The EyeOpener Report- How to Defund the System: Bitcoin vs. the Central Banksters

In recent years, mathematicians, cryptologists, computer programmers and others have been working quietly on the problem of how to create a system of exchange that bypasses the central banks and allows for instantaneous, pseudonymous, free transactions between individuals anywhere on the globe. Their answer: Cryptocurrency, with its most well-known representative, Bitcoin.

A currency as loved and hated as it is misunderstood by the public and misrepresented in the press, Bitcoin has created passionate advocates and powerful enemies as it continues to maintain a price that many believed impossible. To gain perspective on the Bitcoin phenomenon and what it really represents, last week I had the chance to talk to Roger Ver, an entrepreneur and Bitcoin early adopter who travels the world spreading the message about Bitcoin and freedom. This is our conversation for Boiling Frogs Post EyeOpener Video Report this week.

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  1. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    This is what we need ! New and better ways of doing things ! We need more shows like this, and people participating in creating a better world which is fair for all ! More and more people will participate, in helping make a better world, with intelligent, inspiring, compassionate, and honest leadership and coordination ! Thx ! We cant just shout at the devil, we have to create a new world, in all ways on all levels ! We need to stop waiting for the government and corporations to change, and create the change ! We need to support whatever is life positive and fair and healthy, and not support whatever is not ! By not supporting the destructive and unhealthy, they will have to change or dissapear ! Thats how we can change the world ! Not just protesting, or voting in another false “messiah figure”, but not supporting the global empire, and creating new ways, in a consciousness of the Unity of Mankind, the Earthworld, and Universal Oneness of Life !

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