Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Prosecutor Misconduct Frees “Ecoterrorist”

Peter B. Collins Presents Eric McDavid

In a surprise move on January 8, a federal judge ordered the immediate release of a self-described “green anarchist”, Eric McDavid, after 9 years on a 20-year sentence. Prosecutors withheld thousands of pages of evidence in winning a conviction for conspiring to damage corporate and government property. As in most domestic terrorism prosecutions, McDavid was framed by a paid FBI informant named “Anna” who teased him sexually, suggested a scheme to sabotage a dam in California, and doled out cash to pay for living expenses and the chemicals to be used for a bomb. Anna was paid $65,000 to set up McDavid, and two co-defendants were turned by prosecutors and provided false testimony.

*Eric McDavid was a drifter who was hitchhiking to New York to protest the 2004 Republican National Convention when he met “Anna”. He now attends community college. Read more about his case here.

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  1. Hi Peter

    Good interview. I think this show can be better understood in context by listening to this recent interview with Doug Valentine hosted by Ryan Dawson:

    In that interview Doug makes the important point that for successful drug enforcement agents to make a case they had to first CREATE a crime. This is key — perverse incentives are built into our legal system whether it’s drugs, “terrorism”, eco-terrorism or whatever. In this case with Eric — where the FBI was supposedly watching constantly — the lie is laid bare when the arrest is made with assault rifles drawn and menacing. The FBI certainly should have known that these people were not armed nor violent, but they make a big SHOW nonetheless. In brief, it’s a racket, and I think an interview with Doug on that broader aspect of our legal system could be very valuable.

  2. I heard something similar in the punk/metal circles when I was younger. It’s sad to say, but 90% of the women, and the total of women in the real underground punk rock and metal crowd are maybe 10% of the crowd, and 90% of them are there for nefarious purposes. If they’re vegan even, it means they were or became vegan for the job, not a bad idea for one’s health anyway.

    Same with women who really wants to have sex with you who live in a small town that hosts an Air Force Base…well any base, but Canada’s only strength is its air force so there’s more AFB’s. If you have a job that means you can know stuff the army would be interested in anyway. Happened to a friend of mine, had this girl as his casual lady let’s say living in the same town as an AFB and suddenly he starts receiving a lot of demands from the Canadian AF to join it since they lack scientists in a certain area, which was exactly his. Weird stuff.

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