Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD: Measles vs. MMR Vaccine- Risks & Benefits

“The risks of the MMR vaccine are greater than the risks of having measles. This fact is gradually coming to light.”

Here are a few excerpts from an excellent article written by Dr. Miller at LewRockwell.com . I encourage you to read the full article, and get that critical thinking juice going:

MMR vaccination for measles provides immunity against the virus that causes this disease, and people are spared having to suffer through its debilitating manifestations and be subject to possible complications. The MMR shot, however, does not confer lifelong immunity against measles. It only lasts for several years. Booster shots are required, which studies show to be less effective than the initial one.

Health officials, both in the U.S. and UK, blame unvaccinated people and the “anti-vaxxers” for these outbreaks. Assisted by a compliant media, they downplay the fact that the vast majority of people who are contracting measles have been fully vaccinated against it—more than 95 percent in some outbreaks

The key question, of course, which officials and pundits do not ask (preferring instead to censure “anti-vaxxers”), is: Why would an unvaccinated person pose a danger to the vaccinated population if the vaccine they had is effective and really works?

One benefit of having measles is that a person so infected will then have lifelong, permanent immunity to it. Mothers transfer antibodies against measles to their babies, which protect them from this disease during their early critical months of life. The MMR shot, however, does not provide lifelong immunity to measles. It only lasts several years, and successively less effective booster shots are required

There is a second, major benefit of measles that health authorities overlook. Measles helps a child’s immune system grow strong and mature

Could the fact that cancer has now become a leading cause of death in children be connected to vaccinations? Only a well-controlled, randomized, blinded, long-term scientific trial would be able to conclusively answer this question. But societal entities that could fund such a study, like the government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), drug companies that make the vaccine, or the CDC do not feel that it is necessary to conduct one

Read the article @ LRC: Click Here

*Donald Miller (send him mail) is a retired cardiac surgeon and Emeritus Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He is a member of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness and writes articles on a variety of subjects for LewRockwell.com . His web site is www.donaldmiller.com.

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  1. tonywicher says:

    Lew Rockwell is a libertarian. I disagree with libertarian political economy; I believe in strong Hamiltonian regulation of the economy through a national banking system. But I am also a strong civil libertarian. I very much believe that individual liberty should be given a high priority. This article actually deals with the first of the two questions I previously asked: are some the concerns about vaccines well-founded, despite the efforts of the commissars on MSNBC to ridicule such concerns as the conspiracy theories of fundamentalist yokels, or some such thing. I think it makes a pretty good case that such concerns are legitimate. It may be that we are discovering that in the long run measles vaccination does have bad effects and it might be better to let kids get measles as you and I did. If somebody believes this and doesn’t get his child vaccinated, I think that his will should be respected. The argument for “herd immunity” just makes no sense. If 90% of the “herd” is vaccinated, then unvaccinated people are less likely to get the disease. How this protects the vaccinated ones I don’t understand. They should already be protected. It looks like getting measles gives one immunity for life, but measles vaccines can wear off. Maybe getting measles, mumps and chicken pox in childhood is both natural and good for you.

    To continue a discussion from an earlier thread, my interpretation of the Constitution is Jeffersonian when it comes to civil liberties. Individual liberty should be interfered with as little as possible. But it is Hamiltonian in the sense that the first thing the Constitution does, before the Bill of Rights, first 10 amendments limiting the government’s power, is to create a powerful central government capable of directing the economy in the interest of the nation as a whole. This was done because the Articles of Confederation were insufficient to create a national power capable of resisting British and European imperialism. The Bill of Rights was added to balance or limit this central power. It cannot be said that the primary purpose of the Constitution was to limit federal power. It was to create federal power, and only secondarily to limit it. We now need to exercise that federal power in the name of the people to get our banking system and our economy back from those who have taken control of it.

  2. Oh my, where will this questioning of authority end?

    When I was a young child in the period 1955-1965, when the “authorities” said your child must get vaccinations, there were simply no questions asked, just do it. When they said scientifically-researched formula is better for your infant than breast milk, and they declared no child should be taught ANYTHING at home especially math or reading because the scientifically-designed school curriculum required a “blank slate”, it would have been positively anti-American to question any of it.

    The concept of home schooling didn’t exist as far as I knew. The only conceivable reason parents would keep their child out of our school was because it was retarded, or enrolled in private school because it was a delicate flower.

    How the state and big pharma must long for the good old days…

    • “When they said scientifically-researched formula is better for your infant than breast milk …”- This is an excellent example, Knarf. Interestingly, a few weeks ago I was discussing this very same topic/example. This community, you, give me hope. So good to know that we are not alone.

    • tonywicher says:

      Actually, I long for the good old days when our public school system was by far the greatest in the world and produced generations of educated and highly productive Americans. My grandfather was a poor-as-dirt Illinois farmer, and father was educated in one of those traditional one room schoolhouses. There was only one teacher for all the grades, but then again he was the only student in the fourth grade. He got a great education and went on to become a physicist. This is what a good public school system does for a country and its people. People did not question either public schools or vaccinations because they trusted their government and thought it looked out for their interests. The problem is that, at least since the Kennedy assassination, if not the death of FDR, it has done so less and less, until we have gotten to the point that we have no more democracy, no more republic but a government that represents only the financial interests of a plutocracy.

  3. Jan Hulsbergen says:

    Because I am new here a short intro, I used to work in the political arena (EU-RF) around natural gas with an incumbent natural gas company and with Shell. Because of my role I worked around national security issues and geopolitical plays. Since a couple of years I work on a consulting basis, I felt a moral obligation to leave Shell.
    Two subjects: pharma and education.
    Is education still a solid basis to judge media/politics? Overseas in Europe where I live, school budgets are squeezed to the point that teachers will soon be replaced by smartboards. Materials at primary schools are covertly filled with subjects on money, safety concerns and authority of self-crowned royalty.
    Teachers nowadays receive a ‘regulated’ set of materials to display on the screen, with a manual telling them what to say and even how to act. The dialogue, critical questioning and personal development we know from the times of Aristotle and his masters are phased out and 80% of the kids will download the same information – at the same time.
    Pharma and health care. My daughter turned ‘zombie’ two weeks after receiving her BMR shot. Once I found a probable causality between her behavior and the shot it was a few months later. We detoxed her (and her older sister) for about a year. Stopping in-between made her state of unawareness return. Today, 4 years later, she is ok and we will never be the same.
    The discoveries we made about vaccinations did -thanks to the physically ‘challenging’ 911 event that I watched on TV in a San Antonio hotel- not result in a state cognitive dissonance. This should be added to what MD’s prescribe. My wife is a medical specialist, diagnosing and prescribing. the partnership she works in is one of the largest in this country. The MD’s spend around 30% of their time on treating side-effects caused by medication of which 99 out of 100 MD’s never saw the underlying research. Current study is the Fourier study on an injection statin: 22500 people worldwide in the study. Following the stringent criteria her practice has 20 people in the study … out of the about 20,000 who -according to the ‘guidelines’- qualify for statins. That is 1:1000! After the study this injection would be recommended to the other 19,980 as well. An article interesting by Lexchin: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21327723.
    In spite of me and my wife being raised as scientific materialists believing in fundamental research and policymakers with roots in electoral responsibility, we unfortunately had to change our minds!

    Today I regret to see that the US is being fooled the same way the Germans were fooled in the running-up to and during WWII, the same way in which the Pakistan-India conflict is generated, the same way various ME conflicts are organized. Geopolitically distinguishing areas are being weaponized for free, puppet-governments are financed, sparks of terror are created and neighboring nation states are offered ‘help’ is explanatory for anyone who took that dive into historical documents. Fortunately many Americans start seeing the patterns, though not on the level and with the means needed to stop it.

    The people behind it seem to have no nationality and are hard to find and deal with, hiding behind ‘unauditable’, immunity’ and other escapes from the legislative framework you and I adhere to.

    Therefore, it is understandable why those who create and control debt restrict investing in educating the man and his dog: better give uninformed kids guns and tell them that the other side of the border has bad people.

    The whole vaccination story has so many angles, reasons and consequences, it is a long and quite a sad story, and to discuss it one needs to ramp-up complex thinking.
    Thanks for your postings, I hope that through people like you and me the world will soon become nicer and wiser.

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