BFP Roundtable- Governed by Criminals & Their Enablers (MSM): Two Ideas of How to Proceed

On this very important edition of the BFP Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and James Corbett discuss the Hastert plea deal, the public's lack of response to the story, and the feedback from our last conversation. Sibel and James each propose an idea of what we should do now and Peter plays judge, but you are the jury. Please leave your own responses in the comments below.

*Please post your responses and votes on the two proposed action plans in this episode. We need your input. Thank you!

**BFP Campaign on “The Real Hastert Case”: Click Here

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  1. Sheila Damodaran says:

    Hello from Hong Kong fellow BFPers. I’ve been living here on and off for almost 20 years, and have watched this city undergo it’s own changes after the handover back to China in 1997. This is my first comment, I’ve been a member for a while and this is just one of many different sites I visit to inform myself. I guess that’s why I’m commenting, because the idea of an independent current events website putting many different formats into one place is a great one, and long awaited, certainly by me.

    Like all of us here, I like to be informed. Many years ago, my morning routine used to be a cup of tea and the Guardian (my dad’s choice of newspaper, and for a while a good one). When I first moved to HK in 1996, my shortwave radio was tuned to the BBC World Service, and I felt I knew what was happening. Post 9/11, I realised along with so many others, that things are not as they seem, and in fact have not been for quite some time. So my education in online media began, and continues to this day. There is so much information available now.

    I wanted to mention Hong Kong Free Press, which recently launched in our territory, also using kickstarter (to which I contributed). Press freedom has declined in HK, both Chinese and English language, and this site was an attempt to redress that. While not in the same category of ‘free’ press that you have in mind, they surpassed their original financial goal by a very long way, in a very short space of time. Why? Because there are many, many people hungry for good journalism, by which I mean honest, informative and unbiased.

    HK is a very international city, and I have friends from many different countries and cultures. From my own experience, I can say there is most definitely an awakening (the 9/11 coverup is a big part of that), and new sites like this will only help expand and increase that. I will definitely be supporting this project both financially, and in any other way I can. Best of luck Sibel, I have a feeling if any one can do this, it’s you and the people around you, and I would like to consider myself one of those people, however small my contribution may be!

  2. Sounds great. You’ve gotten that “reverb” out of your sound track (I was going to suggest hanging kilims to reduce the audio “brilliance”–which, truth be told, has to compete with tinitis). Dunno how I can help from Boston/Waltham as a gimpy 73-yr-old. Writing memoirs for Campaign 2016. Just found out that Mass has a “right of free petition,” where you submit a petition and a bill to your state rep and or sen.–and they must introduce it. If they don’t like it, they put on it “By Request”. But it goes thru the hopper. I’m chopping up the federal 9/11 Commish enabling act for use in Mass–92 citizens, plus/minus with a Mass residence or nexus were murdered in that deal (Corbett’s 9/11 In Under 5 Mins is still the best explanation I’ve seen). Pls enable avatars, btw–straighten yours…Like James I was taken aback by your incredibly raunchy bits in Lone Gladio–said to myself, “self, that’s one angry lady”–deservedly so, in spades. We’ve an “architects & engineers 4 9/11 truth” here– going the education route. Boring. Righteous–the nano-thermite route–so I’m trying to get folks to Be the Boss–as We-ans–we the people, and instruct our employees (the gang of 537 etc) what to do, with daily postcards (to squelch the anthra-phobia) of instructions, @ 37¢ a pop. Have a folder in which corporate certs of General Electric Company and Xerox Corporation reside, preparing for my interviewing them. They’re very impressive as Corporations, but, corporations qua paper, quite docile. Deaf, dumb and mute are these “people,” with no spine, no lungs or lights. But they can be folded into high-efficiency corporate airplanes. Range is de minimis, but they leave no carbon footprint…. back to work. all the best. Teshekuriderim sizinda (phon.) is all I can remember from X1’s Peace Corps days in the Cojuk Yuvasi in Rize (while I was in the War Corps in “‘nam”–for 19 days.) Have been back to Turkey twice, tho–Turkish Automobile Club hotel behind the Blue Mosque, I think. Amazing to be there with a fluent guide in the family. Ephesus is amazing (as is the Istanbul cistern)–in visits 10 years apart, the excavation moved from just the street facades, all the way into the inner living and sleeping spaces. The US will no doubt find a way to bomb it into oblivion.

  3. OK, you want to try something, actually, feets on the floor: A counter to “learned helplessness”. Personal empowerment without the treacle. An exercise without the sweat. A reach toward “taking back our government.”

    Which is: The three of you as a show opener, take on reciting the Preamble to the Constitution. (further rationale at If any of you can recite it now, I’ll send you a $2 bill, one for each of you who can recite it. (without peeking).

    WE the people of the United States, in order to:
    form a more perfect Union,
    establish Justice,
    insure domestic Tranquility,
    provide for the common defence,
    promote the general Welfare, and
    secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
    do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    My punctuation. Two big observations: We the people…do ordain and establish sets up the “legal fiction” we used to live under, i.e., that the people have all the power, and delegated some of it, carefully (they hoped) to the gummint. “We” be the boss of them. The 9Th and 10Th amendments reinforce the power position–the 9th stand s for the gummint getting delegated, enumerated powers, We the people get everything else, whether listed or not. “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” The 10th deals w/ reserved powers, to the states or the people.

    2Nd: “WE” also set out six “goals”, tasks, assignments, to our employees. That’s why I set them out as a list. Which, I think it turns out, are very cleverly set in order of importance/execution. If you don’t get the states pulling together (more perfect Union), you’ll never be able to “establish Justice” (and I’d say, we haven’t yet). Without justice, there can be no tranquility. But with cooperating states, a system of laws, not men, and a certain peacefulness, then (and only then) do we have something to defend. If we can’t defend ourselves, there’s no need to talk about promoting the general Welfare–general, not just Banksters, MilindugislativeSpy Complex–But if we do “win” at defending ourselves, then we can provide that social safety net, or whetever else it might be to promote the general Welfare. If we can’t, we’re back at “insure domestic Tranquility” again. But if we can promote that, we can go for the cherry atop the whipped cream atop the 3 scoops of icecrream atop the split banana, go for the Blessings of Liberty for us and our children. I think it’s a brilliant sentence–just 52 words. Takes 18-20 seconds to recite at a comfortable pace.

    3Rd reason I “enumerate” the six directives (I actually do number them): Seems all our verdamnt prexies can’t keep from saying “My 1st priority is to keep you and your families safe.” Bullshit. They may have promised to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, but they haven’t gotten even as far as the 1st sentence. “Provide for the common defence” is priority #4 (FOUR!). And it’s there for good reason, as noted above. Every time a prexy says that, I keep hoping someone in the press corps would say, Bullshit, Barack (or whomever is seated as Prez). Defense is the 4th priority. Haven’t you read even the 1st sentence of the Constitution? Or are you slithering through the loophole that goes “to the best of my ability,” and your ability to preserve, protect and defend is none too good. Like, zero–Kill Lists indeed. Can’t look back (cause you’d see criminal conduct. Even “looking forward” isn’t a cure-all, ‘cuz you can see it coming at you. Better duck, or the future, becoming present, will knock you on your ass, back into the p-assed. (so to speak).

    Asking not what I can do for my country, but for the Boiled Frogs Collective: Have been typing since 4th grade, writing since 5th, printing press in 6th, through the rank of English Major (only made PFC in the draft), 1st reporting job in Oct 63–where, on 11/22/63 I pulled the Dallas dispatch off the A-wire. Drafted in April 64, ran troop ship newspaper (two 8.5 x 14 mimeo sheets). Almost court martial’d for final editorial before we “off-loaded” the troop ship. Army uses “on-load” and “off-load.” You’d be amazed how similar “on-load” sounds to un-load, through a megaphone w/ a south-western accent. Because I could type, of course, I was a clerk, not ann ammo humper.

    Back to newspapers, photography. filing stories via teletype; sending exposed film in via the twice-daily Greyhound. Pulled from reporter’s job and turned into copy desk/page layout person–lousy shifts, 5 pm-2 ayem. Went to law school. Editing for two local papers at odd times, summers. Got degree JD; got prize. Got Consumer Reports Magazine fellowship at Columbia grad sch. of journalism. Got MS & Pulitzer Traveling fellowship. Picked up by WNBC-TV (Ch. 4, New York) to do on-air editorials (report, write, produce, deliver). . Proposed all 5 o&o’s create new Consumer Protection segments (Action4 was NYC’s version. I got to set up computer system–1972, Univac–for complaints; directed 4 researchers, wrote for our “talent,” Betty Furness (you’re too young to remember). Wilderness traveling Europe w/ Pulitzer bucks. Then WNET-NY w/ computer system, then flack for NYS Consumer Protection Board (failed to get statewide consumer complaint system implemented, returned to newspapers. But Newsday’s Stanley Asimov (the “other brother”) had just bought a 240-terminal newsroom computer system from a start-up. (This was when start ups weren’t just a transfer of funds from one bank account to another–the monitors were delivered in whiskey cartons, because the plastic molding machines weren’t yet available. There were no user manuals. I’ll write it, I said. What do you know about computers, I was asked. Brought in WNBC-Action4 user manual I’d written 2 yrs before. Oh. OK, write it. Left newspapers and went to the computers-for-newspapers software start up, now humming along nicely. Traveled Europe studying newspapers’ operations so we could build them the total automated everything system (“pagination” it was called). Still reporting and editing, but now $2, $3, $5M computer system specs. & contracts. Invented a way to handle digital B&W pictures in underpowered computers. Then went to another company, to merge color pics w/ previous co’s text (& BW pix) system. Then went to one, then two other companies to get art department computer system implemented (think PageMaker and PhotoShop); finally formed own company, with Newsday backing (back then, newspapers actually invested in developing technology, because it wasn’t yet built–c. 1985. Sold company to Kodak. Started consulting business. Now 73, time to start writing all those books I’d put off.
    So I’m still a pretty good editor. Not as geeky as I once was (the tiny print on iPhones is a bitch, but they’re getting bigger–need something between iPhone an iPad-ette. iWatch? iThink not. Have found I’m so familiar w/ keyboard that I write in the near dark, with eyes closed. Just have to mind the two “home key” bumps–F and J.

    As for what you might consider: Back when everyone was on DOS 2.0 and XyWrite and Word, lotsa talk about “Citizen Journalism.” But the tools (software and network) weren’t there. Now they sort of are (but there’s almost too much software for one person to master, the cloud, itty-bitty “touch-keys” on the phones, photo processing, layout. Streaming video/audio, databases, never mind spread sheets (that’s so 1980s). iPhone to iPad to Laptop (Tinker to Evers to Chance but in a new ball game).

    What’s missing is “the organizing principal for distributed information publishing. I wrote what I like to think was a prescient piece for the Columbia Journalism Review, on digital publishing following the wagon wheel paradigm. News org. as the hub, traveling down the spokes to the wheel, all the felloes kept in place by the steel tire. User can zip around the circumference of the wheel, stop and say “hi” to the felloes, travel back up to the hub and down another spoke, or get there by going around. How to form a community of citizen journalists around that. Well, we have the ubiquitous camera/phones, iPads and laptops and wireless communication (all copied by the National Surveillance Agency, of course). Saw a youtube interview of a tech guy saying that you could store all the metadata of all the people in the world, for the next 100 years, in a room 20 feet by 40 feet. The fact that NSA at Bluffdale Utah has ACRES, said this speaker, means they’re collecting EVERYTHING. And are still lying about it, under oath. I’ll see if I can find the piece floating ’round the aether. Oops. The Cloud (which is on concrete pilings on concrete rebarred floors, with lakes for cooling the screaming servers. No fish need apply. Some “cloud,” is it not? So firmly anchored. So anodyne in name.

    What the ubiquitous cameras provide is a potential photo staff in the thousands. With laptops (dangerous to have near the blue shirts, as they’d likely smash them. Criminals don’t like spotlights (or floodlights). But you need to use the tools to collect/communicate all these photographers. And train them (so, how-to’s on “Beee The Cameraaa,” Beee the camera. (framing of the image, being your own Steadicam–you’ve seen “walk-around” narrators (see SWILLIAMISM on youtube, touring London.

    Think of having thousands on a news staff, thousands of reporters, photographers, distributed copy-editors (in the newspapers, copy editors are fact-checkers, but the magazines popularized “fact-checkers” as a way of demeaning the women they hired to do that job. They also call their magazines “the book”. It may be down to “broadsheet envy”. And think how the folks at Readers Digest must feel)

    Think of them being all over the world, yet at the same time, close to home. For the videographers, you’d want to take on training them for the techniques of interview recordings, the “B” reel for cutaways, all that movie production stuff, brought into “journalism.” But it’s important to learn–otherwise, kind of like speaking with a mouthful of marbles. Doesn’t communicate.

    later bw

  4. mariotrevi says:

    I can’t think of any American Mainstream News Organization that’s critical both of the Republicans and of the Democrats. I enjoy the exposes at BFP, and the Project outlined by Sibel in the BFP Roundtable seems promising for subscribers. I don’t know if there will be enough interest, but I see that as a separate issue.

  5. There is a huge, huge interest that isnt even aware of itself right now.
    RT is the model, look how huge it has become so quickly (u.s. viewers) And better. Much better.
    Everything that James thought about what makes Alex Jones popular, is what turns many people off, that will LOVE the Boiling frogs bigger Project.
    Sibel for President. I love your passion, your sincerity, and your record… thank you for the stories of your “other” work.
    I completely agree that the REAL way to affect/ effect things like the Hastert case is TO EXPOSE IT COMPLETELY… all three of you ARE already DOING what is needed. You are amazing, and so appreciated.

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