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Update: Dennis Hastert Pleads Guilty in Hush Money Case

We have been singlehandedly covering The Real Hastert Case here at Boiling Frogs Post. As we all know the complicit US media has been doing exactly the opposite: blacking out and censoring the real case together with all directly relevant facts and historical context. I believe we have a choice to make: Do we let them win again by shrugging in disgust and going away? Or do we give it our best and use every means and every channel to counter and challenge the institutionalized criminality and cover-up? Sure. They have all the mega print and TV outlets. But we have the power of numbers, resolve and persistence. And we have this website, the internet and all the social networks and forums that go with it.

Can we use these mediums and means and show that we are not as powerless and irrelevant as they want us to believe we are?

Can we use our numbers, our collective voices and various internet mediums and means to get out the quashed facts and the truth?

I cannot answer these questions. But together, we can. The least we can do is to try- and try our best. We can make this our own campaign- the people’s campaign.

To make this easier I’ve decided to combine all our coverage (podcast episodes, videos, articles and commentaries) in one post, place it at the center of our website, and suggest various ways to go about disseminating and shining light on the truth when it comes to The Real Hastert Case and related cover-ups.

What can we do with these truth sources and related information?

I am not as technologically savvy as many of you, but I will list a few suggestions, and then have you further those with your suggestions and channels communicated in the comments section of this post.

Make this page a top hit (link) at the Reddit Website. Rather than having multiple posts, let’s have a lead post, share the link with everyone else here & encourage people to keep the link active with their shares, votes and comments. Please let us know if you are willing to create and manage our primary Reddit link.

Use your social network mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to share this campaign page. Encourage your friends and followers to share and help with dissemination.

Share, download, and repost our YouTube video clips (BFP & Corbett Report)

Go to the comments sections of heavy-traffic news websites and forums and post your comments and the link to this campaign page.

Target local news and websites for Illinois; especially Chicago.

If you don’t have my books on this case and directly related cover-ups, go grab your e-copies at Amazon here and here. For this campaign I dropped the Kindle version price to $1.99. It is dirt cheap, thus easily affordable. I encourage you to post your reviews and ratings (By that I mean, honest and sincere ones!). If you’ve already read the books, consider grabbing e-copies to pass on. You can also use channels such as Twitter-FB and GoodReads to encourage others to take advantage of this campaign and grab their copies to read.

All right. These are my suggestions. Please add yours, take the initiative and come up with your own methods and channels, and share those with the rest of us here at Boiling Frogs Post.

We have started a campaign page at Imgur: Share the link, Go visit our campaign page and share it via channels available there (Reddit, Twitter, etc.), post comments. Here is the link:

Here are the video clips, links and pages to our ongoing coverage of The Real Hastert Case:


The Hastert Scandal: What the Media Isn't Telling You

Hastert Reaches Plea Deal to Cover Up Case

Spiro: “Sibel Edmonds Exposes Exactly What Could Bring Down This Entire Corrupt System!”

BFP Roundtable: Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!

Articles & Transcripts

Why is FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Boiling over Former Speaker Hastert’s Plea Deal?- By Cynthia McKinney

BFP Exclusive- Two Delays & Tight-Lipped Negotiations Point to
Graymail & Blackmail Tactics by Hastert’s Legal Team

Did Foreign Governments Blackmail Denny Hastert? By Philip Giraldi

Hastert Case, Clinton Scandals, FBI & the 1996 COINTELPRO II (Transcript)

How the COINTELPRO II Bucket Turned into a Can of Worms (Transcript)

The Mind-Boggling Media Censorship in the Real Hastert Case (Transcript)

Hastert to Plead Guilty of Sexual Abuse, Yet US Still Covers up Turkish Blackmail


Podcast (Audio Only- From Oldest to the Latest)

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Dennis Hastert: Why Prosecutors Will Be Forced To ‘Lose’ or ‘Drop’ the Case

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Hastert Case, Clinton Scandals, FBI & the 1996 COINTELPRO II Directive

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Hastert Case: How the COINTELPRO II Bucket Turned into a Can of Worms

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- The Mind-Boggling Level of Media Censorship in the Real Hastert Case

Philip Giraldi Breaks the Media Blackout on Hastert Case



Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story

The Lone Gladio


External Sources

Sibel Edmonds: An Inconvenient Patriot

Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?

Sibel Edmonds Testimony & Dennis Hastert (2009)

Dennis Hastert- A Portrait of a Political System Termite: The Erosion & Rotting of a Nation’s Foundation

Sibel Edmonds State Secrets Gallery

Two FBI Whistleblowers Confirm Illegal Wiretapping of Government Officials and Misuse of FISA

Gilbert Graham Case Filed with DOJ-IG

Dennis Hastert Indictment (Court Document)

Hastert, in hiding since indictment & molestation allegations, finally due in court

Judge grants extension for Dennis Hastert's pre-trial motions (Sep 11)

Who is Scott Palmer?

Dennis Hastert Reaches Plea Deal

Details of Dennis Hastert's Alleged Sexual Misconduct May Stay Buried Forever With New Plea Deal

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is editor and publisher of Boiling Frogs Post, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and author of the acclaimed book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio, a Political Spy Thriller. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist, fluent in four languages, and has an MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award.

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  1. We need a “Reddit” Savvy volunteer to start our main link/page over there. Once we get that, we’ll put the word out and ‘up’ it with comments/votes/shares.


      • To go with that link

        “April 09, 2016

        The filing Friday night is the first time prosecutors have confirmed Hastert paid hush-money to conceal sex abuse. It chronicles a chain of deception that began with Hastert exploiting his position of trust as a teacher and coach and carried on years later to include lying to bank officials and making false claims of extortion to the FBI to conceal his wrongdoing.”

        “Prosecutors say Hastert still was abusing boys when he first decided to run for office, but the now-74-year-old Republican managed to keep any hint of sexual misconduct quiet throughout a political career that carried him from the Illinois Legislature to the halls of Congress and eventually to the speaker’s office, where he was second in the line of succession to the presidency.”

        “Hastert’s lawyers didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment about prosecutors’ filing Friday night. Individual A is one of at least four people cited in the filing as saying that Hastert sexually abused them as children. Three were wrestlers and the fourth was a student-manager on the team Hastert coached. Another wrestler said Hastert touched his genitals while he was on a locker room massage table, but he wasn’t sure if it was intentional.

        Prosecutors say in the filing that Hastert’s known sexual acts against Individual A and other accusers consist of “intentional touching of minors’ groin area and genitals or oral sex with a minor.” According to the document, Individual A told prosecutors the abuse occurred in a motel room on the way home from wrestling camp. Hastert, the only adult on the trip, told the 14-year-old that he would stay in his room while about a dozen other boys stayed in a different room. Individual A said Hastert touched him inappropriately after suggesting he would massage a groin injury the boy had.”

        Props to

        • Actually, now that I see it is Chicago AP… Who did he piss off and how?

          • Maybe there could be a way to take advantage of the apparent green light that’s been issued to provide limited coverage of Hasterts abuse. There’s always redirecting people to this article, but it seems like there could (at least possibly) be an opportunity to wave some “exclusive” dirt on Hastert that some ambitious reporter, journalist, whatever, might go for and could be slipped into the more mainstream arena while, as I stated, the green light has been issued. – beat them at their own game so to speak.

            My cynicism tells me that this dirt is being aired right now for election related reasons. I’m not sure what specifically at the moment, but my general sense is that election coverage is essentially being engineered for the long term goal of seeing Hillary Clinton elected. Trump and Sanders, while there may be issues behind each one’s relative success and appeal that are worthy of discussion, at least in my opinion, are being paraded to give the spectacle of an “organic” Democratic process and on an even more immediate level, to market this as gossipy news.

            At any rate, any additional exposure of Hastert’s conduct is a good thing. I don’t really care whether it’s being done for low brow politics, any entry point for exposing the truth as far as I’m concerned is fair game. I don’t have any specific ideas about how to capitalize on this, but I’m just throwing the idea out there and additionally throwing in my two cents that it really doesn’t matter whether we’re taking advantage of something which is being exploited for political gain. If we can can take advantage of short term market based political BS coverage and use it as a trojan horse of sorts to expose the underbelly of the beast, I see that as an opportunity which cynicism shouldn’t prohibit any of us from taking advantage of if we see a window of opportunity.

    • I was this happy to see this turkey stick back in the news with new victims coming forward- I must have retweeted 1/2 or more links when I saw it (Sibel first!) How did the feds know… well we disseminated his info all over cyber media and then some, I’d like to think they had help, by you and supporters who might have eyes on them.
      I have written letters making an inquiry to many, including presidential candidates on how they would handle sex crimes in high places, specifically referencing mentioning DH.
      I have no need to capitalize on anything. Just specific legal action to take place in a BIG way

  2. Actually here is the reddit page:

    I’m very unfamiliar with this medium; I’ve never used it before. So I’ll accept handholding and appreciate your help and patience.

  3. Pkay people, we are up & running at “Reddit” thanks to Andrew!

    Here is the link:

    Go to Reddit link, vote, pose questions, provide your informed responses to those who pose questions and are not familiar with our series … Just do your share.

    • andrew everett says:

      Thank You for visiting with us at reddit–the other users of BFP can still view the conversation with the link you provided above… I know there are definitely some redditors who were energized by your visit and will continue to inform themselves on the issues which you and BFP are covering.

      • Andrew,

        You made it all possible; thank you!

        I have to say I really enjoyed the live session: Thoughtful, considerate, informed and supportive group.

        • andrew everett says:

          Yes–r/conspiracy would love to have you back for another AMA…

          As for the Hastert plea deal–I’m thinking the announcement will be made on a Friday 6 PM EST which would minimize the damage in the national press. The local press will be too busy covering the Chicago Cubs baseball playoffs–top of the Front Page in the Chicago Tribune (win or lose).

          • Andrew,

            You know, way back when, during early years of my case, every single press release was scheduled for Friday, 5:00 p.m. EST. We are talking headlines such as: “Congress gagged by DOJ Retroactive Classification in the Whistleblower Case …’ So yes, you got it!

            I’ll e-mail you re: future AMA. I have an idea, wand want to hear your thoughts/reaction.

  4. Have you noticed: Every time we present action-able items here @ Boiling Frogs Post, the majority (members!) go awfully quiet. I’d like to hear your ‘theories’ on this. I can tell you about my ‘reaction’: disgust.

    Meanwhile, allow me to thank Andrew, Ribbit Mark, Bill Bergman, Olivier for all their support & ‘participation.’

    • Oooops, I forgot Katie. Thank you, Katie!

      • Katie Stewart says:

        Ugh, I have many theories, and must admitted I’m still amazed at the silence here. While feeding the chickens, I was thinking as I threw a handful of food and they all rushed over to fight over that little handful while I dumped the whole bucket and they don’t even notice, that people are no different. I do think the reddit AMA did succeed in spreading the word, at least to a few people who will hopefully continue to spread it. I saw several comments this morning along the lines of “I had no idea!” So again, I thank you for doing that!
        It was commented on I think in the last podcast maybe about getting victims to speak out…
        Sounds like at least one family member tried…

    • andrew everett says:

      There Hastert Case begins with layers of political corruption and quickly adds pedophilia–sad, but most Americans turn the page or change the channel. This leaves their belief system intact and unchallenged–yet they are still free to complain about the numerous other political issues the Corporate Media are driving home. The media conglomerates don’t want to “upset the system” because they all feed off the government (via ads for the military, etc.) and expect to receive favorable trade regulations in their favor.
      It’s upsetting to me how Americans believe there is a Free Press–all you have to do is look back at what happened to Edward R. Murrow back in the 50’s to realize the “free press” has been an illusion. Murrow went from WWII American Icon to becoming virtually un-employable journalist at CBS–the only thing that kept him aboard so long was his legendary, well-earned status he had made on CBS radio during WWII.

    • I was wondering where the conversation was. I think the reddit thread is a great idea and putting the information in one place like this is a great idea too. I guess I don’t know enough about how reddit works to know whether I’m one of the members who are going ‘quiet’, since I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘participating’. Did I miss something?

      • Sibel,

        For what it’s worth, I just bought a signed copy of your memoir to send to parents. I’ve discussed your case with them and other family a little bit here and there, but this would be a good time to put a spark under their feet so they will have read it and we can discuss it in context of the Hastert case with family and friends at Thanksgiving. The memoir isn’t “required” reading for understanding the Hastert case, but I think the context provides greater gravity to coming to grips with what an absolute slime bag Hastert (and his associates) is/are and generate a bit more intensity on the part of others to shine a light on the story before it oozes away.

        Besides that, the memoir is extremely well written and an important read, so I’m sure both of my parents will read it and perhaps entice some other friends. Maybe get the public library to purchase a copy too. I was planning on doing this anyway, since they haven’t done so on their own (mine’s an ebook copy) and I just thought of the Thanksgiving factor (that sounds kinda funny, but whatever 😉 so this seemed like an opportune time to be proactive.

        I’ll wait to hear back on what ‘participating’ in the action item means, but in the meantime, I think this a good idea, so just thought I’d let you know and maybe give the idea to some other members for the “Thanksgiving factor” =p (depending on what your families are like).

        Guess that’s all for now.

    • steven hobbs says:

      Yes, I’ve noticed too. For example, enthusiasm for the Oregon bench re-assessment didn’t do more than get us talking, sans traction. I made a shout out to no avail. ‘Participation’ with others, faded quickly. That’s sad, and acceptable. Challenge: regenerate / degenerate, breathe, and again. There’s interdependence to address. We work together with challenges. Fortunate we share this square at the moment. Thank you Sibel, et al.

  5. Put it through to RadNZ this morning. Will see if those chickens fight.

  6. Phil Giraldi published the following commentary on “The Real Hastert Case” @ the Am Con Magazine:

    I’m thinking of promoting “Spine Transplant’ centers all over the country.

    • Katie Stewart says:

      Loved the ‘grow a spine” tweets. 🙂

    • Actually I have been thinking about spinal implants for years- literally, because mine is falling apart- “literally”. Not many bright Dr’s here, probably have to go over sea’s with my German Engineering
      It’s apparently inoperable so I get to live on stealth drugs- which really sucks

  7. Anybody heard anything from Sibel elsewhere? It may sound silly, but this information is so explosive that I’m starting to feel paranoid in absence of further comments from her here that I’m aware of. Sibel is so outspoken and brave that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that she continues to expose this information potentially at her own risk.

    In the meantime, the question I posted earlier about not understanding what Sibel’s dismay in the “quiet” and lack of “participation” on the part of BFP members on the reddit ‘action item’ wasn’t exclusively directed towards Sibel to be answered. If anybody would care to elaborate I’d feel a little less left out in the cold.


    • Benny B,

      As I said before, the rare instances when ‘action’ is subscribed, course opf action is provided, the majority (even here @ BFP) seem to disappear. This same pathetic people usually are the first to scream: ‘So what can we do? Why nothing is being done?

      By the way: Let’s thank Katie for her efforts. You know what she did? She got our local paper publish her “Letter to Editor”. Kudos to you Katie!!!!! I read it yesterday;-)

      • Sibel,

        I read through all the posts again and finally see where it is you provided instructions of sorts. I hadn’t seen it before now and, maybe I’m just thick headed, but the posts before about getting the topic to the top of reddit, I guess I didn’t get it (beyond telling people to check it out). If it wasn’t clear to me I probably wasn’t alone. Given my past participation in contacting you regarding the previous action item I would’ve imagined I’d be taken at my word on wanting to get involved, just not quite getting what that meant. No worries though.

        I’ll sign up at reddit and join in the conversation there and see about shaking a few other trees, now that I have some ideas. Definitely Kudos to you Kaite for getting something out there. 🙂 Mind sending me a link (if one exists) so I can see how you went about it?


      • I was hoping to share this off the record- but I’ve not been around as much lately: In my area a local Church has a group entitled “Chester County Abolitionists” I forwarded one of your links to another member of the group last night- this is the response I got:

        “He’s not being charged with the sexual crimes Kath and many cases end in plea deals. The one person he was paying is better off with people not knowing his identity and the other person he is alleged to have committed a sexual crime against is dead. This man’s reputation is ruined and he will likely spend a year or two in jail for what he is pleading to”

        I worked in the legal community for many years- I’m aware how things work- yet my attempt to get a high level case recognized (when I know it’s happening all over DC, Pentagon ect- I want it out in the open… – this is insanity run wild, and unacceptable.

        • I want it out in the open… – this is insanity run wild, and unacceptable.


          You’re absolutely right. I can understand (although I can’t accept) the fact that people have become so accustomed to financial corruption that it’s hard to spark outrage, but if the fact that a sitting congressman has been involved in repeated instances of raping child sex slaves abroad isn’t enough to spark some sort of public outrage I don’t know what is. Sexual abuse of any kind is unacceptable and tragic. I agree with what your friend said about not wanting to have the identity of the victim exposed. But I think your friend (and the general public) would agree that serial child rape is not the sort of thing anybody should be allowed to put behind them.

          Beyond that, what assurance do we have that without any exposure of the sex crimes that they won’t continue? As far as I’m concerned the deep state has been an accomplice in Hastert’s abuse and again, at the bare minimum, the public needs to be forced to reckon with this. As we saw with Bill Cosby, the silence on the parts of those who were aware of what was going on allowed Cosby to continue the abuse over a span of decades, surely including far more instances than that of those women who have been willing to step forward to testify on this pattern of abuse.

    • There would be quite a bit of backlash if that happened. All those low levelers may become a bit enraged.

  8. andrew everett says:

    That was quite a twitter storm yesterday…I don’t twitter or facebook, so…
    I tried to find email addresses for the editors of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times–but they don’t list them on their sites anymore, so I picked up the phone and called the city desk at the Trib and the Sun-Times. I also emailed over a dozen editors/writers at about 10 different publications–I customized each letter and provided links to the article in The American Conservative and to BFP. I also combined a couple of your twitter comments and kept the issue on the Front Page of r/conspiracy over at reddit. I’m sure the James Corbett interview will get some attention and lots of views…

    • We have gained a great new BFP member: Andrew! I will be e-mailing you today re: Reddit, etc. So honored to have a real activist added to our community.

      • andrew everett says:

        Thank You–hopefully we can get the media to flex the right to a Free Press which they have been granted by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution…

    • Katie Stewart says:

      NIce Andrew! Did you get an answer at the Chicago papers’ city desks? Maybe if we all start calling (like AE 911 truth to CSPAN) they’ll finally have to acknowledge us. I feel a bit like a troll, lol, but have been commenting and pasting the link to this report all over any article that mentions Hastert.
      Sibel, I’m sort of amazed the Bulletin actually printed it, BFP link and all. I emailed KTVZ as well but no response from them. I really hope you do the Reddit thing again!

      • andrew everett says:

        Congrats on having your Letter to the Editor published…
        The Chicago Tribune asked me to send my information to a to a tips@ address; I actually got to speak to an editor at the City Desk of the Chicago Sun-Times (the number is on their site). He didn’t sound too enthused and defended their coverage.
        The Chicago Tribune also has a “Voice of the People” section which readers can send letters to (email address is in the paper, so I’ll list it below).

        • Katie Stewart says:

          Thanks, I’ll get one (or several, lol) out to them, and I’ll give a call too.
          Ha, I bet he didn’t sound too enthused as you called him out. 🙂

    • Welcome to BFP Andrew! =] You’ve made quite the entrance. 😉 Also, thank you very much for getting things started with reddit. Like you, I’m not on twitter or facebook, but I’ll check out reddit and see if I can add anything to the conversation. Way to think outside the box.


      • andrew everett says:

        Thanks Benny–hope you enjoy the reddit. Here is an example of a letter I emailed to 4 writers and editors of one publication:

        Subject: Political Corruption

        Americans have lost a great deal of trust in our politicians–and our Free Press. I am writing this hoping YOU will take some action on this story which involves the longest-serving Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert. The story also involves bribery of politicians, lobbyists, and dirty drug money.

        The only meaningful article I have seen on the case was written by Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer:

        If the media continues to look the other way, instead of flexing the right of a Free Press which the writers of the Constitution gave our country–then Dennis Hastert is going to get away with this. Hastert’s case is scheduled to be decided by a judge on October 28th–whether Hastert does jail-time hardly matters if all the details are hidden inside of secret court documents.

        Unless your editors decide to expose some light on this case–a great opportunity will have been missed. Dennis Hastert is like a 16″ softball sitting on a baseball tee–yet the media can’t seem to pick up a bat, walk to home plate and take a swing or two.

        I have seen McClatchy bravely publish some articles–such as your coverage of Thomas Drake, so I hope you will continue and can shine some light on this dark chapter in U.S. politics.

        Thank You for your time,

        P.S. Here is a link to Sibel Edmonds’ website–I’m pretty sure she would be willing to speak with your writers if they want more background on this case:


        Hopefully more of us can start writing some Letters to the Editor (like Katie) or send off some emails to the gatekeepers–the editors and writers. Important that the letters be from the heart and not just copy/pasted.

        • Katie Stewart says:

          Benny, I don’t have a link so I’ll just copy it here…this is what I wrote to the local paper…my thought was to just give enough to make people want to visit this site for the full story. Sibel tells it much better than I can anyway!
          I am writing to you to bring your attention to the statements of Sibel Edmonds about the ongoing legal case of Dennis Hastert, and related matters. I believe they are extremely concerning, and I believe your readers will agree if made aware of them. If we are to continue to place our trust in both our media and our elected officials, then these issues must be addressed openly. In light of the information that has surfaced over the years, particularly from whistleblowers such as Russel Tice, regarding the level of mass surveillance by the NSA, it is reasonable to guess that this activity continues to occur but on a much larger scale. As former speaker Dennis Hastert enters into discussions for a plea bargain, therefore allowing the underlying corruptions to remain secret, this is an excellent time to shed some light on these matters. The people of this community, and the nation, need to know how deep corruption and blackmail runs in our elected officials. We cannot fix a problem that is not addressed, and I feel that our media has an obligation to address this. You can listen to Ms. Edmond’s statements regarding the legal case of Dennis Hastert in a podcast available to the public on the website Boiling Frogs Post. I have included a link for your convenience.

          Thank you,
          Katie Stewart

          • Thanks, Kaite =]

            That’s a useful reference and kudos again for being proactive. Hastert shouldn’t be allowed the opportunity to slink away without some real exposure. None of these half baked slaps on the wrist from the MSM on page 30…

        • Thanks, Andrew. I got started on reddit last night and responded to a question/comment with a comment which was probably far too long for practical consumption, but I feel like there’s something worthwhile if people manage to get through some of it anyway. I tend to overdo it and it’s only once I hit the submit button and see the full amount of real estate the text takes up that I become aware of what kind of what kind of impractically long monstrosity I’ve created 😉

          Thanks again for getting that started and putting a spark under our feet, thinking about different ways to be proactive.

  9. Okay everyone (fine, every active doer BFP member;-):

    We just posted our latest BFP Roundtable:

    Here is the YouTube link: Go there, click ‘thumb up’, then click ‘share’ and help disseminate this via all social network outlets. E-mail the link to people you know. Post the link @ FB/Twitter/Reddit … We’re talking less than 10 clicks of your mouse. Can people do that much, at least (outside talk talk talk)?

    • Great, looking forward to checking this out (and passing it on 😉

    • andrew everett says:

      So cnbc was the only network willing to pursue the Hastert Pedophilia–but in the end came back to Sibel Edmonds and demanded she provide actual video/audio of Hastert.

      I’m sad to say this, but to me it almost sounds like a Trap–if she would have provided the video/audio, perhaps she would have been charged?

      • Andrew,

        I think it was simply what you might call a “strategic copout”. You could give these jackasses video of Hastert in the act and they’d probably say they couldn’t use it because the lighting isn’t good enough and they can’t be 100%percent certain it’s him. I guess just admitting that they’re spineless cowards is just to difficult for them not dress up their defense in legal excuses.

    • When I follow the link go to youtube to watch that BFP Roundtable video, it starts at the 1:39:00 mark instead of at the beginning. There’s no t=[seconds] on the URL, I go from 0:00:00 on the embedded version here. And when I do my own link to the video’s basic YouTube URL, again it starts from 1:39:00. Could there be a “start time” setting on that video set inadvertently somehow? It’s a shame for it not to start right out with Sibel’s quote about what voters think vs what they do.

      Anyway, check this out: I was pondering the fact that cute kitty cat videos are so much more popular than political videos when I hit on the idea to make a video of a cute cat providing political information. Here’s my first attempt, and it’s about Hastert, and points people here:

  10. andrew everett says:

    Noticed that Michael Tarm is writing the Dennis Hastert coverage for the Associated Press…

    Michael Tarm is on twitter: –

  11. Our activist member Andrew has started a great campaign @ Imgur on “The Real Hastert Scandal.’ Now let’s do our share: share the link with everyone you now, visit our Imgur campaign page, vote it up, post comments, encourage other to join … Come on. It takes only a minute or two and just a few clicks. Let’s go do our share!!

  12. Sibel,

    Just viewed the Rountable. Thanks for that! A very good piece to forward to many others. I have done so – while also pondering the important point of focus you always manage to find in any discussion. Very powerful as always. Whether one calls the issue with our society “moral decay” or “moral desensitization”, it’s clear that we as a nation have lost our moral compass. There are so many examples and we each see something that brings it home to us. One of the big ones for me was watching people following the drone wars on TV. Imagine the President deciding that some guy in the Middle East needs to be killed for what ever reason – and one of our drone pilots in Syracuse, NY or other remote location gets to play his video game and actually kill a real human being – just like that – no questions asked. I was outraged that there was no moral outcry coming from anywhere. People look at it like they were watching a movie, but of course they did the same thing with the Shock and Awe destroying one of the more beautiful ancient cities in the world. Thank you for the moral outrage you displayed on this roundtable. It hit me right in the heart!

  13. Latest mush piece from Chicago Tribune:

    The Message is this: If you want to be a child-molester & rapist, and want full protection/immunity join the US government

    • Nice fluff piece. I’m gagging on the pillow feathers… So disgusting. I have more which I intend to add to the point you just made soon. In the meantime maybe I’ll try washing out my mouth and taking a couple of Tums…

  14. Here is the latest:

    James Corbett interviews Philip Giraldi on “The Real Hastert Scandal”:

    Philip Giraldi Breaks the Media Blackout on Hastert Case

  15. Is it Denny or Dennis…!
    Kind Regards

  16. Dennis or Denny…?
    Kind Regards

  17. Ohh..It was a nickname…!
    “Denny boy,”
    Kind Regards

  18. So Hastert gets ZERO-to-6 Months jail time; emphasis on “ZERO.” Are we surprised? Of course not. Are we disgusted? most definitely.

    I know the majority, even here @ BFP (unfortunately) is going to react this way: ‘See, no matter what, we can’t make a dent. All futile … blowing in the wind … blah blah blah.’

    You’d think after 13+ years in this I’d be the first to say it … and go away.

    But I am NOT. In fact, I’m panning a bold and fairly preposterous project to counter the outrageously preposterous establishment media. I’m working around the clock on a new unique media platform- a big one; big in terms of resources, reach, capabilities … It’s a massive media project funded by the people, big and strong enough to challenge & counter the big MSM….

    I’ll have the details and schedule soon- in the next couple of months. Meanwhile, I’d like to hear (privately) from the special ‘doers’ here. There are several doers I’d like to share the general ideas with, and get their input to move forward full-force.

    P.S.- I have zero interest in ideas like : “Sibel, you should do this …” or “Sibel why don’t you make this better …” or … you know what I mean. I’m allergic to that stand in life. I believe (and work with) people who say, ‘I want to know about it, and I want to participate and help further it … here are the things ‘I’ can do.”

    • andrew everett says:

      Here is a link to Hastert’s Plea Agreement:

      As for the corporate media: alternatives are needed…supposedly the TPP agreement is going to hit independent websites hard and tip the scales back towards the corporations. Reddit used to be a great way to follow news (especially a breaking story), but now it has become weighed down with rules and moderators. The official gatekeepers are trying to restrain the free thinkers!!!

      • Yes, you’re correct, Andrew. James Corbett did an interview with journalist/activist Claire Bernish, who had a story about Nestle’s rip off of the water supply in California go viral on Reddit, before seeing it removed (on what grounds I don’t recall). Reddit is a useful tool, but you have to take into account stories like Claire’s when you’re using it as a medium for activism. It’s not above the laws of media meddling. Sill, use it for as much as you can get out of it, just be aware and take into consideration ways to continue to capitalize on some sort of piece documenting certain activities which are intended to be kept under wraps suddenly finding a “cure” to confront the virus.

    • CuChulainn says:

      may i suggest to Sibel that not everything members of this site may do for the cause will necessarily be visible to her, nor can she personally be sure of gauging the effect the site is having in the lives of many.

    • I can do BOLD- I can do rabid contempt- because it’s exactly what I feel. The UK pedophiles (& MI6) were just outed on 60 minuted via Australia- the problem with America is FEAR.
      Where I come from that means F— every thing and run. That’s not how I roll. I’ve been through a lot in the past year, yet who I am still stands as it was before… maybe more so.

      • Kathy,

        It would be good to underline the UK case, as you have, as a prime example that this type of behavior at high levels is pervasive. We’re not just talking about Hastert, we have some sick psychopaths running the show just about everywhere and I don’t think you need anything more to prove that than this sick predatory behavior against children. These activities make any reasonable human being recoil. Of said it before, but this is the aspect I’ve been emphasizing with the Hastert case. People have become so desensitized to corruption, but the aspect of child abuse really pushes it above and beyond for people (as it should). Thanks for pointing this story out. I think the more me force people to look at this aspect in particular the better the prospects for igniting the kind of outrage which is necessary to start tearing out the floorboards and uprooting and destroying some of the termites (to use Sibel’s term) which have the system rotten to the core foundation.

        • That was “Australia’s 60 minutes” re: UK pedophiles in very high places, House of Lords, Parliment, MI6. It was shared by a friend who was a presidential translator for Carter and Bill Clinton.
          I believe we have the likes of Rupert Murdoch owning channels, hence picking what will be aired.
          I thought the USA was bad, yet I have been using a UK proxy and DNS to watch programs I like in England and have noticed censorship is MUCH worse. I’ve retweeted and shared BFP posts on FB only to have them disappear- yet if viewing from a machine configured to my home, it’s all there- I’m probably on a list because I tend to foam at the mouth about many of the issues, and only remove expletives…they enrage me- so much that now I’m on 3 heart meds. 🙂 Americans are so quick to jump down one another’s throats about Democrats or Republicans- yet have no clue who DH is. They only want to know what fits into their neat little boxes, that is properly placed in their bubble worlds. If I offend anyone in that I do not wish to be deemed American with out the word “Native” first… that is my prerogative. I am appalled by the ignorance I see day in and day out.

  19. CuChulainn says:

    today happened to be talking with several US university students & asked about their reactions to the Hastert case. none of these students, all academic high achievers from the Chicago suburbs in their early 20s, had ever heard of DH.

    • Same here: I;ve been asking people in their mid-thirties to mid-fifties; almost all with Masters degree or above. They don’t know who Hastert was/is.

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      CuChulainn, we (me and another BFP subscriber) were in your neck o’ the woods – Chicago-land – last month and I’m afraid we encountered a similar level of ignorance on current events, not just with students but with a professor who for instance was completely unaware of the MSF hospital attack that had just happened the week before. We were having a rather heated debate about drones, with he (the prof) taking the pro side. When we brought up the disproportionate number of innocent bystanders killed by drone, including wedding parties, we got a ‘”there you go with your conspiracy theories.” These people are all on top of fantasy football though. All we could do is show our disgust. Who here is divorced from reality? – the “conspiracy theorists” or the fantasy footballers?

      Indeed the moral decay – the willful embracing of ignorance – has reached such a point that I come to the cruel conclusion… and I say this with trepidation because this is a friend I’m talking about… these ignoramuses are getting what they deserve for their disengagement from what is happening in the real world. When on the one hand he out of willful ignorance consents to corruption and criminality and defends remote control warfare against countries that pose no threat to us whatsoever, whilst at the same time he (along with the rest of the faculty and staff at this university) is being forced by the university’s bank to take a 10% cut in pay due to mismanagement at the administrative level, while whining a good deal about it but offering no real resistance to the violation of his contract, I can only say that he is reaping the fruits of his disengagement from reality.

      If you know which university I’m talking about Cu please don’t say it… As I say I bring this up with trepidation because I don’t want to answer the hospitality of my friend with a public slamming. But my utter disgust at his position in the debate we had is still fresh in my head.

      • Great post, Ronald, thanks for sharing. I think those who have never lifted the veil on ‘mainstream’ discourse haven’t a clue as to how thoroughly propagandized we are. Many are stovepiped. I visit Reddit from time to time for the amusing human interest stories. One of their browse catagorys is “Controversial” and by that I gather they mean wearing white after Labor Day and such. Just puff. But maybe a week ago a hit piece on the ‘alleged CD’ of the towers on 9/11 ran by on their main page (If submitted a piece I don’t think they would accept it). So here was this post that was totally loaded/front loaded with official narrative clap-trap, eg, “I’m an engineer and the heat weakened the steel, blah, blah,” and almost NO push-back as very few “truthers” ever even look at the site. In other words, it was a completely bogus forum and discussion, but it I think it served to bolster those who want an excuse not to look closely.
        I also think that the “conspiracy theory” label has maybe been the most successful propaganda campaign in history (declassified CIA doc # 1035-960). Your friend will say that and maybe go home and watch some TV detective show where they spend an hour unravelling some intricate, criminal conspiracy and never see nor consider the contradiction.
        I’ll finish by saying that I never realized going in how immune people are to facts and evidence if it’s outside their cozy paradigm.

  20. Hello, Sibel I posted The Peoples Campaign: The Real Hastert Case – All in One Place, 16 minute video (The Corbett Report) on my Face Book timeline, Veterans For Peace and another FB page yesterday. One friend shared it. Today, all are gone, including the one I posted to my timeline. Do you have any info on what has/is happening? By the way, I am not at all web/tech savvy.

    • I wrote too soon. I had posted it from YouTube, apparently it was “unavailable” for short period this AM, but is now back on the sites. Sorry for the unnecessary inquiry.

  21. John Swenson says:

    Sibel, We all hope your new platform changes minds with the truth. The rou. ndtable with Corbett et al was, IMHO, too tightly focused on pedophiles. Given the rising tide of acceptance of LGBT and same-sex marriage, one might posit that peodphilia in high government places is no big deal. The big deal is the coverup of malfeasance of all sorts. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Corruption, penetration of government functions by those who wish to harm us, all sorts of high crimes and misdemeanors should be in the public discourse. But indifference to the truth is probably as old as the human race. Most people, it seems, don’t want to know the truth. They want to be told what to believe, not to think and inquire for themselves. The 9/11 Truth Movement has the same mountainous obstacles to overcome, and is publishing a series of papers by a psychologist in why “good” people don’t accept uncomfortable truths. Take a look at the web page of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Perhaps you will take away something of value in conceiving your strategies. Go get ’em!

    • OK, I’ll say it: Homosexuality has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH PEDOPHILIA. Jesus H Christ in a freaking chicken basket.

    • Maybe the psychologist publishing that series on why good people don’t accept uncomfortable truths, should include a section on why certain religious groups continue to vocally reject allowing gay couples to marry, but somehow find themselves at a loss for words when it comes to confronting pedophile priests who are preying on the most vulnerable members of their church.

      I can’t think of a crime worse than sexual abuse of a child, so maybe if you felt the roundtable was “too tightly focused on pedophiles” “given the rising tide of acceptance of LGBT and same-sex marriage”, you’re in some ways speaking for yourself when you say that “one might posit that pedophilia in high government places is no big deal”, or at least not a surprise to you based on the order of magnitude in which you appear to weigh the signs of a widening level of moral decay in the fabric of our society.

      Sorry, I know you mean well, but I’ve got to respond to your comment as I see it.

  22. I thought that was the point of that particular round table… finding a plausible solution to get people to pay attention…..especially to DH case- but as I have always said “We don’t see things the way THEY are, we see them the way WE are”
    I agree with Benny- there is no crime worse then pedophiles. I don’t see being gay as part of the moral decay in America, there are too many other issues that supersede ones sexuality. So give it a rest.
    What are we still doing at war? How is America safer? As clergy I have a standard retort for what is happening in churches. It doesn’t belong here- but it has a lot to do with the downward moral spiral of America. See, I’m an independent person, with an independent mind who doesn’t believe in imposing beliefs on another- I find that to be abusive. Those who disagree with me… well that might just be their issue, not mine. I usually leave this out of my dialogue because it brings forth instant bias… see that little box in the bubble that people live in… I don’t have one. I’ve never had one. I grew up in fear for my life everyday fighting to survive- only my mom and I made it. I was sexually abused in CHURCH, so it’s not someplace you’ll find me very often… it doesn’t change who I am, I was merely able to redefine by way of (un) common sense what worked for me. Pedophiles in high places needs to be addressed- period.


    Sentenced to more than 1 year in prison.
    I wonder if he will get the Epstein treatment. I wonder if he really needs that wheelchair.

  24. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Appropriately enough, the day Newsbud successfully wraps up its fundraising campaign is the day that Hastert goes to jail….
    The hours are counting down to the deadline when Dennis Hastert must report to prison to serve a 15-month sentence. A federal judge in Chicago ordered the former U.S. House speaker to report to a Rochester, Minnesota, prison by no later than Wednesday at 2 p.m.

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