BFP Roundtable Video- Who is Putin & Why has he let his nation become encircled by NATO

Sibel Edmonds, Pearse Redmond & Tom Secker on the recent “revelation” from Putin regarding Operation Gladio B

In this second episode of the new BFP Roundtable series Pearse Redmond, Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker discuss the recent “revelation” from Putin regarding Gladio B operations in Chechnya. They start with the basic facts that Putin has laid out: intercepts obtained by the FSB show that US officials in Azerbaijan were supporting and backing Chechen rebels during the early 2000’s. The panel each breaks down the interesting timing of these revelations, which come as a series of shake-ups in and around Russia have threatened Putin’s grasp on power. Is this a threat from Putin to the West or a bone to throw to the hardcore nationalists within the Russian Federation? Later they move on to the question of who Putin is as a leader and how he has managed to let his nation become completely encircled by NATO. The group then moves on to how the geopolitical chessboard has been reoriented away from ideological battles into one based on identity and media control. They finish off by looking at how Russia Today fits into this new geopolitical landscape.

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  1. Why would they want NATO in Russia?

    Why are Russia’s officers and NCO’s not doing something about this?

    Is Russia’s military really top heavy with officers? Why?

    I have read that the fall of the Soviet empire was a ruse. Is this true? And in what context did it fall? Are the major powers like Russia, China, and.the US just puppets for those at the top to gain from?

    I have heard Corbett speak of this mess as a 3D chess game. It would be VERY nice to have a full picture of this power game mess represented in a 3 dimensional language like that provided by the concept of 3D chess. We are always hearing about Russia did this, China did that, And US does something… and so on with North Korea, South Korea, Iran, etc….

    It would he nice to know what is at the top of this. Is it a parasite? A puppet master of sorts? An opportunist combine of both? What is its guiding principal?

  2. Amber Sayman says:

    Hello! This is BFP content and I’m being asked for a password to access it. Will my NewsBud password grant me access to BFP content–and is this secure?

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