NSA Spying Scandal, TTIP and German Collaborators

Germany Ruled by the Atlantik-Brücke

While Germany’s two largest parties, the center-right Christian Democrats (CDU /CSU) led by Angela Merkel and the center-left Social Democrats (SPD), are negotiating terms to form a so-called “grand coalition” for the third time in history, one major policy is already predetermined, the strong transatlantic partnership with the United States.

Close German-American relations take top priority and are as Chancellor Merkel would say “without any alternative”. However, the downside of these relations has not gone unnoticed by the German population...


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  1. Edward Rutland says:

    You fail to mention mccloy’s role on the JFK warren commission

  2. Edward Rutland says:

    But excellent article

  3. Edward Rutland says:

    Twenty years as a fundamentalist Presbyterian pastor well grounded in Greek, Hebrew, and biblical literature I am beginning to believe thar St John actually saw the future when he penned the book of the Revelation.
    To any of you who might read this comment, take me by the hand and walk me out of this as Ingrid Bergman did her orphans in China before the evil that commenced there in 1938. (Inn of the Seventh happiness)
    Lace up your boots friends we have a heavy road ahead.

  4. CuChulainn says:

    Corbett’s dream come true–


    “Dress Rehearsal for Government Privatization” with Michel Chossudovsky. Privatization of government operating through the process of fiscal collapse; black budgets; war and Wall Street; the Federal Reserve Bank; shock and awe economics; IMF structural adjustment; the Washington consensus; extreme austerity measures; the proxy state; speculative onslaught, regulatory capture; financial warfare against the American public.

  5. Edward,

    As a Presbyterian pastor of twenty years well-grounded in biblical literature, if you believe what you have preached, you should have no fear for what is to come. It is strange indeed that a Christian pastor would ask another human being to “take me by the hand and walk me out of this.” I would have expected such an appeal to be made to your God. More importantly, as a man and as a Pastor, you should not fear for yourself at all. Your concern should be for the mothers and daughters who will be subjected to the worst of the brutality if Revelations is the future.

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