NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters with Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins & Pepe Escobar

100% People Powered Media- Now That’s Empowering!

Welcome to our first episode, announcing our new media project- NEWSBUD.COM. In this podcast episode broadcaster Peter B. Collins, investigative journalist Pepe Escobar and I discuss the launching of this exciting media project, and talk about what we mean by a solely people funded and backed media platform with resources to effectively counter the current propaganda and agenda ridden mainstream/pseudo-alternative operators. We talk about how people have been made irrelevant and rendered powerless by today’s well-calculated and designed media landscape, and the urgency in creating the only people-funded media platform to bring we the people back into the equation and render the 0.0001% irrelevant.

As Thomas Jefferson put it simply and eloquently, an informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy. A core function of media is to act as the public’s independent watchdog- to keep governments, businesses and other agenda-driven organizations in check. Yet, today, our media is owned and ruled by these very same entities- Mega corporations and billionaires-funded organizations. Isn’t this letting the foxes guard the henhouse?

Are you tired of getting your news from sources funded by mega-corporations and billionaire dynasties? If yes, then come and join us in establishing NEWSBUD—100% people-funded: Where media integrity matters. For everyone who has been dreaming of a major independent media platform that’s free from corporate advertisements, partisan agendas, and a dependency on the ultra-rich, that dream is about to be a reality.

*We are asking those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project to come and join us. Please add yourself, and your voice, to our group list here. They have rendered we the people irrelevant. Together we are going to make them irrelevant!

Listen to the full episode here:

Pepe Escobar- Senior Investigative Journalist & Correspondent (NB International Coverage)
Pepe Escobar is an investigative journalist and geopolitical analyst. He is the former roving journalist and correspondent for the Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online, where he wrote the column The Roving Eye from 2000 to 2014. Mr. Escobar has been a foreign correspondent since 1985, and has lived in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Washington and Hong Kong. Even before 9/11 he specialized in covering the arc from the Middle East to Central and East Asia, with an emphasis on Big Power geopolitics, energy wars and the New Great Game in Eurasia/the New Silk Roads. He speaks five languages, and is the author of "Globalistan" (2007), "Red Zone Blues" (2007), "Obama does Globalistan" (2009) and "Empire of Chaos" (2014), all published by Nimble Books. He currently lives between Paris and Bangkok.

Peter B. Collins- Senior Producer (NB News Desk)
Peter B. Collins is a radio producer and talk show host based in San Francisco. For over three decades he has produced and hosted talk programs on major stations, and for satellite radio and national syndication. Mr. Collins also owns and operates Collins Media Services offering consulting services and development of radio programs.

Sibel Edmonds- Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Sibel Edmonds is editor and publisher of BFP Report, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and author of the acclaimed book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio, a Political Spy Thriller. . She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist, fluent in four languages, and has an MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. Great beginning Sibel! Thank you for your vision, and thanks to Pepe and Peter B. for your vision as well. I look forward to seeing more from the whole team. As always, Sibel, I am with you 100%.


    • Hi Dennis,

      As always my first encouraging commenter; thank you! Peter B. and I will have a video session with James Corbett on Wednesday (January 13). The post should be up by Friday (Jan 15). We’ll have other discussions, podcast and video shows and editorials between now and February 14-when we launch our crowdfunding campaign. Exciting times:-)

      • Montague Thielen says:

        Bravo Sibel!
        I have only just discovered BPF, ( new subscriber! hoorah! ), and am truly encouraged by what you and your colleagues are endeavoring to do here. LONG overdue, IMO.
        I am not anyone of any great importance. ( although I do have a rather interesting connection to the Arab world ) I am just an “ordinary citizen” who has long been disheartened by the abuses of power in our great countries of USA and Canada.
        I shall do all that I can to support this media, and to spread the word.
        Bon chance, mon amie.

  2. Truly inspiring!

  3. My other comment may have fallen flat, though I truly mean when I say beautiful passionate people. Let me say it in another way. over the years I’ve become desensitized and sometimes maybe even jaded. Who of us isn’t or hasn’t been at one time or another. There is very little that “gets to me” anymore. If not for sheer self-preservation then anything. Especially when it comes to optimism, enthusiasm, expectations. With this in mind: You, this podcast, this project, you moved me.

    Sound the horn, ’cause I’m ready!

    Seriously very exited Sibel. We’re going to make NEWSBUD bloom!

  4. Congratulations on launching this project — how exciting! High-quality people involved, unquestionable integrity. This is going to be good!

  5. albatross0612 says:

    This week I’m visiting family in another state, I get to see what is being watched in the Living Rooms of America, it’s scary. This news service is desperately needed, I also see what a challenge it is to reach people with a critically thinking viewpoint. I wish you all luck and support.

  6. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    Wow Sibel !!! This is soooo great ! What a great team you have !!! I was hoping you would do something like this ! Ive been with You, James, Peter, Pepe and the rest of you for nearly two years now, and its so great youre doing this !!! Thank you all and lots of luck !!! Love and Light !!!!!!! Tom

  7. samadams73 says:

    I thought this was a video?

  8. Wayne Pierce says:

    Hi Sibel, I discovered your work recently and received your “Classified Woman” from Amazon yesterday. I’m already halfway through the book. Yours is a fascinating story and you deserve much praise for your work and courage. On a much smaller scale, I also learned that reporting criminal activities among the rich and powerful and US government officials can lead to retaliation. I discuss the US government’s fourteen-year pursuit and attempt to silence me on my blog:
    I wish you and other reporters here the greatest of success, Wayne

  9. Gerald Hines says:

    Thank you Peter & Pepe for dropping the song ‘Monster’ onto The Boiling Frog audience. I too, was a mere 16yr old teenager through which this ballad fanned my contempt towards the U.S. Military Complex. Yet, back then, The Domino Theory of SE Asia was the fear reveling in the media, still, I held no intentions of signing up nor being drafted into that lie. I was fortunate to have drawn high lottery birthdate numbers after my high school days, to avoid being drafted, otherwise, I’d been off to the birth land of James Corbett.
    It is the strength of those well worded lyrics that made the music track come so together.
    And Peter, your other comment of ‘I will not not go silent’ (or rather as Don Henley would say: quietly, & I will not lie down), is exactly the cry aformentioned by Sibel. Finally a media outlet that asks the pertinent questions and the integrity of it’s reporters & journalists being unquestionable. Congrats.

  10. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Sounds like a much needed, worthy endeavor.

    One thing that does need attention, call it: info-vetting. When people like Jim Fetzer & James Tracy make startling claims like “no one died at Sandy Hook,” they base it largely on analysis of photographic evidence which, frankly, is quite convincing at face value. However, I wonder how well these guys are vetting the provenance of the photographic evidence they rely on. Another one of Fetzer’s “out there” claims is that there were no planes on 9/11, that the videos thereof were faked. I’ve argued personally with Fetzer about these claims mainly on logical grounds. But I haven’t the time nor resources to examine the videos that he claims are faked, on the question of their provenance. They may indeed be faked, but how can he be sure they aren’t planted disinfo? Someone skilled in say, digital forensics, would be just the person to look into this….

    OK, I heard Ed Opperman allude on his podcast that he may have a big opportunity coming up, and I hoped that he was referring to this. I very much like his approach – he has the skills and he is open to at least consider some of the “out there” claims, without dismissing them out of hand (unlike some people around here).

    Apologies if I just preempted an announcement, but I do want to put in a good word for Ed Opperman.

  11. Ronald, Can you have Opperman get in touch with me? I’d be very interested in getting to know him. I’ve heard others speak highly of him, but I don’t know anything about him. Thank you!!

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Sibel, I don’t really know him, I guess you can say I’m just a fan, but his contact info is here…
      Cheers, -Ron

      • Okay, thanks. Maybe as a fan you can send him a note and let him know.

        • I like Opperman’s work too, what little I’ve heard/seen. I can message him too.

        • Sibel- you should talk to Pearse about Opperman. They have 2 podcast discussions together on Jeffrey Epstein that I highly recommend. I think you can find the links on Pearse’s site. Also Tom has done one with him.

          As for Newsbud, it’s fitting name and wonderful metaphor. I have to say before I became aware of the name Sibel Edmonds, I was already growing into that bud. But things have bloomed since that day several years ago.

          • Hi Lizzie,

            I’ll e-mail Pearse right away.

            ‘Bud’- So glad you like it and ‘get’ it. It symbolizes several things- all of them good and for hope.

          • Hello Everyone,

            I’ve been thinking of doing a solo podcast episode on our Newsbud. Then a thought occurred to me: Instead of providing you with what I think you’d like to know, you provide me with your questions re: Newsbud, and then, in that episode I’ll answer your questions. How does that sound? We can use this post’s comments section for your questions. Yes? No? Please let me know!

  12. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Sibel, Peter, Pepe,
    Delighted to be present for launch. Thank you. 2016 is already momentous.

  13. Just wanted to add my 2 cents and say that after carefully examining the new NEWSBUD name and logo from every conceivable geometric angle that, in my highly qualified professional internet surfer Bavarian coffee house meet me down at the docks opinion, it is certified 100% Illuminati free. Good job, I’m in. 😉

    • Thank you, Peter!

      Christine Van Bree designed it- She also designed covers for both my books. She is based in NY, and is a delight to work with.

      Tag Line: it was a team effort- Peter B, Bill Conroy, Pepe Escobar, Paul Jamiol, Spiro Skouras, Pearse Redmond, Katie Aguilera … it went for a few rounds (starting with Guarding Your Right to Know) and ended up with what made everyone happy: Where Media Integrity Matters. Because, frankly, no one even mentions integrity or ethical journalism any more.

      Anyhow- your commented gave a boost to my confidence. The clock is ticking: 31 days to go!!!

  14. Ribbit-Mark says:

    You will be able to do many wonderful and behind-the-scenes things with your website.
    It will be instructive to monitor exactly which MSM journalists visit your site and how often.

    I am hoping that your forum/discussion section will be ready to go at the start and be well-organized.

    I am expecting your new site to be the envy of all other news sites. 🙂

    My best wishes!

  15. Sounds good…Steady progress..hats off to you all.
    While we are talking about truth and integrity
    and remembering what bought us all to this point:
    This lays it out in strength:
    Killing Auntie Films – INCONTROVERTIBLE

  16. I hope there will be..
    Some little place..
    In this Forum, for Ann Jones.
    As She writes…
    ( not send it zooming upward, as in America today, to a sticky-fingered one percent ).
    Political Reforms..!
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  17. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Ryan, not to diminish the importance of the UFO subject, nor your enthusiasm for it or the Newsbud project, but surely 9/11 and its repercussions that affect our lives each day dwarfs UFO’s relevance?

    Anyone else here feel the same?

    • Ditto that, Ribbit-Mark:-)

    • Wayne Pierce says:

      No, Ribbit-Mark, I do not feel the same. 9/11 has been under study for many years and the truth about who did it and how they did it is well known. It’s known that it was an inside job, managed by VP Dick Cheney, with demolition work performed by Israel’s Mossad. It was a false flag attack with several purposes, one to justify war against Muslims–on behalf of Israel’s Zionist leaders. Of course everyone is concerned and wondering how powerful humans could choose to deliberately torture and kill thousands of people in those towers. Watching people leap to their deaths was shocking. But more shocking is knowing that there is an element on earth called Zionism that rules the US and much of the world, an element that has no empathy for humans outside their club. Okay, all this is well known, the US government was part of the act and will never admit or report on its role. As I have learned, you can beat the old horse from now until doomsday and nothing will change–unless someone has the courage to bring the perpetrators to justice in the International Court of justice, which might happen. Yes, 9/11 will be a popular discussion for decades, but what can be gained by spending hundreds more hours studying the event?

      In the meantime, I would be more interested in the mysteries behind UFO’s. If you want to pursue this, you might want to check out David Icke and his work in this area. He writes and lectures extensively on world powers, the wealthy families behind that power, and their rituals and connections with extraterrestrials, etc. Indeed, it is easy him to lose me, but the man is a genius and ventures into the darker side of humanity where most fear to go.

      BTW, Icke has also written a book about 9/11 and the Israeli Zionist connection. To understand all the chaos that is taking place in the world, you must understand the major role of the Zionists and what major powers are doing to deal with the problem. Start by understanding that Zionist are not real Jews. David Icke’s “he Elephant in the Living Room” is a great place to start.

      See my blog:

      Please continue to pursue the UFO mysteries.


      • Ribbit-Mark says:

        Can’t wait for TomS to join in here and agree with you that UFO’s are more relevant today than 9/11. 🙂

        WayneP said:
        Yes, 9/11 will be a popular discussion for decades, but what can be gained by spending hundreds more hours studying the event?

        I am not advocating spending “hundreds more hours studying the event“.

        Lord knows we have more than enough hard evidence that it was an inside job!

        If I am advocating anything here, it is that we find a way to spread the news to as many uninformed people out there who still don’t ‘get’ 9/11 and what continues to take place in this world as a direct result of it.

  18. stevan topping says:

    Re: Questions for Newsbud, i sent one via the Join Newsbud list. Sibel has requested questions via this thread. The summarised version of my question is along the lines of – Gov/Foundation/NGO trails and the missapproriation of funds to a desired end. The consequences of that. An example relates to a Sibel/Corbett discussion regarding the topic in Central Asia if i am not mistaken. Is the information regarding the Why? Who? What? Where? When? How? readily available to Newsbud is there a body of information available? Should (Yes of course) we be looking in to this for ourselves because the current info is thin on the ground?

  19. stevan topping says:

    Short of asking the Newsbud team to download the kung fu program in to my mind, i have another question. I would love (if possible) the new team to share a tidbit of information with regards journalistic integrity and getting a point across clearly in a sharp and succinct way. There are the obvious answers like dedicated hardwork, proper research etc. What pointers/advice have you received that has stayed the course and resonated with you with regards your writing. Words are not always easy (lack of research for me). Personally i try to keep in mind (start strong finish stronger (would you believe that?), never be intimidated by the company you are around, don’t fear ridicule and sometimes not always(the info is within the grey area rather than the polarity. Yes/No).

  20. Montague Thielen says:

    I have been looking for comments from “the team” on the recent developments regarding Iran. Compliance and the lifting of sanctions et al. It seems to be a total flip flop from what we were hearing from the AEC even a couple of months ago. And the Empire, it would appear, is suddenly singing the high praises of Iran, and eager to commence “trade”? ( with the caveat that Iran apparently will not be allowed to sell their oil into the market for US $ ?? ) Certainly would appreciate hearing what Pepe, Sibel or one of the other contributors have to share on this matter. I personally am having trouble making sense of it.

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