De-Manufacturing Consent- The Snowden-ISIS Hoax

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Tom Secker

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Tom Secker, host of the ClandesTime podcast and author of the book Secret, Spies, and 7/7.

We discuss the "Snowden-ISIS hoax," the false "news" story that has been circulating through the internet over the past few weeks that claims former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released documents proving the CIA/MI6/Mossad are running the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and its leader Al-Badhdadi.

We explain the origins of this story, why it's completely bogus, and who may have been responsible for its propagation. We also get into the "real story" of ISIS and discuss the evidence that is actually available that suggests the CIA/NATO have been pulling the strings all along.

Lastly, we round out our conversation with a discussion on the alternative media, the pitfalls of "breaking news," and how we can work together to avoid being misled by false information gone viral.

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  1. So now again I have to get up our of bed and go start my laptop to DL this, because your software has a problem with my phone (android). I go to the page, only shows the preview. Then I log in, and the full version appears. Then I long-press the Download link and a small square dialog demands my username and password again. So I dutifully put it in and it begins downloading. Then after about three seconds the download progress bar disappears and a black text appears saying “Failed to download” and the name of the file.
    It’s not that I can’t get what i paid for. I just have to get up and start the PC, then peel the cover of my phone, pull the chip out, such it in the adapter and DL it there.

    Should I mention that other paywall DLs come off without a hitch?

    • thymesup says:

      maybe it’s censorship., i got a message saying ‘plug in failure.’ everything else is working. lb

    • Works fine on my Android. Are you using the stock browser or one you added? Did you say a while back that this started happening when you got a new phone, or was that someone else? Hmm… Since you can get it with the laptop, the only other thing I can think of is a server control that allows the site to limit the number of IP addresses used by a single username. This would stop people from sharing an account amongst multiple people. I would additionally use the contact form to let BFP Administration know about your specific problem. Sorry if you’ve already done that, just trying to help.

  2. mariotrevi says:

    On the way the BFP homepage is now set-up: I saw that the shows hosted at BFP flip channels: Peter B Collins’s latest, then Guillermo’s latest, and I’m sorry that I forget the names of the others.
    Just to say that I like the slide-show of “the most recent shows”.

  3. My first thought about this show, was the pessimistic guess that neither the host or guest was going to mention GLADIO PLAN B or Sibel’s interviews on the subject, or her sworn testimony. Sigh.

    My second thought was that the hoax could be purposeful mudding of the water, before Sibel’s book is released this September. Sadly, most in the alt-media (even here at BFP) do not understand just how important Sibel’s disclosures on this topic have been and will continue to be. This has been a complaint of mine ever since December 2011, when she started revealing Gladio Plan B in an interview with Corbett, but especially since Spring 2013, with the 6 – Part series. I can only hope The Lone Gladio will reach the 100th (alt-media) monkey.

    • It’s not that the host and guest don’t understand US sponsored terror for destabilization. It’s that we have particular knowledge about this program that is not so ambiguous. We need more references to the particular details we’ve been shown and repetition of the name of the FBI file investigating this institutionalized program. It’s a real, factual thing, not simply an idea.

      • For instance, “CIA front” and ” intelligence agencies” are frequently mentioned, but never “THE PENTAGON”. As people begin considering the alleged CIA assets, who are usually considered to be double-crossing or some black op, as, instead, rank and file US/NATO military, I think the conversation will change and become less ambiguous and possibly considered more seriously broadly.

      • Thomas Wonsetler says:

        They barely mentioned some possibilities of where the article came from because the show was far more about the quality and accuracy of Information on alternative media sites. To short of time to go much into details about anything else.

        • Thanks Thomas. I take your point. To clarify, I am trying to do what they suggest. In particular, my criticism is that the known, over-arching, institutionalized program run from the Pentagon does need to be mentioned in conversations such as this one. I wasn’t asking for them to discover the details of exactly how this “hoax” emerged. But, instead, to remember to relate it to the known context of Gladio Plan B, specifically by at least mentioning it by name. Just doing that much might give themselves and the audience a better framework for understanding and figuring out more with time. In general, Gladio Plan B is ignored by the vast majority of the alt-media.

          Does this clarification help?

          • What they suggest is find ways to get smarter about the way we think about these issues. Suggested towards the end. If we can, through consistent referencing of Gladio Plan B, get more understanding of the framework, we’ll have fewer and fewer alt-media diagnosing blowback, for instance. So, my criticism is very general, in that sense. People will start to understand this program as much more structured and institutionalized than CIA Black Ops and double-crossing, which sound amorphous, almost like one-offs in many cases. The public pretty much expects this kind of stuff from the CIA, but would think about it differently in the context of the military, IMO.

          • Thomas Wonsetler says:

            Thx Xicha. I see this whole process of awakening ( political, economic, social, ecological, spiritual, metaphysical, cosmological, psychological, etc.) like a tree thats blossoming flowers and fruit of truth, which will continue to become more clear and complete as time goes on. This awakening has been going on for a while, especially since the 60s early 70s revolution, really even 50s thru early 70s revolution, and is now starting to really pick up steam. Things will become more and more clear as we get closer to the tipping point, around 2025, when the phase transition happens. Not only does Gladio B need to be emphasized but the role of the Zionists also needs to be emphasized much more, its not emphasized enough. But as I said this podcast was more focused on quality and accuracy on alternative media sites than on the actual culprits of this psychopathic American Empire and its various parts. But as you said, in general we always need more clarification of the structure and doings, including the parts of this demented, depraved, psychopathic, sociopathic oligarcy and plutocracy of mass murdering, genocidal maniacs, world rapists, baby killers, pigs , shitbags, population reducers, war mongers, mind controllers, slavery promoters, poisoners of our air, food, water, medicine etc. and SATANIC SCUM ! ! ! ! !

    • BTW, I do hugely appreciate Guillermo and Tom. Could listen to them all day. But, the particular inability for just about anyone except for Corbett and Sibel to talk about Gladio Plan B is frustrating. I criticize these two with great humility, none the less.

      • Xicha – As I remember, Sibel was talking about a specific state terror destabilisation program based in Turkey, Central Asia and the Southern Caucasus, and I do remember Corbett getting a little narked that people were using ‘Gladio B’ as a catch-all name for all NATO state terrorism. So I’m not sure the term would be accurate in this conversation I had with Guillermo.

        And no offence, but I think you are massively overestimating the difference in perceptions of the military and the CIA. From my experience people are either pro-both or anti-both.

        • Ok thanks. I’ll take that into consideration. Though Sibel explicitly corrected James about the scope being world-wide. The comment about CIA VS Military was just my own gut though.

          Curious if you made it through the whole series. No disrespect. Thanks. I remember asking Eric Drainer the same thing and finding out “no”, but wanted to make time…

          Obviously, I perceive this as much much bigger. Maybe let’s both double check?

          • BTW, I think it’s COINTELPRO, that Corbett was frustrated a out, not Gladio Plan B. Do you actually hear anyone saying “Gladio Plan B”? Anywhere? I don’t. Of course I’m not everywhere. Definitely no one of those over-under terms like COINTELPRO though.

          • And I think I’m on to something, military vs CIA perceptions. Though I’m not offering any evidence – but pop culture and alt- media are boyhood using CIA:Military about 100:1 in my experience. Please consider all those “bad assets” as majors or corporals as a thought experiment.

            I really appreciate you having taken the time to respond to this feedback. Thank you!

          • Boyhood was a typo. “Using” apparently sounds like boyhood using to my phone.

          • Draitser. Sorry for the typos. Trying to get on a plane. Thanks again Tom. I hope Sibel and James weigh in.

          • mariotrevi says:

            Xicha: Military Intelligence is said to be the 800-pound gorilla, compared to the CIA. The Pentagon has(or had, before the Grand Union under DNI) its own Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA, occupied with military capabilities.
            Then there are covert ops done by Navy Seals and other Special Forces, sometimes covertly. Finally, out-sourced contracts to formerly-named Blackwater, NSA contractors and other private firms or companies. Anyway, that’s the way I remember my readings at the moment.

          • As an essential example, Sibel mentioned that Gladio Plan B is the key to understanding 9/11. And I didn’t say all state-sponsored terror, but the use of religious extremists. She said every act of terror by the Chechnya from the mid- 90’s through 9/11 and beyond was related to this. Makes a person think about Boston Marathon as well, especially with the Graham Fuller connection to Uncle Russlan.

            So, again, the more we at least mention Gladio Plan B, in relation to these kinds of groups, the better.

            Please review the whole 6 part series, and consider what Sibel is doing with her new book, The Lone Gladio. This program, run through an office in the Pentagon, through Brussels, London, Turkey, and on down, is key, IMO.


          • @mariotrevi,

            I’m talking about the perception of who’s behind the religious extremists like AQ in XYZ, ISIS, etc. The vast majority of alt-theories are CIA, when in reality it’s more Pentagon/NATO.

      • And to be fair, I did write an editorial about Gladio B at the time James and Sibel were making that series:

        • Thanks. I’ll read it – I apologize for any disrespect, but I still think it’s being ignored and is much more broadly relevant.

        • Thomas Wonsetler says:

          Thx Tom for interacting with us, its so nice to be able to communicate with people like you, Sibel, James, Guillermo, etc. Thx for the great job you people are doing as messengers of the truth ! Your very appreciated ! What a great site BFP is ! I enjoy it so much ! Thx. !

        • In the Q&A session, starting at about 34:00, she starts talking about 9/11 and “blowback” as misinformation.

        • Sibel Edmonds Answers Your Questions on Gladio B:

          At 41:38 of the 5th interview, the Q&A, Sibel talks about Zawahiri and the difference between thinking about him as an asset and as more of someone with military rank in this US/NATO Military/Intelligence Program. Again, run out of an office in the Pentagon.

          You can also go back to 40:55 for a little more setup.

  4. mariotrevi says:

    I hadn’t heard of this hoax. As regards identifying the source, I suggest using the historical method: primary sources, timelines, give context.
    And, to keep the story about the hoax alive: the thing to do (according to me) would be to wait for the future to happen, say six months from now, up to even 4 years or more, and then look back at the hoax story, in hindsight.

  5. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    As an addition to what I said above, we need to remember that in order to dispel the darkness we have to turn on the light, not only to expose the darkness, but to constantly increase the Good ! Rather than butt heads with the darkness like rams, which doesnt work, just causes a headache, we need to do the opposite and base the world on right principals, wisdom, compassion, cooperative world community, healthy natural food, medicine, lifestyles etc, spiritual based(not merely mythic dogma style religion) rather than materialistically and consumeristically based society and world, and more and more of a prior unity based rather than devisive and seperative ego based society and world. I would like to suggest a great and beautiful book on this called Not Two IS peace by Adi Da. This can be found thru Dawn Horse Books and Adidam. Dont worry about whether or not you agree with who he is or understand his entire teaching. Simply enjoy and receive the deep and profound Wisdom that is expressed in that book ! The more people live on the basis of that Wisdom, no matter what their race, nationality, culture, tradition, etc the faster the world will be healed, balanced and harmonized ! BTW this is not just another airy fairy pseudo new age nonsense book ! It is real Wisdom for a sane, healthy, balanced, Life Positive, fair and compassionate world ! It needs to be read many times by all !

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