Operation Gladio B: A Roundtable Discussion with Pearse Redmond, Tom Secker & Sibel Edmonds

The Endgame Scenario for Operation Gladio, the “Pakistanization of Turkey” & the reality of Putin’s power

On this special thirtieth episode of Porkins Policy Radio we welcome back Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker for a roundtable discussion of The Lone Gladio and Operation Gladio B.  Tom starts us off by exploring some of the themes brought out in The Lone Gladio with respect to main character Greg McPhearson; will we ever see a “rogue agent” within the CIA take on the agency? How does the oft-used concept of “blow-back” fit in with the murder of Greg’s lover Mai?  Sibel discusses in detail the problems with blow-back as they exist in popular discourse, and explains how unintended consequences of covert operations are almost always intended by those implementing them. Later we move on to the endgame scenario for Operation Gladio:  Sibel explains how the “Pakistanization” of Turkey is in fact a goal of the Gladio Deep State network. 

Sibel talks about how beneficial it is to the Gladio operators to have a weak and divided Turkey. We discuss the new face of ISIS, Georgian-born jihadi Tarkhan Batirashvili and his striking similarity to one of Sibel’s characters in The Lone Gladio, Yousef Mohammad, as well as the real life story of Ayman al Zawahiri.  Rounding out the conversation is Sibel’s analysis of the current geopolitical situation with Russia and NATO.  Sibel goes into detail about the reality of Putin’s power, and gives her opinion as to why Russia has not been more confrontational towards the encroaching NATO presence in its own backyard.

*You can download the MP3 file for this podcast here

**Visit these links to purchase The Lone Gladio in Kindle, paperback and Nook formats. You can also purchase a signed copy (can be shipped to anywhere in the world!) from the author at The Lone Gladio website or here

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    Phil Agee was a bona fide CIA whistleblower, as far as I can see
    thanks for this, wonderful to see the work of TS, PR & Christoph Germann following Sibel’s courageous lead
    we are so much in her debt

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! Phil Agee may be the exception to the rule. His work is invaluable. Overall though there really are no CIA whistle-blowers aside from the disinfo agents like Michael Scheuer.

  2. Thank you for drilling into this specific issue and give in Sibel a chance to comment on a detailed level, about it. The issue of blowback is directly related to the understanding of Gladio Plan B. In fact, I think their usage might just be inversely proportional.

    Let’s get the rest of the BFP producers on the wavelength. I’m thinking cognitive dissonance is playing its part with some. But, I’d love to see Tom and Pearse follow up with the rest of the BFP cast, as they are very effective communicators, with the sense to recognize just where the problem lies, in understanding. Ambassadors of Gladio Plan B, with their realization delivery service, among their peers in alt-media. Doing the work that even a nagging commentator like me can’t seem to succeed at.

    Again, thank you both, and of course Sibel, as always, for this useful interview, and for your consideration.

  3. When People say we have IT..
    And go out..
    With there bodys and soul..that is..
    what all ‘governments’ are afraid of….ops.
    Then the Walls came Down…!

    The Call – The Walls Came Down.
    Kind Regards to All of You.

  4. Important as it is for the greater readership to understand the systemic hatred (crippled epistemology) toward RUSSIA, and the GLADIO operation set up to orchestrate its regime change; trumping both, is the writing of 911 AS an ‘inside job’ – as an absolute and actual ‘black operation’; its layers of expendability and complexity laid out in anti-hero blood leaving NO doubt as to its being one ! This refutation of doubt, a first in post 911 ‘fiction’, breaks the Intended and consequential ‘dissonance’ – the taboo – RELIED upon by the conspirators of 911 demolitions, to force its creatioNIST ‘fire induced sequential’ building ‘collapse’ onto a bewildered world.
    As said before. Everybody on the farm knows. You want the stock moved ?
    First. You open the gate.
    Dissonance is a tool. Part of the ‘fuck-you game theory’ ‘known-knowns’ stuck in our DNA. The conspirators know full well how this awful trick works. JFK proves you can shoot a man in the face in front of the whole wide world and decades later still maintain the fiction he was hit from behind by exercising ‘dissonance’. Control the media voice and get the ‘International skeptics’ and intellectual elite to argue FOR the commission, and you own the game.
    The ‘911 is too big to keep secret’ meme spews such confusion, works at such a profound level that it creates its own wash. Breaks the spirit.
    Work (books, interviews/discussion, art, music) that transform the probability of 911 being an inside job into the certainty of it BEING one, steps – transforms – breaks – an otherwise conflicted reader set in dissonant glue to freely explore the next step in their computation of the 911 event AS an operational demolition.
    Allows them to suddenly ‘know’ what they probably always did.

    Very cool to do that.

  5. We Were Lied To About 9/11 – Episode 11 – Thomas …: http://youtu.be/rR5GAOrY2ps

    • Context for that link was auto moderared. I vote for turning that off until/unless bad comments here are a big problem.

    • How about to say that 9/11 was a Gladio Plan B operation and they are run out of an office in the Pentagon? I’m trying to get different alt-media producers to even say the words, but, after nagging Jon Gold several times on 911blogger about his YouTube show, his most recent episode has Tom Drake doing CYA for the USA, while Jon omits Gladio Plan B and PNAC, and even says that the US working with Bin Laden in the 90 ‘ s is just “speculation”. I guess I must learn to paint a better picture.

      • “Speculation” had to do with why the General didn’t care… maybe BECAUSE of the operations going on in the 90’s. That was the “speculation.” It’s amazing how bad information gets out there.

        • Go to 19:55 and review. You’re trying to tell me that the speculation comment was not regarding the work with OBL. Well, please take another listen. I’m not sure how Tom Drake understood what you were saying, but you certainly did not make it clear. I think that would be your source of “bad” information. No, you left the topic pretty quickly and I think that was the extent of your comments related to Gladio Plan B. Your complaint about misunderstanding the subject of speculation is not a good response to the general just of my comments.

          Please, take a listen and tell me that doesn’t sound like it’s you calling our work with OBL speculation.

          “We failed to convince command authorities to take action and … a little over 8 years later, guess what. ”

          Jon Gold : “I wonder if one of the reasons this individual didn’t care, or whatever – I mean, at the time we were working with the Mujahideen and Osama bin Laden. I think in the Caucuses and elsewhere. I don’t know; that’s just speculation.

          Um, so your position at the NSA was a change leader…”

        • Amazing, indeed.

        • We Were Lied To About 9/11 – Episode 11 – Thomas Drake …: http://youtu.be/rR5GAOrY2ps

          Just before 20 minute mark.

    • I’m finding Commentator doesn’t really garner all the respect it’s cracked up to have. I must turn into a producer and get an audience, I guess. An artist or a cow-tower, so many choices.

    • Thanks..god link..
      I will hear this a couple of times.
      Kind regards.

  6. . I must turn into a producer and get an audience..
    I am just..like.. do not ..know..?(me Jens)..
    If Sibel could whrite A book..!
    whitout the Establishment…
    Could We make A movie…?
    so many choices…
    Flashback… context..Thumpnail..
    We did not Win the cold War..!
    surveillance and abusive corporate and government power…!
    We are going down the same road..
    In Like East Germany…?

    Kind Regards..

    ps..We Were Lied To .

  7. Paper-clips…
    Operation Gladio B…
    Lone nuts going grazy..!
    like in Norway..!
    What is that Mk-ultra..?
    Anyone out here.
    (and we all run to the gowerment for Protection).
    A Noble Lie.
    Kind Regards.

  8. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Hi Xicha,

    From what I understood above, your first link to the Jon Gold interview of Thomas Drake was posted without any context, because of a glitch with the system here?

    I’m confused about several things.

    1. What was the context/reason exactly for posting the link?
    2. I only listened to the first 20 minutes (that alone was difficult to stomach). It is quite clear from those 20 minutes that Thomas Drake believes OSL + hijackers were responsible for 9/11 and not the government.
    3. Why would Jon Gold have given Mr. Drake so much air time, given his position re: 9/11?

    I really don’t get it at all. 🙁

    • Yes, I had some comments automatically moderated. I wish that could be turned off, unless it’s really necessary for stopping video posting that cause bandwidth usage for BFP.

      Anyway, I agree with your sentiment about the JG show and think it was another missed opportunity to discuss Gladio Plan B, to challenge the narrative Mr. Drake presented. Jon Gold is saying that was why he mentioned the partnership with OBL in the 90’s, but, at least to me, it sounded qualified as speculation, which Jon says I misinterpreted. Regardless of that debate, the fact remains that Gladio Plan B, PNAC means, motive, and opportunity, etc., were sorely missed.

      When I tried similar criticism of some of his previous episodes, I was met with the defense that Jon Gold is Sibel Edmonds’ biggest supporter, which I took to mean that my criticism was not meaningful or welcome.

      My 2 cents. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Ribbit-Mark says:

        Yes it is sad indeed that Jon didn’t confront Thomas about Gladio Plan B, PNAC, means, motive, and opportunity, etc.

        As I said, just listening to the first 20 minutes it was very clear that
        Thomas is regurgitating the ‘official 9/11 story’.
        I found that quite remarkable and was astounded at Jon’s patience in this regard.

        Maybe Jon also believes the official 9/11 story? 🙁

        • I think Jon Gold deserves a lot of credit and praise for his continued work and focus on the questions regarding 9/11, especially his demands for accountability.

          Gladio Plan B is, IMO, the most important disclosure of information regarding 9/11 and all of the other WOT crimes that are still ongoing. Sort of a “hair on fire” level of importance that should be a top priority in discussions about 9/11.

          I don’t speak for Jon Gold, of course, and although he has discussed it, I think it deserves a higher priority than I am observing in his recent shows.

    • To answer your 1st question, I brought it up in response to Remo ‘ s comment giving well-deserved praise to the artists out there, who are able to reach people directly. I said that I wanted to, at least, get the words and basic information about Gladio Plan B out to the audiences of alt-media producers, such as Jon Gold.

      Eventually, there will be a resounding “do it yourself”, as tends to happen when comments become more of a request than a criticism. But they go hand in hand, in this case. The discussion of Gladio Plan B and the discussion of blowback seem to be inversely proportional.

  9. maybe Jon Gold simply has the maturity to accept Drake’s point of view and allow him to tell his story, without seeking to convert him or change his views, which would have yielded a very different, and probably less-informative interview. confrontation may be called for when dealing with a pundit like Ray McGovern who is talking in the third person, it is not necessarily helpful when the primary interest is a first person account

    • Ribbit-Mark says:

      You make a very valid point CuChu.

    • Does Drake know what Gladio Plan B is?

      What does Drake think of the publicly written motivations of PNAC, when considering Gladio Plan B, as well as the high-level cover-ups and treatment of whistleblowers?


      Do you know the answers to these questions already? Do you think that asking them would change Drake’s views or be a sign of immaturity? Doesn’t the interviewer guide the conversation by any questions that they ask?

      I disagree with your characterization of bringing up the topics I mentioned as being immature, or even necessarily challenging. I simply see them as topics with priority and appropriate in a discussion of 9/11.

      • Check out @zicatanka’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/zicatanka/status/526957842947788800?s=09

        Tom Drake recently retweeted one of my tweets promoting Tom Secker ‘ s interview with Sibel regarding The Lone Gladio. So, maybe he was looking for an opening.

      • If you’d like to learn more about Gladio Plan B and it’s relation to 9/11, among other current topics, check out this new podcast from Porkins Policy Review/Radio, where Pearse interviews Christoph German.

        Porkins Policy Radio ep. 22 Xinjiang, Azerbaijan and Gladio B with Christoph Germann

        This is such an excellent podcast because, as I mentioned, it really ties together our understanding of current events and historical events. It names names and locations and players. It will be very much worth the time you take to listen.

        You’ll probably also want to check this out, while you’re there:

        Porkins Policy Radio ep. 30 Gladio B Rountable with Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker

        • Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia: http://youtu.be/3q0qau8f0w8

          Another source of information about Gladio Plan B – This Lecture by Corbett just released on YouTube. Any of these guys who are producing relevant information about Gladio Plan B, as it relates to 9/11, as well as previous, and ongoing current events, would be great guests on any show discussing those topics.

          Also, Mr. Drake, what do you think about the reports from Sibel Edmonds, that she has seen first-hand evidence of high level US officials meeting with Zawahiri, Prince Bandar, and others, in Baku, Azerbaijan, in the years just preceeding 9/11? Was this a failure of imaginary communication? How about our use of NATO controlled opium trade profits, among other illegalrevenue sources, being used to fund the construction of over 350 mosques and madrasas, which are then managed by Fetulah Gulen, a US made billionaire exiled from Turkey living in Pennsylvania? Have you ever heard of the Gulen Movement, Mr. Drake? Graham Fuller sure has. Yes, the same Graham Fuller whose daughter married Uncle Ruslan, whose nephews were fingered/killed for the Boston Bombing. It’s a small world, after all, once you have the information and critical thinking skills to connect the dots. Which is even more interesting and useful than the emotional rantings of “I was there!” Drake.

  10. Asymmetric warfare …(playing under the table).
    Is Hell on our World..
    That Dark side is just so
    Kind Regards

  11. What about that..time Line..
    The Clock say 3 a….I am late..m..
    ( British journalist George Orwell, present for the crackdown, wrote: “[T]he accounts of the Barcelona riots in May … beat everything I have ever seen for lying.”)..
    Kind Regards

  12. Democratic socialism…?
    Living in Denmark..hmm.
    This is No Farirytale..!
    ( I am Sick..of all Bigg..Nations..)…
    Just.. see what my little thug did..(in Nato).

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen..(the open Door to power)..

    Kind Regards

  13. Sorry for the abrupt change of topic, but I have a question about Gladio B, and NATO. I know that the US has an unconscionable amount of influence around the world, which it abuses on an obscene scale. That’s why I left the country. However, after a half-decade in Scandinavia, I wonder if I haven’t gone from the belly of the beast to its brain…

    Question: Why do the Nordic countries have such overrepresentation on the Bilderburg invitation lists? Is it pure coincidence? Is it because the real rulers of the world (in the US) want to weight the elite gene pool with TallBlondDNA? Or is it possible that the US is really somebody else’s bitch, the muscleman and police force but not (the sole) boss? I know that the real rulers are all part of the Global Elite, more or less dismissive of nationality. But the mentality here is different, in some very disturbing ways, that make me wonder if there isn’t a big red, white and blue herring on the other side of the pond from the shark that’s about to devour us.

  14. My hope is that..
    All we have to learn…(are..or..is)..

    I do not know..!
    should I send this..
    or not.
    We..we the people..(usa uk denmark germany russia france spain brazil argentina china iran israel and so on)..where ever you live…and speake out..
    This is..
    what our Gowerments are
    afraid of…(I just Wonder WHY)..!

    I do like Frogs..
    All we have to do..
    is stand Together.

    Kind Regards

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