Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: Corporate-Government Partnership towards a Lobotomized Society?

Welcome to our fifth episode of Probable Cause. For this episode we will pick up where we left off last time, and further our discussion of our current education system. We begin by addressing whether the current system naturally evolved (or devolved) into its current state, or was created by a well-calculated design. We will look into the ultimate beneficiaries of our public education system, and pose and answer questions such as: How does our current education system directly benefit the war industry? How do the mega pharmaceutical corporations directly benefit from this education system? How does our current education system directly benefit the mega government that operates as a police state? We will then assess our education system’s role as an active participant in the Mega Corporations-Government partnership towards a Lobotomized Society.

As always, I will be providing my take based on what I have been observing, through my own personal lens, reasoning and analyses, and will pose questions for you to consider. And as usual our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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  1. arealjeffersonian says:

    Another great post – you’re really making us think.

    I like your expression “Lobotomized Society”, and it is an excellent way of describing what is being done to our youth. To create and then use the excuse of some fictional synthetic disease called “ADHD” (or “ADD”, or “ODD”) to drug our children and ruin them for life is unconscionable, immoral and should be illegal.

    And your questions as to whether we believe the drugging benefits the government in its insatiable appetite for control & the mega-corporations in their quest for ever increasing profits – of course it does.

    So what can we do to counter? A couple of ideas. (1) Although I don’t usual support lawsuits as a venue, in this case I do. Individual lawsuits brought by parents against their doctors for prescribing and/or supporting school staff recommendations for drugging their child. Then class action lawsuits against the drug companies for damages incurred by children (lifetime damage) as a result of the drugs. Both would require expert factual opinion
    to counter the current pharma created “opinion”. (2) Parents refusing to allow their children to be drugged, regardless of pressure from the school or their child’s doctor. (3) Generate a groundswell of public opinion against drugging of children – and I understand this would require an enormous effort on the part of all who are truly outraged in order to counter current acceptance.

    So my natural question is – how many of you out there are truly outraged?

    • Jeffersonian, thank you for the feedback.

      First, quickly, the credit for the excellent applicable word ‘lobotomized’ goes to one of our BFP activists who commented in our previous posts. The moment I read it, I went ‘oh yes, I am going to plug this in’!

      Lawsuit: In a way it makes sense. On the other hand, it drives me crazy when I see how readily people want to comply, buy into things, and in a lazy way abandon critical thinking and processing … and then later go back and say ‘They made me do it.’ Again, I will go back to the great point made by many commenters here: the needed change (aka revolution) starts with individuals. They can bombard us with all this crap, put pressure, but in the end they cannot shove the pills down our throats (at least so far).

      I totally agree with #2 & #3 points. Look what we are doing here;-)

      Outraged? You bet. I am so very outraged by the Gov & mega corporations’ conspiracy. But I am also outraged by so many people readily complying like little thoughtless robots. So many people out there asking/saying ‘Tell me what to eat, tell me what to drink, tell me what you consider is the right frequency to have intercourse, tell me how many times a week I should have quality time with my kids, tell me how to …’ Arghhhhhh.

    • CuChulainn says:

      ADHD is not a “fictional synthetic disease” but a very real condition that any sensitive teacher or parent wants to understand. it’s etiology is increasingly well understood as deriving from childhood trauma, among other causes, and exposure to television, which a large body of research shows is very harmful to children’s development. the most effective non-drug therapy, we now know, is the least expensive–vipassana and other forms of meditation.

      • Yet, many professionals within Psychology-psychiatry community have been challenging ADHD not as non-existent, but as a ‘disease’ that is very often misdiagnosed, overly diagnosed. I am also considering the fact that it is one of those ‘ailments’ that is impossible to diagnose with certainty (brain scan, blood test, etc.), and considering the fact that the majority within the medical industry (highly rewarded by the Pharma industry) are vey quick to prescribe medication (interestingly most of these medication is off-the-label use of medications for other ailments)…

        It is also interesting to look at the percentage of children diagnosed with ADHD in the USA, with those in other Western nations that have ‘recognized’ ADHD. That number alone is very telling.

        I can tell you, from my own very direct experience, parents are running to their doctors with symptoms such as ‘my child cannot sit still and focus for more than 10 minutes during her class.’ In this case this woman’s child is a 5-yr old in a Kindergarten who’s being taught second-grade level math and reading; who’s teacher is sending home 2-to-3 page academic homework at the end of each school day. This example applies to 4 sets of parents I personally met and spoke with last year alone.

        Now, there is something wrong with this picture. You tell me what’s wrong?

        • DenStendigeResen says:

          I think the ADHD analysis is more nuanced than Yes/No. Long-time teachers say that kids have changed, behaviourally. It seems clear that it IS, in many cases, a real problem which needs to be addressed, but that it is a MANUFACTURED problem. Television is certainly a huge factor, as must be diet, drugs given to children (including vaccines but probably also acetaminophen etc.), and environmental factors (like taking infants to shopping malls where neon lights flash constantly). I totally agree with CuChulainn that meditation is useful, but long before a kid is ready for that, how about long walks in the countryside – for those who have that option? However…
          One thing which repeatedly gets ignored here is that many, perhaps most, American parents DON’T have options like getting out to the country, or staying home with their kids. Economically, they just can’t. Another thing they can’t always refuse: medications. Have you read (at policestateusa, e.g.) about the increasing number of parents whose children are being taken away because the parents refuse to medicate them? It is not so simple as, “American parents are idiots!” I am a huge critic of American culture and mentality, but I do not believe that these people are inherently dumbshits. They are brainwashed and repressed.
          Elitist self-congratulating is part of the problem, is unjustified, and is rampant on alt-media sites.
          Now I will go away.

          • Absolutely agree that attention deficit is manufactured. I’ve experienced it first hand after watching an “action” movie or playing a FPS video game. The brain becomes acclimated to unnatural visual stimulation (rapid motion, relentless quick cuts from one scene to another, continual motion of the camera relative to the subject even in supposedly calm scenes), with the result of having trouble maintaining focus in mundane real life.

            Any of us who consume mass media are in fact having our minds “fogged” to some extent by over-stimulation. Try spending a week, at minimum, in a natural setting with no electronic media of any kind. No agenda, no driving, nothing to do except relax and perhaps read something of a contemplative nature. Avoid reading material which is “action-packed” or whatever, save that for some other time.

            Do that, and after a week you will literally be a different person. You will appreciate like never before that we’re all a bit like Silly Putty, being continually molded and imprinted by the barrage of information and stimulation coming at us from the contemporary media firehose. But if you leave Silly Putty undisturbed for a while, it conforms itself to the natural shape of whatever contains it. As will your mind, if given the chance.

  2. Mgrdichian says:

    Your not gonna get any disagreement from me on this one. Here is some fodder for your discussion that speaks for itself. These are excerpts from an Elizabeth Warren email I recently received about her Medical Innovation Act (with a couple of my own personal comments in CAPS) Sorry for the long entry. I just thought people outside Massachusetts might be interested in the lobbying of a US Senator.
    Over the past 50 years, America’s medical innovations have transformed the health of billions of people around the world…… One way we’ve done that? Blockbuster drugs. Today, about 100 different drugs are used by so many people that each brings in more than a billion dollars a year in revenue.

    Those drugs do a huge amount of good, but they also produce huge profits; over the past 20 years, profits for S&P 500 companies have been in the 5-10% range, while profits for the blockbuster drug companies have been in the 18-24% range.

    Those very valuable blockbuster drugs don’t just appear overnight as if by magic. They are the end result of generations of huge taxpayer investments, principally through the National Institutes of Health. Drug companies make great contributions, but so do taxpayers.

    With revolutionary new treatments and a giant drug industry built on blockbuster drugs, this should be a moment of great triumph. But in recent years, the American engine of medical innovation has begun to sputter. Why?

    Government funding. Congress used to work in a non-political, bipartisan way to expand NIH funding. But instead of increasing the NIH budget at the pace of potential scientific innovation, budget cuts (TO FUND WAR), sequestration, and other pressures (OTHER PRESSURES? ELIZABETH, CAN YOU BE MORE SPECIFIC?) mean that the NIH budget over the last decade hasn’t even kept up with the pace of inflation (SUBSTANTIALLY CAUSED BUY BLOATED PHARMA PRICES) .

    Drug companies. Over the last ten years, some of our wealthiest drug companies – the ones with those blockbuster billion-dollar drugs – have found another way to boost profits. In addition to selling life-changing cures (AT INFLATED PRICES), some of these companies are increasingly making money by skirting the law. They’ve been caught defrauding Medicare and Medicaid, withholding critical safety information about their drugs, marketing their drugs for uses they aren’t approved for, and giving doctors kickbacks for writing prescriptions for their drugs (FOR ALL OF WHICH, IMO, THE COMPANIES SHOULD BE LIQUIDATED, NOT SLAPPED ON THE WRIST WITH A TOKEN FINE).
    Between these two problems – shrinking government support for research and increased rule-breaking by companies that have blockbuster drugs – lies a solution: requiring those big-time drug companies that break the law to put more money into funding medical research.

    That’s why I’m introducing the Medical Innovation Act to substantially increase federal funding for the National Institutes of Health.

    Under the proposed Medical Innovation Act, those blockbuster drug companies that wanted to settle legal violations would be required to reinvest a relatively small portion of the profits (NO WORRIES BIG PHARMA, THIS WILL BE PAINLESS) they have generated as a result of federal research investments right back into the NIH. (TRANSLATED: GOOD FOR YOU BIG PHARMA FOR MAKING BIG BUCKS. WE ARE IN A BIT OF A JAM OVER HERE ON THE BIG GIVT SIDE CUZ WE GOTTA KEEP THE WAR MACHINE GOING — BIG BUCKS THERE TOO, SO WE ARE GONNA SKIM ‘A LITTLE BIT” OF YOUR PROFIT TO KEEP US AFLOAT. BUT NO WORRIES, THERE WILL BE SOME NEW DRUGS FOR YOU TO MAKE SOME BIGGER BUCKS. IT WILL BE WIN-WIN FOR BOTH OF US 🙂

    This isn’t a tax. This is simply a condition of settling to avoid a trial in a major case of wrongdoing. If a company never breaks the law, it will never pay the fee (AND YOU CAN CONTINUE UNIMPEDED MAKING RIDICULOUS PROFIT). If an accused company goes to trial instead of settling out of court, it will never pay the fee – even if it loses the case (SO YOUR RIDICULOUS PROFIT WILL REMAIN INTACT). It’s like a swear jar – break the law and pay something forward that benefits everyone (WHO BENEFITS FIRST HERE? PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN).

    The Medical Innovation Act would substantially increase federal support for medical research without increasing the deficit or cutting other critical programs. Sign up now to show your support.

    We’re starving projects that could transform the lives of our children on the autism spectrum. We’re suffocating breakthrough ideas that would give new hope to those with ALS.

    That’s not who we are. We are not a nation that abandons the sick. We are nation of people who invest in (AND ROB) each other – because we know that when we work together, we all do better. We’ve done it for generations – and for generations, we have led the world in medical innovation (IN PROFIT).


    I want to be clear I am not against medical research, even by the govt. Here in Boston we have some of the finest hospitals and medical treatment in the world and and a lot of NIH research. I’ve been the beneficiary of excellent treatment beginning at around 5 years old. But I’ve also experienced the “drugs cure everything” mentality, too, with my own doctors. One of my tenants is a physician and a very sincere person. It was from him I got first hand testimony about the pressure big pharma puts on doctors, especially new ones. It’s relentless. I have also met medical researchers and they too are very sincere about their research and depend on govt funding. But it’s the cyclical nature of the pact between big govt and big pharma where both profit financially that’s so in-your-face here, along with perpetuating the notion that drugs cure everything.

    • Mgrdichia, agreed. With this point we go back to our previous discussions on revolution. Many commenters brought up the importance of change, revolution, starting with individuals. The elements being: information, critical & independent thinking, common sense, and action per each individual.

      Our family has been implementing ‘Just Say No’ when it comes to pressure from the industry (medical, media, schools, etc.). We have never taken any flu shots. We are not on any medication. We don’t even take the so-called supplements.

      My husband is 72. We’ve been married for 23 years. When I met him he had high cholesterol. Without medication, for the last 18 years, he has had very low cholesterol (and his good cholesterol has been up). We made this happen via eating balanced food, exercise, and as much as possible resisting stress (hardest thing to do, ey?!). So at this age, he current medical status (including medical history) shows: no medication (other than antibiotics used twice in 23 years).

      I dealt with severe insomnia during the first 5-6 years of my whistleblowing journey: I was under high stress level, consumed coffee big time (ridiculously high), didn’t exercise regularly … so it was ‘duh’! The first thing my family doctor said (I was losing too much weight as well) was ‘Let’s try XYZ pills for a while and see if we can put you back on the track …’ I said, ‘NO.’ I knew perfectly well what I had to do to fix it (I knew the cause of my symptoms!), and eventually, I did just that. I have never been on any medication either.

      So what I am trying to say is this: from the elements I just cited (information + Critical-independent thinning & taking personal responsibility and actions), the information is available to all. Today with internet we have removed that old excuse of ‘not having access.’ Of course one needs to seek (rather than being spoon-fed by the media/industry) it. That leaves, individuals’ determination to critically and process information, and then, implement.

      I’d say the motivation is even more cynical. Sure, $$$$$$ and profits come first. However, the need for a dumb-down medicated zombie-fied majority to sustain police state powers also play a role.

      • Mgrdichian says:

        Whenever big $$$$$$$ is involved there are a lot of facets and nuances. Power brokers know and practice better than anyone the art of tyranny shared. Donald Rumsfeld and his stake in Swine flu is a case in point. The CIA and opium cartels is another facet. There are countless other examples I’m sure. As the other topics you’ve discussed illustrate, when there is a crisis, a lot of factors are at play. Agreed, a dumbed-down society is useful and as you argue necessary to fully entrench a police state. But dumbing down vis-a-vis controlled media outlets on a variety of subjects serves the police state in the same way. To say police-state proponents are either among or working with drug companies and are intentionally drugging the population is a direct and strong accusation that I’ve yet to see proven. Taking that position one might claim NYPD Chief Bratton is working with drug companies to dumb down NYC so he and John Miller can ramp up the police state there. I really think it’s more like shared tyranny for profit and power, each recognizing how the other is useful to their own particular end. I’m sure Bratton is just fine with “deviant” NYC kids being contained and controlled with pharmaceuticals. I just don’t think the genesis of pharmaceutical use with NYC kids starts with him and his ilk. One question that might be asked is, “to what degree do we need to fully comprehend the mechanics of why we are here in order to turn the tide in a more humanistic and holistic direction?”, because ultimately it seems that’s the goal.

        • Agreed, but, we are not talking about the chief of police in XYZ city. Why does the pharma industry is pouring $$$$$$ to elected officials? What are they asking for?

          Why does the pharma industry is so keen on hiring gov ‘insiders’ (From FDA to Dep of Education; revolving door), and the use the-now-outsiders to bribe and buy the ones still inside?

          Who dictates the curriculum of public school kindergarteners? And when 5-yr old does not perform based on the dictated guideline, he/she is pressured to seek medication … or else?

          If you think that maybe going this far (the claim that it is by design) is possibly too conspiratorial, I have one that goes to the heart of this conspiracy:

        • Another good example would be: Use of various mind-altering drugs (some of them with detrimental side-effects) by the US military (Think of all the related scandals during Vietnam War that were exposed) experimenting with various ways to enhance their soldiers mind/behavior for their particular objectives.

          Now, why would they draw the line with the American soldiers? Who said they would? Thus, the partnership between the two (MegaPharma-Gov) goes beyond $$$$$. There are other mutually beneficial results for the parties involved. No?

          • Mgrdichian says:

            Who dictates the curriculum of public school kindergarteners? GOVT. And when 5-yr old does not perform based on the dictated guideline, he/she is pressured to seek medication … or else? IT HAPPENS AT ANY AGE. HATE TO BRING UP OLD GIRLFRIENDS BUT I HAD ONE WITH A PROBLEM KID. THE THREAT WAS IF THE KID DOESN’T STRAIGHTEN OUT HE WILL BE HELD BACK A YEAR. SHE WAS A PHARMA PILL POPPER SO CONVINCING HER WAS A NO-BRAINER)

            Another good example would be: Use of various mind-altering drugs (some of them with detrimental side-effects) by the US military (Think of all the related scandals during Vietnam War that were exposed) experimenting with various ways to enhance their soldiers mind/behavior for their particular objectives. TO PREVENT MUTINY AND DRUG SOLDIERS UP SO MUCH TO BELIEVE KILLING INNOCENTS IS PATRIOTIC. I HAD A COUSIN WHO CAME BACK FROM VIETNAM AS A DRUG ADDICT — A MENTAL VEGETABLE. I KNOW ABOUT THAT ONE FIRST HAND. I’LL ARGUE THAT THE DIRECTIVE CAME FROM THE MILITARY, ITSELF, NOT FROM CIVILIANS IN POWER)

  3. It’s a given that state-controlled schools will be oriented towards the functions, and mal-functions, of the Deep State. The Deep State has the same basic imperatives as a weed coming up through a crack in the sidewalk: To endure, and to grow larger and stronger.

    While I’m sure the pharma industry is fully on board with drugging school kids, I think the ultimate objective is simply to facilitate the process of shoving the child-sausage product through the school system, in the same sense that certain chemicals are added to mass-produced products solely to facilitate the production process. Such as plasticizers and anti-foaming agents.

    At the functional political level, publicly-funded schools provide a funding base for teacher unions, which feed funds back into the political process. Pretty much the same concept as milking a cow.

    Does the school system ever directly respond to MIC imperatives? That is something which I experienced but have not made a study of, so I can only relate my (ancient) experience. I was in public schools throughout the decade of the 1960’s, having entered first grade two years after the “Sputnik Crisis”. During that time, especially during the first half of the decade, there was much concern, bordering on panic, over the Space Race and the Missile Gap. As a result, the public school system was tasked towards the objective of cranking out “rocket scientists”, engineers and so forth, and the Federal government became involved in funding this effort and setting curriculums. Some elementary teachers received special training in how to teach in the “accelerated” classroom, and children were screened by IQ and/or other criteria for diversion into these classes. None of this was oriented towards the best interests of any child, but rather towards the collective imperative of the State in the context of the Cold War. My first diversion occurred when I went into fourth grade, and continued through sixth grade.

    We were pushed hard, and kept separate from other children even in terms of when we went to lunch and recess. We were learning algebra in fifth grade. We were continually reminded we were expected to be better and work harder. Failure was not an option. Several children had nervous breakdowns, including myself. My parents were told, of course, that they and I should be very grateful for the special opportunity I was being afforded, and therefore any measures needed to keep me in the class should be taken. So I ended up on tranquilizers in the sixth grade. Then my family moved to a different state during summer vacation, and next year I was in junior high and there was no longer anything “special” about my classes, other than I was academically ahead of most other kids. Due to my background I was asked to tutor struggling students, which I found rewarding. So the in course of four years, I went through hell and came out intact and functional, which I’m thankful for.

    I don’t know how typical my experience was in a national context. Like I said, it’s not a subject I’ve examined.

    • “The Deep State has the same basic imperatives as a weed coming up through a crack in the sidewalk: To endure, and to grow larger and stronger.”: I’ve been talking about ‘deep state’ since 2002. But never so eloquently. Beautifully said.

      “At the functional political level, publicly-funded schools provide a funding base for teacher unions, which feed funds back into the political process. Pretty much the same concept as milking a cow.”- Again, very good point; great analogy.

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience. You said: “but rather towards the collective imperative of the State in the context of the Cold War.” This is a very important point. The MO is the same today, but the context has been changed: “Terrorism.” This is why we are witnessing DHS classes being incorporated into high school/middle schools curriculums. We see TSA/DHS partnerships with Boy Scout programs. Back then, it was raising all these nuclear scientists, astronauts, engineers … The big enemy back then was the Soviet Union & Communism; our survival depended on who was going to get better in designing and producing superior tools of wars.

      Today, the enemy is ‘these terrorists all over the world under various names and titles and abbreviations. They are everywhere.’ The emphasis is on not only the war tools, but also, the intelligence tools (I consider ‘intelligence’ in this context quite ironic, and moronic). Why now? In addition to Military Industrial Complex (MIC), our government and its partner corporations have given birth to ‘Intelligence Industrial Complex.’ We want more and better snooping powers, surveillance abilities, we want to have more informants. Did you know that DHS Boy Scout joint program also includes exercises that teach little kids how to detect and inform on possible terrorists?
      Starting in high school they are advertising all the available jobs for those who are good at, or have desire for, and have skills for snooping, spying, ratting out, becoming informants, hackers … to serve the Mega Intelligence Industrial Complex. Of course, the Federal Government being the one extending trillions of dollars to the industry (do you know how many millions work as contractors for federal government within this industry? Millions.’

  4. The basic problem in the US is State education and lack of teaching that encourages critical thinking and reasoning. Home schooling by “lobotomized” and prescribed drug addicted parents are not capable of home school their own children, nor should be. They are forced into the State run education system operated by brainwashed “teachers” who encourage or are pressured by the State to drug and “lobotomize” the next generation. (Your children belong to the US “community” not to the parents, don’t they?). This is just a continuation of “lobotomization” from generation to generation.

    The “Revolution”, or awakening in the US can come when the current “aware” or partly aware population act or educate their next generation.

    • It would be very interesting to get reliable surveys/research/statistics that compares the percentage of public school students who are diagnosed (and are being treated) with medication vs. the percentage of homeschooled children diagnosed with ADHD/on medication.

      I’ll look/search and see if I can find such data.

      Of those I have met personally, maybe 50-60 parents who homeschool, none of them were medicating their kids with antipsychotics, and majority of them specifically opposed the notions of medicated-kids. But then again, this is not a sample that can be generalized.

      I’d also argue that those adults who are pill-poppers, lobotomized, tend to be the ones who vehemently support the idea of ‘outsourcing their kids.’ Many of them would not consider having several kids to deal with around the clock, and the patience and desire and all the work that go with that, a great idea. But again, that’s me.

  5. I think the basic problem in the U.S. isn’t basic at all, but to describe it briefly and to answer of few of Sibel’s questions to the forum, if we assume the controller of the schools is government, and the controllers of the government are ‘interest groups’, and interest groups range from blackmail to revolving doors, from highest bidding lobbies to MIC government contracts, from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to ‘global partners’, and from the Federal Reserve System to the World Bank, the people who have a direct interest in our schooling are all of the aforementioned and everything in between. Unless you can match the resources of any ot these groups, I’d say changing the public school system to your benefit is unrealistic. The beneficiaries of these education institutions, are the same people who created and continue to design them. It isn’t just about dumbing down, it’s about creating highly intelligent cogs for their machinery. The polymaths are gone and all we have now are PhDs in specialized fields. Compartmentalized, intelligent, dependent, indocrinated cogs. This appears to be working in concert with some sort of zombification ( dumbed down, doped up, poisoned, consumerist, welfare state ), Who benefits in all of this mess? The dominating ‘interest goups’. And clearly mega pharma is no exception, where school staff are essentially drug peddlers, I wouldn’t be surprised if soon the stationary comes complementary of the Pharmaceuticals, logo, slogan and all.

    How on earth did we ever get to this point? Wars, welfare… and schools. Indeed, natural has nothing to do with any of it, but rather very well calculated flexible designs, and we most certainly wouldn’t be here without their ingenious ‘education system’.

    As far as taking back the education of our children into our own hands, actually, back into the child’s own hands that is, providing environments that provide everything you mention in your podcast, it seems to me that the answer is not found in public schools. It is in the opposite. Homeschooling in concept encompasses the opposition to the ‘interest groups’. But the answer to an individual’s ‘education’ may not be anything that looks like education at all. Beyond the limitations of circumstance, there is no limit to the possibilites outside the box of indocrination camps, where the ‘student’ in life becomes limited only to his and the family/teacher’s imagination.

    • “The beneficiaries of these education institutions, are the same people who created and continue to design them.”- So far that’s been my observation as well.

      I see your points, and I can’t argue against any of them.

  6. I’m going to come at this from a different angle. I strongly agree with the thrust of Sibel’s comments and the insights of the above comments today. From my previous comments, it goes without saying that we are dealing not only with a fear-based Fascist/Corporate/police state(excuse the redundancy–since Fascism= fusion of government, corporations, and the military-cf. Mussolini),we are dealing with an anti-organic, all pervading PATHOLOGICAL school system ingrained in our society and inexorably grinding on. Of course, it must be this way. As Sibel noted, US is more or less always at war(700-1000 global military bases).The STATE needs endless bodies. So, from my perspective then, the industrialized sprawling “educational” complex belongs to the ENEMY, as it were.
    Let me carry my thought further and suggest that for a young child to head off to most schools–especially those in a working class(blue collar) neighborhood–although middle-class public schools can be just as bad-that child will sooner or later, be traumatized. Now, the interesting thing here is that a huge amount of physical and deep psychological trauma will come from OTHER CHILDREN. The often numbing experience of what is called euphemistically “THE PLAYGROUND” can be compared, psychologically, to grounds inside an ADULT PRISON-MALE OR FEMALE. I grew up in such territory as a working class kid and quickly learned the importance of “being tough” and hangin’ with the toughest. By pure chance, I happened to be an athlete and did not see the hundreds of young boys and girls who suffered humiliation and were bullied constantly. It would have deteriorated into “Lord of the Flies”–but he grown-ups saved us and we all knew this torture chamber of classrooms ends at 4pm.
    Sun Tzu, from the ART OF WAR(circa 500-300 B. C.): “I f you know the enemy and know your self, you need not fear the result of a thousand battles.”
    The public school system has been this way for well over a century. Most Americans are sending their children there and will probably go into denial if one threatens them with the truth. Oh, and many schools now have metal detectors and real police(apathy is a value for this bunch). Given what I know now, and taking Sun Tzu into consideration —substitute the word “enemy” With the word(s) “school/school grounds”-One must then begin to prepare one’s child for this experience! If one has denied the pathological public school BEAST, and just drops off their child into the strange world of “primary school” which includes that huge yawning “playground” out there with bigger, stronger kids, ahhhh…what can one say?
    If I had to do it over(I’m 74), in my head I’d be thinking, “my girl will learn a certain style of “GUERILLA” techniques. This would be a huge, almost impossible task. I would make sure she would have many close- up encounters with the playground, etc.
    I would suggest that each person who feels school is a surreal industrialized experience, which most Americans do not really see, must decide how to prepare your child for this thing to come.

    Until a certain CRITICAL MASS of people who care about this is reached, it’s business as usual.
    My cynicism notwithstanding, there are possibilities here and there. “FREEDOM IS A STRUGGLE”(from a Black Panther in the 60s). So is uplifting change.

  7. “Until a certain CRITICAL MASS of people who care about this is reached, it’s business as usual. ” Ron, this is exactly where I end up with every specific macro issue U have tackled, and we tackle here @ BFP. From wars to surveillance to lobby-bribe system to …

    I had higher hopes for the internet-enabled alternative media power during 2000-2008. That hope is gone. Many of the same ‘enemies’ began coopting those with any viable chance. Others got so entrenched in partisan wars that I’d say they became even worse than MSM (divisive & destructive mediums). And the dilemma since then, at least for me, has been: “how do we get the critical masses ‘there'”

    Maybe this incredible forum, our discussion, will help us come up with something I haven’t gotten even close to. Maybe. You see, what we have here, at BFP, is that very minute minority; totally awake, capable of critical thinking and observations. And then there is the rest. Far away from BFP.

    I wanted to share another example (not directly related to this topic, but indirectly? yes):

    I spent some time in New Zealand (A modern, adv nation). Okay? I was told that over 92% of women there give birth naturally, with Doulas. Very few women get C-Section, and ]very small percentage gives birth in hospitals. They were shocked, and could not understand how and why most women in US select C-Section (per their doctors/media marketing), and why women were encouraged to treat giving birth as some sort of disease/trauma that required hospitalization. I told them to look the $$$$$#s, and she’s understand; the amount of money made by the medial industry, pharma industry, from turning child birth into a serious lucrative business. Their next question to me was: sure, it is a business there and I can see being advertised/pushed? But how do you explain the women? Don’t they think? Don’t they know? Don’t they think and decide for themselves?’ I thought about that, and then answered it: ‘No. Majority of women there don’t think. They want others (those with vested interests) think for them. They don’t know, because they don’t want to know.’

    Yes. This is where we are all stuck. Okay, I should say: this is where I’ve been stuck.

    • Yes, Indeed, Sibel, we are all STUCK, as it were, in various degrees with endless things. I don’t mean to suddenly sound, in any way, like a metaphysical teacher. I now have little use for gurus, most academics, and “leaders”(alpha types with ego issues). This a reality-based thing with me. Blood, guts, and soil, as it were. I’ve been with “gurus”, so-called “leaders” and have spent decades struggling to realize just what I am. I have paid my dues; and will continue to do so.
      Most adults have a COGNITIVE DISSONANCE dynamic- busy at work in the brain 24/7. From a brain point of view(and I’m really over simplifying); millions upon millions of human brains plunged straightaway to cognitive dissonance on 9/11/2001! Neuroscientists tell us that upon the eruption of strong cognitive dissonance, the brain immediately switches to a less stressful mode out of fear/.non-understanding. Bam! The tension causes the brain to automatically resort to the comfort of denial and/or plunges into the usual, “safe” brain narrative or belief. BRUTE REALITY cannot be comprehended! It was that way for me 9-11-2001. In time my intellectual curiosity/scientific side dragged me into realizing I’ve been staring at exquisite INTERNAL DEMOLITION of 3 huge buildings!
      Why am I going here as it relates to your questioning comments?? Well, my first significant slow building realization was the brute fact that I am a creature with limits. Indeed, I saw/felt that we all are limited creatures–regardless of the issue we with which we struggle.
      Regarding this creative thread that you have created here: will there be an absolute constant degree of semantic confusion and hurt feelings–OF COURSE!! But we continue anyway.
      Regarding “STUCKNESS”– an advanced consciousness Zen type hermit might utter. “You tell me you are stuck. Two things: what is this “you” thing that is stuck? If you can’t answer that now, then put this STUCKNESS in you backpack and keep walking!”
      Can I gently disagree with your words, “totally awake” BPF people(us). I think I know what you intend to say and it is also praising. I have never met a totally awake human–ever. Those are kind words from you, but first we must see more and more deeply into X. No one said this dance was easy and we had no choice about it.

    • “Maybe this incredible forum, our discussion, will help us come up with something I haven’t gotten even close to.” Yes, and to also speak for a moment on something you mentioned at beginning of podcast, the respect for others here… before I make any initial comment in your new series, I first listen to the podcast, whilst doing so, I make notes, and begin to formulate a comment. Then I read through existing comments… and everything changes. My comment takes on a differnt shape entirely. The other comments shift the gears in different ways and expose a new light on the subject in my mind. So, I have tremendous respect for everyone in this podcast series who has ever made any comment at all, your words have not gone unnoticed and certainly have had an effect on me at least, so, as a fellow commenter, thank you to all.

      “This is where we are all stuck.” Yes, I think ‘all’ is the correct word here. At least in facing the masses, which is nothing near critical in both a tipping point and in thinking. In trying to help someone understand the reality of things in any one way, I still cannot accomplish this task. I’ve been working and expanding my articulation for this cause for years now. Still, not even a scratch on the surface of the indoctrinated mind. They say in response to me, ‘… ah, i see. That’s interesting.’ And then it’s ‘business as usual’. Even if I sketch a concept to them so clear in logic, they agree, but… it falls off of them, like a bead of water on the windshield. Which leads one to feel the futility of it all. And as it may seem that way right now, these discussions, whistleblowers like yourself, BFP and other analysts are all so very valuable… for the future generations. BFP is one great example of sunlight beaming down on the overwhelming glacier of indoctrination… it is a slow melt… but a melt no less. I don’t expect to see a serious rise in the tides of ‘awareness’ among the masses in several generations. But without that sunlight, the ever important sea change would never come.

      • This is a great idea, Jeff. I posted my comment before reading the other comments. I will do it visa versa next time.

      • I respect your honesty. I feel that the starting point is to realize deeply how “stuck” we are and how difficult our work will be. It is clear that you see this. Sibel’s “baby”–this particular thread–is beginning to inch towards something meaningful, albeit, still distant and blurry. We are poking around what IS–as opposed to what we desire. Stay with your integrity–it helps all of us. Awareness leads to consciousness, but, alas, it must be done one person at a time. Mass awareness has zero depth. “Leaders’?? Approach with caution.

      • So many great thoughts in this thread following Ron’s 11:20pm post.

        I believe the best way forward for us individuals is to empower and develop our critical thinking faculties and our communication skills. Even if we cannot ‘convince’ others (suffering from cognitive dissonance) with flawless, rational arguments… we can at least bulwark our own minds and bodies in defence against the ‘enemy’.

        And yes, then… perhaps, and I say this with both a twinge of hope and optimism as well as with a fairly rugged awareness of the reality of the enemy’s well funded methods of suppression and containment – perhaps we might grow in strength and number and so contribute to a change. Oh god, I just reminded myself of an Obama sound bite!

        Sibel, you said, “I had higher hopes for the internet-enabled alternative media power during 2000-2008. That hope is gone. Many of the same ‘enemies’ began coopting those with any viable chance. Others got so entrenched in partisan wars that I’d say they became even worse than MSM (divisive & destructive mediums).”

        I imgaine the dashed hope you experienced must have only been highlighted by the experience of having so much inside knowledge of this system. My knowledge has only recently been growing and I have reacted with despair at the same shift in the alt media community. All the more reason to value and protect what you and these fabulous contributors are fostering here.

      • “Like water off a duck’s back” is what your analogy of water beading on the windshield brought to mind, for me. Truly, you cannot and probably should not shove someone down the rabbit hole. They have to peer over edge and eventually fall in of their own accord.

        I think “generations” is a bit pessimistic. Gladio is being laid out on talk radio as I type. I only heard about 40 minutes’ worth, but it seemed as if no punches were being pulled. When public awareness reaches some threshold, the deep state will feel compelled to proactively do something distracting, possibly. Maybe something which really raises the price of poker. I won’t speculate on specifics. I just hope I know it when I see it.

        • @shane Although I admire it in you, there is not an ounce of optimism fueling my personal machinery anymore, however, I agree that ‘we might grow in strength and number and so contribute to a change’ and I agree to this in the sense of realism.

          @Knarf I can very easily see my use of ‘generations’ as pessimistic, but as I mention to Shane, I say it out of my own realistic understanding of history and humanity. Esp that of the very unique, potent, and deeply engrained indoctrination in the masses of the U.S.. My general prediction is rooted in the mind manipulation that goes generations deep. If we reverse the indoctrination… that is a process that I see taking several generations. And it is a reversal that hinges on education (among other things). I think the process of the rising tides can be accelerated by ‘hacking’ the indoctrination. That is thinking counter-intuitively to solving that enormous problem, within its own contraints. I see an important way this is already being done is by creating solutions for the demands of society, that are not dependent on any of the industrial complexes. People may take to these products and services… without even understanding the deeper benefit of disengaging from the respective industrial complex. The de-programming may occur naturally, again from generation to generation, as people are born into an environment of non-public schooling, local farm/garden foods, hollistic health, etc. And as for major energy demands, think Telsa-esque ‘free energy’. But even so, just typing this out, that reveals a long course to come, at least pertaining to a substantial tipping point among the masses, and does not even take into consideration what the machinery of the State(and the masses) will do to counter and/or co-opt all of these measures.

          @ron Absolutely, your ‘starting point’ is the full understanding of ‘what IS’. And if all we ever do here is establish the ‘is’… I personally wouldn’t be disappointed at all. What our personal ‘morning after’ or in your words, ‘what we desire’ may form naturally and overwhelmingly overlap once we have fully revealed the ‘is’ and all of its attributes. Maybe not. Ideology will likely divide us in the end. Perhaps that may be an interesting conversation in the future…. what people think ‘should’ be the ‘morning after’ as opposed to what ‘would’ be if a particular party led the parade, as was discussed earlier in this series. Yet again, perhaps not. It would be a very difficult discussion no doubt, it’s already difficult in that, at least for me, takes a considerable amount of conscious effort to supress my own ideological slant in my own comments.

          • Wow, what minds we have here…

            I’m very aware that many people on here are consciously suppressing their personal ideologies to at least some extent in the interest of something…greater? That very fact, that we can do such a thing when we see a over-arching necessity, should in itself be kind of mind-blowing. Maybe we need to examine what processes lead to ideological divisions, with a very critical eye towards the motivations of the people and/or institutions which have influenced ALL of us to divide up into ideological camps.

            We’re able to rather easily focus on “them”, the shady rulers of the deep state, especially in our tendency to think that if we could just free ourselves from “them”, the world would be a much brighter place. But what about “us”? If laying down our particular ideological banners for a greater cause is OK “this one time”, then why not permanently?

            Ah, but no matter what the morning after looks like, eventually someone has to be put into positions of responsibility, someone has to be “in charge”, and then our ideologies cause us to choose our champions, though they be mostly charlatans. There is where it goes wrong, because it’s almost axiomatic that the desire to rule over others should be – must be – a disqualifier. In my little vision of a better world, people would be chosen to administer the functions of government by a lottery system, sort of like jury duty for a rough analogy. Anyone who met the qualifications would automatically be in the selection pool. You could beg off for reasons of hardship or health, just as you can for jury duty today. But otherwise, if your number came up, you are it, for better or worse. Mayor or President or whatever. Once you serve your term, you’re out of the selection pool for some period of time to be determined.

            You’re probably thinking this would lead to a comedy of errors and much inconsistency. I think most people would work hard to rise to the occasion, and it wouldn’t be so bad. If I’m completely wrong, then we as a species are hopeless and deserve to be enslaved.

          • JEFF: A certain wise person said, “It takes energy to create energy”. That person was referring to the difficult existential daily efforts one must make( the term “pay” was often used) in order to build one’s consciousness –not only of one’s self, but awareness of other selves. And to make an effort to deeply see where the “other” is coming from.
            It sounds corny, but we must begin with a struggle to see the “self”…the “me.” Incredibly difficult, of course.
            I’m saying this, because I sense you feel the struggle even though it seems amorphous, not quite clear and perhaps hopeless. Here on this tiny island of Sibel’s thread I’m beginning to see how many of us are interested in helping one another. IMO, this is huge and also rare. It implies we are maintaining a level of integrity. This helps me. If you disappear, then our island shrinks. Intensity also plays a part and I assume semantic entanglements–that’s a part of energy creation. “Too hot to handle” will seldom happen here–and if it does, hell, carry on

          • JEFF; thanks for your eloquency and details. I love this kind of conversation.

            I prefer the company and thoughts of realists who have little to no hope left, than that of the hopelessly ungrounded optimist.

            The latter is about as resilient as a full-blown party balloon and I hate the sound they make when they burst.

            The former is generally who they are, shaped by life’s hard knocks, and/or education into ‘what IS’. And I’m with you and your quite ‘hopeful’ view, that it is only through individually establishing ‘what IS’ that we can be in a reasonable position to do something NEW.

          • Well, as Knarf said, there is all sorts of mind blowing going on in this forum, and Ron, I respect your honesty as well. To hopefully button up this total derailment off topic, I’ll just say this on any hopelessness of the struggle, we have a lot of work cut out for us and even if I were standing in complete darkness, which I’m not, and without any hope whatsoever, which is also not the case, I certainly have no plans of disappearing, and I hope none of you(anybody reading this) do either.

    • Here, here, Jeff!

  8. Mgrdichian says:

    You’re not stuck at all. Neither are we. Critical mass will happen when its ready to happen. The Berlin Wall came down in a blink of an eye. Prior to that I never imagined I’d see it in my lifetime. First rule in all of this, don’t try to control the outcome…. you might ruin it or delay it by trying too hard. Who was the catalyst for critical mass in civil rights reform? Was it MLK or Malcolm X, Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Smokey Robinson or Jackie Robinson? No single person. All of them. Don’t try to control it. God blessed BFP, too. All we are doing is preparing the soil. (sounds like a sermon. oh well).

  9. Not a sermon…good advice.
    But….. after previous pdcast. The single mystery of ‘thought’ is central to the entire struggle. Relates to education; but, first in terms of the ‘revolutionary idea’ and percentages allowing spark to ignite while under mass surveillance of PROMIS and AI algorithms designed to predict and P2OG all possible future dissent.

    I go back to the statement by CIA that “the [Warren] Commission and its staff was an excellent safeguard against over commitment to any one theory, or against the illicit transformation of probabilities into certainties” – which not only identifies the commission[s] as poxy safekeepers of heinous conspiracy but, specifically – that a process identified as ‘transformation of probability into certainty’ is key to the information WAR we are undergoing every moment every day,. which is being built on in the Rendon and other ‘Neurobiology of Narrative Framing” superstate/corporation labs.
    Given that PENTAGON Rendon/Rand etc are actually ‘deploying narratives to ‘influence’ thinkers to ‘override ‘conventional reasoning in the context of morally-questionable actions”; we come back to ‘thinking’ – ‘thought’ as core. To deep state predatory R$D changing perception of ‘morally questionable acts’ as their intention. What was beforehand identified as ‘Wrong’, turned into ‘Right’
    So. The individual gift is ‘to think’. ‘Thought’, is the central and individual determinate of our being and thinking is a battlefield Pentagon intends to dominate. LANGUAGE is its conduit.manifestation between individuals : to share : link/ideas . Cross-examine. seek.
    Or, to ‘own’ . Manipulate. to ‘control’. .

    Perception managers are hired to find and manage – safeguard – thinking processes identified as ’transformative’ contesting ’the Official Conspiracy Theories’, or narratives, being supplied.

    Four parts at least, are identified in the ‘probability into certainty’ statement. 1. that there are probabilities and that there are certainties. 2. that resting on the difference is keystone to JFK 911 + other conspiracies becoming certain; 3. that there is an identified ‘transformation’ allowing the balances to shift; and 4. identified importance of owning and safeguarding that process. The power to make ‘illicit’ any means contesting chosen narrative.

    Illicit means Unlawful and Forbidden. So ownership of the legitimizing process – Justice/media/commissions/reports/education etc – legitimizing any ‘theory’ into certainty, is paramount to protecting the LIEs of the superstate operating them; so must forever be on ‘attackdefense’ until and unless they ‘CHANGE REALITY’, and make the lies; the truth. The Truth/Lie dichotomy. you are either with us or with the terrorist. Bush-ROVE:Creating new realities – Which must include the classroom. Because the creators of the ’new realities’ KNOW the conspiracies are LIES, they must protect them to a scientific ‘certainty’; thus ‘conventional reasoning’ of ‘right and wrong’ must be ALTERED to facilitate their Lie becoming the TRUTH.

    and where does that happen in the soul of human ? What part of the deep independent thinking processes have perception managers recognized during ‘human experimentation’ in the Black Sites in the ‘war of terror ? Gained from the medical files ‘won’ at Auschwitz and brought back USAMO by paperclip? From Unit 731 and furthered ‘in the Homeland’ under ULTRA etc ?
    This is talking about changing MORALITY . By stealth and artifice.
    I am stuck there too.
    It is a very deep pool of excreeement.

  10. Gatto has made reference to the only other common usage of the word “school” as being a school of fish — one fin on one fish turns this way and a thousand fish turn in unison. He also noted as historical reference that it was Prussian defeats on the battlefield to the French that led to their government involvement in centralized and standardized schooling, addressing the obvious ‘problem’ that a general can’t win a battle with too many independent thinkers. Further — and I love this point Gatto made — one doesn’t know he has a disciplined group unless they will follow stupid orders which is why he calculates that schools at times include ridiculous assignments. Bottom line is that the whole institution of schooling is agenda driven. Big pharma saw an opening and rushed in. Same as Apple or MS pushing for ipads on every desk, or Gates and company pushing Common Core.

    The school system has become a mammoth bureaucracy with enormous budgets and institutional inertia — it will not change easily, if at all. When society changes then there is the possibility that schools may change. As for now, it’s a dinosaur that serves its controllers and masters.

    What we do have now is the internet which functions as a library of what was previously unimaginable resources. The child’s imagination really has no limitations and only requires experienced guidance. Gatto again points out that a key to effective education is vigorous self-direction — children love learning what is of interest to them. Compartmentalization of subject matter (math, science, grammar, etc.) can be useful, but is not how we learn. If a child is interested in plant biology then ALL those mental muscles will be exercised while pursuing THEIR interest in plants.

    What is left, then, is the socialization of our children and their ability to function and thrive in the company of others. Not a small consideration, but I’ll leave it there.

    A bunch of great comments above and the puzzle is taking shape.

  11. andrei_tudor says:

    My feeling is that mind control is self defeating in the end, and that may be our saving grace. It attempts to separate critical thinking from execution efficiency, and shut down the former while preserving the latter. Basically, the goal is to maintain the ability to execute and implement, the technical side of the brain, if you will, while undermining the questioning side. Technical ability is necessary to keep the machine going, to preserve technological / financial / economic superiority over potential rivals. The questioning / humanistic side needs to go, because it gets in the way of that. But my feeling is that they are destroying both, and that in the end the whole edifice will come crashing down. I see it in the people I work with – no motivation, no drive. And that’s only to be expected, because they sense that the system is rotten, and they cannot enthusiastically be a part of it. They go through the motions because they need the paychecks, and that’s about it. If the same state of affairs is to be found in the military / law enforcement, and it must be, to some extent, then it’s a question of when, not what.

  12. I interviewed with AFT (American Federation of Teachers) to be a lead organizer. I told them my plan was to get all the teachers on youtube, hosting their own tv shows. The response to my plan? Crickets. Dead silence.
    One youtube show can make all the difference. Teachers youtubing, kids youtubing. We “learn by teaching.” Open source schooling starts with a youtube channel. The rest will follow…

  13. Sibel, this was a fantastic podcast. Your argument was beautifully made and is indeed compelling. I agree with it completely.

    However I would like to add something into the mix of this fascintaing discussion (one which I highly value, by the way – thanks to all readers and contributers of BFP!) which may deserve further scrutiny; namely, what is being done with the truly gifted individuals within this system? Are they in fact, being cherry-picked by the same organisational srtucture behind the Education system, the IMC, etc? So as not to go beyond the subject matter of this podcast, I will support my raising of this question with the following snippet.

    I understand that at least during the mid – late 1970s, Dr John W Gittinger (founder of the PAS Foundation – Personality Assistance System) was carrying out a search for highly intelligent children. Both in the USA as well as Australia.
    Info on PAS and Gittinger here:

    I have spoken to one of Gittinger’s test subjects who claims to have been personally tested by Gittinger when this person was aged 5 yrs, in 1974. This person claims, “Gittinger assessed my intelligence, personality, creativity and other cognitive abilities using a battery of tests including the [IQ] Stanford Binet L-M. He also assessed my physical endurance.”

    This person also claims, “I overheard Gittinger discuss my test results. I scored IQ180 on the SBL-M, including 200 on the visual-spatial processing subtest. My test performance made Nana and Pop extremely happy. It bought them favour with the ‘uncles’ who gave them gifts including a big new fridge.”

    It would be worth noting here that the common IQ categories place someone with an IQ of 180+ as being profoundly gifted. Those categories are moderately gifted (IQ130 to 144), highly gifted (145 to 159), exceptionally gifted (IQ160 to 179) and profoundly gifted (IQ180+). Assuming this person’s recollection is true, this would place them in a statistical quotiant of 1 in 26.7 million.

    It is also worth noting that today, most public discussions about IQ tend to cap their categories at 130+.

    Might this be to prevent those who score below 130 to not feel too ‘uncomfortable’ or surprised by their intellectual level? This would, if nothing else, be a useful aspect of a strategy aimed at enabling apathy.

    Another note re this person’s character; they have been a resilient and diligent activist for other victims of child abuse (published articles frequently supported by troves of forensic evidence and documentation).This same person also appeared at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, in June 2013 (a private hearing).

    So what’s my point?

    It is this; what parallel if any can we draw between the actions of an elite organisation who, on the one hand, are dumming down our education system and lobotomizing the greater population, and on the other hand, are seeking out the best and brightest?


    • Shane, I am only aware of two agencies doing this based on my work with veteran intel whistleblowers.

      #1 (The one that does this most): NSA. I was told (by more than a few high-level NSA techies) that ‘somehow’ the agency had been given info by the schools (none of these individuals went to private schools) when they were in Middle or High School. Their IQ above 150+ (3 out of 4 are MENSA members). They were recruited by the end of High School and nurtured towards furthering their education, after which they officially began working full-time for the NSA. All of them were in ‘Tech’ category, with specialties in high Math and computer. Additionally, another one was tested after he was recruited as a regular military guy (Air Force), and later, were taken in by the NSA.

      #2 -DIA (via one high-level former DIA). This person ended up leading specific black-ops from the ‘planning’ side (not the mission execution side).

      Very interesting point. Thought-provoking.

      Also, thank you for your kind and encouraging words regarding this new program and our stellar community.

    • Another quick addition: I was told by one former high-level NSA Tech expert that the agency also encouraged them to merry each other (the genius techies) and produce off-springs. They have all sorts of NSA gatherings/clubs in place where the off-springs and families get close to each other, and again, encouraged to form family bonds.

      Again, this is based on one former high-level NSA associate. I haven’t had a chance to confirm it with additional sources.

      • Sibel, thank you for responding to my post.

        I have to say I’m a bit thrilled by it, because I have been a big listener to your work for over 12 months. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading LONE GLADIO.

        Regarding your information; thank you. That is interesting.

        And your final point re high IQ operatives being encouraged to marry and produce offspring goes to the heart of my source’s understanding of IQ being an inherited faculty. Not one ‘created’ by nurture and or education.

        My source states, “Modern science is revealing that which the pioneers hypothesised – that intellectual ability is a genetically inherited trait. People with superior intellectual ability (i.e., IQ130+) possess different brain structure and function. Scans show that the brains of intellectually gifted individuals are denser and more interconnected. Functional MRi scans show that gifted individuals engage both brain hemispheres when they are performing cognitive tasks, compared to normal brains that are activated on a single side.”

      • Sibel, I’m not really sure what to make of this, but I recalled this talk by the Jazz musician, Gilad Atzmon, on genetic selection in the Jewish community:

        For those unfamiliar, Gilad renounced his Israeli citizenship along with his Jewish identity and is a vocal critic of Israeli policy toward the Palestinians.

  14. arealjeffersonian says:


    Great comment re gifted children “what is being done with the truly gifted individuals within this system?”
    Logically it would seem that gifted children would be at a very high risk of being diagnosed with ADHD or other behavioral “conditions”. And then they are drugged, and then what happens to them and the promise for humanity from their special abilities?

  15. My favorite show ever!

  16. Oh gosh. How rude of me stating, ‘My favorite show ever!’ without qualifying: Smooth music with meaningful words, consistently controlled vocal articulation (Sibel), clearly laid out agenda, thoughts organized pertinently.
    I recognise your artistic development as a vocal artist because your nuances. I want to hear Peter B. Collins introduce one of these. Next, Andrew to speak with you and fill out that narrative. Then, James Corbett to do a summary at the end. Lastly, of course, Leonard Cohen. Sorry to be fantasizing, in this way, but why be passive or docile here, right. Well done Sibel a really powerful piece. Inspiring and spot on.

    • I agree with you, hermaph.

    • 🙂 Thank you for encouraging words, Hermaph.

      We’ve been trying to do that with our BFP Round Table Discussions. The main obstacle has been: Scheduling 4 people for a recording session (Since Corbett is the main recorder/editor we have to also deal with time zone differences). Another difficulty: Coming up with a topic/subject we all agree upon. And another one: settling on topics that we have differences of opinion on (we usually end up nodding and agreeing with each other- which is a good thing, but it doesn’t allow for a ‘true’ debate.

      As a side note: I would love to sit around a dinner table with our BFP producers for hours-long food, discussion (and laughter) session. Maybe one day!

  17. John Phillips says:

    Sibel and Company
    Far be it for me to add significant insight to this on-going dialog. Sibel does an excellent job in surmising the topic and asking the questions. The issuing dialog is far-reach and obviously pushing the envelope. The answers are, I think, ”duh…of course!” These truths seem self-evident. I would say that if the government wants to attack home schooling they will do it through taxes, and regulations as they have done to the organic food producers. They will start with “defining” what home schooling is and go from there.

    Sibel. If I may, a little matter of semantics to consider. You tend to use the word “believe” in your discussions and questions. May I suggest using the word “think?” Without going to Webster’s for a definition to me to “believe” or have “belief” requires no facts. Belief doesn’t require thinking… just the act of “believing,” does it not? I use the term “believe” sparingly when I truly believe without evidence or train of logic to the contrary.

    “Thinking.” Well, thinking requiring thought, consideration with some evidence to support the logic or train of thought. My two cents worth. This could be a subject all to itself.

    May I suggest a few solutions to the current topic?

    Play your own game
    Home schooling is one of many ways to play by YOUR RULES and not those of the “state.” Sibel has explained a little about her daughter curricula and should be considered for others to follow.

    If you can’t home school due to economics, time, and needed resources…be active in your child’s education by attending Teacher-Student meetings, going to the classroom during session and helping your kids with their homework. Teaching is a great way to learn…wouldn’t you say Sibel? Introduce critical thinking on your own. There is no reason you can’t supplement your child’s public education.

    I made my kids sit and watch movies like the Grapes of Wrath, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Severn Years in Tibet, and many others…all the while providing commentary, insight, discussing the movie’s theme and assumptions, politics, etc. My kids ARE readers…soon to be leaders!

    We have several educators in our family, two in my neighborhood, a few past lovers and friends. All said the greatest challenges to teaching are fighting the administration and getting the parents interested in the children’s education! Be involved.

    Go to School Board Meetings! Speak out, be professional and coherent, be influential, be “in their face!” For decades the evangelical Christians have been using this strategy at the school board level, and at the County and State government level with great success. Borrow their playbook.

    Start a local Education Coop with area families and retired or unemployed educators! Pool resources.

    Develop your own business rules. I’ve told credit card companies that I didn’t care about their rules. That I play by my own and if they want my business, they better take care of me. This HAS been successful.

    While in Rome…gotta play by their rules.
    Pay your taxes as necessary and avoid the rest.

    Manage for an excellent Credit Score…it gives you advantages in “their world.”

    Credit Unions…not Banks. Until there are alternatives.

    Vote with how, where and with whom you spend your hard earned money. The Corporations and financiers pay attention.

    Buy local, buy farmers markets, cultivate a relationship with area farmers and ranchers (pun intended).

    Keep your car in shape to avoid being pulled over. Make sure your wind shield is clear, tail lights flashers, etc. function, registration, insurance docs, etc. are up to date.

    Always be polite and respectful to the police! Never run! I’ve been in a few very tight situations with cops over my many years…these guys have egos and are trained to take command. Respect them in the moment. Tell them to fuck off later! All else fails…hire a ball busting lawyer! I shudder to think what would have happened during these moments if I were a black man.

    Learn to say “NO!”

    Buy a homeless person a meal. Just for you…it feels good to do something nice for someone.

    Don’t be a hypocrite to your values in your careers. Fight the good fight!

    All the Best

    • John,

      Valid point re: use of ‘think’ instead of ‘believe.’ I see your point.

      The coming gov attack on HSing: A good example would be what we are seeing with the recent measles cases. With less than a handful cases, with Pharma leading the media + gov + schools are going into this full-force attack mode. My local media here in Bend has already begun linking it to HS’ers. This was one of the hypothetical scenarios I was trying to paint: use a couple of isolated incidents to build a case, recruit ‘majority’ support, and attack to eliminate. Next, from vaccines, they will expand and move towards ‘Mandatory Flu Shots.’
      Similar to Sandy Hook incident: how these types of incidents can be utilized/capitalized on for ‘agenda.’

      • John Phillips says:

        On the Aljazeera web sight today
        Your hypothetical scenario about big pharma is not so hypothetical.
        All the best

        • andrei_tudor says:

          Throw together scientific terms, concerned parents, concerned politicians, doctors mentioning dying children (even though no fatalities have been reported), mix well, and add a healthy dose of doomsday style reporting, and you have the perfect recipe for scaring people into submission. And yet all this fear could be easily dispelled with just a little bit of rational analysis.

          Herd immunity is being thrown about relentlessly, but obviously very poorly understood. The mathematical model used to calculate the magical 95% vaccination rate is based on one assumption that gets lost in all the hype – people are either susceptible to the disease, or immune to it. Vaccinated individuals are assumed to be immune. Herd immunity is defined as the percentage of immune individuals beyond which the disease will die out IN THE SUSCEPTIBLE PART OF THE POPULATION, those who are not vaccinated, that is.
          Under the model’s assumptions, whether or not herd immunity is achieved has no bearing on whether a vaccinated child will contract the disease, because vaccinated children are considered immune.

          The hysterical parent who screams at the top of their lungs that I’m putting their child in danger because I’m not vaccinating my child, and wants to force me to vaccinate so that their child is safe, could hopefully be made to sit still for a few minutes and explained these simple facts. And hopefully he / she will think twice before springing into action the next time he / she reads about the irresponsible citizens who compromise herd immunity by not vaccinating.

          • That is a really good argument, andrei.

            I haven’t heard this clarified before and it comes in handy for a debate I’m having on Bookface regarding the Disneyland event. Thank you for posting it.


          • … and they will be using this exact same MO and tactics for the coming mandatory flu shots as well. It is coming.

          • “The hysterical parent who screams at the top of their lungs that I’m putting their child in danger because I’m not vaccinating my child, and wants to force me to vaccinate so that their child is safe…” I heard NPR a while back doing exactly this, inciting hysterical, irrational anger in the people who are already vaccinated, thereby by proxy of the angry mob, terrorizing everybody else. Essentially peddling hate and fear through the airwaves. It was breathtaking.

          • andrei_tudor says:

            Shane, here’s a more comprehensive explanation of the model and the math behind it.

  18. (Sorry for the late reply)
    – Another component is that here in the US drug & medicine advertisements in magazines & on TV are allowed. I know that in other countries it’s forbidden to do that.
    – I think LOTS of children don’t have ADHD but are simply “busy bodies”, are “restless” and have difficulty to adapt to the required discipline that’s required for being able to learn things in school. I think that over time these children will “calm down”, will Show less (supposedly) syptoms of ADHD.
    – Those “Experts” often are benefiting financially from prescribing that medicine/those drugs.
    – A good example of how corporations benefit from a docile & indoctrinated population is General Electric. They earn LOTS of money from the MIC. To “control” the message regarding their MIC interests they also have bought a TV station (NBC ??).
    – Teachers have their own reasons to “go along with the flow”: student loan debts, low pay, the need to have a job, etc. So, they’re overburdened with their own (personal) problems and don’t have the will or energy to “think outside the box”. Although they personally know or are aware that the system is “skewed”, the system benefits certain interests groups. And those groups are not only corporations but also other (religious) interest groups who want to “comtrol” their “followers”.

    Yes, some groups DO have their “own agenda” but the current situation is also the outcome of an gradual evolution.

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