Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Hastert Case, Clinton Scandals, FBI & the 1996 COINTELPRO II Directive

How Jones-Lewinsky Scandals led to the 1996 White House Classified Directive for FBI COINTELPRO II

Welcome to the 23rd edition of Probable Cause. This is our second episode on the case of Dennis Hastert. In our first segment I briefly explained the case and why it is likely to be dropped or lost-on-purpose, and provided you with the broad picture of involved interests and those with much at stake if the case were to proceed as a ‘real’ case.

In this episode we are going back twenty years to when the new FBI covert and illegal operations targeting high-profile US officials, elected and appointed, began. I will go on-record with the White House classified directive issued in 1996 directing the DOJ-FBI to begin conducting a new COINTELPRO operation using its counterintelligence divisions and bypassing FISA regulations in response to two sexual scandals and the likely risk of impeachment.

I’ll talk about the FBI’s illegal surveillance of government officials and misuse of FISA, how the information was used by the US government, the cases of three FBI insiders who spoke up and reported these operations, how and why those cases were classified and gagged by the US government and censored by the US media, and finally, how all this will come into play in the coming trial of Dennis Hastert.

As always, our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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Show Notes

Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials and Misuse of FISA

Gilbert Graham Case Filed with DOJ-IG

Sibel Edmonds: An Inconvenient Patriot

Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?

Sibel Edmonds Testimony & Dennis Hastert

Monica Lewinsky

Paula Jones Scandal

Louis Freeh (FBI Director, 1993-2001)

FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ACT)

COINTELPRO: Counter Intelligence Program

Bob Livingston Scandal

Dan Burton Scandal

Rep. Dan Burton

The Speaker Who Never Was

The Hypocrisy of Dan Burton

Sibel Edmonds State Secrets Gallery

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  1. Wally Sarkeesian says:

    Hi Sibel, Great information, you must allow these information to become public, keeping it within BFP community alone in my opinion is not serving the public, is like talking around kitchen table. and many other sites will be happy to publish and publish again and again on our site and all social network so that the people understand how the foreign government have “Corrupted Washington” and innocent people like yourself and many others become victim of the corrupted system. even the main stream media now days depend on the vast social network. I hope you will give it some thought and authorize us to publish these episodes.
    Thank you

    • Hi Wally,

      I hear you, and I understand. I’ve been getting similar notes/requests from others as well. For the first two episode I will go ahead and open them to all (In the next few minutes). We’ll see how it goes from there, and that will determine our decision for any future podcast episodes. I don’t have much faith in ‘numbers.’ From 2002 till 2010 we did so much, and ‘all’ open to ‘all.’ It left me (and many others) disgusted. The overwhelming level of apathy, and the shallowness of so many … Thus, the birth of smaller community-BFP. Even within our community it is mindboggling to see the level of ignorance and lack of depth.

      Thank you for all your support, and this sincere suggestion. Consider it done.

      • Wally Sarkeesian says:

        Sibel, Thank you, Could you kindly provide me with correct link to the two episode that you mentioned so that I do not accidentally download and publish wrong episodes. Even though I have your book in our list of the books I will include your books link with too.

      • garret fabian says:

        I really resonate with this conversation, re, is it ‘best’ to share this site/this type of data with a huge audience right away. I get it, the desire to share truth with others…! Great point to bring up Wally.

        Myself, I’m in alignment with your contention Sibel. While its nice to believe that the masses would back such enlightening and critical information at this stage in the ‘game’, its typically lost on the masses. Its not with blame that I say this – its quite an incredible construct that we’ve found ourselves in here. Even as someone who has been following all of this & awakening my entire life, it wasn’t until 4 years ago did I learn the really big pieces. Namely, Commercial Law, corporations masked as government, I had NO idea about Unum Sanctum or the global estate/trust system, legalese etc etc. We could list many things here, suffice it to say much of it boils (no pun intended Sibel) down to obfuscation and what appears, on the surface, to be a complex web. though is it, really..? Characters who pop up in the media suddenly, like Karen Hudes (self-proclaimed ‘whistleblower’ of World Bank infamy), will have you believe that; they’re all too happy to have you believe all these tales about Gold. Why? Well shes deflecting blame from her controllers at World Bank. how do we know this? As the Federal Code Title 5 makes very clear the World Bank and IBRD were two of the three (Federal Reserve being the third) banking cartels that caused the bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc. in 1933. As is also clear, the American People were the Priority Creditors of the bankrupt federal corporation (See House Joint Resolution 192 and the Emergency Banking Act of 1934) and also clear that the banks were Secondary Creditors

        My point: Its actually ‘simple’ to see who is controlling it all, if we are fortunate enough to put all of the pieces together, somehow. Though this type of information takes a lot of reading to become accustomed to words and concepts we simply were never taught in school. Like Sibel is suggesting, people cannot even see the value in the information much less see the incredible importance of what people ‘like us’ are implying. Me, I’ve been able to manifest a network of people over the last 4 years to get rather deep I must say. Into the real meat of what’s going on, in our country, right now, legally speaking and some of the real thrusts to take them down, legally (Yes, I know what ‘legal’ means, lol) before other means might be necessary.

        See, here –

        and, here, Liens filed against the ABA (Amer Bar Assoc.) to stop their personage, barratry, and all the many other frauds they’re perpetuating on the land –

        Karen Hudes and our Gold –

        I applaud you Sibel to speak out about on some of the most serious topics, like pedophilia. the controllers are using it everywhere (especially in music, film, media). These are the subjects the masses cannot imagine, while we simply attempt to awaken them to concepts like “legal vs. lawful” nonetheless WHY that maters and what that implies. I’ve followed your data for years Sibel and while I’ve always appreciated your dedication to what you’ve done its not been until just recently in hearing you with James Corbett (I love Mr. Corbett’s data) do I now sense the real you. There’s many personalities that popup in the ‘truther’ world, whistleblower movement etc., its a multi-dimensional chess match. When someon talks about this topic though, and publically, for me, its a really good sign. I fully support what you are doing and who you are. Bravo.

        Together, in smaller units perhaps initially (I know I wish to tell the masses too) we shall become even more learned and strong.

        For those interested in discovering some of our real history here on this land mass, what Law is and how this whole construct was created, from a Lawful/legal standpoint, this is one of the best resources I’ve ever discovered online. You might consider taking a look –

        Thank you all for your efforts and energy – its much appreciated.


  2. I’m sure this is important information and I’ve retweeted your Tweets.

    But although I’m subscribed to BFP, I’m low-income and therefore on dial-up, so I can’t watch videos or listen to podcasts, and I miss out on most of the things I’d really like to know, this particular info being something I’d very much like to know.

    Oh well. Perhaps somebody, somewhere will transcribe it or at least summarize the highlights, as the hints in your summary are tantalizing.

    I guess a few Tweets conveying the most important things would be too much to hope for.

    Yes, I do have access to broadband at the library and at the senior center, but I don’t go out very often and they have limited user time.

    At this point I’m not really sure why I’m subscribed to something with information that I generally can’t afford to access. Mostly to support Sibel, I guess.

    • mymarkx,

      I’ll start working on it. It shouldn’t be too difficult since I have the transcript & notes for the show. All I have to do: edit, format, polish, activate the links … and voila. I’ll do my best to get it done by … Wednesday.

      • Katie Stewart says:

        If you ever need help with typing up transcripts,just say the word.

        • Greatly appreciated, Katie.

          For this one I persuaded my husband to help (do ‘his share’;-) I have the semi-rough transcript ready. It will go up in a few minutes. Please let me know if you see a major/glaring edit job.

        • Katie,

          It just went up.

          • Katie Stewart says:

            Nice job! 🙂 I haven’t looked yet, but I’m so impressed you both did that so quick. In the future, anytime, just ask, I am happy to help and I’m generally available.

          • Katie Stewart says:

            And, I should add, thanks so much for the info, and for making this one publicly available too. Sometimes I think we are a lost cause, then I’m reminded that we are such an uneducated cause. Hearing what you have to say can truly educate so many! So thank you!

      • Thank you, Sibel! And many thanks to your husband also! And to Katie for offering to help!

        I had asked a friend with broadband to listen to the podcast for me, and I just emailed her the transcript you posted, which arrived in my email because I’m subscribed to the topic, and told her she didn’t have to.

        This is how community works! (Although I know that in any community there are always a few who shoulder most of the heavy work.)

        When important information needs to be disseminated widely and quickly, it should be done, in the immortal words of Malcolm X, “by any means necessary.”

        One very happy subscriber here!

    • I can download these podcasts when the network is not busy, but I would like to second the demand of mymarkx and extend it to all other podcasts and vids by other contributors for another reason. It is much easier for me to read this stuff than to listen to it as my mind tends to wander (that’s the way it is when listening to anything, even a movie or tv show), and sometimes my attention just skips. It is much easier just to stop reading, let my mind wander, and then come back to where I left off. Much faster.

      Also, please make sure to label the podcast and written version the same so that it is known that they are the same. Transript might not be accurate so “written version” might be used at the ends of the titles of the written version of videos and audios.

  3. What a fascinating rat’s nest it all is. Bunch of depraved slimeballs and hypocrites blackmailing each other, just amazing. You wonder how they even have time to submit legislation for their corporate masters with all the illicit sex, treasonous wheeling and dealing, bribery and backstabbing they have to keep up with.

    Somehow in this vivid whirlwind of corruption and scandal all I can wonder is what the likes of Livingston, Hyde, Chenoweth, and Burton were thinking when they refused to comply with their blackmailers’ instructions. I guess only Livingston ultimately resigned, so maybe the others figured they could weather the storm, and I guess they did. Presumably, the real effect was to silence others who had worse skeletons in their closet, allowing Clinton to ride out his own storm.

    I also wonder: there was an episode in Lone Gladio involving a death during a pedophilic encounter involving a Hastert-like figure, if I’m remembering correctly. Any comment on whether that incident was drawn from a specific real event?

    • John,

      “I also wonder: there was an episode in Lone Gladio involving a death during a pedophilic encounter involving a Hastert-like figure, if I’m remembering correctly. Any comment on whether that incident was drawn from a specific real event?” … Let me put it this way: Hastert has documented trips to Vietnam and Thailand for ‘activities’ described…

      You know the answer. All you have to do: reverse genders, move around to neighbor country …

      • Thought as much. Thanks.

        Meanwhile, you’ll all be glad to know that despite being “saddened” by these recent “allegations”, the J. Dennis Hastert Center for Economics, Government, and Public Policy at Wheaton College will continue in his name to promote “the redeeming effects of the Christian worldview on the practice of business, government and politics.”

  4. candideschmyles says:

    As I am a bekilted haggis eating whisky quaffing foreigner from across the big pond there is little in this that is relevant to me and it sails across the ocean as nothing less than I expect to find in any government. Corruption and blackmail are as ubiquitous as self serving hypocrisy and gerrymandering. However I do realise it is important information to have in the public domain and applaud and respect you Sibel for being fearless in its dissemination and look forward to the subsequent episodes in this series.

    • To be fair, I believe that’s corruption, blackmail, treason, terrorism, and the global black market in weapons, including nuclear weapons; somebody please correct me if I’m wrong. Some of those things could have repercussions outside the US, n’est-ce pas?

      • Of course, John. Also, remember the scandal a few years ago involving Hillary Clinton State Dep spying on UN members (including all their credit card expenditures)? Falls within the same operation. How about info gathered on Merkel and other nations’ figureheads? Same thing. Same with Afghan Heroin angle … Completely global; much bigger, much more macro that many is able to see.

        • Thank you again! Sad to learn my worst assumptions of Hastert’s portrayal in Lone Gladio are confirmed.
          However, the destruction of the U.S. Constitution & justice system by Clinton to protect His Horneyness has greater societal impact for those living under the US Empire at home and abroad – as you are alluding to. (1) Clinton’s crimes of “cover-up” are far more serious than Nixon’s. Nixon had his personal Campaign to Re-Elect the President (“CREEP) committee employ ex-spooks, the Plumbers, to do his dirty work for him — he didn’t suborn the U.S. Dept of Justice to trash the Fourth Amendment for his own personal and partisan benefit without a fig leaf cover of national security like “fighting Reds” at home & abroad. (2) No doubt it is not a complete first, but I cannot at this moment recall anything as egregious done for such private purposes (i.e., excluding such atrocities as false flags & lying propaganda campaigns to initiate unprovoked secret & overt wars of aggression or stealing Presidential elections). To prevent his personal, & his party’s, humiliation, he deliberately smashed FISA, enacted in response to Nixon era abuses, producing ever more abundant harvests of poisonous fruit. No wonder the Democratic powers could not thunderously decry the destruction of privacy in this new century – Feinstein, et al., had at minimum heard rumors or come up with “4” on their own.
          As disgusting, he completely subverted the course of Justice against a grotesque criminal such as Hastert and no doubt others; leaving past victims without justice and future victims to his mercy.

      • candideschmyles says:

        Perhaps I was not concentrating properly on what was said, I shall listen again tonight.

  5. Sibel, two points seem doubtful to me. (1) COINTELPRO – I do not believe it ever stopped, even after the Congressional actions taken in the wake of Watergate. As a young “Peace Activist” of that era, I worked for one of the 2 national peace organizations – the non-SWP one, Peoples Coalition for Peace & Justice on its team that organized the largest civil disobedience action in the history of the US in May 1971 (arrest figures vary, 11-15,000 – two years Pinochet adopted the D.C. response of holding people in RFK Stadium once the local jails were stuffed, though he added overt torture and killing) – ah, the memories.
    We definitely came under watchful scrutiny in the run up to and for time after this event. Later in 1971, I moved to a smaller regional center and remained active. The local Feds apparently had extra time on their hands so for awhile, an obvious unmarked car would follow me around.
    In the early 1980’s cirumstances prompted me to file an FOIA request with the FBI. I received about 300 pages, only relating to the late 60’s-early 1970’s. Most of which were magic marker blacked out with the typed note that the material couldn’t be disclosed because it was part of “an ongoing investigation”. Since the internet, I have come across articles that claim it never ended but I cannot provide links.
    (2) to me, the former U.S, Ambassador to Turkey who served as #2 at the State Dept under Bush the Lesser, and his Neo-Con crew of traitors seemed to have committed crumes that have brought the destruction of societies, chaos, unfathomable sufferings to millions. Since they are intelligent high achievers, to me, they seem like even more heinous criminsls than Denny Boy.

  6. I’m curious about Graham Fuller. These are my datapoints:
    1970s: Station Chief in Afghanistan until just before operation Cyclone.
    1990s: He writes books for RAND on the role of Turkey in central asian geopolitics. Presumably internally arguing for Cyclone 2.0 on steroids.
    1994-99: Father in law of Uncle Tsarni and through him hosting at his private address the Congress of Chechen International Organizations, linked to the Benevolence International Foundation and thus KSM and the Golden Chain List.
    Then people get interested in him:
    2000: He appears in “Dollars for Terror”
    2008: You put him up in the State Secrets Privilege Gallery, along with the Turkish coercion network.
    2013: Hopsicker (as far as I can see) finds out about his link with Tsarni.

    Was Fuller present at the Baku meetings?

    I think you once mentioned that the Baku meetings took place in the Turkish embassy there. Are Hastert, Livingston & Co linked to those Baku meetings?

    I guess you can’t answer. Maybe slip/drip some info out in another episode?

    Thanks again, it’s very rewarding to listing to your exposés!

  7. Olivier, before there was Graham Fuller there was Paul Henze.

    Sibel: “consistency and sticking with the facts is good, isn’t it?”
    indeed it is. credibility is everything, especially when so few are believable, and “it is no longer possible to believe anything about anyone that you have not learned for yourself, directly.”
    so now we understand the love for Turkey of Livingston, Hastert et al.
    what connection if any with the Yugoslavia war, ongoing at the time?
    in Pristina, virtually a Turkish outpost in the Balkans, the main street is Bill Clinton Boulevard. Sibel, you may recall Güler Köknar’s husband is an Albanian, part of the same networks.

    like the Sy Hersh stories (The Redirection 2007, Osama 2015), COINTELPRO II involves hardball partisan politics that somehow coexist with a bipartisan consensus not to touch the real issues. the Republicans come off as the weaker party politically speaking–can one imagine Democratic leaders being blackmailed by Republicans this easily? was/is Clinton subject to blackmail? Lewinsky was not a one-off–Bill as a frequent flight companion of Jeffrey Epstein is likely beholden to others.

    not a few CIA folks have been partisan Democrats; Republicans are more ubiquitous at NSA and Pentagon related agencies. recent briefings of Pentagon contractors have included the nice distinction between treason and sedition–contractors are warned that those who support neither of the two main parties may not be traitors, but they may be considered seditious.

    “With consummate skill the spectacle organizes ignorance of what is about to happen and, immediately afterwards, the forgetting of whatever has nonetheless been understood. The more important something is, the more it is hidden.” –Debord

    • “contractors are warned that those who support neither of the two main parties may not be traitors, but they may be considered seditious.”

      Is any such briefing publicly available somewhere?

    • ” the Republicans come off as the weaker party”

      Folklore has it that J Edgar Hoover was an enemy of the CIA, which seems logical for him to be. Although the institutional boundaries don’t coincide with the boundaries between the different factions of the establishment, there might be a case for concluding that the liberal establishment is more dominant within the FBI, whereas the conservative establishment has the larger grip over the CIA/Pentagon.

      Talking about establishment, factions it’s interesting to read through Joël van der Reijden’s four-establishment model of the Western politics. He divides/calls them as follows:
      – Liberal Establishment (State Department)
      – Conservative Establishment (CIA and Pentagon)
      – Vatican-Paneuropa network (Opus Dei and Knights of Malta)
      – Zionist Establishment (Israel and its worldwide communities and U.S. lobby)

      I’ve been thinking about it myself and came up with the following observation: There is a unifying consensus among the estblishment, namely that few should rule over many. If that situation is threatened, they unite. Once that’s secured, there’s time for internal squabbling, typically about:
      1. Why a few should rule over the many (i.e. the ideology), this is used to argue
      2. Who should be the few that rule over the many
      3. How should the few rule over the many

      As to point 1, a big rift occured in 19th century England about the reasons to be given for the dominance by the few, into factions A & B:
      A: The Few are god’s representatives on earth
      B: The Few have the better genes. (This idea is convenient for the East India Company that created a new affluent class with no sacred pedigree, on the back of colonial exploitation).

      Although van der Reijden doesn’t spell it out, I presume that what he calls the Conservative and Liberal establishments are the outgrowths of this rift. In his view the Liberal (i.e. Darwinian) establishment has been pushing the global free trade agenda very successfully in the last 50 years and he considers them to be the dominant faction.

      Within the religious/conservative wing, there’s the older rifts leading to the latter 3 establishments on his list, and the more recent merger between Zionist and Protestant(?) groups giving rise to the neo-conservatives.

      • van der Reijden’s site is a valuable source with a wealth of historical information, but i wonder if re. contemporary realities he is any more trustworthy than e.g. Tom Secker. the Four Establishment model has historical value, and something like it was probably true in the 1960s, but neither the State Department nor the Paneuropa network, the two that i know best, has anything like the autonomy that van der Reijden suggests. the purge of State Department élites and Arabists in particular after 1980 has given us Victoria Nuland, for example, at State–hardly one of the white shoe crowd. Sibel herself has pointed out that the apparent separation between civilized State and creepy CIA is mostly a mirage. i do remember a CIA officer who ruined his career by trying to transfer to State, because he at least believed in the spectacle of Foggy Bottom.

  8. I thought there was a deal between the Koch brothers & Republicans on the one hand and the Clinton(s) on the other hand. Clinton wouldn’t block the actions of the Koch bothers and the Republicans wouldn’t push for impeachment (think: Monica Lewinsky).

  9. Clinton notwithstanding the Republicans seem more obviously blackmailable, starting with McCain for his war record; of the presidential candidates 3 are pretty well-known family-values closet cases (Rick Perry, Lindsay Graham, Kasich) not to mention the up and coming Tom Cotton.

  10. Hi Sibel, I think you once mentioned that three entities had recordings of Hastert’s activities:
    1. FBI
    2. CIA
    3. An organization related to gladio-B.
    Am I remembering correctly? Does organization 3 have a name that best describes it? Or is it best to say that that organization IS gladio-B? Or a club like the ATC?

  11. Hi Sibel, I like it better when you have someone interviewing you, because you definately can hold your own, and you are riveting. However, in these latest podcasts, to tell you the truth, you almost sound like one of those robots. I don’t know what the dynamic is, but it is better to have some dufus standing in, and asking some inane questions, and lets you run.

    • Ed Nelson, Obviously, it is a more efficient use of limited resources and energy for Sibel to state the facts in the order and detail that she chooses; rather than coaching some “dufus” to get the necessary questions asked. This criticism seems unwarranted in my opinion. My further reaction is that it seems like the type of complaint made by someone who is “overly-sensitive to the point of becoming insensitive”.

    • No problem with current format here.

  12. have to agree with Tenor on the PC format—i prefer Sibel straight up, no water, no rocks, no dufus.

  13. Wally Sarkeesian says:

    I agree with Nelson Sibel is much more effective on Video than Audi only however, she has life family and anyone who has website as I do we do spend lots of time on research and keeping website active 7/24 with few resources is not an easy task, I would love to video interview Sibel not to ask unwonted questions but let her tell everything as is which she always dose. Sibel I am ready when you are..
    Thank you

  14. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Looks like we may have a similar scenario with recordings involved in investigation of Clinton Foundation….

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