Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- How Gladio Morphed Its Al Qaeda Brand into ISIS- A Step-By-Step Illustration

A Gladio-Mainstream Media Partnership: The Recycling & Establishment of Designed Terror Brands

Welcome to our 21st edition of Probable Cause. In this episode we discuss branding and promoting terror organization brands. Specifically, we discuss how the deep-state and its partner, the media, go about designing, creating, branding and marketing self-created terror organization brands. Even more specifically, we look into two deep-state-created terror organization brands: Al Qaeda & ISIS. With vivid examples we illustrate the re-branding of the Al Qaeda Terror Corporation into the ISIS Terror Corporation. We provide comparison between the 2002-2003 Al Qaeda media marketing archives and the 2013-2015 ISIS media marketing coverage, and establish the uncanny sameness between the two brands.

As always, our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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Show Notes

Syria: Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President (Nov 21, 2011)

The Continued Blackout on West’s Secret Training & Support Camp in Turkey for War on Syria (Dec 3, 2011)

Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border (Dec 11, 2011)

BREAKING: US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syria Border (YouTube, Dec 11, 2011)

Al Qaeda Terrorists 'spread all over Europe' (2002)

The Qaeda Vipers in Europe's Bosom (2003)

ISIS Terror cell warning as Europe scrambles to handle threats (2015)

Pentagon: al-Qaeda Pursuing Bio Weapons (2003)

Islamic State Suspected of Using Chemical Weapon, U.S. Says (2015)

Laptop reportedly seized from ISIS hideout hints at bio weapons attack (2014)

ISIS is now the wealthiest terrorist organization on the planet (2014)

Drug Money Sustains al Qaeda (2003)

ISIS generates up to $1bn annually from trafficking Afghan heroin (2015)

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  1. Sibel,

    Perhaps one of the next questions will be when the media will speak openly and positively about the US working with Al Qaeda in the fight against ISIS? There have been some ramblings along those lines, but the MSM hasn’t picked it up fully just yet.

    Thank you for the post.

  2. Outstanding presentation as usual Sibel! The branding of the terror groups becomes obvious once you focus on the titles of media articles, as you suggest. A while back, I gave up reading most of these articles once I realized digging into them was like stepping into the trees of the forest, rather than looking at the forest itself. You lose perspective. I started feeling that ISIS was apparently the new flavor preferred by the deep state, and the titles portray them as “bigger and badder”. I guess Al Qaeda was becoming passe’ to most viewers, not enough fear factor any longer. But the new group has more of everything: money, connections all over the globe, weapons, including WMD’s, huge networks and thousands of fighters, as well as lots of folks just lusting to become members. So the fear ramps up again. Again you bring clarity to this issue. I also want to ask a question.

    Ever since you first blew the whistle, came out with your first book and started the blog, Turkey has shown up as a focus or at least a player in most cases, especially involving US elected and appointed Gladio operators. We always come back to Turkey. My question is this. Why has Turkey evolved to this position. Is it because of location or a combination of other factors?

    Thanks again for this report. I don’t think you stopped to take a breath since you returned. 🙂

    • Here’s my understanding for what it’s worth:

      During the Cuban missile crises, Russian missiles in Cuba were traded for US missiles in Turkey: Turkey was the only NATO country that shared a border with the Soviet Union. Whether that in itself made it a country of special interest for gladio-A, Sibel would know best. Was there a strong potential for a Turkish communist party to get to power?

      And then after the 1991 collapse you have RAND and Graham Fuller noting that Turkey shares the language group with many central Asian ex-soviet republics, even including part of China [1], and the realization that the Afghan template of dropping a wasp’s nest (the mujahedeen) into the Russian lap, was worth repeating on a grander scale.

      Putting 1+1 together makes Turkey the staging ground for taking over Central Asia:

      [1] Graham Fuller, “Turkey’s New Geopolitics: From The Balkans To West China”

    • Dennis,

      As always, thank you for the needed encouragement. I owe you an e-mail- I read it (word-by-word) and I understand all your points.

      “…has Turkey evolved to this position. Is it because of location or a combination of other factors?”- I’d say the top reason: the strategic location (I’d say no other country has that kind of a special strategic location). Second: Years of building the deep-state/Gladio network bases there. Third: It is a Muslim country (Far more diplomatic and easier to use a Muslim nation against other Muslim nations in the area). These among other secondary reasons …

  3. Great to have you back, Sibel =]

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thing made me laugh out loud. Also, just hearing you read some stories from the MSM had me laughing as well. Don’t you love the fact that these anonymous intelligence officials are so knowledgeable about these “imminent threats” down to the detail, yet they’re so pathetic and helpless when it comes to doing anything about the situation. Then the talking about how “sophisticated” (one of their favorite words) these groups are and how wealthy they are. “JP Morgan notes ISIS has passed the threshold to become one of their top tier portfolios with lucrative investments in oil, natural gas, and cutting edge computer technology.” But watch out for the scary guys in masks, fatigues, pointing AK-47s in the air! Or wait, also doctors with stethoscopes? Stuff like that comment, basically suggesting that anybody who’s muslim could potentially be a “terrorist”, is incredibly insidious. It absolutely disgusts me the way they sell the islamaphobia as part and parcel of the propaganda. It’s such a scam…

    • I loved the TMNT joke too.

      I have to admit, when I look at pictures of ISIS soldiers I’m always left wondering ‘are they just members of Anonymous who’ve forgotten their masks?’…

    • Benny B,

      Good to be back, and even better, now being jetlag free.

      Absolutely- it is comical with tragic consequences. Today, I was reading the latest articles @ Paul Craig Robert’s site. In one of them he has this fantastic (obviously timeless) quote from Mark Twain that relates to and sums up the situation and our topic in this podcast; here it is:

      “Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.” — Mark Twain

    • Ribbit-Mark says:

      Welcome back Sibel. It’s good to have you back home again!

      JP Morgan notes ISIS has passed the threshold to become one of their top tier portfolios with lucrative investments in oil, natural gas, and cutting edge computer technology.”

      Hmmm.. so JP Morgan and the U.S. doesn’t have the ability/power to pull the plug on these lucrative ‘investments’?

      “Yeah we see exactly where your investments are; what your specific holdings are.
      We’ll be kind to you this time. We’ll let you keep your money, but don’t get too cocky with your terrorism or we will freeze all of your assets! Honest we will! Swear to G_d!”

      • Thank you, Ribbit-mark.

        The whole thing is so transparent, upside-down and ludicrous. But that’s not the most outrageous part: the public- deprived of any critical thinking, rational view … the zombies who are being sold ‘TMNT’ fantasies.

      • Just for the record, that wasn’t an actual quote (although it might as well have been). It’s along the lines of the parody I just posted the link for on a previous comment, where I hinted at how ludicrous the way the coverage of ISIS (and its affiliates) is presented in the MSM. Are we dealing with TMNT or Scarface? I have to try to laugh about it to avoid screaming. People wouldn’t tolerate such lousy and unbelievable scripts even in daytime television dramas yet the MSM parrots manage to peddle this stuff in this sort of bizarre disjointed fashion where people take this crap seriously… “ISIS, ruthless barbarians – squawk! Tech-Savvy billionaires – squawk!”

        • Benny B,

          One observation I made while in Mid East: almost everyone agreed that ISIS is a creation of the West Deep State, and everyone acknowledge that it’s a design for bringing about more wars for not only dominance but to sustain the MIC. Back here, and I’d say not even 1% sees the macro facts. I got to read MSM coverage in all these countries, and I have to say some of them are as bas (even worse) than what we have here in USA. Yet, people see and go beyond those presentations. How come? Why? Same with the general education system: They are not much better than what we see here. Is it simply due to being on the receiving end? Again, we go back to root causes, trying the decipher them. Right?

          • “Is it simply due to being on the receiving end?”
            Amazing what becomes obvious from the underside of a boot. Valentine has made a similar observation here in the Americas where everyday Mexican peasants understand that the oppression comes from the North, while very few of us US plebes understand this. North Americans are just ‘victims’ in the immigration debate, a ‘debate’ that may well put Trump in the WH.

          • Sibel,
            I imagine the MSM propaganda in the places you visited probably just had a bit of a flavoring which is a bit more ‘honest’ about the fact that ISIS is what it is, in contrast to the MSM here’s modus operandi of disassociating US involvement in the chaos ‘western’ interests have orchestrated, presenting the violence in elaborate departures from responsibility, or worse, as a concerned bystander merely trying to help the people of [fill in the blank] from the threat of [fill in the blank]. To some extent I imagine this is relatively transparent to most people outside of the ‘western’ sphere of influence media-wise that what’s going on with ISIS, to use your concept, is just another Ninja Turtle with a different color mask. I’d also suspect that there’s a conscious effort on the parts of key NATO/Gladio B players to discretely encourage speculation about the intervention on the parts of the United States and certainly I imagine the Israelis, as it serves to deflect attention from the extent of their cooperation in these nefarious and deadly activities.

        • “ISIS, ruthless barbarians – squawk! Tech-Savvy billionaires – squawk!”
          Got me laughing with that one, BennyB. While I’ve always enjoyed good humor I never fully appreciated the velvet career of comedians where their ‘raw materials’ (gullibility) are truly handed to them on a plate. New perspectives everyday.

        • Ribbit-Mark says:

          Just for the record, that wasn’t an actual quote (although it might as well have been).

          Don’t worry, I was quite confident it wasn’t an actual quote.
          I was just attributing the sentence to you, in case people were wondering where I pulled it from in the thread.

          “ISIS, ruthless barbarians – squawk! Tech-Savvy billionaires – squawk!”
          Yes how multifaceted a group they are! 🙂

          The ‘intelligence’ community want to have their cake and eat it too.
          They know exactly how wealthy their enemy is, almost to the dollar, yet
          they won’t reveal who/what their sources are for this information nor act on it to shut down the their funds!

          • Precisely, Mark. This is like the “unnamed intelligence official” genie looking into their crystal ball.

            “Yes, yes… wait. I see a frightening bearded middle eastern man boarding a train and he has someone with him… it’s a woman… yes, a woman! – and she has a backpack; rugged sturdy material, brand name, possibly Timberline. Hold on, I can’t quite see it… wait, my god, it’s filled with explosives!”

            “That’s great unnamed genie! Now just concentrate and tell us where they are so we can nail these SOBs before anybody gets hurt! Where are they?”

            “… I can’t see such details at the moment, however I can see clear as day that an attack is indeed imminent.”

  4. Wouldn’t it be smart for the Chinese and/or Russians to also get a little more pro-active on the humanitarian side? They could also come and liberate Iraq from ISIS. It would save them the cost of Madison avenue creating elaborate pretexts, ’cause that bill was already paid!

    Can you imagine? “They hijacked our brand!”

  5. Here’s the link to the Time Magazine article cited: “How Bin Laden Funds His Network”:,9171,175972,00.html

    • Every time I see an article discussing how their boogie man of the week is funding themselves, I just substitute AQ/ISIS/JAN with CIA/MI6/MOSSAD. It provides a much more accurate picture

  6. arealjeffersonian says:

    Welcome back Sibel – you’ve been missed.
    Great podcast as always. You put everything so clearly – why can’t we all see things, especially intentionally distorted things such as this, as clearly as you? Keep it up – we all need a shining light.

  7. Okay, did you really say that a media article claimed ISIS publishes reports showing its earnings from its activities including extortion? I mean… really? Who the heck is reading these reports? It sounds like something ripe for a comedy skit. “Hrmmm *smokes pipe*, ISIS extortion profits drop. Economy must be effecting everyone.”

    You know, people always try to change things, maybe they cant be changed. Maybe the situation is so entropic it cant be fixed. There’s a volcano in Japan that may soon melt a nuclear power plant. There’ fukushima, still pumpin’ out the rads. There’s gmo which may lead to extinction if the stuff that happens in animal studies happens in humans. Just wait till they make self replication nano machines… I wonder how that will turn out.

    Perhaps there is a bigger topic to cover here. The sustainability of humanity and the effects of its failed psychology on it capacity to survive.
    They talk about these breakaway civilizations. You people need something like that I think.

    The psychology of humanity is simply incapable of managing its new found technological prowess and the sociological and physical effects of this are increasingly frightening.

  8. Oh, and where was ISIS dressed up like tmnt? I do not watch msm.

  9. Oh, and on that note, it always bugged me how this fungus of doom never had its bank accounts shut down. That has bugged me for years. Many years before I even realized they were manufactured.

    Next time any of you see anyone wanting to bitch about the fungus of doom, ask them “why do they not just shut down their bank accounts? They have the power to! Why do they not shut them down?”.

  10. candideschmyles says:

    Of course the ‘death’ of Bin Laden necessitated the rebrand as the engineered perception of brand Al Quaeda was very much built upon the notion of the uncatchable bogey man. However it is beyond reasonable doubt, IMHO, that the operational control of Al Quaeda was the responsibility of Saudi Arabia and likewise for its bastard child ISIS. As I have said before here on BF forum this rebrand coincides with some difficult to quantify changes in political power in the Saudi kingdom that maybe irrelevant but maybe not. The focus on Turkey while entirely justified and necessary should not however be allowed to obscure the real seat of operational control that remains very much the remit of Saudi Arabia in their allegiance to deep state US hegemony.
    It remains a bit of a mystery to me how/why Assad fell out of favour with the hegemonic power. As someone who has slept at Buckingham palace it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what led to his fall from grace.
    It is great to have you back Sibel.

    • In relation to the post by candideshmyles, do they really fall out of favor? After watching that corbett report about mcveigh, notably the part toward the end, the deep state may have the power to fake the take down of these “leaders”. Keeps in mind that I have not seen the vids of them being brutalized or killed.

      I have read news that Russia is giving up on Assad, and may be, for real this time, gunning at Ukraine. What is going on with Russia falling in line with western propoganda? First RT and now that russia today article mentioned in this podcast. I have heard corbett say China is part and head of the NWO strategy, but how does Russia fit in?

      • candideschmyles says:

        This remains a mystery to me also. There is no doubting that there is real and profound antipathy between Putin and the neocon missionaries that promote a war between Russia and Europe. Kerry and McCain especially. The compliance of the vassal states within Europe, (despite some obvious discomfort), and beyond in this sanctions nonsense is baffling and can serve no other purpose than as tension propaganda. The US détente with Iran shows no sign of weakening the strong ties Iran has with Russia or China. And China and Russia have never cooperated more. Perhaps the simple truth is it really is a Game of Thrones. Despite the might of the Wall Street choreographers of Western hegemony the fractured and near latent isolationism of ordinary people within the nation states of Europe is something the bankers maybe wish to put into confusion by the spectre of an actual existential threat in Russia. Maybe Putin is happy to play to the crowd as it suits his internal image factory of being unafraid of the Auld Enemy, to borrow a term from the Scots term for the English.

        That’s all a lot to suppose though. Actually its cherry picking a narrative of presupposition. There is a definitive moment when Russia deployed ships to defend its only foreign naval base at Tartus in Syria. This instigated the coup in Ukraine which was meant to, if you think back to the time, not just grab Ukraine’s gas fields but isolate Russia’s biggest naval facility at Sebastopol in the Crimea. Putin openly threatened to form hit Squads on Saudi Royals if there was any more Islamic insurgency, said his nukes were ready and swiftly took Crimea back to Mother. There is no hint of cooperation in those facts. MH17 was an act of terror so typical of western tactics and could possibly have been a botched attempt to take out Putin. If you believe RT’s reportage that Putin had returned from Brazil on the same flightpath but an hour earlier. The fact that this crime stole headlines from the last big attack on Gaza by Israeli sadists clinches it for me that taking out MH17 was an American initiated act. It meant Putin later travelled to Australian with 4 warships and unknown number of submarines. Not scientific proof of anything but sometimes the meaningful evidence is circumstantial.

        I think we really are a long way from Global hegemony. I believe there is rivalry and a ruthlessness amongst the respective Mafia like groups of oligarchs and bankers that is deep seated and pernicious and this, if nothing else, will prevent global hegemony being realised in anyones lifetime. Sure there will be alliances and common interests that wax and wane but the power structures of today are resistant to fundamentally giving up control.

    • Candide,

      That’s another interesting angle to assess. Pepe Escobar has been doing some good work on this- I think you’ll find his work interesting.

      • candideschmyles says:

        I am familiar with and respect and admire Pepe Escobar. The problem in getting accurate info on Saudi is the effectiveness of the state in keeping secrets it seems to me.

    • My theory is that Saudi Arabia’s role in funding ISIS and their current Israeli style arial bombardment in Yemen is part of a prelude to their impending demise. I also suspect they’ve been allowed to turn up their reckless tactics in the region, in part, so that US officials such as Bob Graham can feign righteous indignation at the opportune time when the Saudi’s strategic value (aka: the oil) runs out. The relatively minor change in Saudi policies, for example funding ISIS who are “really, really bad” (with and without air quotes) versus Al Qaeda, who were just “really bad” etc, will be highlighted as an excuse for whatever change in posture takes place in the United States’ ‘special’ relationship with Saudi Arabia when it does. Once that happens, all bets are off, the MSM parrots will have a field day once the deep state refreshes their feed… “Saudis funded 9/11, squawk! Hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, squawk! Bin Laden was a Saudi, squawk!, women have no rights in Saudi Arabia, squawk!” Let’s face it, the Saudi monarchy is patently dislikable. The fact that the manifestation of how this is expressed in the general discourse, specifically in the MSM, is a pretty remarkable testament to the capacity of the deep state to control the parameters of the debate (or lack thereof). Particularly this is noteworthy given how low the bar is in the United States for what’s an ‘acceptable’ level of Islamaphobia and anti-Arab racism.

    • I thought it might be a good to point this out.

      The whole thing about Saudi Arabia being solely responsible, with no aid from the US, for 9-11 needs to be covered. Precisely and bluntly.

      Otherwise these fools will have the power to control that narative too.

      • Right, A Name. I’ve said elsewhere that I’d just assume not see those 28 pages released, because they will only serve the interests of the deep state and serve as a scapegoat. It’s like suing the contractors who built a house over a dispute and not the people who paid for it or live in it. (the “paying” part doesn’t quite suit the metaphor, but you get my drift)

        • Ribbit-Mark says:

          Right, A Name. I’ve said elsewhere that I’d just assume not see those 28 pages released, because they will only serve the interests of the deep state and serve as a scapegoat.

          I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “…I’d just as soon not see…”

          • Auto correct must be turned off! I really do hate innacurate touch screens and autocorrect…

            Whatever happened to spell check?

          • I don’t know, I think I said it how I wanted to, Mark. “Just as soon” in my mind is intended to be used in conjunction with a follow up statement: I’d just as soon expect anything good to come out of the 28 pages than I would the next presidential election. I’ll just assume you understand that if I said “I’d just as soon you understand”, that you’d wonder what I’d just as soon as.

  11. candideschmyles says:

    Is Saudi even pumping its own oil? I thought their Indoctrinated Salafists Imitating Saudis (ISIS) group was flooding the market with oil stolen from Iraq and Libya and the Saudis themselves have reduced production. My feeling is that the Saudis are a lot more than a well trained dog for the Western Hegemony. They have a pivotal role and significant power.

  12. Pepe Escobar simply hates the US and that’s why he overlooks a number of of important things. China’s & Russia’s position are MUCH weaker than A LOT OF people think. The weakest spot of the US are 320 million consumers. But then one has to understand the nitty gritty of the world’s financial system.

    • Willy2,

      Depends on what you mean by ‘hating the US.’ You mean the US government serving mega corps’ interest? US election system where major corporations equally finance candidates on both sides? US corporate media serving as the PR arm of the deep state? Because if that’s what you mean, then we all happen to share that disdain. Or do you mean everything US: people, children, every city/state …? The other question I have: would you have made this same statement if we were talking about journalist John Smith, born & raised in USA? Because there are those who view it as such: if an author/analyst/journalist strongly criticizing US policy/practice happens to be a Mexican/Japanese/Turkish/whatever than ‘he must hate USA. But of he/she is citizen by birth, than the criticism is only that=’criticism’ not some hatred or foreign agenda, etc.

      Personally I strongly dislike Russia’s current oligarch giv/Putin. On the other hand, for the last 12 years, I’ve been speaking and writing against many US practices (strong criticism). Would that qualify me as a US-Hater? Russian lover? China advocate?

      I’m just trying to understand what you mean by Pepe ‘hating USA.’

      • Pepe Escobar is WAY too optimistic about the economic & financial strength of Russia & China and all the “anti american” countries. Both countries are MUCH more vulnerable that Escobar thinks. Are basket cases as well (and with the US included that makes three). And when I look at the US is doing in the Far East &Ukraine then I fear the US is VERY WELL aware of that. And is doing everything to destabilize the situation even more.

        E.g. In 2009 & 2010 the former japanese prime minister Ichiro Ozawa wanted to improve the relationship with China but that move was undermined by the US.

        I agree. If some US journalist/person was “negative” on the US then the US media tend to portray that person as “hating the US” as well. That’s the result of eternal “American Exceptionalism” US citizens are subjected to from the US media. But that happens with both US persons & Non US persons.
        Something similar: In the G.W. Bush years someone who criticized the US military and its actions was brushed off with the words “You don’t support the troops”.

        Your story/information shows that the US is still busy “undermining” Syria. But the US has made a deal with Saudi Arabia (SA). SA is allowed to meddle in Syria and Obama is allowed to make a deal with Iran.
        I see another twist in the story. I think Erdogan gets US support because the turkish economy is a basket case and must be propped up against Russia. Or is the US busy grooming a successor for Erdogan ? Is there already a next US sock puppet waiting in the wings in Turkey ?

        • Hi Willy,
          “Pepe Escobar is WAY too optimistic about the economic & financial strength of Russia & China and all the “anti american” countries”- I agree. Yes.

          Also, US-Saudi arrangements on Yemen.

          Turkey-US: Yesterday, I gave a lengthy interview to Lew Rockwell Radio. I’ll post it as soon as it is out. I talked about this issue, and even went to the possibility of ‘yet another military coup’ in Turkey if/when the econ collapse arrives (within the next few months). I’m looking forward to your reaction on that.

          • Turkey: Interest rates are rising & Turkey has borrowed BILLIONS in USD. And with the turkish lira going down against the USD is a good recipe for a disaster. Let’s assume the USD/TRY goes up 10%, then all turkish companies see their interest related payments denominated in USD go up by the same 10%.

          • – The US doesn’t need to foment an economic crisis, it’s already there in Turkey.
            – I predict that the collapse will also break up the turkish state and give the kurds a good opportunity to establish their own state consisting of parts of Iraq, Turkey, Syria & Iran.
            – There’s another dimension. Low oil prices. If oil prices stay too low for too long then all oilproducing countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Iraqi kurdistan, etc.) in the ME WILL see their (oil-)economy being hurt as well. That could/will force SA and the Gulf states to stop supporting ISIS.
            – The US has been very reluctant to send (LOTS OF) troops to Iraq. They – rightfully – fear a second Iraq disaster.
            – Turkey: I listened to multiple interviews you gave to James corbett & Peter B. Collins (starting in 2009). so, I do consider myself to be (fairly) well informed about the world of Geo-politics. I also have been listening to Scott Horton ( since say 2005.
            – Regarding Escobar’s “New Silk Road”. That railroad runs from Peking through Central Asia into Germany. But then it has to cross Central Asia & the Ukraine and that are 2 places the US is fomenting more unrest.

            – In other words: There’re A LOT OF moving (financial, political, economic) parts and all moving parts combined could bring an outcome that A LOT OF people don’t expect. (e.g. the collapse of the US Empire).

          • – I predict that the collapse will also break up the turkish state and give the kurds a good opportunity to establish their own state consisting of parts of Iraq, Turkey, Syria & Iran.

            On this point I have to disagree. I think it’s highly unlikely any borders are going to be redrawn. The Sykes-Picot Agreement, in my opinion, very deliberately carved up the territories the way they did, particularly with respect to the Kurds and for all intents and purposes this disenfranchisement has by and large worked out precisely the way it was intended to. The Kurds have played the role of an imperial booty call and have been pretty consistently willing to entertain late night calls, seemingly in the hopes that being convenient bedfellows might eventually lead to the powers that be ‘putting a ring on it’. But this is somewhat delusional when the United States brand of imperialism has had no trouble sweet talking when it suits them, then leaving the Kurds high and dry then returning to their bickering wives in the region over and over again. With all this, a costly divorce with Iran (and a volatile, threatening trophy wife next door), there’s no way the United States inc. is going to tie themselves down with another marriage and a new house when they can pay for dinner and perhaps a movie, rent a room at a hotel and still get laid.

          • – Ooops. Seems I posted my comments in the wrong thread (here on “Boiling Frogs”). I think they would have fitted better in the “Processing Distortion” thread.

          • There is a precedent on how things will be dealt with in Turkey. I’m with Sibel on a military coup if a regime change is needed by the US/NATO. Just blow stuff up, blame the Kurds or whoever else and the military comes in and saves the day. Not much different from the game they are playing now to get into Syria or what led the coup in 1980. I guess the only way a color revolution route would take place would be to give it a civilian/political flavor to hide that it is a military/intelligence takeover.

          • We’ll know what to expect, lizzie, if we start hearing more of the parrot chatter comparing Erdogan to Hitler etc. Amazing how quickly the ‘chatter’ tends to change each time the deep state decides to refresh the ‘feed’.

          • I have listened to numerous interviews with Pepe Escobar (Boiling Frogs, Scott Horton, Peter B. Collins etc.) and throughout all those interviews Escobar dropped a number of words/sentences that, when combined, lead me to believe that he “doesn’t like” the US.

          • ed nelson says:

            I know what you mean “”too optimistic”, but Jee wis, that Pepe at least he givis me somoe damned hope, optimistic sure… but we need that!!

          • Even the US is a basket case.

          • ed nelson says:

            I know what you mean “”too optimistic”, but Jee wis, that Pepe at least he givis me somoe damned hope, optimistic sure… but we need that!! I might have said it but it bears to be repeated… !

  13. Imants Virsnieks says:

    Excellent! Thank you.
    I think you meant to say emaciated instead of emancipated .

  14. This is mainstream, but I thought it may add to the manufactured terror discussion.

    “by Ahmed Aboulenein | Reuters | August 20, 2015
    Share on Facebook0Tweet about this on Twitter30Share on Google+0Email this to someonePrint this page
    Plainclothes Egyptian state security officers pounced on Suhayb Saad as he left a Cairo restaurant in June.

    They blindfolded the activist and his two dining companions, a student and a photojournalist, and drove them away in a white minivan in what relatives and rights groups describe as enforced disappearances.

    Five weeks later Saad, who officials said was lawfully arrested, appeared on television, looking dishevelled and weak and confessing to a role in what the military called a dangerous terrorist cell.

    Such detentions and videotaped confessions are a new feature of a crackdown on dissent launched after the military toppled Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013 — Egypt’s first freely-elected president — after mass protests, rights groups say.”

  15. I have been thinking about the whole “follow the leader” or “make sure to fit in” mentality that supports the belief and trust in authoritative sources.

    From grade school onward it is very funny how people are simultaneously taught to mind authority and revile it. It is also funny in that many times in rejecting, although not completely in all matters apparently, authorities, many times the rebellious folks move on to accepting a new authority that is just as bad or worse than the one they ran from. Take gangs for example. People join gangs to feel a sense of power that they do not get through typical society. They take on leaders who are violent and murderous, just like many of the ones they revile, although more blunt and honest in appearance many times,

    Maybe that is the truth to human psychology and its view on power. It is alright if the leader is a devil, as long as it is their devil.

    I keep thinking this has basically been said here before…

    What the crap… I willnpost this anyway.

    It always ends up back at this problem. The problem is always insurmountable as even if a new person comes to power they will be just like the old one… eventually. And there is no where for people to escape this phenomena. I am not even sure that running would even work were it possible.

    Could you read Carol Quigly’s Evolution of Civilization and integrate it into this series?

  16. candideschmyles says:

    I find it a bit absurd to think of Pepe Escobar as a man who hates America. Is there an arrtist that truly hates his or her muse? The answer is yes, of course there are. But its a good line anyway.

    I hear t!he pundits of doom on twitter prophesising a global economic collapse before the end of the year. Or January. Or February. Or March. But definitely no later! I think it’s all bluff n bluster personally. The current regime of austerity has little space left to give without destroying all purchase power of ordinary working people and that’s just not going to happen. The jobs they do need doing for a functional society and not even the mad dogs atop the pyramid want to see the very fabric of society disintegrate completely. So we will continue to be fed the threat of imminent collapse to justify the now established austerity. The perennial doomsters selling themselves as economic clairvoyants bore me now. It has little more accuracy than Mystic Meg’s predictions of how my day is going to turn out. We all here know that fiat currency is a sham anyway. Just bits of paper conjured from nothing. So why consider economics as a serious issue at all? Says a man earning a good wage with no dependents in one of the richest corners of the world at its most affluent moments in all history. But seriously…. They decide our wages and how many units of currency are in general circulation. If they want to cut it off they can. I just can’t see a logical reason why they would. Their power is entirely contingent on our purchases. The screws may get tightened for a short time but they are always released. And that final sentence is the concise history of post Kensian economics.

    • I pretty much agree with the gist of your post here. I’m more worried about the shadow governments keeping a hush hush small meteor falling in the ocean one day than complete economic collapse.

      Although it sure must blow to be Greek or even Porto Rican today.

  17. Great episode, and I had to laugh at th picture of the TMNJ’s. Straight into my generation, it helped lighten up the heavy subject a bit, but the fact you are back safe and sound even more!

  18. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Right, A Name. I’ve said elsewhere that I’d just assume not see those 28 pages released, because they will only serve the interests of the deep state and serve as a scapegoat. It’s like suing the contractors who built a house over a dispute and not the people who paid for it or live in it. (the “paying” part doesn’t quite suit the metaphor, but you get my drift) .

    The reason I asked was for two reasons.

    The common phrase for a situation you described, is “I’d just as soon…”, not “I’d just assume…”
    And because “I’ve said elsewhere that I’d just assume not see those 28 pages released…” doesn’t make any sense really.

    What would have made more sense and what I thought you were trying to say is:

    “ I’ve said elsewhere that I’d just as soon not see those 28 pages released as see them released, because they will only serve the interests of the deep state and serve as a scapegoat.”

    • Whatever man. It was a poorly worded sentence, but I’m not going to explain why I still said it the way I wanted to. I’ve said far less coherent things here and I’m really not interested in arguing over this with you.

      • I think with all the misconnects between keyboards and software, fingers and keyboards, and brains and fingers, one should have the appropriate filter mentality when reading anything. I have started noticing more and more typose lately. PCR is one gulity party with this. I dont like switching screens to hit the apostrophe so you eaither get none or language that sounds too formal.

        But then again, they are typos! Lighten up!

        On that note this is why English teachers should be banned. If it weren’t for them, so many fewer people would be such tight arses about spelling and grammar.

        And on that note, why is it that they dont just spell foreign words and names phoenetically? Thats what pisses me off. Erdogan is Erdojuan, for example?

        • ed nelson says:

          Let me tell you this pal, I read and contribute to PCR… I love that guy, or at least I like him a lotI have to like a guy who ahs transformed from a … up tight squared Rebuplican intoi a real smart… slighthtl left of center guy. I know left of center… people as I am a third genetation of the Sailor’s Union on the West Coast they used to call it the Norwegian Navy! I didn’t sail, I was on the docks I got to drive the big cranes, and was a pretty good producer, I put out the damed moves, and I put guyes up on top, and they trusted meI I have a good name on the waterfront go check it out Eddie Nelsonson of Ed Nelson son of Martin Olof of Lofoton

  19. – In the category “Fabricated” one not only can file the “Al Quaida”, & “ISIS” brand, one can also file the (infamous) “Khorason” group in northern Syria. It was meant to justify US bombing of positions in northern Syria.
    – Same story for Boko Haram in Mali. It would justify US involvement in Africa as well. Nick Turse has reported extensively on that subject. Nick Turse was interviewed by Scott Horton & wrote for Tom Dispatch as well. He notes that reporting on US (military) operations in Africa has (deliberately) been “very limited” to “non existing”.,_the_u.s._military's_battlefield_of_tomorrow/
    – All that “muslim terrorism in Europe” also justifies to expand Secret Services over in Europe. In that regard the european deep states benefit as well. (think; growing budgets”).
    – But ISIS is a US project that seems to gotten out of hand. Joseph Biden admitted that “Allies in the Middle East” were responsible for funding ISIS & Co.
    – After 9/11 suddenly a lot of/all islam insurgents/rebels were rebranded/re-labeled “Al Quaida”. The purpose was to exaggerate the importance of Al Quaida and justify the requests for a (much) larger budgets (FBI, CIA, etc.). So, when the US governments start to talk about (federal) budget cuts then expect more reports of (supposedly) new Al Quaida groups being discovered all around the world.

  20. ed nelson says:

    Sibel and pals… I just looked and sawr the headline that Biden will run… So I have this prediction: Biden is PResident, Hillary is Vice president…. sge nives yom Biden is presidential as far as that goes… She gets within striking distance and count her out either… I mean… she was the president or the Republicans club back in school ya know!!I

    I == sorry my vision is getting bad

  21. ed nelson says:

    Thank you Sibel for puttin up this site… saying “”S[eal upirr ,omd”, I love this concept!! I wil contribut if you can bring that guy out of house Arrest… I am with you if you can free him up can you just igagine the power that he has… he is sittting on some real good info!! That guy has a gold mine of info enough that thems wil kill him if they can!

  22. ed nelson says:

    My eysight is all messed up, I reread, I made some real bad typoes..on the previous, I am a touch typer. it was about the onliest skill I learned in Redwood High Scool… you know where Robin Williams went after my time

    and sincice I brousth up that subufect, I got a good story acnecdote, about my niece… My niece called up the authorities when she sa som bad…. she some bad pscycologocal behavior…. And guess who it was???

    It was the brother of Lind, the brother of the Marin Talian!! My Sisiter called up authorities about him because the kid was talkking about killin’ himself and my little neincee her name is Nova, she spoke up and tried to help the kid

    the dad was a homo… and the mom called up ny sister and gaver a ration of shit saing ” mind you own buesness, but ny little neice Nova, she did the right thing she called the authorities… I have to love that little gal

  23. ed nelson says:

    I mean is that weird enonojgh for ya Sibel, I actually have that connection with that poor SOB kid

    and sort off a connection with Robin Williams, I sat in the chair in the Tjeater… with the same tteacher of Theater.. I don’t remembret his name rith now… MR. whaterer I mean I could get the name pretty quick

    I only wemt times… I think, there waas this real sexy woman who sitted nes to me, an d sh was a friend tto a guy I knew on the job!

  24. ed nelson says:

    well I mean, I sat in the seatin arrainmment…. in coolege of Marin… in the Theater area IT was old time seating arraingement style

    back in the day when you had some wortyh while type of professor who was worth 2 cents

  25. Thinking about the re-branding of Al Qaeda to ISIS, something which stands out to me is the avoidance of identifying any of its current leaders in the mainstream media narrative. ISIS seems to be presented like an amoeba-type entity, capable of instantaneously growing back its tentacles. “It cannot be stopped” is a predominant message presented in msm coverage (marketing) of ISIS. This is emphasised as the final note in Martin Chulov’s supposed interview with a current member (who I assume has impeccable English) named ‘Abu Ahmed’…

    “…it got bigger than any of us. This can’t be stopped now. This is out of the control of any man. Not Baghdadi, or anyone else in his circle.”

    Looking into this character Martin Chulov I quickly came across this article…

    From one of his most recent pieces of propaganda, published late July: ‘One senior western official familiar with the intelligence gathered at the slain leader’s compound said that direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking Isis members was now “undeniable”.’

    What is your take on the Gladio-Media partnership pushing this Turkey ISIS connection?

    By the way what was the music played at the start of this podcast? Sounds great. Thank you again for these excellent podcasts Sibel, always looking forward to the next. Great to hear you had a successful trip.

  26. Great work Sibel. It’s refreshing to see others who are aware of what’s going on behind the curtains.

    I would like to ask this question: if Gladio operations exist and have existed as long as they have (at least WW2), what other events and groups might be false flags? Is there a limit to mass staged events for public consumption? It’s sort of depressing to start realizing the extent ‘brands’ of disasters, like terrorism or color revolutions or financial collapses, may exist to force public opinion on certain events. Perhaps that’s the only way the deep state can steer this ship the way they want.

    I think the only way this works is if the media is truly managed day-to-day and never gives room for true discussions. Perhaps the rise of Internet-based news and discussion forums represents a challenge to this monopoly? I hope so.

  27. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Sibel,

    Gosh, it’s great to have you back. As always, you leave more than enough intrigue. Particularly setting up a business and sophisticated marketing. More detail, please. I’m sure my business will be successful, if I’ve the right formula.

    Noodling Oregon project.. Seems complexly convoluted surface-wise. No collaboration was generated by moi, even with the far far left. Sad. Well, we are all busy, there ain’t anything other to do anyway. Might as well have a little fun. Not sure how to poke at it.
    Anywho, love the broadcast.
    “Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.” — Mark Twain
    Gladio Media Partnership [GMP]:
    Establishing a Brand:
    Positioning: an image of product in the mind of target customer
    Key attributes of product, organization, service
    Key words:
    Key images:
    Key music:
    [Archetypal {dark/light} anchoring, w/ image, feel, hearing, etc.]
    Repeatedly inundating audience consciousness:
    GMP crafting and promoting terror brands in Africa.
    GMP evoke ominous fears
    Evoke targeted fears by invoking western/white shadow reach.
    Establishing (in minds) world scope, of ingenious, hidden, and possibly overarching significance of brand — rapidly expanding
    ISIS is everywhere, robust, resilient, and fierce – with incredible capabilities
    Aug 13, 2015 WSJ: “ISIS suspected of using chemical weapons”
    Aug, 2014 Fox News: “Laptop reportedly ceased from ISIS hideout hints at bio-weapons attack.”
    Dec, 2003: Washington Times: “Drug money sustains Al Qaeda.”
    Thank you for links.

    Didn’t have Marketing 101,. Do have a business. Chuckle. Please continue.

    Ribbit-Mark : “ISIS, ruthless barbarians – squawk! Tech-Savvy billionaires – squawk!”
    Yes how multifaceted a group they are!

  28. Just want to add my thanks for another tremendously useful contribution towards cutting through all the nonsense we are fed. This episode so effectively isolates, with citations, the recycled talking points:

    1) The supposed huge, growing network, infiltrating our nice Western countries at home (monster under the bed)!
    2) Weapons of mass destruction!
    3) Financial juggernauts!
    4) Ties to the druggy underworld!

    It really shows, once again, like we needed to be reminded, the level of contempt these Gladio-ators have for us. In two ways:

    1) The sheer laziness of recycling the exact same script; and
    2) The way we’re expected simultaneously to trust our intelligence agencies to protect us, while at the same time swallow the idea that they are totally incapable of tracking money, drugs, weapons, or people. Nope, sorry, we can’t seem to interdict any shipments or freeze any assets; I’m afraid the best we can do is drop a few bombs (and food and supplies) on or near some of the less moderate rebel groups in a few countries of interest.

    And clearly, by and large, sad but true, we have richly deserved this contempt. We swallow every morsel (present company excluded, of course).

    • John,

      Thank you for your thoughtful/insightful comment.

      You know the manuals for dog training? That’s how it appears to work with our society: very Pavlovian. The sad state of our systematically conditioned majority. Desensitized, deprived of critical thinking, obedient, numb …

  29. candideschmyles says:
    As you can see we have good reason to be concerned when you are off the radar longer than expected Sibel.

  30. To break the cycle of terrorism, we have to disrupt the narrative. Terrorism is the most retrograde form of communication, therefore anti-progressive. How can ISIS consider itself progressive? This makes no sense to me.

    What empire are we speaking of? The Zionist empire? In this great study on the Israel Lobby posted by bfp user CuChulainn, there is still a major flaw. In the study on the Israel lobby it’s purported that the British East India Company was exploited by the British Empire. In fact, it was the other way around. It was the British East India Company that exploited the empire, the “corporatists” of their day. See this piece:

    Empires were based on clasically liberal principles and sought to endure amidst treaties. What is the Empire seeking today? The Zionist empire seeks to exist in the shadows.

    For Zionism to exist, isn’t worldwide chaos needed perpetually? If we don’t understand that nation-states, national sovereignty, and the progressive nature of markets (capitalism, free trade) are the foundations of the modern era, we will continue to be duped by “revolution” (false-revolution that is).

    It seems to me a lot in the pro-Assad camp are resentful at Erdogan, not realizing Erdogan is also a victim of gladio. This is where anarchists (like Lew Rockwell) confuse the issue because no leader can be good, and so then as activists we’re not sure who to rally behind….

    • CuChulainn says:

      hi Rahul
      i agree with you entirely re. the fact that corporate interests (e.g. the East India Companies) are parasitical on the empires; Hobson showed this in his classic book _Imperialism_, and Jacques Marseille has shown the same for the French empire.
      Martillo doesn’t necessarily imply disagreement, when he says: “the founders of the Dutch or Honorable (British) East India Companies had no inkling that they were founding the Dutch and British Empires (as they were experimenting with the new financial instrument of the joint-stock corporation)…” he may just be suggesting that these servants of capital were oblivious to long term outcomes

      • The capital is no more criminal than the gun! Have to wheel in the cliche “guns don’t kill people, people do”, i.e. “capital doesn’t exploit people, people exploit people.”
        True capitalism is being taught at and Prof. Fekete is the first I’ve read who lambasts FDR was seizing America’s gold and compares the policy of the USA with the hellbent policy of the former Soviet Union (socialism/communism/fascism all funded by Wall Street, no less!). Anyhow, to point that empires are by themselves not exploitative, it is how they get manipulated by the criminal element. This is Webster Tarpley’s blindspot: associating libertarianism/classical liberalism/free markets with crime and plunder caused by “corporate raiders”. Mises is the fly in the ointment, Mises is like a prophet to many in libertarian circles, but Mises is where Milton Friedman gets his economic theories. Fekete is a critic of Mises and Friedman because they fundamentally misunderstood the role of the “real bill” — that is the paper that underlies trade. Without understanding Fekete, one cannot hope to understand capitalism (especially one like me, a former marxist who spent 7 years as a union organizer!).

        Anyhow, to the matter at hand, quoting from the Guardian article (

        “The painting shows a scene from August 1765, when the young Mughal emperor Shah Alam, exiled from Delhi and defeated by East India Company troops, was forced into what we would now call an act of involuntary privatisation. The scroll is an order to dismiss his own Mughal revenue officials in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, and replace them with a set of English traders appointed by Robert Clive – the new governor of Bengal – and the directors of the EIC, who the document describes as “the high and mighty, the noblest of exalted nobles, the chief of illustrious warriors, our faithful servants and sincere well-wishers, worthy of our royal favours, the English Company”. The collecting of Mughal taxes was henceforth subcontracted to a powerful multinational corporation – whose revenue-collecting operations were protected by its own private army.

        It was at this moment that the East India Company (EIC) ceased to be a conventional corporation, trading and silks and spices, and became something much more unusual. Within a few years, 250 company clerks backed by the military force of 20,000 locally recruited Indian soldiers had become the effective rulers of Bengal. An international corporation was transforming itself into an aggressive colonial power.”

    • Thanks Remo, good stuff! I would love to see (or take part in) an analysis of World War I. My thought is prior to World War I the world was harmonizing. It took the assassination of Tsar Alex II by bolsheviks and the assassination of Abe Lincoln by similar forces to create a playing field where Otto von Bismark was the enemy.

      Also, we’re never taught about the Ottoman empire, why is that? My understanding is that Palestine was flourishing under the Ottoman empire.

      I also can’t help but think that Star Wars made the empire pure evil and emperor Palpatin was also controlling the rebel faction. This to me is like the hegelian dialectic but on the big screen.

      The “all the empires were evil” false-narrative is needed to convince people that communism is the solution.

      This is why I question why we use the word “empire” to describe the USA when it’s really zionism. Let’s call a spade a spade. We have to get the script right, word for word, otherwise those who are just “waking up” will quickly go back to sleep, choosing the blue pill over our red pill noise!

        • Thanks Remo! Now I want to study the Austro-Hungarian empire!
          My challenge to BFP members: was not the world a peaceful place prior to the destruction of all these empires? Was slavery not trending into extinction? Was the destruction of these empires not the greatest conspiracy waged against humanity?
          Also, to Tom’s comment on:
          Dr. Yasir Qadhi gives us a great accounting of history and has an interfaith message. However, when Tom asks us to question Dr. Qadhi’s vision of Islam shaping the world, this plays into Islamophobia. Why? Dr. Qadhi does not represent the Islamic world anymore than any one single christian does. Also, Dr. Qadhi uses as the source of one of his slides. AVAAZ is just another neoliberal, “regime change” out fit (I think AVAAZ can be tied to the white helmets, another foreign NGO in Syria stirring trouble). Dr. Qadhi is anti-Assad, at least I gathered as much from his talk.

          I feel like the debate going on BFP (at least subliminally) is:
          1. Per Tom — the world is a messy place and can’t be summed up nicely. Watch out for Islam though, a century of messing with the Middle East is bound to lead to Islamic zealotry (i.e. “blow back”).
          2. Per many of the rest of us — the world is actually easy to figure out once we learn our history. A few evil people have historically conspired to devolve humanity, but once this plot can be exposed, humanity can recover. True religion and true science are nothing to fear. A true muslim/christian/jew/hindu/buddhist/… must practice forgiveness, charity, justice, propriety etc. The dalai lama is CIA sponsored, many may revere him, but that does not make him a *true* Buddhist, that just makes him an elaborate puppet. When we allow the labels to go unchallenged, we perpetuate the narrative, the LIE that is, and we become another chain in the cycle of violence….

  31. I have come to see the “British Empire” in a very different light to how I was brainwashed to view it as a child (which was as God’s gift to the world etc. etc.). At first blush this sounds like it was the Empire of the British people but I now realise that of course it was not. At the risk of stating the obvious, in actual fact from at least the time of the Napoleonic wars if not before, it was and remains the Empire of the International Banksters, chief amongst them, that we know of at least, being the Rothschild’s and their hangers-on (think these days multi-national corporations, an archetype of which was arguably the British East India Company and we should also not forget the Dutch East India Company either). So when the “British Empire” rose to prominence it was actually due to the International Banksters using the British military and especially the British navy to enforce their will on the rest of the world (gunboat diplomacy etc.), and in so doing they were ruthlessly using and abusing the British people mercilessly. If you read the works of Charles Dickens which were written around the height of British Imperial power you will quickly see what the British Empire did for the British people – it gave most British people unimaginable squalor and poverty, and sent them off to far distant places to die for “God, King and Country”. In addition it gave British people a hugely inflated national pride which of course was very good for the aims of the International Banksters but very bad for the British people in terms of their distorted and puffed up self image and their relationship with the rest of the world.

    Fast forward to today and we see the same empire, i.e. the Empire of the International Banksters, in like manner using the military muscle, not to mention the financial muscle, of the United States (in the main) to impose their will on the rest of the world. Today some people use the term “American Empire” but if you look at the United States today you will quickly see what the “American Empire” has done for the American people – exactly the same as empire did for the British people, i.e. less than nothing, fast reducing the average American to squalor, poverty and food stamps. It appears that US society is falling apart at the seams while at the very same time the US wages war for the International Banksters on every continent, but naturally the average American has no idea that they are being ruthlessly used and abused mercilessly by the International Banksters for waging all these wars on behalf of the International Banksters and their cronies. And of course as a result of being so “victorious”, the US has also created for itself a hugely inflated national pride and puffed up self image which serves the purposes of the International Banksters very well indeed but again this is very bad for the American people who are fast receiving the opprobrium of the rest of the entire world and worse are most dreadfully self deceived in like manner to the British people before them.

    The sad and to me increasingly obvious truth is that it is the International Banksters and their cronies who use and abuse every nation on earth to achieve their ultimate aim of a one world government with themselves at the helm.

    So nowadays when I hear terms like the “British Empire” or the “American Empire” I consider this a confusion and obfuscation of the real situation, which of course is just what the puppeteers namely the International Banksters and their cronies want. For me, it is no longer the “British Empire” nor the “American Empire”, rather it is the “Empire of the International Banksters” et al and I think this is something that should always be remembered and highlighted in large letters again and again so that the opprobrium of the world is directed where it should be and more importantly so that we focus our minds on who the ultimate enemies of ALL mankind really are. Perhaps that might give us greater clarity on what we can do about our tenebrous situation rather than running off in a multitude of different directions but never getting to deal with the real core of the problem.

    • Doc, u and me might be meeting at the center! While my dad had reverence for the British (“the British did more to modernize India in their time than has been done since by Indians”), I grew up hating the British along the same lines you’ve mentioned. However, please see the Guardian article I’ve quoted above:

      Corporate raiders are criminals who plunder, plain and simple. Per Anthony Sutton, communism, fascism, and socialism were all funded by Wall Street. The enemy then is neoliberalism. I have noticed that often those calling America “empire” have communist leanings (not all). But the truth is the horrors of communism/fascism/socialism have been suppressed. All these horrors are (let me be clear) the byproduct of Wall Street. But Wall Street should NOT be equated with capitalism but false-capitalism or even anti-capitalism.

      The Bank of International Settlements and its subsidiary the Federal Reserve are not banking along classical liberal lines, they are virtually criminal enterprises.

      I have also read that under the Ottoman empire, Palestinians never suffered. So is “empire” a dirty word? We have to break the false-narrative. There are many communist sympathizers on twitter who simply do not want to admit the horrors caused by Stalin. They have fallen into the trap that it was the Soviet Union versus war-mongering U.S. Again BOTH were products of Wall Street (the banking cartel you mention above).

      We need a NEW script, a TRUE script of history, and INDISPUTABLE script of history…

      • With all due respect, there is no such thing as a single “true” script of history, nor will you ever find a narrative that is “indisputable”, so it would be futile to pursue such things. And history teaches us that those who insist on unanimous grand narratives have tended to be the totalitarians of one stripe or another. So I think this sort of thinking is counterproductive and unhealthy.

        I don’t know who these “communist sympathizers on twitter” are, but I will say there are very few people left who won’t admit to the horrors over which Stalin presided. Even Khrushchev famously admitted to them in 1956! So whoever these peculiar twitter people are, I would advise you not to generalize from their example.

        • History is progressive — there, I said it! Meaning, one epoch arises from another!
          Here are key moment I have gathered:
          — Tsar Alex II sends frigates to support the Union during the civil war (only Russia came to the defense of the USA, whereas France and England were inciting rebellion via the slavocracy!)
          — Assassination of Tsar Alex II (by the great grand aunt of actor Richard Dreyfus!) Tsar Alex II freed 22 million serfs/slaves
          — Assassination of Abe Lincoln
          — Creation of the KKK as a “deep state” destabilization tactic. Just read a quote of Woodrow Wilson promoting the KKK!

          In other words, after England & France could not divide the USA up, they took over D.C. by check mate!

          Debating WW2 is pointless when we realize the USA was on the wrong side of WW1! Otto von Bismark should have been our ally.

          I am suggesting that history should be forced upon people, “believe this or ELSE!”, what I am suggesting, however, is that BFP members can’t lay out what’s what, who’s who, what hope for the public at large?

          • *I am NOT suggesting that history should be forced on people
            (typo in my original post)

          • And I am not suggesting that you cannot make this kind of case for history. I am suggesting that to call for a “true” or “indisputable” history is a fool’s errand, and a dangerous one. Ask any two people who have been party to a divorce to agree on their small narrative, and multiply from there accordingly. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to learn from history, and it certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t interpret it according to a set of values. I just think one of those lessons of history is that a path that starts out with the notion of “one true indisputable” is a path to avoid.

          • Yes, truth is a “limit” or “asymptote” that furthers itself from us the more we try to near it. “The more one speaks of Tao, the less one practices Tao” to paraphrase Lao Tzu.

            However, my more practical aim is to compile a spreadsheet of key historical dates to foster discussion. To say “event A lead to event B” or “without event X, event Y would not have happened.”
            I hypothesize that if Abe Lincoln and Tsar Alex II had NOT been killed, friedmanite/keynesian economics would not have come about, there wouldn’t be any “big government” to worry about.

            When I read people critique classical liberalism, the free market, they are usually critiquing Mises or Rothbard. But they don’t know the best critique comes from Prof. Antal Fekete! Fekete has been de facto censored in America — meaning every single university in America is teaching false-economics. What then could be the result?

          • 🙂

            I see you are given to extreme statements. Every single university in America is teaching false economics because one man has been de facto censored. My goodness. OK. I would worry that I might have missed one or two universities in my survey, and I’d lie awake nights worrying whether there was a wholly true or a wholly false economics and that I could have certainty about them, or about the causes and effects of history and how people think. But I think I have to tip my hat to you for your courage and forgive you for your rhetorical flair.

            In any case I wish you good luck with your key historical dates, I’m always open to seeing interpretations of how dots connect and I love a good discussion.

          • Lol John, I accept your challenge! I have an engineering degree but felt “dumb” when it came to economics. Then I spent seven years as a union organizer (where most organizers were, like I was at the time, de facto “cultural marxists”), and in that time never once was a discussion had about the fiat/economic regime workers were suffering under. It was just assumed that fiat is capitalism and capitalism is, by its very nature, evil. It was only a few years ago during the bit coin frenzy that my ignorance was checked by one Sandeep Jaitly ( who told me I was a fool for following the Rothbard/Ron Paul line that paper money started as receipts for gold by goldsmiths. In fact, paper money began as a “real bill”, and when I asked for the source of this knowledge, lo and behold I was lead to Professor Fekete. Here then is the best economic education that money can’t buy, because it’s not being taught in our schools 😀

            I have compiled the lectures into pdf format. They are thoroughly enjoyable, and for the first time, the “mystery” of the market was laid bare to a nerd like me. I have found an ally in fellow “occupier” Christine Chadwick ( who also has discovered Fekete. I mention Christine to say that in Fekete, left and right can rejoice. The right (I’m defining the right as precious metal fans who see the continuity of gold and silver throughout history) and the left (those innovators who see how paper money can extend the power of credit to all) by learning market fundamentals (rooted in mathematician Karl Menger who is also the source of Mises) can rid themselves of the Hegelian dialectic and find common ground, lifting the veil, seeing for the first time the proper role of government (ensuring just weights and measures — or in modern times, being the holder of records, i.e. contracts/titles/deeds).


          • thanks Rahul
            i first encountered Fekete on lemetropolecafe a decade or so ago; more sophisticated than the standard fare there.
            may i suggest (without endorsement) that you might find the non-academic Martin Armstrong even more stimulating, and better for your portfolio
            and i can promise he won’t challenge any of your ideas about Hegel & Marx!

      • Hi Rahul,

        Thanks for the link re the EIC. Fascinating stuff. It reminds me of what I was “taught” at school about British rule in India which was made to sound like it was a gift from Lord God Almighty to the Indians of course. So I learnt about Clive of India, the Indian mutiny (how dare they?!) and so on, but of course was given zero understanding of what was really going on.

        The parallels between the EIC and the multi-national corporations of today are uncanny, almost exact. The melody is the same, the harmony might be a bit different to use a musical analogy, although perhaps I should say disharmony! I think it points us in the general direction of who are the real malefactors in this world as I have noted before.

        Thanks once again. I passed it on to an Indian mate.

  32. Would anybody care to refresh me as to what the original pretext was for regime change in Syria? I honestly don’t remember (which speaks volumes about the shear senselessness and vile nature of what’s been going on).

    • The Arab Spring served to create the “pretext” or false-narrative. This is a classic Gladio Op: start a protest, SHOOT at the protestors, cause chaos and mayhem, then when the government tries to restore order, label the government as “tyrant.” There are specific dates cited by regime change advocates, not too hard to google up. Great youtube interview with George Seldes, “Lies Agreed Upon” and another documentary by the same name to show up England incited and then propagandized Sri Lankan terrorists along the same line.

      By the way, I started a petition,, on to overturn the sanctions on Syria. Need 150 to be “searchable” so as I post this, that’s 148 signatures to go!

      This text also lists “crimes” perpetrated by the Syrian regime. These sanctions were put in place by Bush II:

      Would be great to debunk the arguments used to justify sanctions one by one…

      • rahulvarshney, you’re right. Now I remember. This was basically being presented as “rebel forces are fighting to overthrow Assad. Assad is a tyrant, so we should support “moderate rebels” to help them cast off this yoke of oppression, since we care so deeply about the wellbeing of the Syrian people.” …right

        Way to be proactive on the sanctions issue. This is a great idea. Much respect =]
        147 signatures to go!

  33. I think it was something along the lines of “Assad is awfuls. A dictator. The rebels dont like him. He used chemical weapons when he didnt use chemical weapons. Assad is awful. He a dictator. We must support the rebels who are terrorist and blew up the wtc and are now moderate and good, but not too good, but good enough. Assad are das awfuls. The rebels are just terrorists that are tired of Assad and we must help them defeat Assad while blowing them up too and so on and so forth. And now Russia is helping so Assad even more evils!.”

    I dont think they ever had a choerent reason behind the need for regime change other than ” he are evils!”.

    To me it looks like he is in the way of whatever ridiculous mid east policy the US has and as he wasnt as easy to iverthrow as theyd like he and his country are likely now just tools of diplomacy as Russia and the US both try to get what they want out of the mess.

    Another thing I have to wonder. Is the refugee crisis something the US wanted to create?

    • It’s occurred to me that the refugee crisis is being emphasized politically to garner public support for full scale military action in Syria. The argument would be that a prolonged stalemate is what’s responsible for the crisis, so if there’s a decisive “victory” a xenophobic and/or economically compromised country can be reassured that a timely resolution will mean that they can avoid accepting more refugees. I also suspect there’s a certain amount of manipulation being used on a country to country basis to excite nationalism to be redirected or used as wedge issues for domestic policies. Most notably in Turkey the evidence for this strategy seems to be pretty conclusive and, sadly, seemingly quite successful.

      On that note, I’d love to hear a podcast focusing on the Kurdish issue and how this has been exploited by western interests over and over again. I’d also be curious to know whether there are parallels to the Israel/Palestine conflict worth examining. Particularly the recent Turkish nationalism backlash to what are at least being reported as Kurdish “terrorist” attacks (with or without quotes, I’m not sure). There are many other parallels that I can think of, but I’ll leave it there for the moment.

  34. Won’t that lead to direct confrontation with Russia? Or will they go soft here too? I cannot believe all the military in Russia would continue to sit back and let this unfold unless they had something up their sleeve to capitalize on it

  35. Syrian girl has a vid bout this. The sun is already calling for bombing Syria. It is hard to think like these politicians. They do airstrikes and proxy wars against these people, then use their fleeing this death and destruction as a reason to give them even more death and destruction. She was pointing out how the racists in the right wing anti immigrant sector of politics are being used to help build sympathy for Syrians by shaming them with the image of that drowned boy. I wonder if this sympathy will die out as now they are claiming the “Syrians”, most arent Syrian it seems, are bringing terrorists with them. What are they getting out of this brewing migrant/native clash?

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