De-Manufacturing Consent- Fear and Fake Journalism: Is the ISIS Propaganda Working?

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Pearse Redmond

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by Pearse Redmond, host of Porkins Policy Radio. Pearse breaks down the enigmatic character of Matthew Van Dyke, the former "journalist" turned freedom fighter in Libya, who Pearse refers to as the "CIA's favorite mercenary." We discuss his relationship with both James Foley and Steven Sotloff — journalists allegedly kidnapped, murdered, and beheaded by the Islamic State and used in propaganda videos — and the implications of their association with a deceitful, phony journalist, self-professed propagandist, and potential CIA asset.

We also discuss the ongoing fear mongering regarding ISIS, their supposed infiltration of Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, and their plot to sneak across the US border and use Mexican drug cartels to "take out a power grid" in the United States. We detail how such an outlandishly ridiculous story took shape and spread throughout the media, perfectly timed to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11, and how certain sectors of the "alternative media" are feeding into this latest round of fear-based propaganda.

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  1. Julian Metter says:

    Several observations.

    I started with your preview clip. Yikes, Guillermo, I’m not sure your language adds much substance but it’s definitely a clue to how personally you are taking all this. Maybe I’m old fashion but it seemed “over the top”.

    Secondly, you guys seem to be missing the point. Of course it’s fear mongering and of course ISIS is CIA but that’s exactly why the possibility of a broad false flag event is so worrisome. How many times can all the politicians spend their credibility and have nothing happen? And this time we’ve got “Israeli Intelligence” and disappearing planes in Libya etc etc. That’s a lot of resources. We also have a string of failed CIA operations including the whole Ukrainian chapter. Anyone can see they are pushing very very hard for something. I for one am not reassured it’s just to make us scared.

    So is it contrived? Certainly! Should we therefore simply assume that nothing will happen? No. These people are not selling CD’s or tee shirts. The elite definitely have plans and stake their energy towards making things happen. That’s precisely what we are seeing with this ISIS nonsense. It’s over the top in every way imaginable and if they don’t follow up with something they lose credibility. Do you really think they want to let the public desensitize to all of this? I don’t. I think all their plans have fizzled in the last year and they realize they are running out of time to implement another 911 sufficient to carry their agenda forward. And yes the clock is ticking. The dollar will collapse and the only stick they have is military. Do you guys really believe they are going to throw away the chance to use it?

    Finally I would put out that you’ve ignored a very seminal event that took place in California earlier this year. Specifically a team of snipers cut a communications cable to a power station and in 19 minutes using nothing but automatic weapons like M 16s knocked out 17 power generators. They then escaped moments before the police arrived and the whole “investigation” went no where. (

    Looks to me like a beta test. A black ops dry run to see exactly how to pull it off. Those weren’t kids playing around and they weren’t Mexican drug cartels or ISIS or Al Nusra or the ghost of OBL. They were highly trained CIA or Mossad or another “friendly” agency and we’d better be concerned and watchful because the story disappeared down the memory hole WAY too quickly.

    So how about you spare us all the silly laughter about how ridiculous it all is. Yes we know it’s contrived, racist, and totally story boarded by a committee in some think tank. However they are really pulling out the stops and getting a lot of high profile talking heads to go on the record. I’m concerned they may indeed try to pull something off and with enough chaos and blood spilled they have half a chance of pulling off some form of martial law. And that is nothing to laugh about.

    • You may want to listen to the whole podcast and not just the preview, as me and Guillermo go into much more detail in regards to the ISIS, Sotloff, VanDyke, narrative. I do not doubt that ISIS could be used in a false flag terror event, far from it, but the notion of them coming over the border from Mexico is patently ridiculous to me. There are much simpler ways for ISIS to enter America than walking over the Mexican border and going into El Paso. Furthermore, Frank Gaffney is not someone that we should ever hold up as a reliable source of information, so I see no problem with laughing at him. Laughter in the face of something dangerous or evil is not a bad thing. There is much too much misery and woe in the alt-media, and this is only making us fall further down the pit, which the power elite would love to see. We can not lose our humanity to fear and faceless enemies. As Thomas Sheridan always says “Feck em if they can’t take a joke.”

  2. Jullian Metter, are you the former Dr. from the State College, PA?
    I have found it prudent to hear all information before rendering an opinion. You shared a lot, based on what you heard. I must concur with Porkins to listen to the entire clip.
    I’ve not heard of ISIS crossing the border, although I managed to see a video of a group of “Mexican cartels” all weilding many weapons as they stood behind 4 topless women of varying ages. Next thing I know the women were all decapitated and hacked until they were nothing but torso’s. Propaganda or some really messed up stuff? Both.

    • Julian Metter says:

      Hello Km,

      Thank you for your response. It’s always nice to have some flow back and forth.

      Actually I have listened to the entire interview and upon reflection I should have been more balanced in my comments. I really should have kept in mind that it’s hard to get negative feedback and in this case there was quite a lot that was useful in the interview. The information about the journalists covering the ISIS story added more layers to how journalists are groomed and positioned by the various intelligence services. The fact that Steven S, one the recent “beheaded” was had such extensive contact with a CIA asset is very telling. So “my bad” for getting carried away with my own visceral reactions on the other points.

      Let’s well and truly hope that this anniversary of 911 passes uneventfully. I really do. The event I referenced that occurred in California seemed too professional to be accidental. One would have thought in the wake of this kind of attack that major substations would have been protected against small arms fire, yet I see no indication that this has happened. Taking that further, a credible story of “foreign terrorists” would likely incorporate that type of weapon. Putting the pieces together it would seem someone wanted to keep that particular “story board” option open.

      The idea of a more extensively orchestrated false flag event was also raised in relation to a series of interviews done by James and Joanne Moriarty who were interviewed on the Corbett Report. ( They emphasized that hundreds of Jihadists were being brought into the country, given permanent green cards and and large bank accounts. Guillermo must be aware of all this since he is close to James Corbett. I don’t know what to make of it or how to assess the implications.

      Basically I think the plans of the cabal have largely fizzled in the past year which is good. Yet they haven’t stopped trying and I don’t believe this is just about wanting to scare us. There has been nothing but one reckless false flag after another for so long, it’s hard to have much faith they will let 911 go by without launching into something more significant.

      The video you describe sounds horrible. There’s way too much of this stuff around.

      It seems like part of our society’s rituals to goggle names. Alas, I am no one famous or particularly note worthy. Sorry.

  3. Yeshua Yosef says:

    I donated and everytime I try and download the latest podcasts it says it’s unavailable. Such a crock. 🙁

  4. I don’t donate to be able to see more content. I donate because I believe in what Sibel has to offer, including guests. I share in a desire to have truth prevail- sometimes in an in your face kind of way, others more subdued, as long as the point comes through.
    Jullian, I’m glad you revisited and listened to the podcast and had more to share that you felt was more balanced. I’m not sure what you mean by goggle names. I live in Pennsylvania, your name sounded familiar.
    I think I had my 15 minutes of fame, I lived in Burbank a little bit and saw enough to move on to a wide array of other venues including guest speaking in a few countries. I like the solace of anonymity.

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