BFP EyeOpener Report: Sibel Edmonds on the CIA’s “Reverse Engineering” of Turkey’s Erdogan

In this exclusive interview for the Boiling Frogs Post EyeOpener report, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds discusses her recent article, "Turkish PM Erdogan: The Speedy Transformation of an Imperial Puppet." We talk about Erdogan's falling out with Fethullah Gülen and the CIA, CIA’s Islamization Operations via USA-Based Imam Fethullah Gulen, the US Imperial Commandments, and how serviceable puppets are discarded by their shadow government masters when they reach their "expiration date."

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  1. Sibel, what you said, around the 47: +/- mark is well stated! I’ll echo James’s comment around the 47:20 mark by saying it takes some, well Cojones, if you’ll pardon that expression. It would be great if the puppet masters strings were to be shown, however briefly, and that does have a chance to happen. It would definitely do the Turkish people’s morale some good to see the truth. Bin Ladin, Saddam Hussain, Mubarak and now Erdogan, just to name some recent ones to suffer imperial Ire.

  2. tonywicher says:

    Brilliant! Great interview! Will Turkey be the next country after Ukraine to leave the Anglo-/European empire? The breakup of the empire is accelerating, powered by the collapse of the Western economy.. Now if we can just get through it without a nuclear war, we could see a new era of progress based on co-operation between sovereign nations. The key battle for the future of mankind is here in the United States/

  3. I am surprised that while appealing to Turkish generals to reveal some dirty secrets of Gladio Sibel is apparently unaware that they already did so. In 2008 Russia’s main TV channel produced a two-part documentary “Plan Caucasus” based on the testimony of Berkan Yaşar (Abubakar), Turkish political operative close to Turkish general staff.
    “Plan Caucasus” is essentially a story of how Gladio B was applied in Chechnya. Among other things, Abubakar told about his meetings with Osama bin Laden in Chechnya in 1992. Abubakar testimony was completely suppressed in the West, but not in Turkey where some circles felt it’s necessary to undermine Abubakar’s sensational revelations.
    Here is a few links
    Türkiye: Çeçenler’e yardım iddiaları tamamen asılsız
    FSB İtirafçısı Berkan Yaşar’ın ‘Tahsilatı’ Yaşantısına Yansıdı

  4. Mrs. Edmonds,

    The US is much closer to bankruptcy than the average US citizen thinks. Anyone who know where to look knows that the financial situation of the US and its Empire is under the Obama administration much more “fragile” (to put it friendly) than under the Bush & Clinton administrations. I personally think the US will be bankrupt within say 12 to 24 months.

  5. BennyB-DoubleD says:

    This was great! There were several points where I felt… I’m not sure; charged up? Perhaps optimistic…

    All I can say is at the part where Sibel was talking about declining to engage in the phony 30 second (or “60 minutes”;) CNN/PBS/etc soundbites that typically pass for news; concluding with “I don’t need the mainstream media” (around 40-42 minutes in) I caught myself putting my fist up (think; “score!”, or “power to the people” style). Nice…

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