Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: “Sen. Feinstein Helps Husband Profit in Postal Property Scheme”

Peter B. Collins Presents Investigative Reporter Peter Byrne

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the powerful chair of the Intelligence Committee, has used her influence in many ways that benefit her husband, millionaire investor Richard Blum. Peter Byrne's continuing investigation of Blum's business interests reveals that the real estate firm CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), run by Blum, has a sweetheart contract with the US Postal Service to sell buildings and property that are declared surplus. Using public records and FOIA disclosures, Byrne shows that Feinstein has intervened with Postal Service management on matters where Blum and partners have benefited, and that an inspector general has issued a scathing audit of CBRE's exclusive contract, citing "conflict of interest concerns". Byrne details the many conflicts that Blum has, his profiteering from defense contracts, and much more. He issues a direct challenge to the Center for Investigative Reporting and ProPublica to cover the Feinstein/Blum nexus, as well as a challenge to a federal prosecutor to review this "blueprint for an indictment".

Peter Byrne is an investigative reporter and author based in California. He is primarily a science writer, but has been investigating Feinstein and Blum for over 6 years. His third and most recent report is Going Postal: US Senator Dianne Feinstein's Husband Sells Post Offices to His Friends, Cheap. It's available as a low-cost e-book at Amazon or via his website. The first chapter is available free, here

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  1. Joshua Roberts says:

    fearless map-making, keep up the great work Mr. Collins

  2. Joshua Roberts says:

    pelosi is a plastic-faced “lizard woman” statist nutjob who wants to disarm the slaves so her paymasters in the NWO can have their way with the planet – she wants all the little people disarmed so she can be the neo-con Straussian she truly is in her wicked, cold heart,.

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      i meant feinstein, my rage overcame me! haha
      Byrne is great – really gets me fuming about how duplicitous she and all these compartmentalized NWO lapdogs are.. we Must have a true political mass awakening and subsequent political organization – for i would sooner have a random homeless person pulled off the street serve in the highest office in the land than such scurrilous maniacs. but this is who the NWO cultivates to be their superclass c3po’s – we must map this psyche and continue familiarizing the electorates with it. superb interview, very visceral for me.

  3. The corruption in Congress is staggering. Fraud on its face in this case. There are very specific laws regarding buyer and seller interests in real estate transactions. Good work Peter & Peter.

  4. BennyB-DoubleD says:

    Great work Peter, this was a particularly excellent podcast. I’m just glad I wasn’t eating anything when I listed to it! I didn’t think Senator Finestien could do anything at the moment politically that could lower my opinion of her than it already is, but this just takes my disgust to a new level. Finestien is ‘toxic assets’ , which is costing taxpayers in so many ways it’s almost breathtaking. Hopefully if this work can get some publicity people will react and think about finding some ways to take out the trash…

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