Porkins Policy Radio- Gladio Operations in Russia’s Backyard, Chechens & Al-Zawahiri’s 1996 Imprisonment in Russia

On this week’s episode we continue our roundtable discussion on Gladio B with Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker. Picking up where we last left off, the three of us explore some of the reasons for Russia’s presumed intransigence in the face of mounting NATO and Gladio operations in their backyard. As a case study for this we look at Ayman Al Zawahiri’s little-discussed imprisonment by the Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in Chechnya in 1996 while traveling with four diplomatic passports and a laptop. We discuss why the FSB captured him as well as why they let him go. We also explore the recent uptick in violence in Chechnya and how this relates to an increase in NATO operations meant to destabilize Russia.

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  1. The twin pipelines, which have been operational since 2011 and 2012 respectively, have the capacity to transport a combined total of about 55 bcm of gas a year – that’s enough to satisfy the energy demand of more than 26 million European households. Nord Stream has designed the pipelines to operate for at least 50 years.

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  2. tonywicher says:

    To respond to one of the many questions raised, I would say that we were better off with a bipolar world, and that being “the last superpower” was only seen as an opportunity for world conquest. But of course this policy created its own antithesis and you now have Russia, China and the BRICS nations creating their own financial institutions to protect themselves from being looted by the superpower. We need to move to a multipolar world, but one where instead of competition there is economic cooperation. The United States should be joining the BRICS countries in the vast joint development projects now being initiated by the Chinese, such as the New Silk Road, the World Land Bridge, the development of nuclear fusion, which could solve all energy and all carbon pollution problems – all these are constructive things that could done if only we could get past this whole idea of politics as a geopolitical chess game with winners and losers. Somehow we the human race must get past this mode of thinking. Is it going to take a nuclear war? We could be doing this instead:


  3. CuChulainn says:

    Sibel’s remarks at 52:00 and following re. the MacDonaldization of Russia are absolutely pertinent–Putin is enough of a “nationalist” to keep the older generation at bay until they are irrelevant. traveling from Amman to Aqaba one realizes one is coming into the cultural orbit of MacDonald’s/Howard Johnson’s that is Saudi, Hollywood Islam, the society of the spectacle that is also absorbing Russia–again, the word revolution has no sense once alienation is experienced as liberation. Motorola comments on this demoralization of the youth from 6 minutes on in this video: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2014/10/11/interview-oct-10-with-motorola-eng-subs-very-downbeat/

  4. This was the most bizarre and scandalously misinforming piece of “critical analysis” from the “alternative media” I ever listened to. Leaving aside the idiotic giggling, mutual back patting, “absolutely agreeing” with each other while saying absolutely opposite things, middle-class American-style narcissistic “on whose side are we,” and “what country we should move to”– aren’t you ashamed of talking with such an aplomb about the subjects you didn’t care even to read about in a Wiki format? “Putin became the prime minister in 1996”?! And, of course, with him “the Russian deep state was back.” Or was it? Is this what you call “understanding the context”? Btw, how about applying critical thinking to the so-called “deep state,” a fuzzy but great-sounding concept coined by P. D. Scott?
    Zawahiri had “diplomatic passports” and was “severely tortured by FBS” who “could keep him in prison forever.” Did any of you read Zawahiri’s own account of his arrest and imprisonment, let alone the accounts of Makhachkala locals who shared a cell with him? How do you know that Zawahiri had some terribly secret data in his computer when he was crossing the Russian border? Just think, a man so experienced in underground struggle and even a Gladio operative, if we to believe Mrs Edmonds, leaves top classified data in his computer which he takes to Chechnya through the FSB border control crossing! Are Gladio operatives indeed so stupid? That would be great! And those four passports…. How come that all accounts speak of only one fake Sudanese one? If Zawahiri and his companions, who presented themselves as small-time merchants, indeed carried on them multiple IDs, let alone diplomatic passports (!), when crossing Russian border controls, that would make people of good will like us very-very happy! Why would we be afraid of such a joke as Gladio B?

    No less fantastic is Mrs Edmond’s story about “FSB-turned-mafia” racketeers who destroyed the humble business of her Russian acquaintances. How did the couple know they were former FSB? Did they show them their IDs? Why would FSB officers turn into petty protection business thugs instead of providing protection for them which anyway was the business given to the police, not state security? FSB could do better that that. Much better. That’s why we have prosperous settlements of former KGB and military intelligence officers in places like Alexandria, VA.

    So, on the one hand, those omniscient Russians calculate their counter moves well in advance before the erratic NATO punks casually move their pieces. And this is how Russians “annexed” Crimea without a single shot or flipped at “us” middle finger by moving their pipeline to Turkey. But on the other side, there is that Russian guy named Putin, who does a great job for “us” by keeping “Russian nationalists” from taking power by pretending to be one while his and “us” knowingly winking each other. Why are “we” so happy with Putin? Because “Russian nationalists” is a dying breed who will die away in 10-15 years after which Russia will be one great happy McDonald’s and we’ ll have all her riches for ourselves. How do we know that “Russian nationalists” (whatever it means) are about to die away? Well, because there are so many McDonald’s and Western stores in Moscow. This is an unbeatable argument, I give up. But why would Putin do such a ghastly thing to his country? It’s simple, Watson! “We” promised him to protect his $40 billion stacked away in our banks. OK. But what would Putin need $40 billion for ? Stupid question, isn’t it?

    Lastly, about the dying away “Russian nationalists.” When I see 16-18 year old Russian guys and girls in Donbass giving their lives to destroy Ukrainian Fascism–reared, armed, and protected by American Fascism–I know that the spirit of their grandfathers will be well and alive 10 and 100 years later, even with McDonald’s in Moscow.

    • CuChulainn says:

      the young & old fighting for Novorossiya are inspiration, and give us a sense of what a revolution might entail–beyond turning off the tv, home-schooling etc. which some take as revolutionary actions–but there is a lot more than meets the eye in Donbass–there are authentic revolutionaries like Artist, Mozgovoy and the international partisans fighting with his Prizrak brigade but there are also black marketeers, opportunists, assassins and Moscow agents eager to suborn this revolutionary impulse–it’s not just 1984 one needs to read, but Homage to Catalonia as well:
      Prizrak and the common people in Donbass are fighting against the illusion of capitalism with a human face and against oligarchal rule wherever it comes from

      • @CuChuainn,

        You are incorrigible Romantic. In real life everything is more confused, even self-contradictory. Doubly so in those regions of the world where revolutions raged and burnt to ashes, leaving black Reaction in their place. Here’s one small detail to give you a sense of such confusion in Donbass. In a recent interview, your hero Mozgovoy (now made Colonel) was asked who was his model hero in Russian history. Mozgovoy, who only seconds earlier expanded of “social justice and fairness,” answered: “White Army officers, OF COURSE.”

        • CuChulainn says:

          netter, if you see any revolutionary potential in Novorossiya, why would you attack Mozgovoi? who else would you look to there? Plotz, or Zakh?
          Mozgovoi is called a Makhnovite by his enemies; there is a reason the communist partisans from Spain and elsewhere put themselves under his command.
          “he admitted his respect for Vladimir Lenin and Nestor Makhno, the controversial leader of the brief-lived anarchist communist Free Territory in eastern Ukraine during the Russian Civil War.”
          in an interview with the Nation and the Economist, formerly on antimaidan.com, now removed by youtube, he mocked these journalists for their belief in capitalism with a human face
          note the hammer and sickle icons for his website

    • I am sorry that you disliked the episode so immensely and that we were not yelling at one another and violently disagreeing with each other. People do make mistakes when they are recording podcasts; dates and times being the most frequent. The term Deep-State is not something that Peter Dale Scott has a trademark on. Many people use this term and I think we assumed that most of the listeners were familiar with the idea of the Deep-State.

      I don’t really have the time to respond to every single argument that you brought up but it seems to me that you fundamentally disagree with everything that “Mrs Edmond” has said regarding Zawahiri and the Gladio Network. In regards to the passports, Sibel has talked about this before in her very informative Gladio B series with James Corbett. I understand that the mainstream media has reported that there was only one Sudanese passport on Zawahiri, but lets maybe assume for a minute that they are not telling the truth and that Sibel who blew the whistle on Operation Gladio B may have some inside knowledge about this event. As for the data on the computer not being pertinent lets again assume that the FSB is not going to reveal that the data in question is high value intelligence If there was nothing on the computer why would the FSB claim that they could not translate it? This to me does not add up. In the world of espionage many things don’t work the way they do in the normal world. We should not take everything at face value and dismiss something because the MSM or another entity tells us there is nothing to it.

      I guess the FSB didn’t show their ID’s to the couple in question. Again you just seem to dismiss anything that Sibel said and assume that with out photographic evidence that it must not be true. Is it really so hard to believe that there were FSB operatives that left the organization and decided to work with elements of the Russian Mafia? The CIA has a long history of working with various criminal organizations including the American Mafia.

      None of us ever said that “we” like Putin and think that it is great that he is helping “us” keep the nationalist leaders in Russia at bay.

      • CuChulainn says:

        since netter seems to have abandoned this thread, let me ask why it seems to Porkins that he “fundamentally disagrees with everything that “Mrs Edmond” has said”–substituting an emotional generalization for addressing specific issues doesn’t always enhance one’s credibility

    • Apologies, 1996 was when Putin first moved to Moscow and got involved with politics, he did not become Prime Minister until later. But the point is the same – Putin’s rise represents the Russian deep state getting control once again after the fall of the Soviet superstate. So if in your mind you substitute my mistake ‘Zawahiri’s arrest was around the time Putin first became prime minister’ with ‘Zawahiri’s arrest was around the time Putin first got directly involved in politics’ then maybe you’ll be happier.

      I don’t believe Peter Dale Scott coined the term ‘deep state’, I think he coined the term ‘deep politics’. And besides, given his truly naive view of Daniel Ellsberg I’m not going to let myself be bound by his definitions. He has done some great work, but he’s hardly an infallible authority.

      As to what was on Zawahiri’s computer – even if it was just a bunch of his travel information, email contacts and other unclassified stuff, it would still be very useful to an intelligence agency trying to map this all out. As someone who spent many years trying to map this out I can tell you that would have been very useful to me…

  5. CuChulainn says:

    do you have a reference for that interview? there is a lot of disinformation about Mozgovoy, circulated in part because folks like Putin and Zakharchenko have more to fear from him than from blowhards like Givi, however brave

  6. Here’s another theoretical riddle for you.

    Mozgovoy: “Every day the best people in Russia and, yes, the best people in Ukraine kill each other.”

    • CuChulainn says:

      Mozgovoi understands this:

      he understands the class dimension of this manufactured crisis, this deliberately fomented civil war–he is not talking about the Right Sector thugs, but the simple conscripts fighting on the Kiev side who have been brainwashed and misinformed by the media campaign against Novorossiya–he understands that this is a conflict fomented by oligarchs, and that the aspirations of the common people–NOT the thugs and provocateurs–who looked to Maidan for freedom from oligarchs, however misguidedly, are no different than the aspirations of common Novorossiyans; he has shown an openness to dialogue because he knows the real enemy is not on the battlefield

      • The riddle has not been solved. And it won’t be unless you perform the mental operation Husserl called ‘epoché’ by bracketing out the ideological axioms you impose on the “ever-green tree of life” instead of listening to the rustle of its leaves, forgive my poetic language. One hint. By best people in Ukraine Mozgovoy means exactly the Right Sector thugs as well as the fighters from the traditional Banderovite tradition. It is “simple conscripts” who he unfavorably contrasts to “the best people” in Russia and Ukraine.
        And no, I do not “attack” Mozgovoy. I can even say I learn from him. I “attack”– if you insist using this word–what I believe is your method of (mis) understanding, common to the radical Left. I may be wrong of course.

  7. CuChulainn says:

    well you are willfully misunderstanding Mozgovoi, which is a way of attacking him

  8. CuChulainn says:

    Mozgovoy’s USSR Bryanka at work:
    subtitles for those who don’t understand russian

  9. CuChulainn says:

    here Mozogovoy addresses precisely the riddle that netter asks
    class consciousness and decency is the answer

  10. stevan topping says:

    As a first comment, i would like to say this is a superb website filled with thought provoking material. Thank you for being one of the few. My feeling regarding the bi polar/uni polar world is one of illusion. For me the bi polar world is the uni polar world – Financial interests always emerge unscathed. The discussion reminded me of the ‘social engineering’ Foundations, utilising race and gender as tools to divert, marginalise and divide. A fractal of the discussion just listened to. Surely a solution is to be found within – financial interests always emerge unscathed.

  11. Sibel shows her acumen regarding “when is a given section of humanity better off?” if the country is swallowed up by NATO or part of some other network of shifting alliances? This brings right to the forefront a disturbing question? Is Civilization, by definition, going to blow itself out? The way I see it, unless you live in some distant south Pacific island group visited twice a year with shipping goods–You are in one of the giant anxiety ridden areas–Europe, China, USA and/or Russia or stuck in some doomed state which is failed or about to be attacked by some whacked out “terrorist” group or the Empire. IMO, civilization itself is doomed.

  12. donilo252525 says:

    I enjoy Tom Secker’s analyses, and I learn a great deal from them. I was shocked then to hear him repeat the meme that Russia “annexed” Crimea. The Crimean’s voted almost unanimously to join Russia! It made perfect sense, since Crimea is historically connected with Russia, and the US/NATO/Kiev Nazi putsch certainly posed an imminent threat. So yes, it did happen quickly and without a lot of fanfare, as Secker says, but not as a result of some reserve hegemonic “scheme.” The move was plain common sense for the survival for both Crimea and Russia.

  13. donilo252525 says:

    Sibel Edmonds, as usual, was wonderful!

  14. donilo252525 says:

    I hope Pearse Redmond will work at eliminating the fill-phrase “sort of.” It was like listening to fingernails squeaking on a blackboard. TIA. 😉

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