Syrian border, such as village Albaej (5 km from the border), the area around the dam of Sarhan, the villages of Zubaydiah and al-Nahdah adjacent to the Syrian border.

Another report received from our source in Amman identified an additional US-NATO Command Center in “al-Houshah,’ a village near Mafraq.

You can read the entire report here at BFP, and watch our video report below:

Undeterred by the lack of coverage and the continued black-out by the media, we continued our Syria coverage:

Syria Coverage Update: BBC Reporter was detained & Prevented from Covering US-NATO- Syrian Operations in Turkey! (December 15, 2011)

BFP Syria Coverage Update: Russia’s New Draft Resolution on Syria & My Eventful RT Interview (December 16, 2011)

And more editorials:

For the Supposed ‘Islamic’ Turkish Government US-NATO Come Before Islam (December 19, 2011)

Quick Update: Payoff for Jordan’s Syria-Front Generosity, AntiWar.Com Status, RT Today (December 22, 2011)

Podcast: Back Story on Syria with Sibel Edmonds & Journalist Pepe Escobar (December 22, 2011)

Syria Update: US Government Gives Green Light to MSM (December 29, 2011)

Insiders ‘Out’ Al Jazeera (and AntiWar.Com) Propaganda Machine on Syria (March 12, 2012)

And here is an interview I gave to RT on October 13, 2012, (Ironic in light of what’s happening today):

So, why am I bringing all this up? I have plenty of reasons, but let’s stick with a few macro ones:

Consistent with all US aggression and imperialistic wars, the stage-setting, the logistics and operations, the propaganda and misinformation … all begin long before the hot topic of War against X becomes constant headline news. Why? Because the establishment does not want long-term public scrutiny and awareness before the war preparation enters its final stage. They don’t, and they’d do anything to prevent that kind of awareness.

What better time to go back and review the records of publications that claim to be ‘alternative or antiwar.’ Of course, mainstream outlets such as the NY Times, the Washington Post and CNN are obvious examples as far as the mainstream is concerned. Then there are those who pose as alternatives. In my above select editorials you’ll recognize a few such publications: take Al Jazeera as an example.  However, please do not disregard the infested little propaganda fish that drop propaganda poop as alternative or NGO or activist or AntiWar brands.

A good example would be the ironically named AntiWar.Com. Currently they are raising their quarterly 80K (annual $320K+) as a 501(C) (3) NGO that spreads mainstream aggregated news. I want you to check their archive for the time frame when we were exposing the war preparations against Syria. What you’ll see: news headlines from BBC, Al Jazeera, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox, and CNN depicting Syria as another Arab Spring scenario. What you’ll see is glorification of the terrorist rebels. What you’ll see is their staunch attack on us (Boiling Frogs Post), depicting us as Assad supporters. What you’ll see is the exact opposite of what you’ll see in their coverage since the wind shifted. Now, consistent with the rest of the propaganda machine and pseudo fronts, shifting with the wind, they are suddenly semi AntiWar on Syria.

Please take time to establish this glaring fact, and then ask “why.” The answer is very simple: for the exact same reason they will not disclose their fat sugar daddies who oil them for propaganda extension. The establishment has accomplished yet another stage-setting and unofficially official war preparation. Now it doesn’t matter. Thanks to the mainstream and pseudo-alternatives such as AntiWar.

And finally, this is only one more case where we have proven our track record as a truly alternative information website. We have been able to maintain this record due to 100% independence: we do NOT receive a single penny from any corporate foundations, NGOs or corporate advertisers. We are not under the government’s tightly controlled strings as a tax-exempt government-approved 501 NGO (Remember the IRS targeting of ‘particular’ NGOs?). Our loyalty is only to our readers/supporters-subscribers. That is “You.” With that, we’ll continue our daring and independent news site only if, and as long as, you are willing to support us and our work. And we are thankful to all of you for helping us continue and expand.

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. An excellent report, Sibel. Yes, you have indeed proved that designs on Syria go back to March 2011. The details are there and now we are seeing the “program” move forward. A program which inevitably will use Syria as a proxy for an attack on Iran.

  2. What ‘pick’ said.

  3. carolcrumlish says:

    Thank you for your excellent reportage. Keep your light shining on the world!

  4. CuChulainn says:

    as a former contributor, it is distressing to note the correlation between libertarian big money and pseudo-resistance. I believe they stopped publishing PCR when he raised questions about 911.

  5. I think Mrs. Edmonds just kicked the American media in the ass. And she did it on a shoestring budget without leaving her house. No listing on the NYSE, no shareholders, no charitable foundation pipeline, no million-dollar studios, no cable channel, no staff, and no ivy league journalism degree, just a smart woman who cares about the truth.

    If you haven’t done so already, send this lady a check, she’s earned it.

  6. Actually, breathtaking work done here, Sibel!!
    The damned problem is that the matrix/establishment has metastasized way beyond anything humanity has ever experienced.
    Most Americans do not realize that they are part of an ever escalating gyre that has began to feed on itself. For many on this planet, life is a surreal whirling hell–into the mix of smart-phones, acrid smells of war, a Munch “Howl”, and bodies running into what?
    Anarchy , as per James Corbett, is a sweet dream compared to what the Govt./MSM calls “civilization”. Perhaps this “modern man” species has done enough. I agree with AG Marshall—one becomes speechless.

  7. Re; my above comment, I meant “The Scream” by Munch. “Howl” was by Allen Ginsberg. What seems to be starting up now is deep, dark and primal.

  8. What HAL 9000 said.

    BTW, Sibel showed action/moving forward started in March 2011. Designs long before, as even Wesley Clark said (in 2007) were in place before the latest Iraq War began.

    March 2, 2007

    “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran””

  9. Rose Mary says: walks and quacks like a false site. Sibel is right. I have seen what was good organisation being infiltrated and taken over by mainstream/”sceptics” before, Wikipedia is one example.

    “libertarian big money”. What is that?

  10. Hi Sibel,

    In your interview on RT in Dec. ’11, I’m assuming you are referring to Seymour Hersh as the “Pulitzer Prize winning journalist from the New Yorker”? I’m curious what you or others have to say about him. I know that he exposed the Mai Lai massacre, but the fact that he wouldn’t jump on this Syria/Turkey story is perplexing.

  11. Rose Mary says:

    A good source talks about what he/her has knowlegde about – not about everything.

  12. Yes, but Sibel has complained that Mr. Hersh’s record is much more active and antagonistic during republican administrations. Doesn’t want to embarrass the dems.

  13. Hi Sibel,

    Thank you for your amazing website and for your excellent reporting. I’m a subscriber and I love reading your articles and reports and look forward to the website’s growth.

    I’m not sure if you’ll see this or not, but I have a question for you on the Syria situation. In several of your reports you’ve said that the Boston Bombings were possibly set up so that Russia could start an operation to remove terrorists from the Chechnya area, which they did, and then the US and it’s allies could invade Syria with Russia’s blessing. But it seems that every step of the way Russia has been against a military operation in Syria, and been one of the main deterrents to a full on invasion by US/allied forces. Do you still think a deal has been made between the US & Russia? If the US did attack Syria, do you think Russia and Iran would respond militarily? There’s a lot of talk going on on other alternative news sites about WWIII and how an attack on Syria could start it. Thoughts?



  14. Hi Everett,

    I just wanted to weigh in, while you’re waiting for a response from Sibel.

    Personally, I think that the mutually assured destruction og nuclear war would continue to keep all out war between nuclear powers off the table, in the event of an attack by the US on Syria.

    The extent of other reactions from Russia might still be affected by any back-channel deals, including the one theorized by Sibel. And we need only look at actions, as words from Russia are only to maintain perceptions. Weren’t they removing some diplomatic staff from Syria? Let’s see what their military base is doing.

    I’m frustrated that Russia won’t make public more intel and evidence of US complicity and management of al qaeda, along with NATO, which t they surely must have. I think they could put a stop to this attack if they chose to do so.

    Maybe the PTB in the US, Russia, and China are on the same side, and we just don’t know it.

  15. Hi Xicha,

    Thanks for the response!

    You have a good point that we need to look at the actions of the Russian govt. and not just their words. While I did read they were evacuating govt. personnel and citizens from Syria, I’ve also read that they already have and are sending more naval power to the area, and that they’ve mobilized and put on high alert the Russian troops. Anyways, there’s so much stuff out there that it’s hard to know what really is going on behind the scenes. Another question is if the Russians were on board with attacking Syria, why is the US stalling so long? In Libya it all went down pretty quick, whereas with Syria several nations (UK & Germany) said they were going to bomb but then dropped out.

    I agree with your point that it would be nice if Russia would make public more intel and evidence of the US complicity with Al Qaeda. It’s awful to think that my tax dollars are going to fund Al Qaeda and the killing of innocent Syrian citizens.

    What/who is the PTB in the US?


  16. @ Xicha: Right on; exactly what I’m thinking.

  17. @ Hal: You have been with us and providing us with support for a long time. But more than anything I’ve always cherished your encouraging/kind notes. I know when ‘it’ is sincere, and when it is sincere, like yours, it becomes the needed fuel to keep going/pressing and fight deterrence.

  18. Everett, good question. My guess is that the PTB are the same people who are allowed to utilize the NSA to get dirt on public officials, who they then utilize to get resources in foreign lands and control economies of scale around the world.

    They utilize our public (I just love that word) airwaves to scare the hell out of us and then numb our minds on the next channel with entertainment that puts us to sleep and gives us ammunition with which to attack each other.

    They probably have powerful positions on the boards of the weapons, entertainment, financial, and public policy institutions. Their generals are leaders of those industries and leaders of US government institutions, such as the POTUS, SCOTUS, Pentagon, and powerful positions on committees in Congress, the State Department, and all of the Intelligence Agencies.

    AG Marshall has given us some names and done some audio diagramming on his BFP show. Others have done the same. But I still don’t really know who they are. All we can do is to start nailing the ones we can identify and let the dominoes fall up the pyramid.

  19. Rose Mary says:

    Is Obama, Pelosi, Tony Blair, the Queen, George Soros, Gen. Alexander, Geither, Bernanke, Benjamin Netanyahu .. included in PTB?

  20. Them, plus God, Satan, and the Great Spaghetti Monster In The Sky, of course.

    I don’t know who’s running the show. Some are tools and generals of the elite. Maybe everyone’s blackmailed. I’m no authority on who, but I assume it’s beyond our government and industry leaders, not just between them.

  21. Hi Xicha,

    I think your last reply is the closest. It is beyond our (United States) “government” and it includes other leaders, some military, some finance, some industrial. It is not relegated to just our country. However, our country has the greatest influence. It is my understanding that around 32 of the most influential and powerful people are what we call the Powers-To-Be. They are in fact to a large degree stateless. Yes, I would definitely say that Keith B. Alexander would be one of the 32. Yes, this is a number I have been told who hold such power. Furthermore, what is happening to Syria is more than likely NOT monolithic in agreement, nor was Iraq or Afghanistan. The PTB in all likelihood are jockeying for control acceptable to globalists future designs and above all continuity of specie.

  22. Rose Mary says:

    They are monolithic. 911 was not some aggregate of “corporate power”, it was a specific plan that was implemented. All the major media – including some foreign media – was on board and followed a script. This is not “FED” or “bankers” or “Israel”, this is something shadowly

    Some possible options:

    1) a hidden organisation like “illuminati”
    2) a people / empire
    3) extra-terrestials

  23. Ms. Edmonds reporting on Syria–as in laying out the facts and letting the chips fall where they may–is but one reason why people accessing this site owe it to themselves to subscribe! Here’s a few others: Russ Tice’s eye-opening NSA revelations; Peter B’s smooth voice and incisive interviewing skills; Corbett’s fine video reports, on and on. While I may not agree with everything Sibel writes, her fierce independence, her incorruptibility, not to mention her steel-hard heroism in the face of relentless state attacks is truly inspiring. So pony-up slackers!

  24. What Antifascist said. Pony-up slackers! No more sitting on the sidelines; this site is the most important news site anywhere and it’s time to support it. Right now. Cancel that donation to The Nation and “Democracy” Now. They just aren’t worthy.

    Somebody try to name another news source half as good!

  25. Hi Rose Mary,

    I indeed thought for many years power was monolithic. In my humblest opinion their are many groups with competing agendas, with competing programs, some tactical and some strategic. These groups do at times war on their sociological level of how to move the world according to what they perceive to be the most effective means for stability. Yes, I do believe the Powers-To-Be create more instability by imposing the collective over the individual, but by no means is there consensus among them. It is why we are seeing so much turmoil on an overt level. Please read Peter Dale Scott’s book – 9/11 and American Empire, Intellectuals speak out. Peter does an excellent job defining where and how power works in the compartmented “Deep State.”

    I am curious, though, why you think extraterrestrials are viable?

  26. Rose Mary says:

    “I indeed thought for many years power was monolithic”

    For many years I thought sosiological concepts/economic theories/university was useful

    “I do believe the Powers-To-Be create more instability ..”

    Let’s use facts

    How does power work?

  27. Rose Mary says:

    In the beginning of first Millenium all European kings were indebted. In that respect little change has changed. Who were these “goldsmiths” according to Peter Dale Scott?

  28. Rose Mary says:

    I meant millenium 1000-2000

  29. Xicha,

    What you say about Sy Hersh may be true in general, but what do you make of his hit piece/book about JFK? In general summary, he says Kennedy was a dangerous, sex-crazed womanizer and he has nothing to say about his assassination.

  30. Whistleblower Karen Hudes discovered “there was a powerful group” ..”with an agenda” that controlled IMF. Their agenda was not to help – but to “create powerty” (to rob people)


    Her history is revealing: She discovered “media” was not what she expected, neither the public institutions and the political institutions supposed to fight corruption. Leftist can understand terms like “revolving doors” … but that is about outer space for them.

  31. @gogetem, didn’t read it. Seems in line with playing it safe.

    @all, here’s Sibel talking to Corbett about who’s at the top of the pyramid:

  32. (Video does not use words like “NWO”/”globalists”/”Israel”, but rather “NPAC”, “AIPAC” and “American-Turkish Council”)

    (My interpretation of video)
    On the top we find the “military-industrial complex”. That includes US oil and the US financial sectors. US big farma er below these sectors in importance.

    (Not stated in video, but conceptional implications)
    There is no global military-industrial complex, but an US military-industrial complex, a French military-industrial complex, a Russian military-industrial complex, a Chinese military-industrial complex , and there is fierce competition between them. World resources and pipelines are what they are fighting about.

    Who was behind 911? Corbett seems to imply “Dick Cheney” (“I did it” -> not an admission we are likely to get).

    (In general I find the world very obvious, while Corbett find the world very complex and difficult to understand. Corbett asks for help about how to communicate what is “so complex”. For me that has no solution: what is complex is complex to understand)

  33. Hi Rose Mary,

    I can empathize with your desire to see the world simply (by saying obviously) – as in Keep It Simple Stupid. I think that’s what Corbett and Sibel were saying as well. “When you think of war, remember this smell and remember that someone is making money.”

    Part of what you call complex might be the difference between sticking to the facts and speculating. Maybe there are times when we don’t need to say we know something, when we can’t back that up with facts. Is this frustrating you about the interview?

    Sibel has an excellent reputation, as you know, for sticking to what she knows she can back up, and not offering speculation publicly. This gives what she says integrity.

    Also, while our perspectives might have simplicity as a goal, it doesn’t mean that complexity does not exist. Otherwise, what would we compare simplicity to, to know that it was simple?

  34. “Sibel has an excellent reputation, as you know, for sticking to what she knows she can back up, and not offering speculation publicly. This gives what she says integrity. ”

    That is very symphatic, and I feel being factual is a solution. I have to admit what I thought was “facts” was not always facts -> we have to be critical about “facts” – even more about “theory”.

    The “military-industrial complex” is a theory. “The Cold War” is a theory. In case of Vietnam we learned “The Domino Theory” -> another theory. In 1973 “the military-industrial complex” moved to South-Africa to fight a “proxy” war agaist “Soviet communism”.

    Obs 🙁

    There was no “Soviet communists” in South-Africa. Of course they knew that, they are not stupids. “Soviet communism” in Vietnam? Neither true. Did they believe in “The Domino theory”? It was for public comsumption. Indonesia was more important by politics and oil resources, but media did not talk much about that. They focused on the Vietnam War so what was important was not noticed.

  35. Thanks for your reply, Rose Mary.

    Sibel having this reputation is a fact. One that she has accomplished by sticking to what she knows, even under pressure from the Truth Movement, another theory. These theories are also simply names.

    Sibel showed some charts and related those to profits of weapons manufacturers. Fact.

    The Cold War was/is real, whether or not it was created on false premises. I grew up next to a top 5 targeted air force base and felt the real effects of the propaganda that defined it. My motorcycle shook when the B1 bombers went on fly overs at dangerously low altitudes. Fact.

    These are facts that we all question.

    When Sibel talks about bribing and blackmail of public officials by certain lobbies, she is relating first hand eye witness testimony, because of what she saw and heard at the FBI.

  36. Does “Obs” mean observation?

  37. Obs = history books will tell us CIA supported UNITA terrorist “to fight Soviet supported MPLA”. We know this is not true because CIA chief in Angola defected and told us the truth. The politics was to divide Angola by etnicity. Why did they do that when there was no KGB in Angola? The simple answer is: It was to destabilize South Africa’s black neighbors states.

    CIA thought fighting blacks was good = racism. While US Congress was boycotting South Africa CIA was sabotaging the same policy, working against the Congress.

    This “Cold War proxy war”-history does not stand facts.

  38. In case of Cuba there is still a trade embargo though Soviet has collapsed. “Cold War” is a theory contrary to facts.

  39. Good points. My point was that the cold war, defined by propaganda, did exist and is making a morphed comeback.

    Sibel’s point was that the CW and the WOT are both used as justification for war profiteering and for extinguishing liberties.

  40. Clarification: defined as propaganda

  41. Btw, didn’t she specifically mention big pharm, so as to not judge it’s importance by her omission? Your conclusion ignored this.

  42. And she seemed to infer that the people and groups who created those sets of propaganda (CW and GWOT) were the same.

  43. Sibel communicated something I did not know, some “Rockefellers” was very early in engaged CIA (CIA is not “intelligence”)

    My sources says:
    1) Haliburton is a Rothchild owned company (don’t remember what source, probably a whistleblower)
    2) In CIA there is an “inner CIA” – a “Haliburton” CIA

    (In conclusion, CIA is not what we think – what a Christian employee in the end will realize? -> this is a Murder Inc)
    (What Eisenhower termed “the military-industrial complex” was an allusion?)

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