BFP Roundtable: Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!

Today on BFP Roundtable James Corbett talks to Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Wayne Madsen about the Hastert scandal and cover up, the history and context of this story, and the remarkable lack of public interest in the case.

Background: The scandal that recently enveloped speaker of the house Dennis Hastert, downplayed as a decades-old story, has already disappeared from the headlines. But a series of revelations from FBI whistleblowers reveal that this story is just the tip of a very seedy iceberg, one that implicates Hastert, his top aide, and other Congress members and government officials in a criminal network involved in sexual intrigue, foreign espionage, blackmail, and drug money.

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**Information on Dennis Hastert and ‘others’ is also covered in my books Classified Woman & The Lone Gladio. For this campaign, until October 31, we are offering both e-books under $2.

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  1. William George says:

    Your frustration that the people are not responding after all this information is given to them on a silver platter by you and other whistleblowers is well taken. I agree with you that there is a moral incapacity to do the right thing. I also agree with James that the people are insensitized into inaction, which is partly due to being deluged by newsmedia, entertainment, personal life and other propaganda. People’s attention span is very short and you add to that a spiritual component that most people are not aware of, but it is very real. It is highly invested in keeping people from thinking critically and taking the risk of doing the right thing without fear of backlash. Most Christians are not even aware that this spiritual activity operates. I understand that for your audience you probably can;t talk about this aspect of the battle. However, it is very real, and probably the underlying force that drives all this criminal perversion and diabolical intrigue that goes on. There is good news though, because we do have an advocate that is very capable of turning this thing around. You continue to follow your heart of decency and conscience. Keep reporting the truth. I fight the battle more on the spiritual side, but I thank you for your courageous stand for what is right. I back you 100%.

  2. 344thBrother says:

    Hurray more great stuff. Your opening statement, Sibel, was powerful. Watching it soon.

  3. Consider the ultimate bind when one strips away the fog of cognitive dissonance and complete unwillingness to look. What is to be done? Hold them to legal justice? They *are* the “legal justice”; that’s obviously not happening. People’s Tribunals, or some other form of vigilante justice up to and including some old-fashioned lynchings? This has been completely delegitimized in the Western mind. The War on Terror brand (and other brands from way before 9/11) have, among all their other effects, done a very good job of reinforcing the subconscious meme: there are two kinds of violent actors, the State-appointed professional killer class, and terrorists. This has had some positive outcomes in terms of the considerable and continuing drop of all forms of violent crime, but it also makes restitution, vengeance, justice – whatever you want to call it or argue it as being – ‘outside the system’ as unthinkable. Finally, the flip side of that rah rah USA USA mass pride in our super-duper military machine is the unspoken, but occasionally hinted-at thought: “if we ever really rose en masse, They’d slaughter us like cattle without a second thought.” Far, far easier – particularly if one isn’t acclimated to these things and the shock and terror are still fresh – to do anything, anything it takes, not to think about it.

  4. Audio only please.

  5. The German language has a way of phrasing that is rather unique. It has a quality to describe intricate concepts with a single word, simple yet accurate. One such word is “Leidensdruck”

    Directly translated it mean ‘sufferings-pressure’. More freely translated it means the psychological stress and strain of being in a bad situation. That bad situation can be anything. The accompanying notion of Leidensdruck is this; it is the mechanism by which nature forces people to change their situation. It’s the prime motivator.
    People are by nature intrinsically against change. People like steadiness. People want tomorrow to be the same as yesterday because this provides to most sense of security. In a way we pretend to know the future in this manner. We fear the unknown and the future is the ultimate unknown but we can alleviate some of this anxiety through self-illusion. Resisting change gives us a feeling of security. It’s the one thing we can do to ensure tomorrow will be the same as yesterday.
    Why do so many people stay in bad situations? Because the prospect of the unknown is more frightening than the known, even if it is bad. Change, stepping into the unknown, facing this fear, is unfavorable choice.

    Here comes the Leidensdruck in play. The psychological stress and pain is the one thing that can force people to change. However, it has to get to high enough degree to overcome the fear of the unknown. And if there is one thing we are good at it is suffering. We as humans can withstand a whole lot of suffering, we are stubborn as hell. This Leidensdruck has to grow to such an extent we often have to be in real physical danger and or facing death before it becomes strong enough to help us break through our fears.

    Now for the people factor. What are you Sibel, James and all others here presenting the public? Information that prompts them to change. To take action, to step out of their ordinary existence and end ‘business as usual’. If people take this information seriously, let it sink in, think about what reality they are living in, it calls on them to get off their butts and do something about it.
    So how will this be welcomed? What primal reaction will this trigger? Hostility, pretend we didn’t see it, denial, minimizing, resignation, etc. Apathy is just one of the defense mechanisms, there is a whole arsenal people employ. In the end it boils down to fear. Fear induced inertia. The very act of reading these articles, watching these videos, sharing this information, causes fear and anxiety in people. It’s not apathy for the sake of apathy, it’s a defense mechanism. Just like cognitive dissonance. Awareness of this information and still do nothing, go on with business as usual. It’s conflicting and can be baffling for an outside observer but it is what we as people are good at. We abhor change in our own personal life. And anything that prompts us to change we will fight tooth and nail before we give in.

    I do believe the powers that shouldn’t be (©James) are actively promoting the same amorality and depravity they themselves adhere to. For an subconscious desire for acceptance if anything. And this of course has an effect on society as a whole, especially since this encouragement into decline has been going on for decades. It’s not getting any prettier outside. We’re in serious moral decline, no doubt about it. Still, I don’t believe it is the main factor. I sincerely belief you are up against the people’s fear for the unknown. This is the root of the paralysis and inertia.
    It leads to a disturbing question: How bad does it have to get before people take action? Do we first need to be at the brink of self-destruction?

    ‘A society is only ever three hot meals away from revolution’ – Unfortunately it goes the other way around too. As long as people still have those hot meals they can withstand a whole lot of leidensdruck.

  6. 344thBrother says:

    Great job of wrapping up a lot of connected information one and all on this one for sure!

    I’m half way through so far so I may be speaking too soon, but I wanted to reiterate that during the Franklin Scandal, the ties between the BUSH/Reagan Whitehouse and gay pedophilia (Bush) child sex trafficking and blackmail (Bush) and probably murder as well, Larry King, the pimp who acquired these children from Boys Town (And elsewhere) was also using them as drug couriers. (Again, Bush). I’ve said for over a decade that at the center of this disgusting and hugely complex-scandal you always find the shadow of George Herbert THE PERVERT Walker Bush. The guy who wasn’t CIA then he was then he wasn’t any more…

    Great teamwork on this one everyone. Sibel, when you get angry you are FIERCE! I really like that side of you. And no wonder you’re mad.


  7. albatross0612 says:

    My Opinion is that this is much bigger than Dennis Hastert and by bringing an indictment against him now is sign for others to get in line. A sort of getting your house in order.

  8. 344thBrother says:

    @Sibel and setting aside my enmity for all creatures media and political and CIA related…

    I wish I’d listened to the entire broadcast before I posted my last comment. First I can say, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa regarding not having done enough. I, like you, really believed that when they were spoon fed facts that were irrefutable (Beginning with a 24/7 years long 911 tirade) and branching out from there; … That at some point the public would reach some sort of a tipping point long before now and would have risen with one loud voice and shouted “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this any more!” My regret is that I haven’t done more, faster, longer, louder and more intelligently. I really hate admitting that, but it’s true. Would it have provided the final straw on the camel’s back? Nah. But I do still have hope. I feel a sliding happening. Like standing under a cliff and seeing pebbles and small stones start to rain down around you.

    To answer your passionate and pertinent question Sibel, I will do my usually inept job by saying this:

    1 I’ve come to understand just how powerful the psychological pressures on the human mind are. My ex step father, an engineer who studied “Fracture safety” which is all about breaking points in metal fatigue. He worked for the Nuclear industry, but was very open minded on most subjects , just COULD NOT admit that the behavior of the steel in the collapses of the World Trade Towers was such a huge anomaly. The closest he got after a decade of factual evidence by me and, after badgering from my mom I think, was: “David, I hear what you’re saying about 911 but I just can’t go there”. This man was a genius and a scientist and the top of his field. So, there’s that issue, some people no matter how smart, just can’t go there.

    2. Mental, physical, moral and spiritual exhaustion/degradation : There is an implosion and destabilization of the people most likely to understand and react to this information (The middle class). They’re so busy working to keep the bills paid that all they have time for is a beer and football game session on the weekend. For those who CAN see the way through all the propaganda and disinfo and debate and plain old stupid yammering, there’s fear. Fear of being in the minority. Fear of losing their livelihoods. Peer pressure. Fear of knowing because if they know they may have to DO something. Fear of getting the shit beat out of them by some cop or “Patriot.” Fear of another false flag attack that gets blamed on them. Fear of taking some action that makes things WORSE.

    3. Beaten down: Lots of us have had to give up out of sheer exhausted frustration Some of us have lost our jobs (You and I both can relate to that). Threats by the police state. Surveillance. political corruption and lack of any ground swell of outrage.. All that.

    4. Poisoned: Fluoride, vaccines, GMO’s, radiation, fast food, big pharma…,

    5. Distracted: Video games. Net flix. Youtube. Scandals. Alcohol, drugs, sex, Bread and circuses.

    6. Don’t like to admit they’re wrong, or just don’t give a shit. Moral weakness and as you say moral degradation:

    I’m sure there’s more, it’s such a large issue, but I’ll end with this. Think of how much of this is by design. I remember as a young man reading a science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke I think, where in the future, information was instantly available around the world and thus wars had become impossible. I believed that. There’s very smart people working for the think tanks and they’re well paid to think way out ahead of you and I. They game everything out probably 100 years or so and have considered multiple alternative scenarios, including the effect of the internet. Plus psychology and mind control experiments have been a big part of their grand scheme, so, perhaps we should give people a little slack that they’re not moving as fast as we would like.

    Maybe it’s really just the human condition and that we are all under attack by powerful people who know EXACTLY how to play us..

    But I guess I aspire to be one of those little pebbles that comes down before the rockslide brings the entire mountain crashing down. I’d like to be a boulder, but I’ll settle for pebble.

    Sibel, you are a boulder, credit where credit is due. Boulders move the earth beneath them. Regardless what happens to me, or us or the entire world, I am really honored to have been a little part of your efforts.

    God bless us, Every. One.

  9. Sahid Miller says:

    It’s a shame but I have to confess this so God could one day forgive me. I do you a serious disservice, Mrs. Edmunds. It’s a fact. I’ve pushed so many more people into apathy than I’ve ever brought into your enlightening work. I know this because I have never piqued anyone’s interest, not one! in BFP, your history, your solid sources, and overall clear perspective of the situation we’re in. Believe me, I follow up. And these are ‘conspiracy nuts’ I’m talking about here! I’m seriously sorry. It’s like my mom telling me to get my shit together when I know she’s right. I think we could all benefit from your advice but I don’t know how to ask without sounding like the helpless burden I really am.

    I hope no one else has experiences anything remotely similar but I empathize with those who do. Much like the false flag, Soros funded whistleblowers out there, I don’t think most of us nuts are real thing. Half baked with no good reason to be leading or convincing anyone but ourselves.

    May God bless you.

    • Sahid,

      I’ve certainly experienced similar frustrations, but one thing I can say is that by becoming more knowledgeable about what we discuss here, I’ve developed a more sophisticated range of ways to approach topics with various individuals, friends, family, etc, by knowing how to entice people to sit beside me and dangle their legs in the water, or even just dip a toe in the subject matter, instead of throwing them in the pool and dramatically reducing the chances that they’ll even come near me standing next to a bird bath 😉

      It’s taken time, but as I’ve often said recently, I feel as though I’m finally getting some traction. Hope that provides a little perspective. =]

  10. : media attacking the high end pedophile rings in UK. They feel the pain.
    Daniel Hopsicker just reported on Mexico child sex rings: They feel the pain.

    You ask why and express profound disappointment. The artist meets with disappointment. Which is where it’s at and has been at since that 911 day. Before then for some, but that day started the realization for many.
    Big, small, indifferent, caring..In decline or confusion or exhaustion, in decay or fear…in uniform or out., the human being suffering ‘the great lie’ mostly just don’t want to hear. You found ‘corruption at the heart of the amercian[sic] judicial system’. Deregulation of morality. Thats true. You identified an arrow at the heart of it one way; but it came back the other way too. Back out into a world that didn’t and doesn’t really understand the equation. That that crime reflects the structure of ‘us’. Of what ‘belief’ is and secrets are. and you saw it and reported it. But what we knew, those out here on the streets trying to relay the information you and the other whistleblowers told us; was that the people on the street, in the editorial suites and intellectual elites, actively worked against it being heard. a ruthless war infiltrating every decent possibility to raise awareness above this whole ‘black-ops’ paradigm.
    Sunstein/Vermule. Psyops. P2OG. JTRIG. Q group. Cointelpro. We are terrorists by virtue of knowing. Enemies of the corrupt superstate, for thinking. When I say most people just say “what can I do about it?’ is no lie. Thats what most people say.
    We don’t know what is going to crack this oyster.

  11. Yes, the public is to blame. But are they? What examples do they have of paying attention, banging pots and pans out in the streets, then seeing anything happen? As I stated elsewhere recently, Snowden has been packaged and sold to us as the feel good lightweight garment which protects you from the cold casting eye of the government, when in reality it’s been woven from a transparent micro fabric which is so light you forget that you’re wearing it.

    I also recently drew the parallel between the Hastert case and the DA failing to prosecute police brutality, even the most egregious and well documented. You can read my comment here if you like:

    When you see a man lying in the street in a chokehold gasping as he states that he can’t breath, all in graphic detail, then find out with little surprise that there’s no criminal wrong doing on the part of the police, it sends a powerful message: there’s nothing you can do. Democracy is just a dictatorship where you have the right to mouth off, generally speak more freely, and complain about the status quo than you would in a ‘card carrying’ dictatorship and do so with less of a risk to your physical wellbeing (but no guarantees), but with no means to effect the outcome or status quo.

    I hate to say it, but perhaps it is somewhat a waste of time bringing these cases to light when the 99%percent of the public realizes time and time again that they have little to no ability to do anything about the abuse. We’ve ruled out that voting, to put a twist on what James has said in the past, is essentially the choice of whether we want rat feces in a cup or in a cone, but is our effort to galvanize support for “tangible” action here with Hastert an effort to contain toxic waste in our choice of paper or plastic?

    I’m not trying to encourage apathy here, particularly when, with the help of some new membership energy, we’re being proactive, but the thought had already dawned on me and after watching this video has become more clear that, without rethinking our strategy completely, we may be fighting apathy to win more apathy, unless we contemplate what we wish to achieve in our actions here critically and soberly. I don’t think any of what’s being done should have the breaks put on on, but I think we need to try to gear our expectations towards a goal which is attainable within the current framework in order to avoid disappointment over not reaching our desired goals when there’s something to be obtained by matching our efforts to some type of goal we can look at as something immediately tangible while we contemplate and critically engage in a conversation about what we really want to accomplish at the end of the day. (or in time I should say…)

    Knowledge is still valuable and spreading it is key, because I think people need to have the gross underbelly of the beast exposed to them so that they understand they’re dealing with a creature which is far more grotesque and menacing than they even imagined. But, once again, I don’t feel like we’ve addressed, for example with the Hastert case, what we could possibly imagine coming out of this, if the goal is concrete action.

    The Probable Cause podcast series started with a practical examination of what’s worked and what hasn’t in past examples of activism in an effort to try to rethink change based on what we know hasn’t worked. Like many of you, my blood has been boiling, trailing Hastert like a wretched sea monster, trying to nail him with a harpoon before he disappears below the waves, but in a momentary lapse of reason it’s dawned on me that at present we’re trailing fast in a boat with a net which, no matter how skillfully we harpoon Hastert, lacks a net which he can’t break.

    I don’t think we should stop pursuing him, but I think we should give pause to what we wish to accomplish ahead of time knowing, at least this time, this will be one of the big filthy sea monsters that gets away. I’m stating this by no means as a copout, but I’m aware that fighting apathy without a viable strategy or net, perhaps one that we can think about testing on some dangerous, yet less formidable sea creatures, is maybe more of a demonstration of integrity than an example of prudent strategy.

    I don’t have any immediate answers, but these are my thoughts at present and regardless of how unpopular they are I feel they need to be stated here. Hopefully, aside from fanciful metaphors, I’ve at least articulated my point clearly.

    btw: great podcast as always. Plenty of food for though.

    • Katie Stewart says:

      I’ll say it. My ultimate goal is a revolution. No, I’m not advocating war. But a revolution. In the way Americans think, act, live…I know there are Americans ready for this, enough of us to do something. The sooner people stop going away quietly, taking their knowledge with them, and the majority stops simply saying “what can I do” and starts saying “what WILL WE do,” the sooner we will have change. Every single brick in a wall has some structural significance, so, we take out the Hastert brick. Then we take out another, and another, and the wall falls. In the process of removing each brick, we awaken more Americans to the reality of the condition of our country.

      • I agree that there are people who are ready, but I’m not convinced that success is possible on a large scale (revolution as you put it) without fundamentally looking at what has and hasn’t worked. But in the meantime, absolutely: chipping away at the bricks in this rotten foundation, such as what we’re trying to do with Hastert, has to be a central part of an overall strategy. People need to be forced to look at the termites to understand why we find ourselves standing on such shaky floorboards.

    • Hi Benny,

      Agree with what you say. And speaking about strategies it raises the question of objectives and expectations. We all learned by now it is wise to keep expectations low as possible. It is a hard sell especially because we don’t come with or offer prepackaged solutions. “Just sign this petition”
      Objectives and strategies are a perhaps better subjects than (re)analyse why the public and the people are passive and paralyzed. When our strength doesn’t lie in numbers (irate minority) where does it lie and how best to utilize it? Organized action or activism?

      • Richard,

        “Organized action or activism?”

        Both. I think Sibel’s Probable Cause series has been a prime example of this. What I’ve found to be particularly unique and valuable about the series is the fact that Sibel has an incredible wealth of experience with many facets of fighting against oppressive systems. Her observations and insights based on her own personal experiences have been informative to me and I think this is a really key aspect of activism which doesn’t seem to happen enough. Perhaps others are less astute.

        I’m reluctant to overly emphasize strategy if this simply becomes an excuse for not taking action. Sibel proposed an ‘action item’ with respects to judicial oversight and I contacted her directly and volunteered to help, since I understood what she was looking for, believed I could contribute, and believed there was a chance to achieve something. Currently that project is on the back burner, but that doesn’t mean it’s been taken off of the stove.

        My parents are retired, but over the past few years my father has been participating in the Affordable Housing Act in his community and made some progress with it. This has required some wrangling with specific community members and particularly with a group which represents real estate developers, but he’s managed to work to build alliances, and combat some of their propaganda and is moving in the right direction.

        I’m mentioning this not just because I’m proud that he’s doing it, but because I believe it represents a form of political activity which, for now, has managed to stay far enough away from “politics” on the hill that it hasn’t just been a waste of time. It’s certainly not revolutionary (I’m not saying that in reference to Katie’s comment btw), but it’s proactive. Yes, this is in association with the government, and there are some who might scoff at the project as some form of welfare or whatever, but if there’s money that can be used by someone taking the initiative to see that it gets allocated to keeping some families heads above the poverty line, than I’d rather see that than see it get thrown away on some pet project or, even worse, thrown toward some sort of military/security/police state initiative.

        I’m not quite sure I got at what I really wanted to when I started this, but I still think it’s a positive example nonetheless.

    • I am writing this at a rather insomni-iacal point in my day, so consider that as you read it.

      If you are Bill Binney this will make a lot more sense.

      How about you get together with your ex NSA buddies and make an AI? One that can gather data, compare it, organize it and write and speak about it on demand.

      Patreaus talked about all the little surveillance devices in modern electronics. I mean, the framework, the physical framework is there. Imagine pairing it with a logic system that would tear through BS and lies like a hot knife through butter. On demand.

      That is what is really needed. Something that will make mass surveillance something that everyone can engage in. Something that can tear apart falsities of all kinds with gleeful ease.

  12. CuChulainn says:

    it is no secret that Washington, DC is a gay mecca–Capitol Hill is a predominantly gay neighborhood, as is Dupont Circle. the same is true of other state capitals across the country.
    it is not just a case of the promotion of specific blackmailable individuals; it is the nature of the political service economy of servility and submissiveness to commodity fetishism that it creates, attracts, and promotes narcissistic/homosexual personalities

    • Any regional metropolitan center has been a haven for gay people due to small town persecution. Also, being a minority of the population, naturally urban centers provided more social opportunities. That this cannot be directly correlated to political capitols may be seen by examples such as Albany, NY, or Sacramento, CA. One can realistically hope that the greater opportunities for engaging in loving and committed relationships combined with not coming of age in societies that inculcate self-loathing in young gay people will lead to a sharp decrease in the sordid and perverse relations that sadly and notoriously characterized gay sexual relations. From highly compassionate, intelligent and very productive gay friends (now pushing 60-70), whom I have gotten to know sufficiently well to understand to some degree their situation, while they wanted stable relationships, they were driven by sexual self loathing to engage in anonymous or self harming behaviors. Of course, this does not include child abuse. I have met gay men at work who had been sexually abused as children. And supposedly social science indicates a high correlation between having been abused as a child and self-abusive or predatory deviant adult behavior.

  13. Hum, I am appalled at the lack of response to the Fundraising month. Perhaps, like me, you were waiting on purpose to the latter part of the month. Well, the end of the month is approaching!!!!

    • Hi Tenor,

      That’s right. We have only 3 days left, and are less than half way there. Similar results for our previous quarter.

      Please join me and remind this to those who will come later and say: “Why don’t we have everything open to public?” or “Why BFP is no longer providing select daily news?” or “…”

      All it takes: each current member bringing one, only one, new member/supporter each quarter. Yet …

      Thank you for ‘caring.’

      • Indeed, this is disheartening. I’ve contributed each quarterly since I’ve joined, but this month I stepped it up and doubled down hoping I could play a role in improving the outcome over last time. Still, given my financial constraints, my “large” donation, in dollar amounts remains unimpressively in “air quotes”.

        I’ve been a member since some point in 2013 and, while I’ve donated each quarterly, it was only the last one where I recall being acutely aware of the shortfall in reaching the goal. I don’t remember whether others were successful or not. I think it might be useful to do a roundtable discussing the challenges related to making a truly independent media outlet viable and what some strategies for trying to achieve better results.

        In some cases it might just be laziness and people not making an effort to find new members or contribute to the quarterlies. However, I’m sure it’s quite likely that, similar to me, many members have limited resources to contribute to quarterlies, or find it hard to think of friends and family who BFP would really be accessible for. There are different reasons, which perhaps could be part of a discussion.

        I don’t think there are simple explanations or answers, but I refuse to believe that the situation can’t be improved by thinking and discussing the matter candidly as a community.

        In the meantime, I appreciate all that I get from BFP and, even if I wasn’t aware of acute financial constraints, you’ll never catch me complaining about why BFP doesn’t have this or that feature or why everything can’t be free (even though with the current efforts with respects to the Hastert case I think it’s a good idea). “More” relies on more members and more “free”, relies on sugar daddies (which by nature is not without hidden “fees”). Obviously, selling out and going the Soros sweets route is not in the cards, but why not see if we can’t improve on getting more members. And not just on the motivation of more “free stuff” and features, for the motivation that, aside from the benefit in and of itself of boosting the ranks here, Sibel works her ass off here making the site what it is, having to manage substantial financial pressure just to pull that off shouldn’t be such aa substantial factor on top of that.

        That said:
        Sibel, I greatly appreciate, value, admire, and respect the amount of work you put into keeping BFP going and for all the other things you do on top of that. As always, much respect =]


        • The probelm is nobody has any da#$%d money. I would give more but I am living at the poverty level as it is and have had expenses. I bet it is the same for many here.

          • Also, some of us do not know many people. Back to that AI thing. Even without much budget… It may be best to make it something small and simple capable of growing on its own. Something that feeds off the structure of the current framework with minimal new hardware tech. I am serious about this. If I had the brain I would be doing this myself. But I am just a bum. Sigh.

            If you could create an interface for the non local qualities of the “mind” to influence a machine that may give enough idosyncracity to build a “personality” to give the machine a sense of purpose and will.

          • same here. gave fifty bucks last year. was it really in august? then, if it was, i’m overdue. trying to help daughter in college and chip away at my credit card, unemployed and retired. but, so appreciative. just sent to a big list, sibel’s statement a few comments back. . with pleas!!!!lynn b

  14. 344thBrother says:

    I’ll be sending something along next month in lieu of finding a new member. I’m trying to find a new member from among my trusted friends, but as you know, people in the angry minority who are willing to spend a dollar aren’t easy to find.

    It’s lame, but at least you’ll have something to show for your good work which we all appreciate.


    • Or they just don’t have it… one of my friends who I’d definitely recommend the site to just had his phone turned off 🙁 Like my comment above though, let’s see if we can’t work together to improve the situation.

  15. CuChulainn says:

    what does it mean to compare the fact that Kevin McCarthy may be having a consensual affair with a woman with the activities of predatory pedophiles? who cares what affair he may be having.

    • Where was that comparison made? Sure, having an affair isn’t a great thing, but I’d guess well over half of congressmen (women) are putting in a lot of late hours at work and won’t be able to make it home for dinner. It only matters to me (sort of) when they’re trying to exemplify themselves as the “family values” clean cut, finger wagging type.

      As far as the comparison though, yes, it’s a bit like comparing jaywalking to doing a hit and run while drunk driving.

      • I just noticed this. I meant to say congressman/congresswomen. I think it’s just “congressmen”, but I felt that it was necessary that it goes both ways (in more ways than one 😉 )

  16. Our activist member Andrew has started a great campaign @ Imgur on “The Real Hastert Scandal.’ Now let’s do our share: share the link with everyone you now, visit our Imgur campaign page, vote it up, post comments, encourage other to join … Come on. It takes only a minute or two and just a few clicks. Let’s go do our share!!

    • andrew everett says:

      FYI: Users don’t have to sign-in or anything–they should be able to view the album and share with their contacts. I created the album as a basic 101 on the Hastert Case–it’s a very complicated case, but now people can get the basics in just a quick 5 minute read.

      Hope everyone gets a laugh or two–and then shares the link via twitter, etc…

      • Much respect, Andrew =]

        I’ll check it out now…

        • “I’d like to thank the media for not asking any real questions” LOL…

          • Andrew,

            For what it’s worth this is what I posted as the comment, caption, or whatever it’s called on reddit. Nothing like what you’ve done effort-wise, but I figured I’d make it personal (so to speak).

            Hastert’s misconduct as a wrestling coach is just the tip of the iceberg. His crimes while in office include espionage and collusion with criminal activity in exchange for massive bribes (Hastert entered office with roughly $270,000 and walked away with an estimated $17 Million), as well as “favors” in the form of sexual exploitation of minors during junket trips in Turkey, Morocco, and Vietnam. This is NOT speculation. Want proof?

            In response to the absolute silence on the part of the mainstream media, members of the non-partisan political analysis and activism website, founded by former FBI Translator, turned whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, have started a campaign to expose Hasterts activities and the massive political corruption they represent, before he’s able to slink away into the shadows at his “new” job, lobbying on behalf of Turkish interests.

            For the full rundown, please visit us at Boiling Frogs Post here:

            Share this information with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. Once again, the media has failed to do their job, it’s up to us to put the pressure on and not let pedophile/criminals like Hastert continue to slink away to continue to further profit and abuse from their own brand of “public service” in office with hardly any mention in the news. Thanks in advance to those of you who step up and take a stand simply by spreading the word.


          • I should’ve said “non-partisan political news, analysis, and activism website Boiling Frogs Post”. It still works though….

            (sorry for back to back posts CuChu 😉 )

      • Interesting news: A cool band is coming up with song-lyrics on Denny Hastert Case. Stay tuned …

  17. Sibel,

    Maybe someone wants to try contacting Abby Martin to see if she wants to spread the word in some way. This is something I’m sure she’d care about. I know Guillermo had her on Demanufacturing Consent at some point. I’d try contacting him myself, but I imagine you’re bound to have far better luck getting in touch with him. I checked Abby’s website and there’s no contact form, otherwise I would’ve done it myself. Just an idea…

  18. 344thBrother says:

    I happily passed Andrews well done imgur link to the public through my FB page. I’ll send it out to the groups as well. Good job Andrew.

    I added this comment : “This from a poster in Sibel Edmond’s boiling frogs post. It’s a quick and easy way to call attention to the Dennis Hastert/High level pedophilia ring and subsequent blackmail in the highest elected government offices. Pass it along. Do some good. “

  19. Peter Offermann says:

    I would like to respond to Sybil’s question regarding why the general public does not act to protect their own interests; even when informed of grievous harm done to them, or others, by their leadership.

    First a brief overview of my world view on which I base my response…. Here’s what I see after more than 50 years of applying the majority of my energy towards coming to understand a world I felt uncomfortable in, and trying to create change in this world towards it becoming a more equitable one, which I could accept, where everyone has access to the resources they needed to live a meaningful life.

    The Haserts of the world are not the real powers that control world affairs. They are merely puppets dangled in front of us to grab our attention, and make us believe, incorrectly, that our needs are being considered by our rulers. Meanwhile the real powers hidden in the shadows, mostly anonymously, manipulate world affairs to their own benefit without respect for the implications of their actions to the population at large.

    The Haserts of the world are a dime a dozen and are easily replaced as their usefulness comes to an end. The small hidden circle, with the real power over world affairs, only need to dangle the carrot of wealth and fame in front of those willing to sell their souls to become an anointed one.

    Politicians are only one small group of employees utilized by those who control world affairs. They also own all the top people of all the other trades required to manipulate world events. Things such as financial infrastructure, the media, bureaucrats, courts, armies, industry, technology, energy infrastructure and so on.

    As I see it…. control of the media is the most critical control link. As much as we are what we eat, our reality is the information we consume.

    Speaking from personal experience in 3 fields, it is impossible to get to the top of any field without first agreeing to become a vassal of this power group. This group also wants insurance that their vassals cannot double-cross them. Induction into the kind of sexual improprieties demonstrated by Mr. Hasert, and having them well documented, assures that if the hired help gets out of line they can quickly be discredited and destroyed. This blackmail goes with the territory. This is why anyone that has the appearance of power is a pervert.

    The people that control the world have limitless access to virtually all the most knowledgeable professionals in all fields. A very important aspect of control is understanding the psychology of what motivates people. It is no accident that people seem to be glued to their seats, it is the outcome of much psychological effort on our ruler’s part. There are numerous aspects to this worthy of dissection at length but for this post I want to stick to the meat of the subject which is how to make a difference, instead of what is needed to get there.

    Sybil I ask you, what do you think the average person can do today to unseat the real power behind world event?

    It is obvious that voting is a useless waste of time.

    It is obvious that protest is easily nullified by denying publicity, or physical restraint, both easily accomplished with the resources our rulers command.

    Violent revolution would need to go up against all the powerful armies controlled by our rulers. The armies are not there to protect us, they are there to control us. Using violence to end violence corrupts everyone involved no matter their intent.

    If one looks closely one finds that most, if not all, the feel good groups advertising that they are attempting to create meaningful change in the world, across the full spectrum of disciplines, are simply controlled busy work keeping people from instead applying their energy towards endeavors that could meaningfully impact the powers that control the world. Like in government, it only takes one or two individuals at the top of such groups to misdirect all the heartfelt efforts of everyone else that are truly trying to make a difference.

    The internet is a prime example of this type of control. There are countless good people such as yourself that are honestly trying to make a difference while believing the internet is a place capable of distributing free speech in a meaningful way. This is only true to the extent that individuals can somewhat still say what we think. What most don’t realize is how easy it is to take ‘whatever’ you or I say and twist it into becoming something other than you mean it to be so that it instead becomes a net benefit to those behind the curtain. There are many examples today that demonstrate how conversation on the internet can be, and is, controlled to keep it within boundaries acceptable to our rulers. If our voices can’t be perverted to their own purposes, we are simply silenced.

    At the basest level of internet influence on our lives, it is a reality that the internet is a controlled medium with which it is impossible to create meaningful change. Time we spend expressing our concerns and ideas on the internet is time we are not devoting to the real world.

    Those that control us have the resources, and the knowledge, to undermine ‘any’ organized group effort to create change that threatens our rulers.

    To my thinking the only option left to create change is for many individuals to act on their own initiative, without outside leadership, to make the world into the place they personally desire it to be. Although most of known human history is a tale of brutal abuse by humans towards other humans, there are examples of societies where respect for other humans was the core intent and action. Our history is as corrupt as our visible leadership and is manipulated to keep us fearful and needy of the supposed protection our rulers sell us. There are examples in history that demonstrate that if left to their own devices the majority of humans will be respectful and helpful towards each other. The rural populations during the black plague are a prime example.

    It is foolhardy to bite the hand that feeds you. This is what our rulers hold over us.

    In today’s world If we desire to survive we must apply our labour to the treadwheel our rulers put before us and work mainly towards their purposes. No matter how locally innocent our ‘job’ may be, the bulk of our effort is eventually applied towards goals defined by our rulers. Living the status quo, leaves little, and more and more nothing, left over to apply towards our own quality of life.

    Even if we are independently wealthy and do not need to supply our rulers with labour, every single thing we purchase and consume for survival, provides comfort to our rulers in the form of consumption, income, or property taxes.

    What needs to happen….

    We need to learn to provide for ourselves without ‘working’ and instead apply our energy to our own survival and bettering our local community in non-taxable ways.

    Licensing and insurance are two other means of extracting our labour. We need to learn to live while avoiding them.

    Our current lifestyles are designed to be consumptive and wasteful of resources so that our rulers have continuous fodder to keep us on the treadwheel. If we don’t need anything there is no purpose served by us working for them.

    We need to realize that every single thing we have is a burden around our neck, and keeps us beholden to our rulers, no matter how much we appreciate it.

    We need to accept that If not having some desired, but not essential, thing can reduce our rulers hold over us we should give it up, even if we can afford it. What is our priority in life? Quality of life for all or having a bunch of purchased pretty things?

    In order to leave an undesired environment one must have an idea of what it is they desire and either go about finding it if it exists, or building it if it doesn’t. We need to define a different future for ourselves. Putin put it well recently, although I can’t remember the exact words. “People need to be free to define their own lifestyle, rather than being forced into a lifestyle deemed ‘proper’ by outside forces.

    The few items above, even if only carried out by a small minority of our society would soon disenfranchise our rulers. If no one is willing to work for them, or pay them protection money in the form of taxes and so on, they will soon be unable to pay all their compromised minions. Without their leadership class intact their empires will soon self destruct.

    Yes many innocents will likely suffer in such a collapse and this why no concerted group effort should be made to bring about such an event. If the system collapses of lack of inertia while all people of goodwill actively help each other as much as possible then the resulting pain of the outcome would be acceptable in my eyes. If I am one of the unfortunates unable to survive such an event I will at least die knowing I was working towards a better world for those who come after me.

    At first glance the above changes seem impossible or undesirable to achieve. Again speaking from the experience of making such an attempt to remove myself from the treadmill over a period now approaching 2 decades, while starting from nothing, I can say it is still achievable, and surprisingly not a sacrifice. Although now living on a tiny portion of what those on welfare survive on in most modern countries, my life is now much more joyful and meaningful than while living my previously ‘prosperous’ life.

    • CuChulainn says:

      “control of the media is the most critical control link. As much as we are what we eat, our reality is the information we consume.” the spectacle–“capital to such a degree of accumulation that it becomes an image.”
      “Speaking from personal experience in 3 fields, it is impossible to get to the top of any field without first agreeing to become a vassal of this power group.”–the triage of servility is a primary function of the university, journalism schools, etc.
      “provide for ourselves without ‘working’”
      In 1953 Debord painted on a wall on the Rue de Seine the slogan “Ne travaillez jamais,” “Never Work.

  20. Sibel is raising the unnoticed elephant in the room of discussions about strategies, etc., for political transformation: the amazing degeneration of morality that manifestly pervades our mass culture and the most important institutions of America.
    The horrors of this grotesque amoral exploitation of humanity, Mother Nature and our home on this planet are exemplified by the violence of rape and the sexual violation of children.
    The calculated “war” against a common measure of acceptable ethics/morality in America has been waged ruthlessly since the development of mass media, propaganda/advertising, by the exaltation of Monopoly markets. Victories in that war in the “Homeland” have allowed its elite to use the wealth created by “the masses” to destroy societies and human beings around the globe at will in a doomed project of world domination.
    In the past year, Sibel has vividly detailed instances where the determined efforts of people to fulfill political aspirations by creating/restoring some semblance of justice to their societies were tragically thwarted.These two great issues Sibel is raising require our careful attention and analysis.
    We need to identify what the the basis of morality in the human nature is that allows humans to grow, survive and thrive (love, empathy, etc.), what practice of ethics/morality entails (independent of one’s own religious dictates), why the practice of ethics is essential for personal happiness, social peace and security, and then practice that morality in our own lives – at home, school, work and in all our interactions, so we are in a position to promote morality based on the nature of humanity and reason.
    Back in the 1970s, when young women spontaneously (of course with the aid of published discussion) met in “consciousness raising” meetings, the slogan was, “The Personal Is Political”. That is, a concern with personal morality is grounded in realization that as social beings, we are not “solitary” islands; and we deserve to create and maintain societies that meet basic human needs (e.g., that predatory elites be subject to equitable measures of justice & stopped from ravaging the world like monsters).
    We need a “mass movement” of people who come together and agree on the essential guideposts/principles of morality in order that such can have social/institutional expression sufficient to counter the existential threats posed by our extraordinary technologies being controlled by the very human beings who practice the most extreme forms of immoral which outrage the natural sense of decency of ordinary people.

  21. A note of misguided optimism: While it’s true that righteous outrage has not spread like wildfire throughout the entire population and caused a general uprising against the whole rotten core of the system, I think it would be a shame to under-value the amount of consciousness that *has* been raised by this kind of work. In conversations and comment-sections around the Web, one does tend to see a higher percentage of awake people than one used to. Or so it seems to me.

    In stories and FB postings on Benghazi, you can — surprisingly — count on seeing a few people note that the real scandal has to do with the CIA arms shipments to Syria; on anything to do with MH-17 you can count on seeing people contest the official narrative about Russia; on Hastert, you can count on at least one person pointing out the deeper scandal (well, if I’m seeing it, I handle that particular job).

    James noted the paucity of discussion on his Hastert video. I wouldn’t leap to the conclusion of apathy or moral decay or even necessarily desensitization. Speaking for myself, it’s often more what I would have to call simple speechlessness. Words fail, but the resolve is deepened. I go forth and try to multiply it.

    Don’t know if the tipping point will ever come, it’s certainly taking too long, but this kind of work *is* having an effect, and it *is* growing.

    And wow, it’s powerful seeing Sibel as impassioned as during the last few minutes of this podcast. How about making a clip of that last two-minute statement and posting it on YouTube and sharing it everywhere? Brevity is the soul of the Web. And that is an arresting two minutes.

  22. Denny Meredith says:

    I have only one question. Why is it that the editorial staff of all these MSM sources, who ignore or downplay these stories, get a pass? What each news source has in common is an editorial gatekeeper who determines what is “news” and how that news is covered. It could be one individual or an editorial board but the point is that within each news organization someone determines what is covered and how it is covered.

    These are the people who provide cover, spin and whatever else is needed to either bury a story or run it up the flagpole in flashing neon lights. But, we never ever hear more than a mumbling word aimed in their direction. I see only three possibilities- ignorance, collusion or fear. None of you guys appear to be ignoramuses nor do I discern active collusion which leaves us with only one possibility. The greatest motivator of all humankind.

    You show great angst toward the public because for all your effort we refuse to gather en masse with pitchforks and torches to demand the truth and a full accounting. The sad fact is that the same fear that creates lockjaw at BFP keeps John Q silent on the sidelines. It appears that everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Until you cease rattling the branches hoping John Q will, of his own accord, trace them down to the root nothing changes. You guys know who runs the show and, though it shouldn’t surprise you, we’re just as afraid of them as you are. There’s an 800 pound gorilla in the room and we can do just as good a job as you guys do pretending not to notice he’s there.

    Hastert and his ilk are just symptoms of a much larger and fatal disease that has infected the country. Focus on this sideshow and you’ve lost the battle before it begins. Focus on this sideshow rather than the enablers and you’re no better than the MSM. I was a paid subscriber here once upon a time. When I finally realized that there were a lot of darts being thrown at everything but the bull’s eye I pulled out.

    My father liked to say that the only man you’d ever have to fear is the guy with nothing left to lose. In that regard you pose no threat to the malevolent among us or their hirelings. Fear is an unbelievably sickening sight to behold as a people are slowly conquered as a result of their paralysis. I am unaware of any monument in any town raised in honor of a chickenshit who fought the good fight from the safety of a command post in the rear.

    • What are you talking about; what bullseye. What 800 pound gorilla. The MSM Gatekeepers’ Club? Can we determine this from org charts or something? Is this an extra secret society unto itself? And they’re the capstone of the pyramid and BFP’s lack of light on this phenomenon demonstrates their cowardice? What are you on about?

  23. Randle Caire says:

    Thank you Sibel, James, Peter and Wayne for the good you do.

    I was unaware of so many things until about 2 years ago, too busy with work and raising a family and believing the best about my fellow man. How absurd I found the thought that the twin towers collapse was via controlled demolition. This period of my life was a gift from God, keeping me from knowing about the sinful behavior of my fellow man, allowing me to see others in the light of so many virtues.

    Sibel, thank you for persevering in doing what you think is the best for us all.

    How important was your work on that Friday, March 22, the day you were fired!

    Well, God knows. As you sat collapsed on the floor in front of the OPR’s office, I thank Him for sending John Roberts to help you at that moment. May He send you other John Roberts.

    But what can we do that can make a difference for the better?

    Even though I am an annual subscriber, I just sent a quarterly contribution, obviously not too large since the scale didn’t jump much.

    I do believe in prayer. Jesus sweat blood at the thought of loosing souls to Hell, and so I pray for you Sibel, and James, and Peter, and Dennis Hastert, and the Greg McPhearson’s of the world, and me too, that I can join my prayer with constructive action.

    Boiling Frogs post is obviously scrutinized by those who have difficulty appreciating its purpose.

    For such, please consider the following which are the words a priest, Father Stefano Gobbi, says were received by him via an inner locution of the Blessed Virgin Mary on October 16, 1973.

    My Heart is the heart of a mother, a real living heart of a mother who is real and living for all her children.
    All men redeemed by my Son are also my children; they are my children in the fullest sense of the word.
    Even those who are far away, even the sinners, even the atheists, even those who reject God, those who fight against Him and hate Him: they are all my children.
    And I am Mother to them. For many of them, I am the only Mother they have, the only person who is taking care of them, who truly loves them.
    And so my Heart is continually consumed with sorrow and with a greater love for these children of mine.
    I want to help them. I want to save them because I am their Mother. Because of this, I suffer for them; I suffer for their sins; I suffer because they are so far from God; I suffer because they do wrong; I suffer because of all the harm they are doing to themselves.
    But how to help them? How to save them?
    I have need of much prayer; I have need of much suffering. Only through the prayer and the suffering of my other good and generous children, will I be able to save these children of mine.

  24. 344thBrother says:

    I”m not going to debate you because I think that would be a waste of time. I do disagree though.

    Any time there’s a chink in the armor, you do well to drive in a wedge or a spear. Because the general public has a thousand different opinions on where to attack and will never agree on any one single one, we have to attack from a thousand different directions and try to wake the sleeping while killing the beast via the death of a thousand cuts.

    I think you’re WAY off base calling anyone in here a coward. These are dangerous times for all of us, but I don’t see anyone here shrinking from saying what needs to be said. If you think that focusing on pedophilia in the highest levels of government is chickenshit, then I think you’re misinformed. If you believe that yelling about 911 or false flags or Operation Gladio is cowardly. As far as I’m concerned, you have nothing of value to add to the discussion. You found the door once before, there it is before you, avail yourself of it and good luck in your efforts.

    • Please do not breed pointless and unnecessary discord. He has a right to his opinion even though he is unlikely to believe the dangers people just talking on some dumb forum can be put in just because they were talking in a forum.

      I agree with the death from 1000 cuts analogy. What is needed is to throw the corruption of this system into people’s faces in a way they cannot ignore. Hijacking the air waves and forcing them to watch the chapter 3 video would be one way to do that, but no one here has the power to do it.

      The problem is not that the people here are chicken shit. The problem is that they dont have the power.

  25. I don’t think it’s necessary for anybody here to explain why they want to get the word out on Hastert. However, I’m interested to know what, specifically, some of you would hope to achieve in doing so. I’m encouraged by the initiative which has been taken on this action item, but I feel that what we wish to accomplish beyond getting the word out and not just letting Hastert slide on the cover story hasn’t been adequately addressed. Having thought of this for a few days now, I’m not sure whether I can answer that question in a manner which feels satisfactory, which bothers me.

    I’ll avoid going into greater detail on my own thoughts for the time being in favor of keeping this brief (not my strong suite 😉 ) and hopefully, in doing so, eliciting some responses from other members.

    I by no means intend to discourage the efforts underway, but I’d like to see if there’s a way in which any momentum generated in response can be capitalized on more effectively by having a candid and critical discussion here about what we hope to achieve through this exposure. I hope to see comments be part of a path forward and not merely a detour.


    • The goal is to implode this entire system of lies and nonsense. Imagine if one day everyone woke up and as soon as they turned on the TV chapter 3 style video after video, on every channel, started playing. And then we had the CDC vaccine coverup thing playing, and then constant news about the toxicity of pesticides and herbicides and the potential extinction level event that GMO’s present. Imagine a whole month like that.

      Imagine a world in which the wrongs of EVERY crooked authority were revealed. Imagine a world in which crooked cops and other crooked authorities had no place to hide from the surveillance society.

      Imagine a world without bullshit and lies.

      That’s the goal.

      • Katie Stewart says:

        Thanks, A Name. 🙂

        • So it appears the consensus thus far is that the primary focus with the current action item (and others) is pushing the public towards a fundamental rejection mainly of the political power structures as they exist by exposing the fact that the depth of corruption is far more pervasive and sinister than the public, already skeptical as it is, realized and that this requires radical change and transformation. I agree with this.

          I would also add that the Hastert case exemplifies why the sort of illegal and nefarious surveillance practices used by the government are not only ineffectual but functional only as a means of blackmail since the illegal intelligence gathering practices used and their wider implications prevent that evidence from being used in legitimate prosecutions other than the “get out of jail free” plea deals Hastert was able to make. Furthermore, I’d say these surveillance practices actually encourage an even more egregious level of criminal activity on the part of the target, since this target knows that the longer and more serious the crimes being perpetrated go on, the more of a liability they become for the agencies involved, since someone like Hastert could presumably make the argument that evidence to press charges far exceeded what was necessary and had existed far longer than one might have needed to present a legitimate legal case, thus calling their bluff and exposing the wider scheme. This is not the most clear way I could’ve articulated it, but I think it’s sufficient at any rate.

          • Katie Stewart says:

            Well, I can’t say its the consensus since so few are responding to your question about goals, but that is exactly how I see it and exactly why I have tried to push the Hastert case into people’s faces. (Unfortunately not very successfully.) It strikes me as such a perfect example for people to look at to really see that just voting for the next corrupt, disgusting monster isn’t going to fix anything. People seem to get it that politicians are bought by those with the most money, but they just can’t seem to grasp that the politicians are also owned through blackmail, that they are so ‘blackmailable’. I have no idea what the replacement solution is, but I do know these people have got to go.

          • I only said “the consensus thus far”. Thank you for weighing in your thoughts, Katie =]

            The direction I’m leaning in ATM is that there’s no chance whatsoever of creating change through our ‘elected’ officials under the current conditions. I previously mentioned that my Dad has made some progress towards creating affordable housing in his community via the Community Preservation Act. He was technically “elected” to his position, but this just meant that he was approved (and not opposed at an electoral level) to take the initiative to draft a proposal working with Habitat For Humanity to create more affordable housing units on suitable property which the town owns, but isn’t really being utilized, an effort that was supported but nobody was interested in doing the legwork for.

            As I mentioned before, my parents are retired, so they feel like they’re in position where they can do something positive for their community (my Mom does work at the local food bank). In other words, they’re not paid officials. It’s difficult for most people who are still working just to get by, so the example may seem limited. Again though, I’m mentioning it because even if it has a minimal effect on creating positive change, it’s better than trying to do anything positive in DC where positive things only seem to happen by fluke on occasion. It’s not entirely divorced from government: the Community Preservation Act, generally speaking, is money which can be used for something like the restoration of a public park for example. You submit a proposal and so forth. It may be part of a charitable trust, I’m not sure. But the point is it’s an aspect of civil society which is far enough outside of polarized politics which is just a charade that he’s been able to make progress (work is still underway).

            I think transformation of any meaningful sort has to begin outside of the spotlight and the “system” and I hope that the exposure of the Hastert case really just sends home the message that the level of corruption is so pervasive and egregious that people need to come to terms with the fact that just swapping out one puppet president congressional lobbyist politician is a failed strategy. Any meaningful change is going to require recognizing this and trying to forge different paths towards real positive change, not rousing speeches hyping cosmetic modifications of the same pig in lipstick (feel free to have fun with that one 😉 )

  26. Ronald Orovitz says:

    In a press conference Larry Flynt held on or around Jan. 11, 1999, after his Bob Livingston expose, he introduced a new scandal featuring Bob Barr (at the time one of the House Managers in the Clinton’s Senate trial for perjury). In the conference, Flynt repeatedly alluded to a much bigger scandal involving a bigger (literally?) House Republican, which he would soon publish after a few details were ironed out. This story however was never published – unless of course if that “bigger” House Republican was in fact Denny Hastert, in which case the scandal was later published in some of its details by the Vanity Fair piece and by Madsen in ’06, but which still remained largely ignored by the mainstream media until this year.

    This raises a question as to whether the more common infidelities like that of Livingston, Barr, and recently with the prospective Speaker of the House McCarthy, are eagerly reported by the mainstream press as “limited hangouts” while the much more explosive scandals involving pedophilia and the like are held because they are much more potent in holding politicians in check by deep state networks. It may be said that these potentially more devastating scandals become in effect the ticket for higher office of criminally indictable subjects.

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Found that press conference here:

      At time-stamp 4:40 Flynt mentions 8 other investigations that he was still pursuing, all conservative Republicans. At 13:06 he talks about the bigger fish, again at 16:10, and at 18:00 he says “we have a video tape with this one, this one’s really good.” At 23:30 he says “surprisingly there was only one involving a gay relationship” (if Hastert was one of the ongoing investigations, then this was him). At 34:30 he specifies that the big fish is a congressman. More at 39:55, suggesting it is perhaps Tom Delay, and at 44:17, et seq he says more about the video, but it doesn’t sound like what Sibel describes in The Lone Gladio.

      I was a C-Span junkie at the time this was going on, and recorded much of the Lewinsky scandal, the grand jury testimony, the deposition, the Senate trial, and this press conference. So, when Sibel revealed that the Bob Livingston material was obtained by Flynt as a result of “COINTELPRO II” illegal wiretaps, I went back and reviewed some of these tapes. The press conference could support what she alleges, though when asked if he’s had any contact with the White House, Flynt denies it, though it is worded somewhat as a non-denial denial, when asked at 23:40 if a high-ranking State dep’t official was involved: “Look, the last thing the White House or the State Department or anybody would want to do is align themselves with me!” That wasn’t a no.

      • Ronald Orovitz says:

        Brought this up to Wayne over at WMR forums and here’s his reply: “The other big fish was likely Bill Paxon who resigned in 1999. The word was that he was gay and in a beard relationship with Susan Molinari. ”

        Since Flynt said there was only one gay scandal in his investigations, and he said there were no Dems, the conclusion to draw is that whatever “COINTELPRO II” had on Hastert and some of the others in Sibel’s State Secrets Privilege Gallery was not disclosed to Flynt because A. they were Dems. or B. they (the deep state gang) wanted to hold the real monsters close to the chest, those being all the easier to control and all the better for subverting our constitutional republic. The PATRIOT Act was passed under Hastert’s watch – ironically enough, the act the banking provision of which would eventually become the prosecutorial tool of his disgrace.

  27. 344thBrother says:

    @The group.
    Given that my personal belief is that GHWB is one of the premier (If not THE premier) architect/mastermind of the blackmail/pedophilia/child murder (See “Underage male prostitute tours the Whitehouse after hours”) Hint he wasn’t there to visit Reagan…

    AND media self censorship (See the “No flag draped caskets) AND the Nixon take down

    AND the Reagan shooting (See ties to the Hinkleys)

    AND the Bay of Pigs…(See his off shore “oil” company that supplied the “Rebels”

    AND Project Paperclip (Certainly his daddy was)

    AND JFK << Yes it goes back at least this far, and is most likely all a cornerstone of the Skull and Bones planning process.

    AND the horrible massacre in Panama in a civilian area…

    AND the media blackout about the Iraqi soldiers buried in trenches on the front line of the first Iraqi war…

    I could go on… I hereby request that BFP/Probable Cause/all the other great hosts give serious consideration to doing some serious hell raising about that sick bastard and his family.

    I'm not saying that he is the sole perpetrator of all of this, but he certainly seems to have bloody hands in all of them. He may be his master's boy, but he' is his master's enthusiastic boy for sure.


  28. 344thBrother says:

    Oh did I neglect to mention the Carlyle group, the Bin Laden group and 911?

    Silly me

    • Haha… I was reading the previous comment and I was about to mention the Carlyle Group and Bin Laden/Bandar Bush. Silly me, I was going to forget 9/11. To me the Carlyle Group is probably the closest thing I can think of when I imagine the ‘hyper on conspiracy theory’ crowd view of what the Illuminati must ‘look like’. Sort of like an assembly of arch villains in their respective attire with various props, canes, rings, medallions, and exotic pets.

      HW [banging his fist on the table]:
      “Damnit Bandar, we need to wrap things up in Yemen, we’ve let the King assert himself in his new position and demonstrate his disregard for civilians and willingness to use unnecessary and excessive force.”

      Bandar [with one hand stroking his beard and the other gently running his fingers through the fur on the back of his tiger]:
      “Why? Our friends in the media will continue to ignore the story unless we issue new instructions and the “American People”, as you like to call them, have no interest.”

      Brzezinski [lifting a piece of raw meat over his head, which the eagle on his shoulder leans forward and snatches with its beak]:
      “It’s true…”

      Wolfowitz [twisting large gold ring on his finger]:
      “I know, but we need to focus on doing some field testing of our new advanced weapons technologies with the Israelis and this is becoming a distraction. Plus, Bibi’s down in the polls.”

  29. Meanwhile, Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz, of the Saudi Royal Family, and four other unnamed Saudi citizens attempted “to smuggle about two tons of Captagon pills and some cocaine” through Beirut Airport, [a Lebanese security source told AFP.][Captagon is a brand name for fenethylline, a popular drug that has been consumed by individuals fighting in the Syrian civil war. It is used as a stimulant for the militants on the ground, who have been engaged in an ongoing war since 2011.”]

    Doubtless NYT will fully cover this connect between USAMO/MIC allies and UN human rights chair Saudi[off-with-your-head-for-drugs] Arabian Prince loading TWO TONNE of a drug known for its psychotic/aggressive properties; connect the egregious brutalities of crISIS mercenaries fed this stuff; connect the labyrinthine malevolence of supply stamped with the Kingdoms imprimatur; connect USAMOs head in a bucket of shit now called ‘US morality.’

  30. I want to extend my gratitude to Sibel and everyone in the video. It is unfortunate what is happening, but not unexpected. One thought I do want to share, and forgive me if it has already been stated, is about the last discussion in the video about why people are not responding the way we hoped they would with all the information that is available. Call it moral decay call it moral apathy, I think it is fear. People have no idea how to take care of themselves, and people are well aware of this. Very few people have the knowledge and the skill set to grow their own food, to earn a living outside of applying for jobs and hoping they get hired, to be able to physically build and fix things. Basically, people don’t know how to operate outside of an office or retail store. Everyone is dependent on the current political, economic, and social structure/system. Whether consciously or subconsciously we are heavily reliant on the continuation and survival of this system. Its survival is our survival. If it thrives we thrive, and I think that is why people don’t want to mess with it, confront it, think about, etc. and what ever moral sacrifices have to be made in order for the gravy train to continue, it will be made.

  31. It seems we are incapable of chains of long thought, The media, ourselves have created Short Attention Span receivers, not critical thinkers, not even critical listeners. We seem incapable of the thought needed to make all the connections. We can connect 3 dots and that is it and only if they are Fun dots. The news is filled with Chris Jenner and the Kardashian escapades, we are moths drawn to a distracting flame and away from the real news. This does not have to be. Corporate media – FOX at the top of that. Give us ONE year of real media and I will give you an irate public demanding the hide of over child-molesting ass in Washington. Keep up the work Sibel.

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