Updated BFP Report- ProPublica Threatens BFP, Demands Retraction, Provides Names- Partners & Exposes Itself Further!

It is $37 Million Not $26 Million! And Check Out ProPublica’s List of Sugar Daddies & Partners!

Ladies and gentleman, in less than an hour after our report on ProPublica tax forms, their $26 Million-dollar budget and untraceable (at least not easily traceable) corporates and foundations funders, we received a threatening e-mail from their  President Richard Tofel asking us to retract our story since somewhere, out there, they have a list of some of their major donors. They sure made that info hard to find!

Now we have more documents, including the list of some of their major donors and a more exact dollar number for their operating budget. We are more than happy to release these documents and the links. You know what: This information proves every single point we made in our report and more! Here we go:

1- We had listed ProPublica’s funding at $26,000,000. Well, it happens to be much higher than that: ProPublica, during their first four years, received $37,000,000 in funding. They received $11,000,000 in 2012, and that brings the total for their four years in operation to $37,000,000 Million: Click Here

2- They have listed some of their big foundations- make that corporate-foundations, under a vague ‘Supporters’ page. Well, again, I was right: Ford, Soros, Rockefeller and Carnegie are there, but there are more …Hewlett Foundation, Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund , Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge … and check this, even NBC4New York!! To read the list filled with mega billionaires and millionaires check out ProPublica’s list of Sugar Daddies here

Let me give you a couple of examples: Sandler Foundation gave ProPublica $4,000,000 in 2012, and Knight Foundation gave them $2,000,000 only in 2012 (for one year). Check them out here

3- ProPublica also lists its partners. Ladies and gentleman if we had to summarize the list it would read: The Entire US Mainstream Media. ProPublica partners list include: CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Chicago Tribune, NPR, CNBC, Fortune, Los Angeles Times, The Nation, The New York Times, NewsWeek … Basically, the entire charlatan and propaganda machine called the US Mainstream Media. Not only that, they are also partner with Amazon! Please help yourself to this truly stinky list of ProPublica partners: Click Here

All right. I now have provided you with additional information related to ProPublica funding and partners, as I promised Mr. Tofel. And with all this, what have we got? Let’s recap:

An almost brand new business posing as a nonprofit alternative online publication received $37,000,000 since its operation began 4 years ago. This hefty $37,000,000 comes from all the nasty corporate moguls such as Rockefellers, George Soros, Ford, Carnegie Family, Hewlett Packard, Goldman, and  the like. ProPublica is also proud to announce the entire dirty despicable US mainstream media, outlets such as CNN, NBC, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, as its dear partners in its operations.

Now, I invite you to find one qualification here, whether in funding, or the background of its operators, or its partners, that makes this phony an Independent Alternative Media with only the public interest in mind. When ProPublica says, alternative, ask them exactly alternative to what?!

As for ProPublica’s bullying and its threats to BFP: We have stated facts and have provided ample public documents as evidence-mainly from ProPublica’s own tax filings and website. I believe the threat should flow the other way: Every single individual donor, I’m talking hard-working Americans, who has ever donated hard-earned dollars to this organization, should be looking into getting their money back and making better use of it.

For an enterprise that is advertising itself as open alternative media ProPublica sure doesn’t like any eyes on or scrutiny of its business.

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  1. donilo252525 says:

    Sibel, I feel exhilerated by your tenacity & courage in the face of these creeps. After folks get their money back from Pro Publica they should double the amount and give it to BFP. They’ll be joining our proud group of donors here, where the truth not only matters – it’s the ONLY thing that matters!

  2. Well done Sibel! The mainstream media is trying all it can do to keep the masses in ignorance. Websites like these try to look like an alternative media source, when in reality they are just another Fox, CNN, and the like. Thanks for the great work!

  3. Great work, warrior!! Their rotten karma will bite them.

  4. Laughing out loud! They thought they could threaten YOU? After all the sh*t you’ve been thru? Oh. Em. Gee. Typical corporate actions demanding and threatening and all that. For what? They only proved your point for you. Nice work pro con the publica, nothing like some of that sunlight disinfectant you pretend to dish out. Hilariity ensues.

  5. Excellent results here. Must have hit a nerve with such a quick response. Time to drain the swamp that is the pseudo-alternative controlled opposition.

  6. They give the superficial appearance of being alternative, but when you dig down into their coverage, you find it veers into the same old ruts. The width of two horse’s asses, ever as it was since the old empire.

    They say their mission is “in the public interest”. That’s familiar code, deciphered by their major donors, who themselves write and speak in upside-down-land. But that trick is wearing very thin in the information age.

    It’s of the same mindset which would describe a slaughterhouse as a “Bovine Health Care Facility”. Never you mind that smell, now…

  7. For me, the real story here is that ProPublica felt the need to respond. All that money and all that political clout, yet they couldn’t ignore that tiny woman in the back of the room saying “the emperor has no clothes!”

    If you don’t matter, people ignore you. The fact that they could not ignore Mrs. Edmonds means they view her and BFP as important. This is a victory for Sibel Edmonds, the BFP content contributors, and the BFP donors. My hat is off to all of you. Your truth is marching on.

  8. Out of curiosity I read their apologizing missive to their paymasters Why We Published the Decryption Story up to this sickening line:

    >>In weighing this reality, we have not only taken our own counsel and that of our publishing partners, but have also conferred with the government of the United States, a country whose freedoms give us remarkable opportunities as journalists and citizens. >>

  9. donilo252525 says:

    Hal 9000, Exactly so! Well said! I’m sure they’re already ruing their feeble and transparent attempt to silence Sibel Edmonds. Sibel is a force of nature, and it’s not nice to try to fool mother nature. 😉

  10. Maryanne224 says:

    And what about Amy Goodman who seems to kneel at the altar of ProPublica everyday?

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