Pando Exposé: Glenn Greenwald’s Boss, Billionaire Omidyar, Co-Funded Ukraine Revolution Groups with US Government

Greenwald’s Boss Omidyar provided 36% of “Center UA”’s $500,000 budget in 2012— nearly $200,000. USAID provided 54% of “Center UA”’s budget for 2012. Other funders included the US government-backed National Endowment for Democracy.

Update: Pando Responds to Greenwald’s Justification on Working for a Shady Billionaire who has Partnership with the U.S. Government in Global Regime Change Operations

On the importance of keeping investors out of the newsroom, and not treating your readers like fools

According to financial disclosures and reports published by Pando, the founder and publisher of Glenn Greenwald’s new venture co-invested with the US government to help fund regime change in Ukraine.

This is a major exposé that vindicates our series on the Greenwald-Snowden-Omidyar axis (Please see below for links). Here are a few excerpts, but I urge you to visit Pando’s website and read the entire investigative report, and do so several times [All Emphasis Mine]:

According to the Kyiv Post, Pierre Omidyar’s Omidyar Network (part of the Omidyar Group which owns First Look Media and the Intercept) provided 36% of “Center UA”’s $500,000 budget in 2012— nearly $200,000. USAID provided 54% of “Center UA”’s budget for 2012. Other funders included the US government-backed National Endowment for Democracy.

In 2011, Omidyar Network gave $335,000 to “New Citizen,” one of the anti-Yanukovych “projects” managed through the Rybachuk-chaired NGO “Center UA.” At the time, Omidyar Network boasted that its investment in “New Citizen” would help “shape public policy” in Ukraine…

Detailed financial records reviewed by Pando (and embedded below) also show Omidyar Network covered costs for the expansion of Rybachuk’s anti-Yanukovych campaign, “Chesno” (“Honestly”), into regional cities including Poltava, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Sumy, and elsewhere, mostly in the Ukrainian-speaking west and center.

Some of Omidyar’s funds were specifically earmarked for covering the costs of setting up Rybachuk’s “clean up parliament” NGOs in Ukraine’s regional centers. Shortly after the Euromaidan demonstrations erupted last November, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry opened up a money laundering investigation into Rybachuk’s NGOs, dragging Omidyar’s name into the high-stakes political struggle.

Mark Ames, the investigative reporter at Pando, raises some of the most significant implications and questions [All Emphasis Mine]:

What all this adds up to is a journalistic conflict-of-interest of the worst kind: Omidyar working hand-in-glove with US foreign policy agencies to interfere in foreign governments, co-financing regime change with well-known arms of the American empire — while at the same time hiring a growing team of soi-disant ”independent journalists” which vows to investigate the behavior of the US government at home and overseas, and boasts of its uniquely “adversarial” relationship towards these  government institutions.

As First Look staffer Jeremy Scahill told the Daily Beast: “We had a long discussion about this internally; about what our position would be if the White House asked us to not publish something…. With us, because we want to be adversarial, they won’t know what bat phone to call. They know who to call at The Times, they know who to call at The Post. With us, who are they going to call? Pierre? Glenn?”

Of the many problems that poses, none is more serious than the fact that Omidyar now has the only two people with exclusive access to the complete Snowden NSA cache, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras. Somehow, the same billionaire who co-financed the “coup” in Ukraine with USAID, also has exclusive access to the NSA secrets—and very few in the independent media dare voice a skeptical word about it.

But what is more immediately alarming is what makes Omidyar different. Unlike other billionaires, Omidyar has garnered nothing but uncritical, fawning press coverage, particularly from those he has hired. By acquiring a “dream team” of what remains of independent media — Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Wheeler, my former partner Matt Taibbi — not to mention press “critics” like Jay Rosen — he buys both silence and fawning press.

Okay, I am going to apply the brakes and refrain from quoting the entire explosive article. Please visit their site, and read the entire report here.

Here is the series of articles and commentaries I have written on the Greenwald-Omidyar-Snowden axis since November 2013:

Thank You NSA, Snowden & the Media for Showing our Super-Ness in Something!

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Part II: David Miranda’s Detainment: The Calico Kitten in Wag-The-Dog?

Part I: The Doomsday Insurance Cache That Was, and Then Never Was

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Establishment-Made Heroes, Blind Seekers of Saviors & Suckers

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Greenwald Goes on Record: “I Don’t Doubt PayPal Cooperates with NSA!”

BFP Report- Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents

Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidder

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  1. Sibel.
    With regard Glenn Greenwald’s latest ‘scoop “How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations” 24 Feb 2014, 6:25 PM EST

    Doubtless you and Boilingfrogs will soon be given ‘the treatment’.

  2. gogetem says:

    What Marcy Wheeler in her column today playing defense for her new boss leaves out is that USAID is widely known to be a CIA-front. And we all know the CIA is all about spreading “transparency”, and “democracy”, don’t we?

  3. Maybe they should have called it Omit Yer News Corp?

  4. Omit Yer News Corp?
    Please Xicha…. what is just that…

    kind regards…jens.
    (living in Daisyland of Denmark…hmm.
    kind regards.

  5. thank you Xicha.

  6. To be honest Sibel,this is one instance where I hoped you were mistaken. I really did hope that GG and crew were going to be allowed free reign with the documents to say what they wished unhindered. I believe now that you were not wrong. At times like these a line from an old “Talking Heads” song comes to me- “Same as it ever was”…

    • Ragnar, In the past I’d been ‘taken’, more than once, as well. For example: in 2004-2005 I ended up backing NGOs like POGO/GAP in their ‘supposed’ efforts in congress to help whistleblowers. Once my eyes were opened, I came out and became one of the loudest critiques on how these org’s were actually harming whistleblowers, and channeling dissent (controlled opposition).

      I truly appreciate people who are enlightened and ‘big’ enough to come out publicly and recognize that maybe what they had believed (or even hoped) in the past was not ‘real’ or ‘true.’ It shows open and critical mind. And those are the qualities I truly admire. I love having people like you as part of our irate minority group. There are times we will disagree. That’s perfectly fine. There are times a group of us will be proven to be right, or, wrong. In the end, what matters: pursuing the truth; sifting through what’s real what’s not.

      So, thank you:-)

  7. Sibel,
    I love your approach to independent journalism and your very astute analyses in general. That’s why I am – and will continue to be – an ardent supporter. Did you read Glenn Greenwald’s response to the Pando article? Do you think your recent loss of subscribers (not me!) has anything to do with your hyperbolic coverage of the Greenwald-Omidyar connection? I do. Please stop.

    • It’s interesting to observe the lengths to which people will go in order to avoid seeing conflict of interest. I imagine this is a product of the trance and brain washing brought about by continual controlled opposition. Pseudo-alternative news, fake two party politics, coerced public officials spewing line after line of total bullshit, etc. What’s wrong with all of these? Billionaire funding, for one. This case, Omit Your News Corp (TM), is especially bad, because the billionaire is the sole money source and has direct involvement with the journos, communicating his vision, watching internal communications. All the while, Big O is partnering with the government, and the whole lot of them sit on the cash/cache of secrets they tell us are evidence of serious ongoing crimes against us, like a brood of hens on a golden egg.

      The recent loss of subscribers was directly related to Corbett’s decision to offer content for free here, announcing it in one of the recent round-table discussions. Except for a few, most of the subscribers here can comprehend controlled opposition and are proud of Sibel’s courage. Your concern should be for yourself, for it seems that you are having trouble shaking your trance.

      Did you read Paul Carr’s reply to GG on Pando yesterday? It’s called On the importance of keeping investors out of the newsroom, and not treating your readers like fools

      • Let me assure you: I clearly see the potential conflict of interest thanks to Sibel’s articles. I will be watching developments at First Look carefully. And I do appreciate your concern that I may be in a “trance” and subjected to “brain washing” bought about by continual controlled opposition. Perhaps some information about myself would be helpful. First, I got rid of the tv years ago as I was tired of being insulted intellectually. I do not watch main stream corporate news at all. Ever. As to Republicans and Democrats, I saw through that charade long ago. I used to be a MoveOn member, I used to visit Talking Points Memo, and I used to love Rachel Maddow. I now think they are all shills for the Democratic Party; no better than the deplorable Fox News. Anyone still caught up in that farce is a candidate for certification in my opinion. I get my news from the internet. Some of my favorite bloggers are Glenn Greenwald, Marcy Wheeler, James Corbett, Sibel Edmunds, Paul Craig Roberts, Jr., Glen Ford, and David Icke. Some of my favorite websites are Press TV, Alex Jones Infowars, RT, The Real News Network, Information Clearinghouse, Antiwar, Asia Times, Activist Post, Global Research, Counterpunch, We Are Change, and The People’s Voice. If you have information that any of these resources may be casting a spell on me please help me out.
        As to the courage of Sibel Edmunds, I assure you Sibel is an inspiring hero to me. Her courage and integrity as a whistleblower leave no doubt she is a true patriot in the best sense of the word. The series she did with James Corbett on Gladio B was one of the most informative, eye-opening interviews I have ever had the pleasure to listen to and watch. The segment she did entitled “Who’s At The Top” was a riveting and incisive analysis I heartily recommend to anyone. I play it for anyone I can convince to watch. No Xicha, I don’t have any problem at all with Sibel Edmunds’ coverage of important events. My only concern is that I think Sibel does engage in ad hominem attacks when discussing Glenn Greenwald. I think the unnecessary personal attacks detract from the quality of her analyses. I prefer a higher level of discourse. I dislike and am distracted by what I call Bill O’Reilly tactics. However, since Sibel has threatened to block me from access unless I behave I guess I will just have to fall in line. Because I do want to have full access to the high-quality information I get from the Boiling Frogs Post. Sibel, are you listening?

  8. Damani, yes, I did. In fact, there is an excellent response (very articulate & logical) from Pando to that pathetic response filled with lies, twisting, and even confessions (that ‘what’s wrong to fund regime change around the world?! He’s doing it for democracy!’ Go read it @ Pando. I will publish it here as well.

    Now, that said, please read my response to Ragnar T. The opposite would be true for your comment. You see, if you’ve been following Greenwalds pathetic twits, you know that he keep repeating: ‘So what if these billionaires are shady/engaged in crap … they all are. Who isn’t?! So in order to work for big news & get $$$ we must accept them as they are …’

    At BFP, we don’t feel that way. Thus, not only that I am not worried or stressed out about some people unsubscribing, I actually encourage for people like that to get the hell out of here. I always, very gladly, sign off people like that. I want to keep this place ‘true’ & ‘critical’. People like that (or possibly ‘you’) have no place in this home of irate minority.

    If I hear one more request to stop our publication of the ‘truth’ I’ll be ‘politely’ ushering you out. We were the first to go on record with the scum/dirt/slime Omidyar-Greenwald operations, and since then, one expose after another, one fact after another, been vindicating us.

    • One more thing, your comment & request reminded me of the following notes I kept receiving during BFP’s first couple of years:

      ‘Ms. Edmonds, I have so much respect for what you do and your analyses on our civil liberties and foreign policy. However, you keep writing on 9/11, and this marginalizes you significantly. People begin equate you with all the kook 9/11 truthers. Please stop. Please. Don’t let them bring you down by speaking and wring about 9/11 conspiracies.’ Sincerely, one of many scared dumb blinded citizens who wants you to succeed

      • Well, I may remind you of her but let me assure you that I do not share her position. I am a full-blown Conspiracy Theorist and proud of it. I prefer to call myself a Conspiracy Realist. I am fully aware of false flag operations. Not only do I not believe the government version of 911, I also don’t believe The Boston Marathon story, The Oklahoma bombing, the first World Trade Center attacks, 7/7 in London, and on and on. I hope that you will be pleased to know that I am a seeker of the truth. Where ever the facts may lead me. And I have the battle scars to prove it. I was a fervent supporter of Barack Obama in 2008. By 2010 I had seen through his act because the rhetoric and the record were inconsistent. When I began pointing this out to black people I was jumped and struck in the head with a metal rod. I proudly carry the scar today. I continue to vigorously point out Obama’s rhetoric/record contradiction . I was raised in a Christian family but after 10 years comparing the Bible and the Qur’an, I came to the conclusion the Qur’an was far superior. My family is still uncomfortable with that; however, that’s were the investigation led me. I have no position that I will not change on any issue when presented with new enlightening information. Glenn Greenwald and you are two of my favorites; however, I will not hesitate to throw either of you overboard with credible verifiable information that my trust is misplaced.

  9. David Griffith says:

    Hi Sibel and other BFP readers,

    So I have been over in the comments section at The Intercept in the article where GG’s defends his position in light of the Mark Ames Pando piece. Apparently I just got blocked because none of my comments for the last two hours have been posted while many others have. I was there under my real name as I am here. David Griffith.

    I kept asking questions like:
    Is it ok to work for a 1 percent silicon valley billionare and claim independence?
    Is it ok to not care about your bosses political connections with the government when that said boss is funding an adversarial press against that same govenment?
    If I were to work as an anti-energy journo would it not a prob that the Koch Bros fund me?
    and one I really kept pressing: ”Why doesn’t GG support Nullify the NSA?”

    So I was asking these sorts of questions and also making a lot of comments when they weren’t addressed by GG or by the people who were attacking me. (GG often responds in his comment section and did respond to me, just not about those questions 😉 I was also commenting about Jermey Bentham’s Panopticon, saying as atheism rises the elite need a new ‘eye in the sky’ mentality, and saying my belief that the American citizens own those documents and we should decide if they get released or not. Not GG even if he has an agreement with Snowden.

    People were smearing me left and right, ad hominem attacking me, and even one guy quoted something that I didn’t say and then attributed them to me. etc etc.

    Anyway I was of course getting a bit upset but I didn’t call any names or use any profanity. I did call one guy a liar cuz he put words into my mouth that I didn’t say and I did say that GG was disingenuous when he ”answered” one of my posts and I explained why I labeled him as such…it was sarcastic and maybe some would say rude but I don’t see any reason to get blocked.

    So I am asking a favour from anyone reading this right now to go there and read through the comments and if it seems to you that I was being irrational please, don’t mention anything. However, it if seems to you otherwise please explain that I have been blocked, reference this post and comment, provide a link and also post this reply that I have tried to post, addressed to a guy called Joseph K junior, where I mention links to all of the stuff I was talking about (I hadn’t posted any links before and one guy, rightfully so, challenged me to).

    ”Hi Joseph,

    I appreciate your non-name calling response, at least one person can handle their cognitive dissonance rationally when reading my comments.

    By the way for those who don’t know what cognitive dissonance is, please google it.

    I have tried to respond to your post twice now in the last two hours with lots of links which you requested. Unfortunately as of now, those posts have not appeared, maybe because of the links. Sorry if this is redundant.

    So I would just ask you to google a couple of things for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

    Omidyar and Paypal14
    Omidyar’s tweet on leaks

    for those who don’t believe in psy opps please google:

    Operation Northwoods (read the wikipedia article)
    Strategy of Tension (wikipedia)
    Panopticon (wikipedia)

    **Most importantly, the most exhaustive analysis of this situation has been done by a former FBI whistle blower by the name of Sibel Edmonds. She does exactly what you correctly suggest I should do 😉 She makes a point, and then posts tons of links backing up her claims. She makes another point and does the same etc.

    Google her site ‘boilingfrogspost’ and scroll down the section with all of her articles. She must have written 4 or 5 articles on this topic. Her other analysis is also very good and very interesting. Anyone concerned with foreign policy should watch her Gladio series with James Corbett, can be found on Youtube. Also, in this series I think, she explains who she is, what she went through as a whistle blower (before, during and after) and what she is doing now, why and who funds it etc.”

    As a side note I wanna say that I live in Istanbul so:

    From Istanbul with love,
    David Griffith 🙂

    p.s. I gotta wake up early in the morning and my head is done in with this so if anyone comments I will respond as soon as I can tomorrow. Thanks 🙂

    • Excellent comments, Mr. Griffith! I will try to post your comment there and let you know…

      • Tried but it didn’t appear. Sorry. Viper’s den over there. Very dense.

        • David Griffith says:

          Thanks for trying Xicha 🙂

          • David Griffith says:

            Have been able to reply under a different screen name and different e-mail account. I gotta say I’m slightly relieved about that cuz if a constitutional/civil rights attorney deemed it necessary to further filter my comments, I’d be a whole lot more suspicious than I already am.

          • It appeared today. I think anything with a link probably goes into moderation or something. Who knows. But it posted after more than 12 hours. FYI.

  10. With Ukraine ready to blow, the attack in Kunming China’s Yunnan province would have to be considered part of the wider agitation, part of the b program? keeping everybody on their toes.
    Meanwhile and to Greenwalds (his denials are way too long) comment:- “Regime change?He’s doing it for democracy!!!” This is a flip-off in line with RAND/PNAC .
    Right now, on the powderkeg, we have clear manipulation of global news with the old bonesman Kerry – fresh from defeat at Ghouta – rattling at Putin “not to interfere in Ukrainian Politics” while NO reporting of the odious Ass.Sec.State Nulands infamous phone conversation in Kiev with Pyatt discussing their intentions post revolutionary Ukraine NOR any covering of John McCain posturing with Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party leader Oleh Tyahnibok , Kiev, 2013, – in fact no reference or History cover at all regarding fascist Banderites at heart of Ukrainian putsch – plenty of clear evidence USAID/US interference in ‘Ukrainian Politics’. So, that Omidyar is part of that, and Greenwald is part of Omidyar, and all think its ok to DIRECTLY fuck with the worlds future like this makes clear their concerns/intentions visa vi Snowden/NSA/ are also part of ongoing ‘he’s doing it for Democracy’ thing and cannot be trusted.

  11. robnhood says:
  12. CuChulainn says:

    Sibel talked about Abu Ghaith in the Gladio interviews, but I haven’t noticed much re. his trial in NYC which starts Monday–how are we to understand this?

  13. “This is a major exposé that vindicates our series on the Greenwald-Snowden-Omidyar axis”

    1. I don’t agree. I haven’t seen any Snowden published articles on the Intercept. Just the investigative journalism supported by the documents he supplied to us (that we already knew about – lol).

    2. GG claims Omidyar has no access to the Snowden cache and plays no editorial role over the Intercept site.. Until you offer some actual proof that his statements are untrue I will continue to believe that this is all about damaged ego stemming from the Twitter debacle.

  14. Another good commentary on Omidyar-Greenwald-US Government angle:

  15. Another great BFP article related to Democracy Now as controlled opposition:

    In this story:
    DN repeatedly blames Russian oligarchy and omits US involvement in criminal corruption in Azerbaijan.

    Goodman is funded by Soros, who also directly funds foreign opposition groups in Azerbaijan.

    Another example of:
    “…the CIA-Mega Business interest misinformation operation via outlets marketed as independent and alternative!”

  16. CuChulainn says:

    my biggest debt to BFP are:
    1) the Gladio videos
    2) Doug Valentine

  17. I see many opinions coming from poorly funded sites on what The Intercept should be reporting on rather than focusing on what they have already reported on and what they will surely be reporting on in the future. One site wonders if The Intercept will publish a story on income inequality in America. Another slams the site for not condemning Omidyar.

    If GG’s claims that Omidyar has no access to the Snowden files and that he has no editorial control over the publications are truthful (and I see no evidence to doubt that) then why would he want to bite the hand that feeds him? Snowden took great risks to get those files into the hands of proven investigative reporters. I look forward to learning more about the content of those files than the opinions of the reporters on their benefactor (however compromised Omidyar may be).

    • There’s a reason that the word gullible is only in online dictionaries and never made it into an Oxford English print edition. It has to do with the financial backing of the language committee and journalistic independence.

    • I liked this critique. Maybe it will resonate with you, rxlist?

      • No, it does not resonate with me. The whole issue re: what Omidyar did in the Ukraine or his complicity in the Wikileaks funding blockade or anything else he’s doing or has done is irrelevant as long as:

        1. He has no access to the Snowden docs.
        2. He exerts no editorial control of the journalists at The Intercept that do have access to the Snowden files.

        It’s ironic that Greenwald got into a business relationship that clearly has the appearance of a conflict of interest (but isn’t really a conflict if 1 and 2 above, are true) only to be hammered by bloggers and journalists who want to exert their own brands of editorial control by chastising him for not meeting their deadlines (release it all NOW) or their demands for public condemnation of Omidyar.

        You can infer that I’m gullible (I’m not) because not you or anybody else, so far, has any proof that either of these important statements by Greenwald are false. Even if Greenwald has written misleading articles in the past while at Salon or The Guardian the issue here is how the Snowden docs are being handled at The Intercept.

        Sibel’s vision for running an independent site is admirable and valuable. It doesn’t however mean that it’s the only model that works. So far, The Intercept is working for me and lots of others who find it a valuable source of information about the most important disclosure of government wrongdoing EVER. I also find boilingfrogspost highly valuable which is why I support it. That doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with every opinion that Sibel publishes because I clearly do not in this case.

        There is a reason that a special kind of lie, to bear false witness, was included by God as forbidden in His Ten Commandments to mankind. There are lots of types of lies but none more heinous than bearing false witness. When you accuse somebody of a something (lying) you should be certain you have the facts straight. While you may end up being correct, ultimately, if incorrect, you’ve broken the Ninth Commandment. You may or may not care about God’s Commandments but I do and, therefore, don’t make accusations that I don’t know to be truthful.

        Does any of that resonate with you?

        • Yes it resonates loud and clear. It says you’ve got a mighty tight grip on your perceptions. To thepoint of tunnel vision even. 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and.. Even after hearing O has been communicating his vision on the internal messaging system (more than anyone else) you refuse to perceive that this could cause self censorship? And you toss G’S hypocrisy aside as some misleading articles from the past? How do you know which ones are misleading?

          Why can’t a GG Fan allow criticism to have any effect? It’s becoming a running joke about the cult like quality of the Omit Your News fan base. See no evil hear no evil. Just like the NSA cache. Don’t pretend that I think those docs should be turned over to the public is an editorial decision. It’s a moral and ethical one, as you should know by now.

          But, instead, I can see the tears and sweat rolling down as you run this marathon down the length of the Nile. Your grip tight as can be. Toilet paper rolls duct taped to your eyes. You’re chanting 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and… like the Little Engine That Could trying to make it up that hill. I hope GG returns your respect somehow. You’re a great fan. Following commands.

          Yes it resonates with me.

        • So far, The Intercept is working for me and lots of others who find it a valuable source of information about the most important disclosure of government wrongdoing EVER. I also find boilingfrogspost highly valuable which is why I support it. That doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with every opinion that Sibel publishes because I clearly do not in this case.

          First, I’d say the Gladio B disclosures were much more important than the meta data scam we’ve witnessed so far from Omit Your News. In fact, many stories published exclusively by BFP are. Think 9/11 foreknowledge. Think blackmailed, gagged Congress. Think about learning what’s really going on in Syria 2 YEARS before it’s covered widely then covered up by the oligarchy news. Think about all the whistle blowers we’ve heard here. Think about learning what it means to have real independent news. Independent cannot equal billionaire-funded. Especially solely billionaire-funded.

          You’re comparing apples and oranges. Apples and bullshit.

          Second, have you ever tried disagreeing with GG?

        • It’s ironic that Greenwald got into a business relationship that clearly has the appearance of a conflict of interest (but isn’t really a conflict if 1 and 2 above, are true) only to be hammered by bloggers and journalists who want to exert their own brands of editorial control by chastising him for not meeting their deadlines (release it all NOW) or their demands for public condemnation of Omidyar.

          So, the public shouldn’t criticize GG, but you’re going to need to hear an audio recording, no, see a video of O threatening GG, before you’ll give any credence to such an obvious appearance of a conflict of interest ( your words)?

          Seems like you’re bewitched by the hero narrative, which was jammed down our throats by every mainstream outlet from ABC to PBS. Ever stop to think about why this narrative was pushed so heavily? Why the story got so much play from those who usually won’t give a whistle blower the time of day? Ever get the feeling you’ve been had? Celebrity is a powerful tool, when an audience believes they have permission to worship. It’s semi – religious and criticism is blasphemy. This is what controlled opposition looks like.

  18. RagnarT says:

    Ah Valentine’s characterization of GG and Scahill as Batman and Robin is pretty good. I wonder which one is Batman though…. Hmmmm. Good article though. Not many dare to tackle the plutonomy -income question. I can’t imagine why?

  19. Some priceless, on the record, quotes from Greenwald on why ‘ownership matters big time’ before being bought out:

  20. Another priceless quote from his Robin, Scahill, on why real journalist should never work for big corporations, gov, military, etc.:

    Jeremy Scahill: “I’m a journalist.. you don’t get in bed with the military, with the CIA, or wealthy corporations.”

  21. You want to smell a stinky lying hypocrite, here is one:

    “[Journalists] know who signs their paychecks and know the work they do ought to be pleasing to who signs their paychecks.” – Greenwald 2007

  22. Joseph Fisher says:

    Signed on to the site a few days ago. Used PayPal. Had to smile . . . . .

  23. What’s becoming evident, to me, is that Glenn Greenwald gets really butthurt when anyone criticizes his work, or asks questions about his business dealings surrounding the Snowden material and his various deals. He seems to regard Twitter as a venue that matters. He also seems to rush to personal attacks on people who raise such questions.

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