Those 28 Pages, and That Empty Safe

A ‘Dog That Didn’t Bark’ on 9/11

Yesterday, Bob Graham gave an interview that included discussion of the events of September 11, 2001 and the possible role of Saudi Arabia.  Graham served as a U.S. Senator from Florida from 1987 to 2005, with positions as chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and co-chair of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11.

 At the outset of the interview, Graham thanked interviewer Paul Jay in these terms:  “Thank you very much. And I appreciate your interest in this very important and underreported subject.”  Graham remains bound by classification rules, but he continues to express concern that a full chapter of the Joint Congressional Inquiry report into 9/11 – a chapter reportedly discussing financial matters and the role of the Government of Saudi Arabia and related parties – remains completely redacted. 

Several months ago, Sen. Graham entered a declaration in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit still unfolding in Florida.  This lawsuit is seeking information about the role of the FBI and its investigation into circumstances surrounding the hasty departure of a Saudi Arabian family from the US in late August 2001.  This wasn’t just any Saudi Arabian family – it included the daughter of Esam Ghazzawi, who owned the house.  Ghazzawi apparently has had ties to the Saudi royal family.  Court records suggest Ghazzawi may have held funds in the notorious Bank of Credit and Commerce International, on behalf of a Saudi Prince who died suddenly in July 2001 -- a Prince whose brother was killed in late 2002.  Among other things, the Sarasota family reportedly left “an empty safe” behind when they left the country.

Graham has expressed concern that the FBI withheld critical evidence from the Congress and the 9/11 Commission from this investigation, including evidence that alleged 9/11 hijackers had been visiting their house in the months before 9/11.  One of those alleged hijackers reportedly had been aboard a casino boat in the months before 9/11.  Casino boats carry a lot of currency, among other things. 

In late 2003, I was asked to begin working in an assignment in the money laundering area at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.  I underwent an FBI background investigation, received clearance to review internal Federal Reserve information, and was told I was “part of the fight against terrorism.” 

While working in this role, I noticed a few things that looked pretty suspicious, including a surge in currency circulating outside of banks – billions of dollars in one hundred dollar bills -- in July and August 2001.  Anyone concerned that their bank accounts might be at risk of being frozen and seized after 9/11 would have an incentive to get out of dollar-denominated accounts, and may have been withdrawing large amounts of currency.  After asking related questions, I was told I had committed an “egregious breach of protocol” asking the questions.  My job was eliminated a month later.

Well, I still have questions.  Among them – Were any of those bills in that empty safe?  How many of those bills are in those 28 pages?

Granted, a billion dollars is hard to stuff into a suitcase.  But the empty safe is a symbol of a critical element of a ‘dog that didn’t bark’ on 9/11.  We still have no evidence of any investigation into the surge in currency in circulation in mid-2001 – who withdrew it and why, and whether any of those parties were related to, or even responsible for, the events of 9/11.

The Sarasota FOIA lawsuit is still unfolding.  Legal documents in the case are available at the Broward Bulldog’s website

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Bill Bergman- BFP Senior Financial Analyst, Follow the Money with Bergman

Bill Bergman has 10 years experience as a stock market analyst sandwiched around 13 years as an economist and financial markets policy analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He earned an M.B.A. as well as an M.A. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago in 1990.

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  1. Speaking of dogs that didn’t bark on 911.
    One that did, at a frequency we all heard, would be the ZERO second phone call of Barbara Olsen entered into the court record during the Moussaoui trial .
    She sure got a lot said into that ‘zero-second’ split. Enough to go to WAR on.
    Also: ‘911 in the Academic Community’, an excellent DVD by Adnan Zuberi, presents explicit testimony to a ‘clean data’ study out of Chicago confirming insider trading took place on 911.

    • I missed Bergman & his work. So glad to see him back in action;-)

      Also: Yo, why aren’t we getting any comments on our new website design?????!!!! We’ve been working like crazy on this since August. We still need to make a few tweaks (ex: add the sixth slide for our new video roundtable), and correct I-phone compatibility … and then: wooohoo; done!

      p.s. where are the cheers for our nested comment function? (After waiting for … how many years?;-)

      • carolcrumlish says:

        Yo, Sibel! I was not able to get on all day yesterday and was so concerned that I almost TELEPHONED James in Japan to see if he knew what was up. Now I see! The new website design is excellent–very easy to navigate, targets key stories right up front. Way to go you guys!

      • mwgilmore says:


        I noticed right away, the new design is wonderful. Great Job. I am sure the NSA monitors assigned to your site appreciate it too!

        Note: If you can color the Post Comment label on the box below, that would help people find the post button more easily!

  2. oops.

    its great. smooth. an electric train….we ARE cheering..its just you can’t hear us xx

  3. The way I see it, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s Saudi, there’s Israel. But then I’ve been a conspiracy theorist for a long time.

    I like the new site. I’m on dial-up, so I can’t watch videos, and I don’t have a cell phone, so for me the site is already perfect. I’ll have to login more often now, just in case remo posts some relevant conspiracy facts I’ve overlooked or forgotten. 😉

  4. iwantpeace13 says:

    The new layout is much better:)

    I hope one day the truth of 9/11 will be revealed but I figure the truth will never be 100% proven as I am sure the neocons and whoever else where behind the attacks have destroyed allot of the evidence long ago. I guess we are now really beginning to see the forces at work behind the government and how much power these people wield even over the governments of the world.

  5. Yo, why aren’t we getting any comments on our new website design?????!!!! >>
    For one: there is no space provided for commenting. The editors have not explained the principles of the new design. Anyway, here’s my first impressions. The new design gives a sleeker, more “professional” look to this site. But it is something else that makes it to resemble the site structure of the mainstream “masters of discourse.” This something is the restricted “power” of the readership who is constructed by this design as passive consumers of information. Notice that the editors apparently have abandoned the idea of having a discussion forum, which is a common feature of small middle-class pro-democracy publications. The paying readers of BF have the opportunity to comment on the published materials just like the non-paying readers of NYT do. The difference is that NYT has clear guidelines on moderation. BF has none publicly stated. So BF subscribers can express themselves and contribute only in the form of comments to individual pieces that is in the most ephemeral way. Once the piece leaves the front page it would rarely be read again, let alone the attached comments. No continuity of discussion, no coherent view of things, no theme can possibly emerge from the “receiving” side of this “unequal exchange” with such a design which is just the expression of the editorial philosophy. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the Washington Post, but not from the site that constantly admonishes me for the lack of republican virtues before the see of evils it so vividly portrays.

  6. Thanks for the post, Bill, and the interesting information on the surge in currency circulating outside of banks; it should have raised an eyebrow or two if things had been on the up and up. Instead, you got fired. Nothing to see here!

    More than two years ago, speaking of the dodgy Ghazzawi clan and their empty safe, Russ Baker at fleshed out a story first reported by Anthony Summers and Dan Christensen in The Miami Herald. Long story short, according to an unnamed “counterterrorism officer,” phone records revealed that the abandoned home’s occupants were in regular communication with “Atta and his accomplices, including eleven of the other hijackers.” Esam Ghazzawi and his son-in-law were on an FBI watch list “predating 9/11” for potential terrorist financing. Yet, they were allowed to flee back to Saudi Arabia on Bush’s “mystery flights” after the 9/11 provocation.

    No wonder Graham’s still pissed and wants those infamous 28 pages declassified!

    PS: Great new look at BFP, Sibel!

  7. CuChulainn says:

    as usual netter hits the mark
    having been persuaded by Jim Douglass’ argument in JFK & the Unspeakable, recently praised here by PC Roberts, I was disappointed to hear his praise for the Ukraine Orange revolution and for Obama at the end of the above linked discussion

  8. A Dog can Bark..!
    ( January 7, 2015 )..
    Kind Regards

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