Joke of the Day: UN Says Afghanistan Risks Becoming ‘Narco-State’!

Afghanistan Will Be Exporting Heroin to Outer Space & Its Extraterrestrial Populace!

This morning I came across this headline from Reuters: Afghanistan risks becoming 'narco-state': U.N. official. So here is what I thought first: This must be an archived article from ten or eleven years ago. Immediately I clicked on the link and checked the date. No, it is dated October 9, 2013. As in today! Then, I checked the section to see whether it is posted under their Editorial Cartoon or Today’s Joke page. And guess what? Nope! The hilarious headline and the more hilarious content are posted as a regular news article. No matter. I bent over and laughed anyway. Come on, you’ve got to admit it is funny, as in, bend over and laugh funny.

Yury Fedotov, head of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), painted a bleak picture of Afghanistan's narcotics problem before next year's withdrawal of NATO-led combat forces.

we have a serious risk that without international support, without more meaningful assistance, this country may continue to evolve into a full-fledged narco-state," he said

And the same article continues with this factual statement:

Afghanistan is the world's top producer of opium, from which heroin is made and which helps fund the Taliban's insurgency.

I mean, how could you get a higher ranking than that, The World’s Top Producer of Opium? How in the world would they evolve into a full-fledged narco-state, when they’ve been there for over a decade?

Actually, I can think of a couple of ways: Afghanistan becoming not only the top producer for the entire meager earthly world, but also for those other worlds way out there that may have even denser populations. Or, considering the Taliban’s strong faith in an afterlife, they may be seeking ways to export their crops and products up there, to heaven, before their own arrival- after all, up there, men will be given unlimited virgins and what not, and because there will be no issues of illegalities, prohibition or morality - bring on heroin and cocaine and whatnot.

That’s about it. I couldn’t come up with any other way that could produce a jump in Afghanistan’s ranking when it comes to its status as the world’s largest, number one, heroin supplier. Last year I wrote several comprehensive articles on this topic. Let’s revisit one:

Let’s agree on what kind and size of trade we are talking about here. The very conservative and cautious estimate of the Global market value of Afghan heroin in 2009 given by mainstream sources puts it at somewhere between $60 Billion and $65 Billion.  I am going to cite two sources to make these mainstream-following critics of mine more comfortable:

CNN on 2009 Afghan Heroin Value: $65 Billion a year

United Nations (UNODC) on 2009 Afghan Heroin Value: $60 Billion a year

Let’s make it really mainstream and very American, and go with the $65 Billion figure. For my mainstream critics I am going to make it even easier to follow and understand-here it is with all the ‘zeroes’: $65,000,000,000

Please take time and read my long and comprehensive (and tedious) articles on this topic:

The Real Lords of Afghan Poppy Fields & Heroin Distribution Hubs

Afghan Heroin Myths and Facts Recapped & Simplified for Mainstream Followers

Afghan Heroin & How to Add Up the Numbers

Now let’s go over a few established facts that form the real story when it comes to Afghan Heroin:

In the 1970s Afghanistan produced ZERO amounts of heroin. In other words, they didn’t produce any heroin. Then, the United States with its CIA came in and began supporting the Afghans against the Communist Soviets. And guess what happened? Let’s see what documented facts, and even mainstream media, say. Here is an article from Economist:

Although this area had zero heroin production in the mid-1970s, the CIA's covert war served as the catalyst that transformed the Afghan-Pakistan borderlands into the world's largest heroin producing region. As mujahedeen guerrillas captured prime agricultural areas inside Afghanistan in the early 1980s, they began collecting a revolutionary poppy tax from their peasant supporters.

... Between 1981 and 1990, Afghanistan's opium production grew ten-fold—from 250 tons to 2,000 tons. After just two years of covert CIA support for the Afghan guerrillas, the U.S. Attorney General announced in 1981 that Pakistan was already the source of 60% of the American heroin supply.

Please allow me to chew the above data for those with attention deficit issues: Afghanistan didn’t produce any heroin, then, the U.S. got in there with its CIA, and then, BAM, Afghanistan began producing 2000+ tons of heroin within two years.

After the Soviet’s defeat, and after the Americans and their CIA got out of Afghanistan, Afghanistan’s opium and heroin production went down, and down, and further down to almost no production. That was the case in the 1990s, all the way up to 2001-2002 when we, the American military and CIA together with NATO, went there under the guise of the ‘War on Terror,’ and took over the country.

Here is what happened next, from Dr. Alfred McCoy reporting via Mother Jones:

Since the US military intervened in 2001, a rising tide of opium has corrupted the government in Kabul while empowering a resurgent Taliban whose guerrillas have taken control of ever larger parts of the Afghan countryside.

These three eras of almost constant warfare fueled a relentless rise in Afghanistan's opium harvest—from just 250 tons in 1979 to 8,200 tons in 2007. For the past five years, the Afghan opium harvest has accounted for as much as 50% of the country's gross domestic product (GDP) and provided the prime ingredient for over 90% of the world's heroin supply.


Those of you who get the above please bear with me while I break this down into a swallow-able chunk for others who don’t: Our invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in 2001-2002 once again turned Afghanistan into the world’s number one heroin producer, aka Narco State. To break it down further - we go in and the nation becomes a major narco state, we get out and narco activities and production goes down.

Okay, now that we have the facts, history and context straight, let’s revisit Reuter’s joke of the day one more time and see how the establishment and its tentacle media outlets twist, distort and then present a ridiculously laughable conclusion:

Yury Fedotov, head of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), painted a bleak picture of Afghanistan's narcotics problem before next year's withdrawal of NATO-led combat forces.

You see, they twist and distort, and give you the opposite of the facts on the ground. The facts say our occupation and involvement, paired up with our rogue CIA criminal operations, was what created and drove Afghanistan to its number one ranking as a Narco State. Reuter and the UN-NATO-US are telling us that the CIA-NATO-UN-US Military pull out will make Afghanistan a big narco state.

That’s right. It is called Establishment-Media incest - to create and distribute propaganda. Today, it served one, only one, purpose for me, it became the joke of the day, and gave me a laugh big time. And with that, I’ll leave you with our exclusive video report on Heroin: Afghanistan’s White Gold with James Corbett, which was published two years ago:


BFP EyeOpener-White Gold: Heroin & the Destabilization of Afghanistan

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. Funny, sad, and highly informative — a classic Sibel Edmonds article!

    Sounds like we’re being prepped for continued involvement. We just couldn’t pull out completely and let Afghanistan turn into some kind of drug zone, could we? That would be downright IRRESPONSIBLE!

  2. Sibel, articles like this and all the other content provided via BFP make this the easiest subscription check I write. Thanks to all who contribute (whether content or subscriptions).

  3. ProudPrimate says:

    Narcotics trafficking by the Anglo-American hegemony goes back to the Opium Wars of the 1830s. The French, too, depended upon it, that is their Secret Services, who never have enough funding for their “projects”, turned Saigon into the biggest consumer of heroin in the world. That’s where the money is. I did a placard for the street detailing the development of the China white, but I had to leave out the biggest story of all Iran-Contra – just too huge. It just serves a placard all its own. Alas, the interest in such subjects on the street has waned.

    But here’s the placard I refer to in case anyone wants to look at it:

    Prof. McCoy is the greatest source, for a generation.

  4. ProudPrimate says:

    Oops – dratted voice speller. That should have been “deserves a placard of its own”

  5. In one aspect I guess it’s a good thing Mexico is already a crime-ridden narco-state, because otherwise the US would have to invade it, again.

  6. mariotrevi says:

    I read most of ProudPrimate’s placard. Conderning the cocaine-jet crash of 2007 in the Yucatan (province, state, area) of Mexico, with 3.3 tons of cocaine aboard, I found a “Narco-News” article from 2008 related to that incident.

    The article at Narco-News says that José Nelson Urrego, a well-known Colombian drug-trafficker, was linked to the Yucatan crash, for example that the plane started-off near Medellin. It also says that Urrego fought the FARC insurgency in Columbia.

    Here’s a link the January 2008 Narco-News article on José Nelson Urrego and the 2007 Mexico jet crash:

  7. mariotrevi says:

    Following-up on Sibel’s and others ideas, I figure that from the point of view of the US Government, most jihadists are “bad jihadists”. But, there are exceptions. For example, jihadists that fought against the government of Colonel Gaddafi in Lybia were “good jihadists”, at least for the time that the war against the Gaddafi Regime went on …

  8. Thank you Sibel for this fantastic article. I share your reaction of laughter at such absurdity. Reading and listening to you is a breath of fresh air. There is such an abundance of disinformation, and unfortunately such a huge predominance of people willing to believe it, that resources like Boiling Frogs Post represent an oasis for the nongullible.

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