De-Manufacturing Consent- You Can Get Fooled Again: Powerful Sociopaths & the People Who Love Them

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Douglas Lucas

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by freelance writer and journalist, Douglas Lucas. We discuss Lucas's latest article, "Portrait of a failed president: Inside the art of George W. Bush." We examine how presidential libraries, like the latest in Dallas, Texas, function as self-aggrandizing propaganda tools, and explore what Bush's recent "art exhibit" may reveal about the former sociopath-in-chief.

Also on the program, we touch on the drug war raging "south of the border," the next generation of sociopathic cartel leaders, Stratfor's cozy relationship with law enforcement (especially in Texas), and the latest on the Barrett Brown case.

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  1. CuChulainn says:
  2. Dallas.
    Hard enough to contend with the criminality…the malevolent and murderous deception of BUSH and JFK, 911 etc….that we can know these as covered-up acts of supreme treachery and violence spawning illegal wars, trained death squads, patsies and corporate drug/bombing runs…the killing of millions of civilians around the world in one long seamless LIE.. Hard enough that it is to understand these realities in the face of the orchestrated ‘authoritative’ propaganda AGAINST those truths…..
    yet the travesty of G W Bush being presented as art painter affronts and assaults every last vestige of wonder honor and hope left in the soul of man.

    Forewarned of the bruising banality of his image-making, after seeing the ‘Wedding night’ painting, hacked in email to sister Doro Koch dec 8, 2012 – knowing it as THE single worst painting ever made – in terms of the pathology of a war criminal claiming piety after the fact – leaving the equally odious BLAIR’s conversion to Catholicism (and Goldman’s) dead in its tracks – this painting is the dark heart of a life-long fraudster and psychopath standing testament to ‘assuming the position’,
    behind a painted cross as a hide from the awaiting darkness.
    Fuck Bush.

    It is fitting that the city in which his father murdered truth so long ago, should now allow his son to kill art.

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