Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Dennis Hastert: What Remains Beneath?

The Recent Revelations & Indictment: “Only the Tip of the Iceberg”

Welcome to a brief special episode of Probable Cause prompted by the latest mainstream media-government revelations involving Dennis Hastert and hundreds of inquiry e-mails I have been receiving from you and many journalists. In this episode I will be talking about the Special FBI Counterintelligence Operations between 1996 and 2002, involving not only foreign targets, but also high-level elected and appointed US officials. With this episode I will be going on record, again, on Dennis Hastert, Dan Burton, Tom Lantos, Jan Schakowsky … and much more.

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Show Notes

Vanity Fair: “An Inconvenient Patriot”- By David Rose

Sibel Edmonds’ State Secrets Privilege Gallery

Sibel Edmonds Fights to Testify

Sibel Edmonds’ Deposition

Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?

Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One Is Listening

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  1. Mike Mejia says:

    Very well put Sibel. I would hope some enterprising journalist would put 2 and 2 together and say, ‘Gee, Hastert was a pedophile before he entered Congress and he at least knew about the 2006 Page scandal…is it possible he was involved in crimes against children while a member of Congress?”
    I’ve perused the media and heard mostly B.S.- everyone is so ‘shocked’ that an honest, clean guy like Denny could do something like this. Yet there are some other reports that indicated certain members of Congress knew of rumors about Hastert as far back as 2000. So if there were members of Congress already aware of rumors about Hastert, how is it credible everyone is so ‘shocked’ by these revelations?

    I guess I have to give some small credit to Rachel Maddow for at least mentioning the Vanity Fair article. But I seriously doubt she’d follow up on it.

  2. This Is why I…Have been a Soldier in( Nato.).
    For You Sibel…And other Very kind and true People..
    All Around this Old World We live in.
    I am just A small little person, in all of this Madness.
    Please Stay safe…
    Best Regards from Bornholm

  3. Wally Sarkeesian says:

    Hi Sibel,
    yes it is so frustrating not be able to tell the truth to expose the criminals and we do feel your pain, it looks like every Government in the world they spend more resources to hide there own crime then protecting the people that elected them. but what is the solution?
    could you kindly allow me to publish the audio on with all the links?
    thank you

    • Hi Wally,

      Since 2008 I hold the majority responsible- they are reaping what they sow. This is why I started BFP. And this is why I have to decline your polite request. This podcast, the few words I had to say, is only meant for our community here @ Boiling Frogs Post. As I emphasized in this episode there are dozens of on the record interviews, articles … I provided to the public (to everyone) between 2005 and 2009. For the majority this is another short-term entertaining scandal. This one is only for you and the rest here @ BFP community, our critical-thinking members.

  4. Sibel,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together! Yet again, you’ve gone above and beyond and, as always, I’m quite grateful for all that you have and continue to do on all of our behalf as a truth teller and a fighter. Hopefully the publicity of this limited exposure will spark some interest in your case, the larger body of work you’ve contributed on the subject matter (and far beyond), and perhaps, if we’re lucky, some people might put two and two together with the help of The Lone Gladio. 😉

    For now, although I’m sorry that this story had to break while you’re trying to enjoy a much deserved vacation, it’s nice to hear from you nonetheless =] Hopefully this bullet point podcast will be enough to keep the dogs at bay until you return. In the meantime, take good care and we’ll look forward to hearing from you when you get back.


  5. Katie Stewart says:

    Wow, thank you so much for taking a time out on your travels to post this. This was exactly what I needed to hear right now and I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate this podcast. Safe travels!

  6. Thanks Sibel,
    What was interesting to me when this story broke was why now, what reason etc.
    I can only assume it had something to do with putting congress on notice to make the ‘correct’ vote on a particular surveillance legislation (‘Freedom’ Act) bill that occurred around the same time.
    Now its all history and no longer a news story – nobody in the wild cares any more.
    That discussion might make an interesting roundtable when you return from your break.

  7. I don’t mean to provoke you, but why do you, plural, mind gag orders and such? Why not just steal the stuff and dump it on the public? Or would it be ignored effort? I have always wondered about that. It is like there are all these people with all this access to blow stuff open, mechanics, law like you were, house keepers, Lou types, etc and so on and so on, but no dumping the data…

    And then on top of it you have all these people who will die for the dumbest of causes, something lame as a gang vest or territory or other silly crap, but they won’t point themselves in a truly useful direction.

    There is a deep flaw in the logic of this worldly system. Its like all the feed back mechanisms have been shut off. Like the dialogue necessary for things to run smoothly has been greatly impeded.

    • Olivier says:

      Are you arguing that the repercussions to be expected from defying the state are not worth worrying about for an individual?

      • I wouldnt say they’re not worth worrying about, there are many very bad things they can do and some of my first posts were about that, but there are plenty who have none to depend on them. The issue is, if you can do it, and can afford the sacrifice, why not? Would there be a benefit? Would people even react to Denny or some other peson bashing in a baby’s head with a hammer? Its not about forgiving or hating, it is simply why is this not done? It seems such a severe weakness. And there are so many people looking for a weakness in the beast. Why are they not aiming here?

        • Olivier says:

          Hi Sibel, thanks a lot for yet another fascinating episode.

          I’ve been looking at the dates you mentioned, one of which seems to be 2009-08-08. I didn’t quite get it, but I was assuming you’re talking about 9/11 once you’re talking about crypic dates.
          Let me try to link the gallery to 9/11:

          1. During the 80s, US power brokers play the Islamic card in Afghanistan against the Russians, by having the Saudis pay for madrasses in Pakistan, and have the ISI train and arm fighters to be sent against the soviets. The end result was considered cool.
          2. After soviet collapse, said power brokers go for a second round in the 90s, now targeting the ex-soviet republics. Graham Fuller says Turkey is a good staging ground, given their similar language family with the ex-republic, and their aspirations for a greater Turkey. Gülen is made figurehead through which billions are (made) available for madrases in and the islamisation of Central Asian republics. He’s buddy-buddy with Turani.
          3. The Conquer-Central-Asia-Through-Islam-project involves:
          a. A change of establishment in Turkey, since strategy-of-tension relations with Turkey were not religion-based.
          b. Recurring contact with Al-Zawahiri, Bandar, some meetings for which occured in the US embassy in Baku.
          4. When gladio-A operative Çatlı dies at Susurluk in Turkey, (possibly as part of 3a), US embassador in Turkey Grossman gets pulled out apparently in haste with no reason given. Douglas Dickerson used to work for him. Both are also part of a Turkish coercion network which operates to buy military secrets and force lawmakers to do Turkey’s bidding. Çatlı had Chicago as his headquarters, and a number of the members / victims of the coercion ring are also in Chicago.
          5. The gallery is a set of targets of the FBI’s special counterintelligence project:
          a. members / victims of the Turkish coercion ring, typically lawmakers who get bribed / blackmailed, intermediaries that do the bribing / blackmailing,
          b. pentagon / state officials who presumably communicated with targets in Turkey, because of the Central-Asia project.
          6. This specific ring is possibly the Turkish chapter of a wider international ring of Ted-Shackley-Safari-Club-BCCI-type.

          Looking at the 9/11 project, there’s a number of TODOs:
          a. Write a manifesto
          b. Set up patsies, either as witting or not.
          c. Fly & Crash planes
          d. Produce passenger calls
          e. Bring buildings down
          f. Send out anthrax letters
          g. Cover the tracks: Silencing insiders & misdirecting investigations before and after the act

          It would seem the only link I’m aware of between the project and the Gallery is the neocons writing the manifesto.
          Or did I misunderstand the idea that the Gallery constitutes a set of 9/11 suspects? Did anybody else look into this?

    • While the young have the luxury of sacrificing their lives for a cause, adults who are responsible for the care and rearing of children are to be forgiven for declining to throw away their lives — let alone endanger their loved ones — especially when there is little likelihood of significant change. Assassinations and credible threats have been far more commonly employed against change agents (even in local issues) in my lifetime than we feel comfortable acknowledging.

    • A Name:

      Are you f##king kidding me? Is this a question for Sibel? You’ve provoked me. I’ve been misunderstood perhaps on similar grounds here recently, so I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to walk back from this question and what you seem to be implying before I blow a fuse.

      For the rest of you, am I missing something or overreacting? I’m going to try to keep a lid on it until I get a response, but yes: I’m f##king provoked enough that I’m short of anything clever to say (at least at the moment). Someone please help me out here…

      • Sorry for the tone here… not usually my style, but this comment rubbed me the wrong way like a sandpaper jogging suit…

        • I tend to do that. But I wasn’t suggesting anything and I’m not sure what you are suggesting I’m suggesting.

          At worst I was trying to provoke those with the power to do so to do so. And also, it does baffle me. Why isn’t it done? I haven’t finished the book, but what stopped Lou for example? I can understand backing down when you’ve got others to protect. I can understand it when you’ve go nothing worth much to risk it for. But there are people that throw their lives away every day for nothing. Why haven’t some of those care not types gone after the red meat?

          • Olivier says:

            Are you referring to soldiers throwing their lives away for nothing? The level of deceitful persuasion / recruitment applied to young people that typically have low career expectations goes a long way towards concluding that those lives are not exactly thrown away consciously. The sacrifice you’re referring to would typically be more of a conscious process, so viewed like that you can’t really compare modern soldiers with whistle blowers. A better comparison would be with human rights activists under dictatorships, which do in fact exist. Sibel once compared the willingness for activism in Turkey with that in the US and asked why the US people on the whole seemed more apathetic.

            If I were forced to bet, I’d bet the reason is that for humans in general, compliance correlates with material privilege. One might also point to differences in ideological education leading the West to a world-view along the lines of Bentham-Malthus-Darwin, where everybody’s individual self-interest is supposed to add up to The Best. And so that gives people a story with which to conclude that it is in fact better not to make sacrifices, other than that they just don’t want a pair of scissors shoved up their #sses.

          • A Name:

            Now that I’ve cooled off. What pissed me off is the fact that what you seem to be implying is; why doesn’t someone like Sibel just defy the gag order and put the information out there in its entirety?

            I feel that Sibel is in a class of her own as far as bravery and pushing the envelop in getting the truth out about her case. Even going as far as writing a subversive novel, cleverly using the medium as a means to lay out more explicitly the nature of the content she’s been prevented from disclosing. Something I’m at least hoping might lead people to putting two and two together, as I put it earlier, and pick up The Lone Gladio and begin to understand that; to use Sibel’s phrasing; what’s been revealed in the Hastert case is only the tip of the iceberg.

            I’m hoping that if you haven’t read The Lone Gladio you’ve at least read Sibel’s memoir, Classified Woman. With this in mind, like others here, I have an extremely deep admiration for Sibel’s bravery, determination, integrity, and willingness to essentially go through a living hell to get the truth out to the American people, using all the “proper channels” and, in doing so, exposing the fraudulent nature of our so called Constitutional Democracy. Also exposing the lengths the deep state will go to in order to insulate itself from exposure and carry on with the plethora of nefarious activities across the globe.

            The question “provoked” me because it sounded as if you were saying; why not just take the risk and put the information out there? The short and quite obvious answer is because Mrs. Edmonds doesn’t want to spend god only knows how many years in prison in order to do this. I hope at the very least you recognize that this isn’t even a “maybe”. People have done time for exposing even minor details about government misconduct and the nature of Sibel’s case is explosive enough that I don’t even think it would be an exaggeration to say that attempting to reveal the details in full could be life threatening.

            Bottom line is that I don’t think Sibel owes anybody a damn thing and I’m grateful that after all the crap she’s been put through in order to get the truth out to the public she still commits herself to push the boundaries to do so on all of our behalf. In doing so, taking risks that I don’t think others would be as brave or resilient to do. This podcast is just one more example. So what your comment, coming directly on the heals of this podcast in particular, came across to me as, was some sort of version of; why not do more? which really pissed me off. Not just “looking a gift horse in the moth”, but having it walk through a TSA scanner.

            As I mentioned though, I was willing to cut you some slack, because a comment I recently made: that I was looking forward to hearing what Sibel had to say, with respect to Hastert when she returned from vacation; which was intended as a complement, not a request, was interpreted by another BFP member as such. That’s all.

          • woops, I just noticed; “looking a gift horse in the mouth“, not the “moth” 😉

          • I wasn’t talking about sibel in particular. I’m talking about all these dumb— jihadis and gang bangers and motorcycle gangsters and infantrymen and even the agents that have fewer ties to this world than some of you. I mean, they’ll risk their lives (sibel was a desk jockey from what I can tell so this wouldn’t include her. It would include the guys who do raids and crap though) for all the dumbest things, they’ll risk being a POW, they’ll risk torture by other gang members, they’ll risk it for some silly war on drigs, they’ll risk it all, and some of them for nothing but nonsense. Why can’t these people, these gutsy bas—-s, be redirected toward a productive goal of information warfare instead of just crap.

            What would happen if someone were to get one of these treasure troves, hijack the air waves and then broadcast it live so that everyone could see how wonderful their leaders are?

          • Thanks for the clarification. I think you’re getting confused about who’s who though. A gag order was placed on Sibel because she was an insider trying to expose that the authorities were aware of a laundry list of gross misconduct that I’ll skip listing here for the sake of brevity.

            What would happen if someone were to get one of these treasure troves, hijack the air waves and then broadcast it live so that everyone could see how wonderful their leaders are?

            Probably nothing. What happened with Snowden’s “revelations”? This is someone who’s managed to maintain his cover of credibility as a “whistleblower”. A radio announcement from one “these dumb— jihadis and gang bangers and motorcycle gangsters and infantrymen” would be written off just as easily as a tax deduction for charity.

          • Besides that, one of these sick SOBs you mentioned who are willing to murder innocent men, women, and children, gunning people down or blowing themselves up in a crowded marketplace, and beheading foreign journalists and so forth that they manage to capture, probably aren’t going to have some sort of epiphany where they suddenly believe that if Americans only knew the truth we could all join hands and sing kumbaya. Let’s be realistic here…

          • Arnar Steinsson says:

            Don´t criminals risk their lives for money? If you go down one of these paths there is a good chance that more productive options are not available to you or don´t seem very tempting.

          • Wasn’t thinking of something like a news broadcast where the dude says “hello everybody! I’m some dumb jihadi gang banger and this is what Denny did”.

            I was picturing more like millions of people watching football and then poof, Denny with his hammer and baby brains everywhere. And then a few days later a similar event. And then on and on every few days until the treasure boxes ran out.

            Also, there are plenty of people willing to risk their lives for good causes but are sorely misdirected. And even among the gang crap there are those who simply want a better life. This would offer an opportunity for those to destroy that which interferes with that better life.

          • Well, as I’ve stated elsewhere, my sense is that you don’t get that high up the ladder to the point where you know enough to become a liability unless you’ve sold your soul a long time ago. Beyond that, Sibel illustrated quite clearly the type of sick ducks you’re going to have coming in contact with the soiled linen and what happens if there’s the slightest chance that you may become any sort of liability whatsoever in The Lone Gladio.

          • Without turning to CIA spinsored, well let’s call it, devil violence.

          • Precisely…

          • Perhaps then a more pervasive approach is necessary. We have surveillance of everyone. It is just that its controlled by a few giving them the monopoly necessary to blackmail. If it could be pressed upon the public that everyone should surveil everyone else then pehaps they would star to ask why shouldn’t these bad ducks be surveilled too. If the proper catalysts could be put in place perhaps this would work. The public fears a threat and perhaps they need a few different threats from both the non power and the power sector to motivate them to favor this. Police corruption would be one useful sector. Denny another. Throw various other forms of corruption and worries about terrorism on top and perhaps the surveillance society could be birthed to replace the police state.

            I hope I spelled surveilled right.

          • That should be vector, not sector. I hate auto correct and touch screens.

  8. Amen, I join the choir of thanks & praise. Visiting closed Black Sites must be emotionally troubling. Soon, if the World is very fortunate, people may tour closed Black Sites that currently operate in the “Homeland”.

  9. Right on BennyB..
    (Bottom line is that I don’t think Sibel owes anybody a damn thing )..
    As I see it, she is a needle in a compass…
    Pointing in the right direction.
    Best Regards

  10. 344thBrother says:

    Very interesting music in this episode Sibel. Is that a tuba I hear? Very different to my ear. Listening to the podcast now. The sound quality is fine to me, a tiny bit muffly/big room soundy… but perfectly understandable.


  11. 344thBrother says:

    I liked Waxman during the W administration. Although I tried to get some/any recognition of the issues of 911 from him and despaired of that.

    Once Obomber got in his true colors showed very clearly to me.

    Even Just for Men can’t help him.

  12. steven hobbs says:

    How venal an attorney closing down an interview to avoid a hearing? How sly of DS to use political Repblocrat competition within different agencies to manipulate outcomes. Seems, mafia and foreign ‘intelligence’ a most explosive information untold outside BFP, to say nothing of blackmail, etc.

    What music did you sample?
    Thank you.
    And, contributors too.

  13. One has to wonder why the syndicate is letting Hastert go down. So to speak.

    When the story first broke I was speculating that perhaps Hastert is being punished for having withheld this particular liability from his masters in the Deep State, especially in light of his apparently paying blackmail from personal funds.

    That theory doesn’t hold much water however, in light of Sibel’s revealing this sordid affair is only the tip of his iceberg. So either Hastert has sinned against someone in the Deep State in some unobvious manner, or the syndicate is not 100% “effective” 100% of the time.

  14. 344thBrother says:

    “a warning to others” agreed.

    So many pedophiles, so little time.

    • Oh, I have no doubt there’s a warning being conveyed. What I DON’T think they intend to convey is the idea that they select 100% loyal players to make examples of – to “take one for the team” just to serve as an example for the purpose of intimidating others. What kind of message is that? “We reward loyalty with betrayal” ?

      Hastert must have screwed the pooch some way or the other, to end up dangling in the wind like this.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Hi Knarf,
        “Hastert must have screwed the pooch some way or the other, to end up dangling in the wind like this.” — You may very well be right about this. Another speculative long shot : if there was information implicating others too, but a compromise was reached with Hastert’s skin required in order to keep other things mum. This may be a long shot, and I’d have no way of knowing. I wouldn’t put it past blackmailers to betray former partners with blackmail. So maybe Hastert is the convenient fall guy for some other end.

  15. CuChulainn says:


  16. albatross0612 says:

    Sibel, having read The Lone Gladio, I’m curious to know if you have seen the Kay Griggs interview from 1998? The two seem to go hand in hand if you look at detail and see past the “Jesus is the way talk”. If the two go hand in hand the iceberg is quite massive beyond comprehension in many ways.

    • 344thBrother says:

      albatros. good connection with Kay Griggs. Her husband the General? *I’m off the cuff here and it’s been a long time since I heard her interview* and the whole secret homosexual induction into the higher orders of the military is another great way to keep things quiet. Now we have a military that has openly stated in writing that sex with animals isn’t cause for reprimand.

      I wonder how that’s working out for them. At some point doesn’t such behavior become “The norm” and thus no longer a threat that can blackmail them?

      I guess then they move on to pedophilia and inevitably child murder… Damn I do NOT like the direction this thought process takes me. I’m still struggling with the book. “Kill anything that moves” about the real war in Vietnam and how it was targeted at civilians to increase the body count and thus support the propaganda that we were “Winning the war”. I started it a couple months ago and after the first few chapters “the horror, the horror” (Yes Marlin Brando was right) just started to overwhelm me. Now it’s page by page and I’m only half way done. I don’t know if I can finish it. I recommend it, but only if you’ve got a strong stomach and a wish to feel stunned. I totally HATE the military now. The top is utterly corrupt, murdering, lying, sick, scum. “Support the troops and they’re fighting for our freedom” be damned. They’re massacring everything in their path. And they’re killing our young people by exposing them to this insane policy .

      Obviously this explains a lot of the veteran suicides during and after the war, and it also explains a lot about thosea who can justify and accept such behavior and then rise to power. Psychopaths obviously and also just bastards who can compartmentalize their experiences and accept it as part of “Doing business”. OK now I’m feeling physically ill. I’ll stop for now.

      I’ve been off line for awhile, thus the silent streak, @Sibel. Enjoy yourselves!

      • albatross0612 says:

        344thbrother, thanks for your feed back. Nothing in the “Kay Griggs” interview is what you call “The Norm” throughout the military wide spread. “If” and that is a big “IF” her allegations were remotely true you would be looking at a group within a group, could that group hold enough influential power? I think yes. Again how it relates to “The Lone Gladio” to me is that the chosen whom are groomed for the top are all for one associated with NATO, most have some IVY LEAGUE affiliation and certainly know the game. Sex scandles in the military are as common as the flu but I have zero first hand experience with it so i will not speak on it, that being said even if you took the sexual initiation out of the interview, any and all references to Christ/Jesus or religion, she comes off to me as borderline crazy yet extremely credible. I have been looking into any possibility of a “Cult” is a bad word but a selected Society within the Military, and a few years ago i would of thought that was crazy. So whatever is there is well hidden in plain sight.

        In the Military you’re not just dealing with compartmentalization, your also dealing with rank structure as well as an Officer and Enlisted Class. Its a culture where the leaders are worshiped and once the glass is over the eyes its hard for most to see through that. That being said most both Enlisted and Officer are outstanding people who have the best of intention and truly believe in what they are doing and should. However I have come to the realization that if most understood how the game is rigged from the Top Down there would be a universally different outlook. As for Veteran Suicides, an issue close to my heart, in my opinion it is because these are such genuinely good people that once they have seen the “DARK SIDE” of the world, a side that we are conditioned and shielded from here in the United States and yet the population remains indifferent and apathetic at large there is no going back to the way it was. The things talked about also make me physically sick, literally. I would rather find out I was adopted then to believe some of the things brought up about our military, yet they must be pursued. I would just encourage relying on facts because it is easy to go on a witch hunt. I also think we are at a point where we are at a race for truth because there is no turning back the clock and time is running out.

        The site CuChulainn recommended is tremendous.

  17. CuChulainn says:

    ISGP, a site i learned about from Tjeerd Andringa, takes Kay Griggs seriously, as you will see if you search for “Griggs” on the site–

    • albatross0612 says:

      Thank You CuChulainn, I will check it out, the interview kind of shook my nerves because she is clearly all over the place but she could not spoken in the military language / acronyms she did unless she lived it. Especially how she speaks on the higher command function. (Particularly Marine Corps) Her Accusations aside, she has some things out of context but to much is dead on.

  18. wallace gromit says:

    Thanks so much for this surprise podcast, and all it represents– your sacrifice and hard work regarding these cases. You’re absolutely priceless to everyone here. Hope you have as relaxing and refreshing a summer as possible, Sibel.

  19. Ribbit-Mark says:

    I somehow missed Sibel’s podcast on Hastert until yesterday.

    I must say I am bewildered by the responses to date.

    For years this site has been a source of excellent information and discussion of 9/11- geo-political-related issues.

    Very often discussion focused on the apathy of the American public with respect to revelations of synthetic wars, surveillance, torture, atrocities and other major crimes.

    We discussed the reasons why Americans in general are apathetic and what could be done to change this.

    At the end of the day, nothing fruitful came from all of these discussions. That is, despite all the brainpower here, we could not come up with a single action item to pursue in an effort to stem the tide or begin to expose the corruption of those in control (save for Sibel’s Oregon Action Plan).

    A golden opportunity has now landed in our laps.
    It is incumbent upon us to seize this opportunity and act on it!

    Sibel has been gagged, but none of the other members here at BFP have been!

    We must take action now!

    Dozens of MSM and alt-media have covered the Dennis Hastert story.
    We must contact the journalists who wrote their stories and get them up to speed on Dennis Hastert.

    The media are always anxious to write about sex and politics.
    We need to let them know that what has come out about Hastert
    is just the tip of the iceberg!

    We need to get them to dig and do some research on the man.
    We can feed them some tips if necessary. We can allude to a much bigger scandal involving many other politicians.

    This is our time. Sibel has given us all the fodder we need. Let’s get to work!

    Organize. Set up a database of journalists contacted.
    Get them interested and get them working!

  20. To Ribbit-Mark
    “Sibel has been gagged, but none of the other members here at BFP have been!”

    How can you make such an assumption?

    To your point: The MSM was bought out and bent to the cause of anti-Communism shortly after WWII. Major journalists were/are credentialed agents of state intelligence. As happened with Gladio, the agenda of anti-Communism morphed into the pro-NWO agenda. In terms of the MSM, that ship sailed before most of us were born.

    Even the “alternative” media is mostly dishwater, but there are a few glowing examples of courage. Like this place. What we need to do is support and promote THIS place and those affiliated with it. The MSM is dead, burnt out long ago. We could lob incendiary truth at them all day with zero effect. We have a flame of truth here and in a few other places, so we need to kindle the fires already burning.

  21. Ribbit-Mark says:


    Until I hear otherwise from any member here, I will just assume they haven’t been gagged.

    Obviously the MSM isn’t on our side in general.
    I was suggesting we contact both the MSM and alt-media.

    I heard a call to action in Sibel’s podcast. Maybe I’m deaf.

    • Ribbit-Mark,

      I shouldn’t have opened that particular can of worms about prior constraints, so I’ll just leave it where you left it.

      Yes, absolutely we should be active. I regularly promote BFP, Sibel’s books, and James Corbett and others who are on track, to my friends and to other alternative media people to whom I subscribe and who I gauge to be fertile ground.

      If we actually start making some real waves, the MSM will come to us, with smiles on their faces and knives behind their backs.

  22. candideschmyles says:

    Altmed is as big a mess and no more credible than MSM to a very large degree. I have lost count of the times I have seen little nuggets of info spun into the most ridiculous and even psychotic delusions. So much so I wonder if there is some secret Department of Crazy Media Tangents. And now I’m doing it! Hurry back Sibel…..I need your sanity!!

  23. candideschmyles says:

    Any rumour that Sibels absence is due to her being engaged in a torrid and libidinous affair with me that has made all other earthly concerns irrelevant is entirely without foundation and is in fact the imaginings of a deranged mind. That being my mind.

    • ??? :-\

      • My recollection was that Sibel was going to be bogged down a bit doing some temporary work as a translator (maybe until September?) due to the fact that the quarterly fund raiser came up short (perhaps substantially so). I intend to contribute a bit extra next go round, hopefully the next quarterly will be more successful. She did mention something about working on a follow up to “The Lone Gladio”, which is pretty exciting (to say the least), so maybe that’s a factor too. I’m sure (I hope) she’s fine. As for you however, candideschmyles, I’m not so sure. Hopefully you’re alright too though 😉

        • Yeah. Sometimes I wonder about some people on this site. Which is strange to me…

          I thought she was supposed to be back in august.

        • Hi Benny,

          I am back- it’s been 26 hours:-) The trip back took 35+ hours due to three sets of delays in three airports. We are severely jetlagged but glad to be back in one piece.

          • Hi Sibel,

            Great to hear from you. We’ve missed you around here. I’m glad you managed to get back safely (if not promptly 😉 I’m also glad it sounds like you were able to get some form of a much deserved vacation in there too. We’ll look forward to hearing back from you once you have a chance to catch your breath and settle back into things. =]

          • candideschmyles says:

            Welcome back Sibel. It’s good to know you have returned safe and well.

          • Thank you!

            I am going to work on our next podcast episode. Meanwhile, I will have a video interview session with James Corbett (It will be recorded tomorrow), and a podcast interview session with Peter B. I will post both as soon as they become available.

            My girl has been waking up (and waking us up) at 3:30 a.m. since we arrived- jetlag galore;-)

          • Cool, looking forward to it. =]

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