The EyeOpener Report- Beyond Common Core: Education Over Indoctrination

The Paradigm of Education over Indoctrination

There is no one set method for education. Every child is different; each will learn in their own way, respond to challenges and tasks in different manners; benefit from different approaches and different levels of outside input and self-direction. But that is the real task of education; not teaching children to memorize names, dates and figures out of a textbook and regurgitate them on the test paper, but to understand who they are as individuals, what they can contribute to the world, and how to connect with those around them. There are classrooms around the world where these experiences are a core part of the education environment and the results these classrooms produce are as powerful as they are undeniable.

Find out more about the paradigm of education over indoctrination and the real solution to the problem of Common Core in this week's EyeOpener report with James Corbett.

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  1. Thank you James and BFP. Just as is the case with so many issues in our world, this demonstration of alternatives that have empathy and personalization as key aspects of their approach are a welcome illustration of guiding principles which, if learned and realized, will surely help us find solutions that are just, ways and means that are liberating in and of themselves. This is the integrity missing from other, many times officially sanctioned, approaches which ultimately limit our experiences and subjugate us to lives of quiet desperation, isolation, and powerlessness.

  2. Agha Reza Ali Khan says:

    This phenomenon of controlling learning is very problematic, especially when it concerns history. Take for example the history of the creation of Israel or Manifest destiny in the USA, or even the rationale for using atomic weapons on civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Views regarding these events are massively varied and uncertain. Chosing only a few state sanctioned voices is dangerous with history as it can lead to overly firm conclusions on poor evidence or over looking evidence altogether.

    Either way, I don’t think this is a new fight, it is one every generation has to fight, over and over, hopefully enough people will understand the game of nationalistic supremacy is crooked and we will all throw the game board over!

  3. mudtower says:

    I so badly want to send my kids to the University of Groningen for the above-mentioned program of study! Great video James, thanks for sharing. In our family, we have two full-time working parents and three kids in public school in Massachusetts (home to the father of public education, Horace Mann). We can’t afford private school and can’t homeschool. We need a third alternate option. Seems to me that my 16 year old is learning more exciting things on youtube these days than he is in school. He’s a smart kid – good at math, reads books and loves to discuss ideas. Sadly, he is bored at school! Lately, his interests run to solar roadways and alternate energy sources. Common core has been implemented in some of the schools here (there has been resistance in some towns), but so far the full-force of it has not yet come to fruition. I am actively looking into other options. Rotating homeschool – having a 4 day school period shared with other families…any ideas??

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