BFP Roundtable Video (Pilot) – Guantanamo, Iran, Open Source & More!

A Brand New Roundtable Discussion Featuring Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins & James Corbett

Welcome to the pilot edition of BFP Roundtable. In this episode Peter, James and I are discussing recent developments on Iran, Open Source, CBS-60 Minutes’ Misinformation Campaign, what we are planning for Boiling Frogs Post, and why we need you. Be prepared, because some of us, all right, maybe one of us, is going to appear way too unplugged!

We are going to treat the first few shows as pilots. We need your input and suggestions in order to settle on a regular format, so please join us and bring in your ideas and comments. Also, we are going to make this program available to all, but in order for this show to continue we need your support. Please do your share and support this real independent alternative. Thank you!

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING, and by ordering our EXCLUSIVE BFP DVDs.

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This site depends….

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by SUBSCRIBING and/or DONATING.


  1. Edward Rutland says:

    Dear Sibel
    Thank you
    This is the discussion I wanted aired.
    Well done all.
    You have my support

  2. AVIONBLANC says:

    Very good.

    I will subscribe to James’ site very soon. I am a member here and at Peter B.’s site.

    It would be good to have a fourth member there: one of the folks you interview for the podcast.

    Yes, it is nice to be a gracious host. It doesn’t inform us. We “tune in” here to get some facts, some “truth”. By keeping names unnamed and questions unasked we, the subscribers, are not informed nor educated.

    Sibel is correct in her understanding of the dynamics of the “game”. It isn’t LEFT/RIGHT, DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN, it is collectivist-totalitarian/human rights-classical liberalism. The Rights of the Individual versus the State.

    Keep up the excellent work this site creates.

  3. I really enjoyed this show and I hope you continue. James’ open-source journalism conference presentation really got me wanting to start helping spread ideas and messages.

    Keep up the good work everyone :~)

  4. carolcrumlish says:

    Dear Sibel,

    Thank you for putting this together. Let’s have more! I am with you 100% on the Iran “deal.” I have sent this broadcast out on my Facebook page and through my email as well. I am a monthly subscriber and proudly so.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  5. donilo252525 says:

    To the “Thrilling Three,” 😉

    Great start to an innovative format. It’s also nice to see three people, all of whom I admire, be able to disagree in “real time” without sending a message of discomfort to us viewers. You handle those few areas of difference in a very adult manner, and in doing so you provide a model for many of us who struggle more with that ability.

    One technical note. As you review the show, please notice that both Sibel and James have “face-on” perspective relative to the camera/screen. Peter, you’re looking down at your screen which means you’re looking down on both Sibel & James as well as at us. 😉 I don’t think you want to leave that visual impression, so see if you can shift to the same face-on view they’re getting. Otherwise we litterally have someone “looking down his nose” at us.

    Again, wonderful start. I’m a subscriber and will enjoy continuing that subscription.


  6. Thank you all for your supportive comments and kind e-mails.

    1- We will definitely try to bring a fourth guest when we can. I would love to have someone from opposing angles/views as well.

    2-I get on my nerve when I see how much I move. My poor camera can’t keep up and focus (I’m one of those who hate to watch herself or hear her recorded voice; it just occurred to me: with my accent did I just sound like that Huffington woman?!!! Please say no. Please!).

    3-Most of the work was done by James (Connecting us, editing/rendering, etc.) and Peter B. (With his intro and keeping us on track). So, the credit goes to my great two partners.

    4-Hopefully we’ll have our second session/pilot by mid December. If all goes well, with your support, we’ll try to make this weekly (until you get tired of me).

    5- You didn’t get to see it but I had several cuts on my fingers- TG cooking. Why is that relevant? It isn’t. I just thought I let you know that I also cook;-)

    Seriously, I want us to expand and include investigative reporting, photography, more editorials, more shows … Can we do it? I think we can-together. Our new site will be up this coming week-that’s a good start. Right? Nested comments (finally!!), editing function (yey!), and hopefully a format you like.

  7. CuChulainn says:

    you folks might include Rowan Berkeley from the hardheaded niqnaq blog in your discussions

  8. donilo252525 says:

    Just a quick response to your reply,

    I actually liked seeing you move around. We always had you in full view, and the movement is natural to your self-expression. I wouldn’t worry one bit about that. BTW, you sound NOTHING like that Huffington woman. 😉

    IMO Peter is the Rolls Royce of radio presenters. This always shines through in his work. But as for camera presentations,I didn’t see mention in your reply about the matter of the camera angle and his face; I think it’s very important, since it sets a tone to the video that certainly isn’t intended.

    The old movie “I Robot” was only so-so, but one scene remains in my memory. It’s a robot at the kitchen counter cutting vegetables at lightning speed. Maybe you should get one of those thingies. 😉

    I look forward to your next one in December. Kudos to you all!


  9. Sibel, we’ll never tire of you. 🙂 Your animated video presentation style is simply who you are. It’s great! I think your on-board database is larger than what the NSA has on is computer storage, and watching you access it on the fly is awesome. Thanks for being you! Because of you three, BFP is the first place I go for news these days.

    Concerning US/Iran: I think you are right on as usual. I think we should all be in that place by now. After JFK, RFK, MLB, 9/11, we should have begun to realize that everything the government tells us is a lie – all of it. So in that vein, I have to ask this question. Has the NSA or the US government suffered as a result of the disclosures by Snowden? OR, has the fear just been ramped up? All the most vocal foreign leader complainers have been aware of this – though they want to make it look like a surprise. Someone suggested to me the other day that Snowden may still be working for US Intelligence. Is this another patsy in the making? You remind us that we need to ask, and ask, and ask more questions. Thank you for doing so and for keeping us informed.

  10. @Sibel: your expressive eyes and the rest of your facial and body movements are all (even) quicker than your mind. And they convey often more that your words.

    That makes you about the worst lier in the world!
    Be immensly proud of that.

    @ James: thanks for (more than) a gesture. I in response to that I have changed my site,, officially in an open source science site:

    From now on I will try to produce more and more reproducible “functions”, ‘text”, “info graphs”, etcetera that can, conform software functions, be reused in all kinds of applications.

  11. Speak…

    it is Hope.

  12. tonywicher says:

    I am glad to support and proud to be a part of the Boiling Frogs community. I have always put my money (such as it is) where my political mouth is, and I support not only BFP, but other organizations such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, Paul Craig Roberts, LaRouchePAC and Wayne Madsen with modest subscriptions. I think this is the least anyone with a political conscience living above the poverty level can do.

    On peace with Iran, it is very difficult to predict where it is going. Sibel is very right to be highly suspicious of people with the track record of Kerry and Obama. They have been lying, murdering warmongers all along, and now they are peacemakers. But this is not a matter of some miraculous religious transformation like Muhammad. This is not about morality. This is a matter of a shift of power, a victory of the anti-imperialist forces against imperialism. Obama, Kerry and imperialism suffered serious political defeats in both Syria and Egypt. In the background, the imperial economic system is collapsing. In any case, neither Kerry nor Obama are calling the shots. Most likely this peace initiative is coming from Brzezinski, I would say. Brzezinski has long been advocating the “pivot” to Asia and a reduction of engagement in the Middle East. He has also long said that Israel is not a strategic priority
    for him. I think Israel’s concern that the U.S. is distancing itself are probably genuine.

  13. donilo252525 says:

    Well said! For a very effective picture of how things have been going in our government over the past 3 decades (in highly expanded relief against previous decades) get ahold of the 1996 movie “L.A. Confidential.” It’s eerily on target with its depiction of systemic corruption. It’s an excellently done film, and it’s quite easy to insert recent & present political figures into the various corrupt roles of police personnel over a wide range of hierarchy.


  14. Avery Easter says:

    Great start, congrats on all the work, and this new venture.

    since the theme of the program is the 3 of you Uncencored i’m not going to censor my comments here.

    I appreciate the insights into the Iranian and gitmo issues presented in this program and the discussion of media and each of your open source alt media views.
    but this lead program came across to me a bit like getting started on bicycle it’s moving but kinda rough.
    make know mistake i love PB Collins and J.C. but they need to be even freer in there commentary. Having listen to them both I know they both have deep passion for they’re respective political positions while coming at them with honest eyes to the hokum presented by certian of there political fellows. Sybil I love that you take time to smack down both the left and the right with a laugh. PB is a lefty and i can almost hear a groan when you do it sometimes but Peter should let the groan out and rebut …if he can…, An honest leftist defending the faith is cool and I doubt your going to bite his head off. James is passionate about some anarchical ideas and the deep state conspiracy info, he should let it fly when it comes up. Having listened to him i know he’s EXTREMELY and naturally gracious and tactful with guest, and quietly disagrees with personal deference. He’s a fine Canadian, but I don’t think He’s to Canadian to lay it out. But he’s living in JAPAN too, picking up their polite customs, LOL!, Maybe he could move to Australia for a few months to pick up a bit of their directness.

    I’m not saying Peter and James need to turn into Olbermann and O’Riley but they should let it fly a bit. You 3 are adults and not like newsforum or FOX news loudmouths, you can disagree and still have dinner together as family.

    Maybe an idea for a few shows, could be each of you taking a turn defending or presenting your general political perspectives (or take on an event or public figure) and the other 2 digging at it a bit. Often the draw of these type of shows is a bit of confrontation. However in your cases there’d be real content as well.

    While the talking head format is fine and i know the budget is low at this point, I just listened and didn’t watch after the 1st 5 minutes. I don’t like watching radio shows on tv/video. my personally pref. But Camera angles and lighting could help the guys a bit too. Sybil your not that Huffington woman geez louise. And that’s a bad image you put in my head now. now i am seeing similarities. thanks a lot.

    Hey I’m rambling a bit, all the best, thanks again may your tribe increase.

  15. Avery Easter says:

    Sibel, Sorry about “Sybil”.


  16. Mgrdichian says:

    I don’t think you need to be apologetic about being subscriber-based/subscriber-funded. Whether you decide to restrict content to “members only” is your call. Personally, I think all of your content should be available immediately, and that only blogging privileges should be restricted to paying members…. but that’s just me.

  17. InfinitePossibilities says:

    I really enjoyed your roundtable discussion. It seems like a good format to present ideas on complex issues. Your passion for the subjects also brought the issues more to life than what can normally be achieved through print. I particularly enjoyed the open and honest discussion that delved into the challenges of maintaining a real news website. Not only did the discussion make me think and act to support people more whom I share important views with, but it also helped me see some of the key attributes required in making something important and tangible materialize (e.g., news website). I also liked your idea to bring in a fourth guest with differeing views. Thanks very much for all of your dedicated work. It is an island of sanity surrounded by a sea of mediocracy, hypocrisy, and deception.

  18. I too, thoroughly enjoyed the roundtable discussion and appreciate the work done by each of you. I think you’ve had some good input on the visual aspects of the program. But I want to add that the picture of James and Sibel was much sharper with brighter color brightness and contrast than that of Peter. I also agree that if there are greater differences of perspective (left or right) on issues, the three of you and presumably any fourth participant will maintain the integrity of political views while maintaining civility. Your vision and work of expansion is one I will be supporting more substantially as I can. Thank you for your public service.

  19. Marc Doggett says:

    Sibel, as always, your videos are a breath of fresh air and your voice is absolutely perfect. When you were four years old your dad never dreamed you be where you are today and he is no doubt is very proud of you and watching over you. Glad there are so many folks our there that “get it.”

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