Buckle-Up & Join the Ride: Our New Media Project is on Its Way!

Welcome to the 26th edition of Probable Cause. This is going to be a brief update on where I’ve been, what we’ve been doing, where we’re headed, how and why. The general and fairly abstract idea of a new media project we’ve been discussing since our Hastert coverage has evolved into a clear objective with a concrete plan and a well-drawn roadmap. I’m going to talk about forming and operating a brand new participatory news and multimedia network set to redefine content-driven publishing through a publicly-funded platform: Why? What’s our objective? What are our plans? How are we planning to get there- and get there speedily? What’s your role?

With this initial announcement we are launching our support recruitment. Those of you who are interested in our objectives, who would like to receive updates and join us in our campaign to raise awareness and activate other like-minded parties, please take a few seconds and fill out our form (with your privacy 100% guaranteed), and join our e-mail list - Just click on this button:

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  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Way to walk the walk, Sibel! I’m excited and looking forward to participating in making this a reality. This will be a game changer and with your integrity, track record, and drive I have no doubts about the success of this project. You’ll be hearing a lot from me in the near future 😉

    As always, much respect Mrs. Edmonds! Your attitude and energy is a great source of inspiration. 🙂

    • BennyB: My first and encouraging responder:-)

      It’s been a roller-coaster: Domain Name, Company Set-Up, SM/TM Registration, Logo, Mission Statement, Cost-Projection, Forming First-Tier Associates/Partners, Rounds of meetings with a bunch of IT/Web Development companies …

      Now we are working on new social media pages, setting up our crowdfunding platform, and producing our pre-launch videos/podcast series.

      In the next few weeks I’ll have so much more for all of you. I’ll also introduce you to our Communication/Social-Media Director.

      What we have here: a model that does NOT exist anywhere else online.

      I am asking everyone to help us with recruiting support with this new e-mail opt-in form we have set up (link under the podcast post). We are aiming for 10,000 new e-mails from activists and supporters who want to make this incredible project a reality. So please e-mail the link to everyone you know, and encourage them to hop on board!!!

      Again, thank you for your so-very-needed encouragement!!

  2. Magnificent Sibel!!! Count me in for this very exciting project. A suggestion – based on the music for this podcast and the new project: instead of the home of the irate minority, let us be the home of the positive voice dispelling the illusion.
    Thanks for starting this important “walk”….

    • Dennis, Thank you!

      I’m glad you mentioned the key word ‘positive.’ Because this will be one of our one-of-a-kind features. I don’t want to give out too much at this stage BUT remember the last RT discussion? We are designing and setting up a model where individual/group/community actions can be discussed and viewed and publicized. The element I call ’empowering.’ Problem statements followed by solution suggestions. And then going beyond ‘suggestion’ in to the realm of ‘action.’ Thank you for bringing it up!

    • CuChulainn says:

      how about the aware minority? or the conscious minority?

      • Hi CuChulainn,

        Why not. I am compiling a list. You’ll like our new domain name, tag-line and powerful/positive mission statement. I’m dying to share all that with all of you. On the other hand I don’t want to give premature heads up to our mega enemies.

        We have two stellar, world-wide recognized investigative journalists on board, and several producers. We’ll be bringing back my “Daily Select News” selected from non-US-MSM (100-200 attention-worthy news per day; updated hourly). We’ll have live broadcast (Daily). Several video/podcast shows per day. Our RT (one per week minimum) … and so much more. It is going to be intense: quality material in an hourly-updated fashion. Most importantly: our discussion/activism forums and what we tag as “Community Activism” page.

        We have two months to our KS launch date. We need everyone’s help to position ourselves for the ‘The’ Day:-)

  3. Great! I see, as always, you are way ahead of me. 🙂

  4. Guess what? Someone (via Twitter) brought it to my attention that “Constant Contact” (The e-mail service & form we use) has excluded ‘Syria’ from its country drop-down list. Now trying to get to the bottom of this. E-mailed them; waiting on the phone … Is this some kind of sanction?

  5. from bycycle to formula ONE!! Exciting. ..birth .. wonderful..
    The gag is now OFF..independence. Integrity..Ashcroft-why do I think of Bush and Ashcroft right now !?

    • remo, Thank you for providing me with my needed dosage of laughter today; ‘bicycle to formula ONE’: Priceless!!!:-))) And in reality it feels that way. More than a few have responded: ‘huh, that’s way too ambitious.’ I’ve been shrugging them off because I know we ‘can’ if we truly ‘want’ it. My goal: recruit 10,000+ supporters/e-mail list in the next two months. The formula: sure, one person can’t. Two can’t. Twenty can’t. Hundred people can’t. But watch out when a few thousand get together with resolve; we’ll show you then!

  6. The track is open. You have given otherwise silent observers-of-the-greatest-crime-of-our-generation; voice.
    Everything the past 14 years has delivered points toward you knowing exactly what you are doing and we applaud you long and loud for it. Thanks.
    From the end of this rural no exit road across the great Pacific, little can be offered except good will and absolute solidarity. If anything practical – helpful – can be offered, it will be.
    If nothing practical – helpful – can be offered; it won’t.
    Either way, the essential clear heart of the matter-at-hand, remains the same…

  7. Just want to toss in for now what most here already know, and that is that Sibel has the integrity, intellect, articulation and ENERGY to pull this off and those same qualities are present in the various partners, subscribers and contributors. Count me in, if for nothing more than financial support at this time — pony up and spread the word! Straight ahead!

    • Peter M,

      Now you guys are getting me even more wired;-) Seriously, since Hastert’s indictment I’ve been ultra-wired 24 X 7.

      I also spent tons of time going over, analyzing, dozens of ‘Info/News sites.’ I haven’t found a single model that comes close to what we are set to do. They are either entertainment/fluff (boobs/butts, etc.), or, Partisan Firing & Echo-Rooms, or, Copying-Parroting Same-o-MSM stuff … As for funding: either based on ‘advertisement’ model (100% dependency on mega corporation ads), or, Billionaire-Agenda-Backed Foundations (Rockefellers, Soros, etc.), or Straight-Forward Billionaire Sugar-Daddy (Think ‘The Intercept’). Nothing else. Nothing what-so-ever.

      • Just checking back and seeing people talking about this venture is getting me amped up! I feel like this site is going to make some waves that are larger than what the captains of the deep state horizon propaganda vessel have become accustomed to chartering. It’s about moving beyond this phony left/right paradigm and rocking the boat (not “rocking the vote”) and sending the MSM parrots flying from their comfortable perches face first into the water faster than the powers that shouldn’t be can stabilize the ship and refresh their ‘feed’! =D

        Not having to rely on funding from advertisers, supplemental big checks from a few wealthy donors, or (god forbid) trashy celebrity colon cleansing diet tips is going to allow some space to throw some pretty hard punches. And when Sibel Edmonds takes the gloves off all bets are off…

  8. I don’t have time to listen yet, but I’m super excited! Let’s do this!!

    • Hi Katie,

      You bet! And you are one of our first-tier right here in Bend-OR! We have several people who will be moving here from IL/NY/WA … Next week, I’ll be meeting (in person) one of our first-tier associates who’s coming here from WA. I guess we’ll be putting Bend on the Map;-)

  9. Have just been listening to the podcast with a huge smile on my face. Seriously, caught myself halfway with a grin from ear to ear. Am I excited? Do one legged ducks swim in circles? 🙂
    Can only imagine how wired you must be Sibel. It’s one thing to think and talk about it, contemplate and theorize, to be actually working on it, realizing it, that is something else entirely! Sure, it’s ambitious as can be, but I can’t think of a more suited woman to actually pull it off. And what sweet irony it is to think that spawn of diabolos Hastert and all those who protected him or looked the other way have inadvertently supplied some of the needed fuel. What a way to utilize the revulsion and discontent and turn it into drive and action!
    Had a suspicion something was in the works and already felt some anticipation. Now really, really eager to hear more and see this thing lift off into the unchartered. Will be hard to exercise patience. I’m hyper!

    • Good Morning Richard,

      You really know me;-) By second week in November I had in place 30+ Items to-do list. Today, Sunday (Dec 6), that list has a check-mark in front of every item, and is replaced by a new list of 21 items to be completed by January 4 (Monday). January-February will be crazy months- I promise!

      • This announcement sort of marked the completion of phase 1 and the start of phase 2 I understand. From the little glimpse you’ve given us you’ve been very busy for sure. It really is a huge project. (besides being an awesome one) To see it slowly take shape however, check-marking one by one, hope you threw a little private celebration now and again. 🙂 Meanwhile we noticed the quiet. My inkling was somethings in the work, but without knowing for sure there’s also a little worry lingering in the back. This really far exceeds even my most optimistic hunch! I will do whatever I can, however small, to help make this a success.

  10. Mighty! “we have ignition”

    • CollinBI, spark, spark, fire! It will be interesting to see how the megas and their tentacles react;-)

      • CuChulainn says:

        a great strength of Sibel’s position is that she has never spoken on subjects that she has no firsthand knowledge of; this maintains her credibility.
        one hazard of a broader project is that Sibel may find her views associated with those of people who are not so careful. even Corbett, whom i respect, has this problem–if one directs outsiders to his excellent work with Sibel, they are likely, if they are scientists, to run into silliness about climate science that will disqualify the whole website as a font of crankiness.

        • CuChu,

          Thank you for bringing this up. Two days ago I was having this very same conversation with Tom & Pearse (over Skype Call). We were talking about the importance of not running our mouth on subjects we have no true expertise in. For me, Climate Topic is one of those. I agree with the fact that the issue is being exploited big time (Think Al Gore making hundreds of millions of dollars from milking the issue). I know (and understand) that so much data is being eschewed/twisted by multiple sides. I know that I don’t know much; I’m not a scientist, and I have ‘zero’ expertise to stand there and run my mouth on this topic. Knowing all this make me do the following: keep my mouth shut; while I keep reading and listening. Period. Same with topics around currency/Fiat Money. I am not an expert-I don’t know/understand enough to run my mouth on the topic (while acknowledging the highly shady/dubious federal reserve system). Same with regions and countries I know very little about, whether it is Uganda or Bolivia.

          What I’m trying to say: you are absolutely right. It drives me crazy when I hear someone with zero or very little knowledge or expertise begins preaching- Yuck! I shake my head when I see people tackling dozens of highly specialized topics in highly different categories: one day they are preaching on econ issue related to currency, the next day they are preaching on climate, the following day they are suddenly experts in DNA related controversies, and the day after that they are on a soap box on a development in Ecuador … I go ‘Really? Really?! And what qualifies you to tell me about this?!”

          • CuChulainn says:

            TS and Porkins go farther than Corbett in this direction (e.g. their discussion of the Charlie Hebdo massacres over at Porkins’ site back in January/February)–not only do they enjoy talking out of their collective ass, but they add the dimension of policing the conversation, which Corbett is mercifully free of

          • I’ll check it out. But from what I hear (and have seen) all of them are observant of ‘opinion vs scientific fact’ mode of thinking. The other thing I see and respect: their aversion to ‘absolutism’ and recognizing the existence of some gray in between total black and white. Let me give you an example: Corbett, long time ago, used to support Alex Jones, later, he had no problem with coming out and stating his changed view. The other element I respect and value in our partners: lack of hypocrisy. I cannot stand hypocrites.

            As for any major differences in opinions: That’s such a positive thing. It is (and will be) our strength. We do not want to end up with an echo-room: everyone sharing the same view/philosophy … As long as everyone is known for their independence, nonpartisan stand, critical thinking, being free-of-hypocrisy …

          • It’s in the very DNA of the current corporate MSM architecture to encourage us to form strong opinions about things we know little or nothing about. That propaganda is being recognized, defined and stated going in is a very good sign for this project.

          • CuChulainn says:

            here ya’ go–
            you’d think the boys knew something about France, if you didn’t know anything about France

          • Thanks for the link. I’ll tune in this evening and listen to it. But keep in mind: I am one of those who don’t know much about France & French culture/politics, thus, I did not provide my own analysis/coverage for the event here at BFP … although I read extensively during the crazed coverage of the event.

  11. So exciting! You make it hard to remain pessimistic, just when I was getting so comfortable being cynical.

  12. twistedpolitix says:

    Wow! this is fabulous! From that first seed idea to this in such a short time. Sibel, you are amazing. I would love to INVEST in this venture if possible. Perhaps you would consider accepting some advertisements as well. I have 2 industrial hemp businesses with products that are 100% THC FREE, just CBD pain relief and we are in Whole Foods.

    I cant wait to hear and see more. I hope there is some way of waking up and uniting more of the irate minority. We all seem to be distracted with our own causes and never seem to mount an offensive against MSM or the Powers that Be.

    Just tell me what you need from me! Time, marketing support, money, etc. Just whatever you do, keep the podcast RSS feed going. That is sometimes the only way I can consume news while commuting on my bike.

    • Hi twistedpolitix,

      Are you new to BFP? If yes, welcome to our community!

      Many thanks for your encouraging words and support. Do I need your support (and everyone else here)? Absolutely. Let me quickly tell you where we are, what we have, what we are missing, and what we’ll need to accomplish in the next month or so (By January 11, Monday).

      What we have:

      1- We have set up our company network (Local/State/Federal).

      2- We have our new domain name

      3- We have our coast projection, project map and mission statement … all done.

      4- We have our list of first-tier associates and partners confirmed and finalized: FT & PT Investigative Journalists, FT Producers (Multimedia), FT/PT Columnists, Administrative & Tech people, Editorial Cartoonist, and our communication/social-media specialist

      5- We have a firm schedule for our crowdfunding campaign, and we have selected our CF channel(s)- Currently we are working on the copywriting & video.

      What we need to do with your help between now and January 11:

      1- Recruit our supporters and those who are interested in this one-of-a-kind media project and want to participate in/help with our campaign. One way we are going about this: compiling e-mail/contact info via our e-mail opt-in form (privacy guaranteed 100%). Our goal: Reach 10,000+ by the end of January.

      2-Organize small grassroots groups of supporters for our campaign, and have one communicator assigned to each group who we will be working with/communicating with during our campaign. So far I have established 4 groups (BFP + 3 other smaller groups, each with one designated communicator for coordination. I would like to have at least 15-20 such groups. Those of you who are interested and willing to help: this is one of the most effective ways to show people-power without any formal organization or hierarchical setting. How does it work: 1-Form your own mini group. Maybe you have 4 or 10 friends/associates in your group. 2- Have each member of your group form his/her sub-group with at least 3 to 5 people. 3- You as a coordinator/communicator with your group will work with me via e-mail communication. I provide you with updates, notices, action plans, etc. and you will then update and organize your group members and their participation. This is a very effective way to expand our reach and grassroots power in a semi-organized way and more efficiently. 4- Use your social-media network/channels and e-mail list to disseminate our action items and campaign activities.

      I am sure there many other ways as well. I’ll think of more and let you know, but I am also open to your suggestions/ideas. We can brainstorm and come up with innovative ways, and plug them in. Some will be effective some not as much, but so what? That’s how we learn and get better at it. This is a beauty of being flexible and equal in our activities/campaigns.

      • Mgrdichian says:

        how long will the crowd funding be open?

        • Mgrdichian,

          It will kick in around first week in February, and it will be finalized in 60 days (By First Week in April).

          • Mgrdichian says:

            Very good but IMHO you are cutting it close, time wise. My professional experience in advertising and promotions, both for pay and pro bono with corporations and non-profits, and pro bono with activist groups, has shown that volunteer groups need tons of lead time. I’ve helped promote many events, programs, and funding campaigns over the years and the most successful volunteer-based promotions had a minimum of three months from official announcement to end date. Sometimes as many as six months for $1M-plus campaigns. If you come out on January 1, 2016 with an official announcement, you might be OK. IMO a late April or May 1 end date from a Jan 1 announcement gives the campaign a little cushion to rally the troops and get them marching in unison. And with no ill-intent meant, rallying modern activists in our political genre is like herding cats…… Lead time, lead time, lead time! UR gonna be asking a lot from some people. Keep it simple, keep it efficient, and lead time, lead time, lead time, so that people who will be finding out about it along the way will have time to consider working a volunteer (marketing) contribution into their next month’s activities. The more effective volunteers likely have a lot on their plates already and are being pulled in lots of directions. I’m lucky cuz I’m finding out about it now and can contemplate setting aside some time and thought for February. There are some really amazing people out there who may not hear about it until the Kickstart begins. Working it into “their” next month’s schedule brings you into March…… UR cutting it close.

            my two cents

          • Mgrdichian says:

            ….and I consider the “official announcement” to be the date when either a formal release is sent or posted and/or a promotional YouTube video is posted…. in case UR counting weeks and months on your fingers 🙂

      • twistedpolitix says:


        You are SOOOO on the RIGHT TRACK here! I just want to add that at this very time there are many alt media (real ones like you not Soros funded) that want to or should collaborate more. For your consideration:

        Gary Franchi of Next News Network and Patreon
        Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com
        Jen Briney of Congressional Dish (where she reads ALL the bills before congress)
        Abby Martin of Empire Files
        Ben Swann of Truth in Media and Global Activist
        Susan Lindauer of Truth Frequency Radio

  13. Where is the best place to donate for this media project? Is the regular donation location good or is there coming a specific account? Thanks.

    • Hi Peter,

      In less than two months we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign. It will be via Third Party (Such as Indiegogo & Kickstarter). And, it will be based on “All or Nothing” platform; meaning: If by the end of 60-day period we don’t reach (or hopefully surpass) our funding goal, everyone gets their pledged money back 100%. I find this platform ethical. The other kind, ‘partial funding’ doesn’t make sense: why should anyone take a single dollar iof they know they won’t be able to deliver their promised product/service? Right?

      Sooooo, next month we’ll announce the campaign launch date. And once launched, we’ll have a link/page address to go to in order to contribute/pledge. Please sit tight;-)

      • I’ve actually seen both work while helping others with their crowd funding and on my own.

        Something to consider, if you go “All or Nothing,” the overall total can seem overwhelming and folks may hold back and say, “Well, let’s see how it goes before I commit.”

        Perhaps there’s a compromise with an “All of Nothing,” tiered approach where certain essential starter items can be achieved and built on in levels.

        • I hear you, Don.

          Personally I consider ‘partial’ unethical. Here is why: With cost calculation and projection one arrives at ‘A minimum’ required. Meaning: Without this minimum the project won’t become a reality. Thus, taking money from people (partial model), when intended project is not possible, would be … wrong; unethical. That’s my take. I will only do ‘All or Nothing.”

          • I’m sure your critical thinking skills are guiding you and I wouldn’t desire it to be unethical either! Still, I believe ppl understand how new efforts are not simple but can be achieved according to a well thought out plan with attainable, defined goals. Passion and uniqueness are key elements you definitely have. Candice M. Hughes, PhD, MBA http://www.forbes.com/sites/85broads/2014/04/30/the-new-strategy-for-successful-crowdfunding/ Best wishes! Just a couple cents for what worked for me on both Indigo and Kickstarter for some Christian indie films. 🙂

  14. Mgrdichian says:

    What you’re talking about is a making a quantum leap. Quantum leaps happen all the time, so it might as well happen to you the BFP crowd. It’s about aligning your heart with your mind and visa-versa. Easier said than done but there seems to be too much properly focussed energy behind this to fail. Thanks for making us feel like family. Looking forward to spreading the word.

  15. Brilliant. Count me in. 🙂 Looking forward to it.

  16. @CuChu (and anybody else who cares to comment),

    I was checking out that 21st Century Wire podcast you posted the link to and I was really impressed with the analysis of the San Bernardino shooting. As I do with any website which I’m not familiar with when I’m checking out articles or media they have posted, I take a break and do a little bit of poking around to see if I can get a feel for what their general perspectives, affiliations, guests and so on are, usually starting with their about page. Material has to be judged on its own merits, but I think the political/idealogical ecosystem they’re part of should be taken into consideration. Particularly on the web, where it’s easy to traverse a lot of ground moving from one point of interest to another without taking into account how far or in what direction you may have departed from a path where you know the relative distance between point A and point B.

    So with this, perhaps overly self indulgent explanation out of the way, I noticed Red Ice Radio is one of the shows that 21st Century Wire’s Patrick Henningsen appears on regularly as a guest (with host Henrik Palmgren). It took me very little time to evaluate that Red Ice has what I’d classify loosely, as a strong white supremacist/racial segregationist, undertone (or overtone, depending on how you look at it). I’m not saying it’s of the swastikas and KKK variety (at least not that I saw), but it’s more of the “fear of a black planet”/whites are becoming persecuted and disenfranchised crap, which for me, as someone with friends and family of all colors and stripes, is pretty far from my cup of tea.

    To varying degrees, I’ve noticed that this isn’t an uncommon feature within alternative media circles which deal with issues concerning the deep state and false flag terrorism. Why this is the case would be an interesting discussion, but one (among many) of the reasons I subscribe to BFP and The Corbett Report, has to do with the fact that both James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds have demonstrated a judicious avoidance of content and discussions where ethnicity, religion, or sex (male/female, orientation, salaciously themed, etc) comes into the discussion, unless it’s contextually relevant. Such as the instance where we discussed Sibel’s observation about the relatively homogeneous nature of the meetings being held by Ron Paul supporters during the 2004 campaign, where she was made to feel by way of relative dismissal (and implicitly demonstration) that the only thing that she could’ve brought to the table which would’ve been seen as a valuable contribution at these meetings was a cheese and cracker plate.

    Stepping back for a moment here…

    This began as a specific inquiry about what CuChu, or others who might be familiar with the 21st Century Wire website thought about the Red Ice affiliation. The link was posted in a comment for the most recent Processing Distortion podcast, but I’m going to pose that question here, since I realize as I write this that there’s a larger question about how affiliations impact the perception of any entity which is presenting an opinion/news based network or website. This idea is obviously relevant to the forthcoming project. That said, I’d like to make a distinction about the intended nature of my posing this question here at this moment…

    This is not a question about; “how do we know that such and such a factor isn’t going to hurt the chances of the project’s immediate or long term success” (or something to that effect), it’s a question of; “how will a consideration of these concepts strengthen the project’s content and editorial strategy in a way which will contribute to the its initial success and, moving forward, build on long term growth and expansion”.

    The differences between the first and second example may sound trivial semantically, but in reality I think they’re significant. I weighed in on the pros and cons and areas of concern when Sibel was first eliciting feedback, but once she outlined the idea and her intention to move forward, my attitude and feedback shifted from an “is it possible?” perspective to a “how will we go about making it happen” perspective. Or more eloquently stated: “Do or do not. There is no try”. 😉

    So, once again; I’m curious about opinions with respect to my initial question regarding 21st Century Wire. There’s nothing even remotely suspect (so to speak) in what I’ve listened to on the podcast. On the contrary, Henningsen opened the podcast with statements which have been at the forefront of my mind with these recent “Muslim terrorist” attacks about how sinister and toxically this tactic is being employed and how ugly and alarming the rhetoric is becoming (as if it wasn’t bad enough). He also had Glenn Ford, of Black Agenda Report on one of the programs, who (for relatively self explanatory reasons) I can’t really imagine appearing on Red Ice.

    So that’s more than enough for now from me (what else is new 😉 ), curious on your thoughts.

    PS – @Sibel, I know you’ve been going full steam ahead and probably not getting much time to stop and breathe. Just hope you’re doing well and managing to weather the chop on the seas with sufficient support and optimism, knowing you’re on track and definitely moving in the right direction =]

    • thanks Benny
      personally i have no human enemies so this discussion is wasted on me; Bordiga is a good reference re. the issues you raise.

      • Ribbit-Mark says:

        personally i have no human enemies so this discussion is wasted on me
        Living the John Lennon dream. I’m envious of you. 🙂

      • CuChu,
        It’s not a matter of whether you have enemies or not (I’m glad you don’t). I value your opinion, so I was just curious about what you thought about the affiliation with Red Ice. As I mentioned, there was nothing that I took away from what I listened to which led me to believe that there was a racist element to views expressed on the show, but I figured someone who’s listened more might be able to confirm whether or not that seems to be the case overall.

    • Mgrdichian says:

      I have the same critique (criticism) about Red Ice Radio, but that doesn’t necessarily speak to the credibility of 21st Century Wire. Sibel has been on InfoWars several times, and Alex Jones is….. well…. Alex Jones. 🙂

      • Right, Mgrdichian. As I just mentioned in my response to CuChu, I was just interested in whether my observation that the elements I dislike about Red Ice don’t seem to factor into 21st Century Wire’s perspective. Your point about Sibel appearing on Alex Jones’ show was well taken 😉

  17. Off topic: Spiro did a great job with quickly putting together this clip on latest Turkey-Syria-Op Gladio B:


    Pls watch, comment, and give the guy your two thumbs up!

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi Sibel,
      YouTube allowed a thumb. Spiro got.
      Following thread:
      — “…Here is a model that does NOT exist anywhere else online.” — Momentous times foment inspired participation. I’ve jumped social media a minute. Will tell those with of curiosity wishing to hear. Curious about this project’s emergent design collaboration team opportunities. What forum is accessed?
      — “…designing and setting up a model where individual/group/community actions can be discussed and viewed and publicized. The element I call ‘empowering.” — Participatory decision making may lead to chaos, confusion, frustration, dilution, if not dissolution. Nevertheless, empowering! Ha! On the other hand, it’s a vital anarchic autopoiesis. Thank you. Reminds of story: Lone Ranger and Tonto found themselves boxed into a canyon surrounded by natives. The Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says, “What do we do now?” Tonto says, “What do you mean ‘We’, Kemosabe?”
      — “We have two months to our KS launch date. We need everyone’s help to position ourselves for the ‘The’ Day:-)” – Yes. There’s a lot going on in my life and I ain’t on social media. I’m just a guy, fully willing to talk to his kids, and perhaps neighbors. Do we underestimate alienation, aloneness, fear?
      — “More than a few have responded: ‘huh, that’s way too ambitious.’ I’ve been shrugging them off because I know we ‘can’ if we truly ‘want’ it.” – Yes. Doubters & haters drag. Let them catch up.
      — “The formula: sure, one person can’t. Two can’t. Twenty can’t. Hundred people can’t. But watch out when a few thousand get together with resolve; we’ll show you then!” — Reminds of Socrates, or who was it?, “With a clear conscience, one can slay a thousand.”
      — “…Climate Topic is one of those. I agree with the fact that the issue is being exploited big time. I know that I don’t know much; I’m not a scientist, and I have ‘zero’ expertise to stand there and run my mouth on this topic.” — Yes, zero expertise, me thinks, would be reserved for those without analytic capacity to construct evidentiary based inferences.
      — “…Aversion to ‘absolutism’ and recognizing the existence of some gray in between total black and white.” — Yes, possible ideological blind spots of compatriots, ala Corbett’s climate, may (or not) foster (or prohibit) collaboration. We do keep an open minds here. Do we not? And, collaborate still.
      Hey James, please consider Dr. Tjeerd Andringa’s explication of philosophy of science in application to climate science. His analysis of the question you graciously presented, “Are Conspiracy Theories Verifiable?” is exactly the way to proceed with climate science.
      Hey Cuch, — “…Strength of Sibel’s position is that she has never spoken on subjects that she has no firsthand knowledge of; this maintains her credibility. May find her views associated with those of people who are not so careful.” — Yes, absolutely. Credibility increases with each verifiable word. Fewer words are more often elegant. We speak of things we don’t have firsthand knowledge. We have ideological blind spots. For example, I thought I was taking Sibel to task for writing about a ‘Far Left’ not being open to nefarious narratives — my chagrin.

      Thank you Sibel for bringing so many excellent, talented, artistic, and scientific, opinionated, brilliant peoples’ contributions to awareness. I’ve grown due to your conveyance. Is your holster labeled, “Have vision, will travel”?
      Happy New Year!
      Thank all associated with BFP, presenting, contributing, observing, guiding, surfing, singing the tunes. Ahh, what else but the joy of rebellion. Oops. Did I say that?

  18. Bradley Fuller says:

    Sounds very ambitious and very interesting. Not to be rude but what is the subscriber cost expected to be as I would like to help out but am currently very committed to the COMER lawsuit in Canada on a monthly basis plus a few other smaller quarterlies with other “causes” like the B.C.C.L.A. and the Dogwood Initiative in B.C. Canada and other web sites like your friend James Corbett’s report etcetera….so my portion of our discretionay funds is stretched fairly tightly.

    • Bradley, Thank you for your support.

      First, we’ll go through initial fundraising via crowdfunding. After that, once we are operational it will be $12 a year ($1/month). In a few days we’ll begin our intensive coverage here at BFP. Please stay tuned.

  19. This is a blessing to find. I will be praying it comes to be as it should, step by step, especially since I’ve recently realized how vitally we need a source to unite and help lead others who desire to act. I’ll be doing my best to support and point others here.
    Thank you, Sibel for stepping out for truth as you do. Blessings as you run with your vision instead of hiding it under a bushel.

    “If you lived until you’re 80, yet never stood for the things you knew in your heart to be true, would anyone ever really know you?
    But, if you die at 20, because you stood for what’s true, would anyone ever really forget you?”

    • Don, many thanks for your support/encouragement.

      We will be having a few exciting countdowns for our coming project: 1- Countdown towards our intense pre-launch campaign (only 8 days!!!); 2- Countdown towards our crowdfunding launch (~40 days); 3- Countdown to our new media’s operation launch (Aug-Sep 2016).

      Starting next week we’ll have back-to-back video presentations, podcast shows and commentaries/articles loaded with the details of this coming People Powered Media Project. Please stay tuned. Once we launch we’re going to need every single one of you to spread the word, encourage others to join us … and more!!

      • Looking forward to it.
        Say, I’ve beenmaking a series of YT videos about the many questions I’ve had from day one regarding San Bernardino. Someone recently led me to the info on Gladio, and Gladio B. Would you mind if I discuss your analysis about this topic for the many of us who are just waking up? I was hoping I could use a few minutes of your video in addition to others. I don’t know a lot about YT copyrights but would be happy to leave links to your BFP site.
        Thnx again – Keep fighting the good fight!

  20. We Can Do It.
    We are Strong.
    All of You in this Forum..
    Give Me Hope.
    My Very Best..
    From a little islander.
    Jens and Bornholm.

  21. Wayne Pierce says:

    It will be interesting to watch as this effort attempts to blooms. Journalism requires skilled people who have something important to say. It requires an environment where journalists have the freedom to tell their stories. It requires an audience of skilled listeners with open minds that can be influenced by facts and logic. Unfortunately in the US the outlook isn’t very good. First of all, most significant criminal activities involve all levels of government and the wealthy men who rule. A dozen experts can provide the facts about 9/11, that it was an inside job with Mossad demolition crews, but being VP Cheney and the rest were all aware, to whom are you going to present your case? Because they are so brainwashed by their government and their media machine, Americans have a very difficult time believing what some “unknown” journalist or author is telling them. And of course the story is unbelievable. The greater criminals and war mongers in the world are not US government puppets, but their billionaire puppet masters. What I’ve learned through my own experience with corporate level criminals is that both the media and individual journalists refuse to touch the issues for fear of lawsuits. During my fourteen-year ordeal with stockbroker Charles Schwab, during which he and the US government have committed ongoing criminal activities against me, I offered my story to all major media and dozens of individual journalists, but only one journalist has had the guts to publish my story. That was Tim King of Salem News. Trying to go after Dennis Hastert and his child abuse habits is darn worthy. But Schwab and the US government had the FBI after me in an attempt to frame me for attempting to kill Schwab. In another instance last year, an undercover FBI agent attempted to entrap me with an offer to hire his buddies to assassinate Obama. From my perspective this is pretty heavy stuff and I included these stories in my book, “The Stockbroker’s Lady”. I have published similar events on my website, which has been viewed many thousands of times from all over the world, but I have never received an enquiry, now has anyone shown any interest–journalist or otherwise. So, my point is that freedom of speech is meaningless when there are no listeners, even more so when they listen and don’t respond. Sure I am free to publish more books about what Schwab, Bush, and Obama have done to me, but if telling my story does not result in some action to fix such problems, my efforts have been worthless. In this case, my freedom is lost on two counts. The media giants and journalists will not investigate my complaints against Schwab because they fear being sued by him. The government won’t listen to my complaints because they are part of the conspiracy. The general public won’t read my book and react because it doesn’t have enough sex and killing. So like the proverbial wolf, I might as well sit out on the prairie and howl at the moon.
    My blog which shows my books: http://www.aeolusblue.net


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