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Now is the time to stand up for your right to be informed and help create a news and multimedia network unlike anything else online, in print, or on TV. Newsbud will produce original stories, investigative reports, video-podcasts, editorials, and discussion forums, and it will be a real independent alternative because it will be 100% people funded.

As part of our new strategy, we are running four Kickstarter campaigns over an 18-month period and a simultaneous subscription drive. With each successful Kickstarter campaign and subscription effort, we’ll launch additional programs and content and bring in more staff. At the end of Phase 4, Newsbud will be the fully operational, truly independent, 100% people-funded news sources we’ve all been waiting for. The great thing about this new approach: we’ll begin delivering articles and programs in early June so everyone can see the value of what we’re doing and the quality of our work before the campaign is even over!

Without you, we cannot achieve our dream of a media outlet that is nonpartisan and accountable only to its viewers and to the truth. Make a donation, subscribe, and activate others by sharing this email. They have rendered we the people irrelevant; together, we will make them irrelevant!


Sibel Edmonds

Newsbud Telethon - Part 1 - February 14

Newsbud Telethon - Part 2 - February 14

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A Message from Sibel Edmonds- Founder, Newsbud:

Welcome to our main page and threads for everything Newsbud! Starting today we’ll be collectively (yes, that means YOU!) campaigning to make Newsbud, a 100% people funded, independent, nonpartisan, online news source, a reality. I want you to pay special attention to 100% People Funded and what it means, thus, the importance of your role and participation in making this one-of-a-kind media platform come true. Solely people-funded media means no corporate advertisement gunk. It means no marketing gimmicks imbedded in the information presented. It means no strings attached to billionaire sugar daddies- be it Soros, Koch, Rockefellers or Carnegies. It means a media outlet only accountable to you-to we the people.  This means integrity. It means ethical and agenda-free journalism. It means making we the people relevant, and taking the 0.0001% out of the equation, thus making them irrelevant. And most importantly, it means that it is up to you and me, up to us the people, to do what it takes to create NEWSBUD-Where Media Integrity Matters.

Thomas Jefferson put it simply and eloquently: An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy.

For a decade and a half I’ve been fighting for the public’s right to know. An informed citizenry has been my life’s mission- From whistleblowing and years of leading congressional investigations, to forming the first and only National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, to establishing Boiling Frogs Post- a 100% viewers’ supported independent online information forum. Now, with your support, and in partnership with a network of nationally and internationally recognized journalists, producers, and analysts, we will be creating NEWSBUD, an independent news and multimedia network poised to redefine content-driven, online publishing through a 100% publicly funded platform: An empowering, publicly funded media network that is accountable only to its viewers and to the truth.

Please allow me to present a few important points and dates before ending this message:

  1. Please mark the following date on your schedule board, desktop calendar, smart phone, laptop and everywhere else: Sunday, February 14, 2016 (Valentine’s Day!). This is the day we will launch our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign based on an ‘All or Nothing’ platform. Meaning, we’ll make Newsbud a reality if we raise our required minimum funding during the campaign, or everyone will get their pledge (donated money) back. Now please go to your gadgets and set the reminder function for this important date (If you’re using a music tune- make it an excited and happy one, and make it loud!).
  2. We have created a group e-mail list for all who support our mission for a 100% independent media with integrity. Our goal is to recruit at least 20,000 of you who are interested in this project and want to support it, whether via a monetary contribution or by helping us reach and activate others to join this campaign. You may have already signed up with us, but there is more we need you to do: please inform and encourage others you know, and invite them to join this solely people-powered media project by signing up. The direct link is here, and the sign up button is below.
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Without you, we cannot build the independent news source that we the people deserve. We can only do that when we are 100% publicly supported, and that means we need you, your voice, and your commitment to our cause. Don’t let the 1% render you powerless- Empower yourself with NEWSBUD-People Powered Media where integrity matters.

Thank You All,

Sibel Edmonds

Sibel Edmonds is editor and publisher of BFP Report, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and author of the acclaimed book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio, a Political Spy Thriller. . She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist, fluent in four languages, and has an MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University.

Who We Are: Showcasing A Few Newsbud First-Tier Associates

Since October 2015 we’ve been busy forming our first-tier partners and associates. In a couple of weeks we’ll present our complete list of Newsbud associates and team members. Meanwhile, while we are finalizing things, let’s present a few Newsbud associates together with their bios and photos, welcome them, and let them know how proud of them we all are. Shall we?

Peter B. Collins- Senior Producer (NB: Evening News Desk)

Peter B. Collins is a radio producer and talk show host based in San Francisco. For over three decades he has produced and hosted talk programs on major stations, and for satellite radio and national syndication. Mr. Collins also owns and operates Collins Media Services offering consulting services and development of radio programs.

Bill Conroy- Senior Editor & Investigative Journalist (NB: National Coverage)

Investigative Journalist Bill Conroy is unquestionably one of the most original, accurate, and important journalists on the trail of the U.S.-backed Drug War. His work includes the ongoing “House of Death” series, which revealed widespread corruption and criminal activity perpetrated by U.S. agents. His journalism has changed the way the media reports the Drug War. Bill has decades of investigative-reporting experience covering a variety of issues for numerous print and online publications, including, The Daily Beast, the national Business Journal chain, and alternative newsweeklies in Milwaukee, St. Louis and San Antonio.

Pepe Escobar- Senior Correspondent & Analyst (NB: International Coverage)

Pepe Escobar is an investigative journalist and geopolitical analyst. He is the former roving journalist and correspondent for the Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online, where he wrote the column The Roving Eye from 2000 to 2014. Mr. Escobar has been a foreign correspondent since 1985, and has lived in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Washington and Hong Kong. Even before 9/11 he specialized in covering the arc from the Middle East to Central and East Asia, with an emphasis on Big Power geopolitics, energy wars and the New Great Game in Eurasia/the New Silk Roads. He speaks five languages, and is the author of "Globalistan" (2007), "Red Zone Blues" (2007), "Obama does Globalistan" (2009) and "Empire of Chaos" (2014), all published by Nimble Books. He currently lives between Paris and Bangkok.

Paul Jamiol- Editorial Cartoonist (NB: Editorial Toons)

Paul Jamiol has been cartooning and illustrating for the past 40 plus years. He has been recognized for his work nationally and internationally. His cartoons and illustrations have been featured in numerous newspapers and on the internet, and have won multiple awards from state, regional and national press associations.

Pearse Redmond- Producer & Columnist (NB: Podcast & Blog)

Pearse Redmond is an independent researcher and podcast producer who hails from New York City. He is the host of Porkins Policy Radio. His podcasts address a variety of topics, and frequently focus on the geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus region, and the complex relationship between the entertainment industry and the national security state.  Pearse holds a B.A. in Political Science (with a concentration in the Middle East and South Asia) from Purchase College.

Tom Secker (NB: Book & Film Reviews)

Tom Secker is a researcher, writer and producer based in North Yorkshire who specializes in the intelligence agencies. He wrote and produced a pair of feature-length documentaries examining the 7/7 London bombings which is both an original investigation into the bombings and a sociological analysis of the theories around the attacks. Since then he has been running the site where he documents the state's relationship with pop culture, often publishing unique source files obtained via archives and FOIA requests. He hosts the podcast ClandesTime and co-produces and co-hosts the series The CIA and Hollywood.

Guillermo Jimenez- Senior Producer & Author (NB: Podcast & Editorials)

Guillermo Jimenez is a writer and podcast producer based in Austin, Texas, with years of experience working as an editor, translator, and columnist at various publications. A fluent Spanish speaker, Guillermo's work has focused primarily on issues dealing with Latin America, the erosion of civil liberties in the United States, the national security state, the drug war, and immigration. He received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, with a concentration in psycholinguistics. As the host of Traces of Reality, Demanufacturing Consent, and the RadioWHO Podcast, Guillermo has conducted over 200 interviews with prominent writers, activists, authors, and artists from around the world.

Christoph Germann- Senior Analyst (NB: Central Asia & Caucasus)

Christoph Germann, based in Germany, is an independent analyst and researcher majoring in political science. His analyses and work focuses on the New Great Game in Central Asia and the Caucasus region. Mr. Germann’s articles are regularly published at Russia Insider Magazine and BFP Report. He also runs the blog The New Great Game.

Spiro Skouras- Senior Producer (NB: News Desk)

Spiro Skouras is an independent producer and analyst, and a co-host on Real Talk Live. He runs a popular YouTube channel with video productions on a variety of topics ranging from civil liberties and environmental issues to media censorship and geopolitics. Mr. Skouras is based in the US Pacific Northwest, and travels frequently as a roving cameraman with a keen eye for real stories.

Katie Aguilera- Senior Columnist & Researcher (NB: Blog)

Katie Aguilera is an independent researcher, author, and activist who resides in Bend, Oregon. She studied Outdoor Recreation Leadership and spent many years working in the field of wilderness therapy and as a river guide. She writes at the blog Seeking Redress.

Professor Filip Kovacevic- Senior Analyst (NB: The Balkans & Russia)

Filip Kovacevic is a Montenegrin geopolitical author, university professor and the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro. He received his BA and PhD in political science in the U.S. and was a visiting professor at St. Petersburg State University in Russia for two years. Dr. Kovacevic is fluent in several languages, and is the author of seven books and dozens of academic articles. He currently resides in San Francisco and teaches at the University of San Francisco.

Christian Sorensen- Senior Researcher & Analyst (NB: MIC Coverage)

Christian Sorensen is an independent writer and Arabic translator. He served in the U.S. Air Force during 2007-2011. Mr. Sorensen holds advanced degrees in Translation Studies and International Relations. His research focuses on U.S. weapon procurement and war profiteering.

What NEWSBUD Will Provide

NEWSBUD will be a news and multimedia network unlike anything else online, in print, or on TV. It will offer all of the elements people expect from a large news organization and also utilize social media, a mobile app (news alerts, etc.), and other Internet platforms.

All NEWSBUD reports and multimedia productions will be entirely independent and nonpartisan and will be developed, written, produced, and vetted by our staff, who will be paid with funding from the public.

We are planning to set up our headquarters in Bend, Oregon. We’ll be setting up our IT department within our HQ office, and have at least two recording studios (video & audio). We will operate 24 X 7 and will deliver:

  • Hourly updated headline news (weekdays, 5 days per week)
  • Original investigative stories (2 to 3 per week)
  • Evening News (weekdays, 5 evenings per week)—a 30-minute news show, covering significant news stories of the day and one feature story every weekday evening
  • Analysis videos (daily)—providing analysis and multiple perspectives on several of the day’s stories
  • Podcast shows (daily)—featuring in-depth discussions and analyses with expert guests
  • Editorials and analyses (daily)
  • Original editorial cartoons
  • Live chat with VIP guests (weekly)
  • Discussion forums—24/7 monitored and managed public discussions and activism
  • Roundtable political discussions (video, every Sunday)
  • Book and film reviews (NB Weekend Edition)
  • And more!

Newsbud Coverage (Updated List)


Podcast (Audio Only)

Sibel Edmonds Presents: Buckle-Up & Join the Ride: Our New Media Project is on Its Way!

NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters with Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins & Pepe Escobar

Newsbud Presents Investigative Journalist Bill Conroy: Ethical & Independent Investigative Journalism

Pearse Redmond Joins Media Roots' Robbie Martin on CIA-Hollywood Partnership & Newsbud- Where Media Integrity Matters

Opperman Report Presents Sibel Edmonds on Newsbud-Where Media Integrity Matters

The Ochelli Effect – Sibel Edmonds and Pearse Redmond talk Newsbud (and more!)


Tackling The Lies With Newsbud! By Katie Aguilera

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  1. PCR has asked very reasonable questions on these mass shootings. I have not heard this interview, but I have read his blog. And while the fake stuff may just be planted as bait to sow discord, as it is apparently doing here, it is still reasonable to investigate this stuff and generally be curious and talk about the issue. I do not believe there has ever been a trend on BFP of avoiding issues. The only thing that comes close is the 9-11 issues, with all of its red herrings and pitfalls, but even then Sibel has still come out and said it was an inside job in one of her videos, and pointed to the fact we could have stopped it in her first book. The problems with situations such as this is that they are a quagmire of red herrings, all hiding the truth underneath. In the 9-11 example the truth is not so much in the controlled demolition, and believe it or not, there could actually be reasonable explanations for a controlled demolition and lying about it, as in the fact that they knew before hand and didn’t stop it, just as happens now with each of these stupid shootings. The biggest lie is that the police state will protect you, when it lets and enables these things to happen specifically so it can play the savior while it screws you. The problem is that without exploring all the angles we can not get a picture of the situation. Being afraid to discuss the red herrings does nothing to advance the truth agenda, and does impede discussion on these events. And perhaps that is precisely what “they” want. To lock the discussion down, to form taboos within the truth community, and use these taboos to divide it so that nothing gets accomplished. As far as discussing terror events goes, no discussion should be off the table. The conversations should be matters of “likely vs. unlikely”, “proven vs. disproven”, “should we look here some more vs. we are wasting our time”. Not “oh noez! We cantz discuzz dis cuz it are evilz!!! Not official truthrrz line!!!!!!” vs. “This ia curious, could we have a discussion about it”. This is why it is important to address things instead of simply ignoring them. So please stop playing along with the formation of these taboos. The divisive value of them is proven in your unsupportive behavior. If you have the money, please support these people. Not everyone has the money to do so. I think I may have finally figured out the main purpose in the formation of truther taboos. And this shall be my stance from now on. And while such discussions may make things harder for the general public to accept, the best way to counter them is with a diversity of dialogue, not a forced, clique based, reduction in it. The biggest problem we have is that people are afraid to talk about issues like false flags and inside jobs. We should not add to that fear. The overall theme is still “there is corruption, and it must be stopped”. We must focus on the goal of forming a grid by which to get rid of corruption. So, regardless of one person or another’s view on the false flag we still know two things for fact. We need to know how this corruption functions. We must do what we can to know how this corruption functions. And Newsbud offers us hope of doing this.

    • Mgrdichian says:

      “The conversations should be matters of “likely vs. unlikely”, “proven vs. disproven”

      I agree wholeheartedly. And PCR’s comments about the Marathon bombing and Orlando shooting are both unlikely and unproven. And given that we are talking about dead human beings, it’s disrespectful for him to publicly suggest that the people who died are actors and that their families and loved ones might be lying, without one shred of hard evidence.

      Sibel is one of only a handful of people who have made a profound contribution to unraveling the Marathon bombing incident, and in my view, PCR and others are poisoning the solid body of evidence that challenges the official narrative by suggesting that the incident is “fake.”

      I regret bringing this up on this thread and I have asked Sibel to remove my original comment. This is not the appropriate thread to be discussing this and I am formally apologizing for bringing up the subject, here, publicly. Hopefully an appropriate post will be created where this issue can be explored and discussed.

  2. From what I recall, all PCR did was say that without visual evidence of the actual even, i.e. 50 bodies on the floor in the night club, we have a right to disbelieve the story. Given the very faked acting I have seen surrounding a shooting before, notbaly the video of that man acting normal and peppy and then crying as if on cue, I think the one I am thinking of was the sandy hook event, it is resonable to suspect these are false flags of some sort. But what exactly is the nature of them? Real false flag with real dead, or hoax false flag? If people would just record these wretched events we would know. PCR provides a challenge to get this data (judging from his blog. I have not heard the interview.).

    • Mgrdichian says:

      We should both save our comments for when BFP posts something on the biggest mass murder since 9/11.

      • Great idea, except for the fact that you tied your with witholding of your support for Newsbud to getting clarification from Sibel on these matters.

        Given your stated holding of Sibel’s integrity in high esteem, the best way to move on from this conversation in this thread would be for you to retract that statement and put your money where your mouth is. It’s a very important moment for Newsbud to receive all the support we can give. It’s the right thing to do, IMHO. Whadya say?

        • Mgrdichian says:

          $50. Tuesday (payday). With or without your apology for calling me a saboteur.

          • Mgrdichian says:

            Done. I’m # 1,205

          • I totally retract my characterization of your intent and apologize for any bad feelings it may have caused. You have shown that you have a concern and now in a valid manner. I agree that it should be discussed and hope that everyone participaing, when and where it is, will try to be considerate.

            Thank you for doing right. That was pretty big of you.

  3. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Mgrdichian and All,

    “The conversations should be matters of “likely vs. unlikely”, “proven vs. disproven”
    “We should both save our comments for when BFP posts something on the biggest mass murder since 9/11.”

    Seriously. Thank you. I’ve had some considerations about PCR previously. Your first post raises troubling assertions by Mr. Roberts. Thank you for alerting, however, one false assertion (perhaps, yet to be told) does not preclude considerations of other assertions. He has written some excellent pieces it seems to me, concise, provocative, and to the point. I’m sure I’ve said things off the hook previously, but that doesn’t mean that everything I say is to be taken seriously.

    There’s no more reason for you to be to be contrite for your contribution than there is to invite Sibel to muzzle contributants. The great thing, IMHO, HERE we have a dialogue going on, and on, and on. If this thread, or this site, no longer is freely inviting reasoning participants we can bounce.

    Marxists (true) and reasoning people appreciate constructive criticism. Let’s just make it concise, please.
    By the way Mgr, do take a look at how Geobbles used the word “should”.

    • Mgrdichian says:

      The Newsbud campaign is touting the impeccable credentials and journalistic standards of its contributors. One of the things Sibel encourages is accountability — among ourselves and to the public. I’m simply trying to apply the standard espoused by BFP and Newsbud. IMO that standard needs to be present across the board for Newsbud to succeed. For the record, PCR is a contributor to Jim Fetzer’s book “And No One Died in Boston, Either,” a sequel to “No One Died at Sandy Hook,” which was banned on That’s what I’m talking about….. Frankly, that is not the standard I expect for contributors to BFP or Newsbud. If Sibel or anyone on the Newsbud team contributed to that book, I wouldn’t be here right now.

  4. Mgrdichian says:

    Xicha says: “I totally retract my characterization of your intent and apologize for any bad feelings it may have caused.”

    No worries. You called me out and proved we are fighting for the same thing. Mohammad Ali and George Foreman ended up being good friends. Duly noted.

  5. First question would be: “Have you, or has anyone else here, actually READ the books cited contesting OCT SandyHook/Boston?
    “Unlikely’ is subjective. ‘Unlikeliness’ binds 911 and all SCAD questioners to individual known-knowns – of what we individually think ‘Is malevolently possible.” Essentially ‘belief’ based. [ie: “I don’t believe in demolition because its unlikely charges could have been laid without anyone seeing them and thus I knowing about it.” etc]
    ‘Unproven,’ is objective, but works both ways. Remembering, Habeas Corpus Law no longer operates under GWOT. There is no longer any intention by, or legal machination to, force Government to examine the evidential/prosthetic anomalies studding the ‘terror landscape’ after these events. There is no longer due diligence/examination of contestable evidence questioning OCT.
    That amazon would ban the work, is OCCAM, more corroboration, than condemnation.

    • Mgrdichian says:

      No Remo, I haven’t read the whole book, but I have read the work of Sheila Casey, another contributor to “And No One Died in Boston, Either,” who wrote the chapter that is the core of the “crisis actor/fake blood/fake deaths” thesis. I also challenged her thesis directly on a teleconference in which she participated that can be heard here.

      Since I live in downtown Boston I am one degree of separation from dozens of people who were injured and who treated the injured. My tenant at the time was a physician at Tufts Medical Center and part of the team that teated about a dozen of the injured. My neighbor across the street was a nurse who treated victims at another hospital. What evidence and what witnesses do you have, Remo?

      The claim is outrageous and insulting and its proponents have zero evidence and cavalierly dismiss the overwhelming evidence that the event was real. To what end I’m not quite sure.

      The “crisis actor” reasoning is like someone saying: “no one died an the wold trade center.” That Mindy Kleinberg is a Mossad shill. And because we haven’t seen a picture of her dead husband’s corpse, we should be questioning her claims. And she even admits she voted for Bush. We all know the Jews did 9/11 and Bush went along with it. What more “evidence” do we need? So we need to question, question, question until she can produce a picture of her dead husband’s corpse. And even then, we still need to be suspicious of the OCT because she’s a Jew who voted for Bush.

      It’s pathetic reasoning and vile. I can’t believe UR even attempting to justify it.

      • Because she’s a Jew? Really? Zionist maybe, but Jew? Jews ain’t the issue. Intelligence and MIC is the issue. Jews aint any different from any other barbaric and misled people, such as us Americans. This was an intelligence and MIC and PTB action.

        • Also, please explain why you have inserted two toxic memes here, one being “oh noez, das evil jewses!”, and two “don’t support Newsbud becuase of cranky old man Roberts and his cray cray ideas!”?

          • And what does who they voted for back then have to do with anything? Even Sibel was dumb enough to vote Obama, and likely a good chunck of other contributors too. I actually voted for that jackass in the primaries before I stopped wasting my time voting. And Obama is as bad or worse than Bush.

          • And I thought I should mention, I will not have not have net access after today and until the first. So I may not be able to continue this conversation.

        • Mgrdichian says:

          The entire paragraph you are quoting was sarcastic parody.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Hi Mgdr — I may be off the mark. Remo’s comments seem more about questions the basis of claiming something true, false, probable, or improbable. I could be wrong, and, Remo does well to speak for himself. This cul-de-sac is understandable given the complexity of our dialogue and variety of lived experiences of conversants. The whole conversation raises epistemic questions hardly every indulged here.

        Thank you for injecting a bit of palpable onsite experience. Anyway, a friend of mine had a classmate injured in Boston, it was tragic for both of them. I’m very sad for all who suffered that time in Boston. Belief, mindset, tribe, threat, etc. have profound effect on our capacity to doubt stories essential to identity and loyalty. Sometimes mindset overrides information processing. It’s happened with me a time or two. I wonder about Mr. Roberts in this regard. Still, I’ve not looked at the material in question, so who am I to speak.

        • Mgrdichian says:

          UR cutting Remo more slack than I am willing to on this issue. His use of the phrase: “evidential/prosthetic anomalies studding the ‘terror landscape” indicates he considers the central claim of crisis actors and fakery to be potentially legitimate. I am a student of the Marathon bombing and there is no evidence of prosthetic anomalies. These claims are fantasies whose sole “evidence” is wild interpretations of photos and video from the internet. This meme began the day after the event from anonymous bloggers and is being actively injected into false flag considerations being examined here and elsewhere. It’s receiving a small degree of acceptance because like you, most people are not in the position to refute the claims with first-hand facts and experience. IMO it’s manipulative and malicious from some people. Thanks for chiming in with your sincere concerns

          • I live at a distance and do not accept either case has been proven. Although, you are the first person to state categoric and close connection.
            I consider this was a deepstate event. With or without genuine injury/death.
            I will read the books with your testimony in mind.

          • Mgrdichian says:

            REMO SAYS: “I live at a distance and do not accept either case has been proven. …..I will read the books with your testimony in mind.”

            Exactly what is lacking in the stories of deaths and injuries in Boston that would lead you to question their veracity?

            Once read the books you’ll be well versed on one side of the story. I hope you’ll take the time to investigate the plethora of witness accounts, medical reports, after-action reports from first responders, etc. which are readily available on the internet.

          • What about the people who appear to be acting? Are they legit, or just actors there to push this apparent red herring?

          • See, thats a problem . I don’t know wtf you are and I don’t care . You are just another name on a screen giving me a bit of stick. Once upon a time your righteousness would have me running for cover, but, 911 has changed all that.. Your ‘plethora of witness accounts, medical reports, after-action reports from first responders, etc. which are readily available on the internet’ jibe Just after ripping me with peddling “fantasies whose sole “evidence” is wild interpretations of photos and video from the internet” is disingenuous.
            Also the being ‘Versed in one side of the story’ is bullshit. If you are right, and you say you are, then there IS NO ‘other side to the STORY’. There is truth, and there is deception. If you are right, and you say you are, that entire fandango is deception and part of disinformation warfare which has us so confused now we don’t even know what bone looks like saluting us from a wheelchair. BUT. For the record. 911 is an inside Job. That means a deception at that level is an ongoing psyop – a reality, and if ‘they’ can PULL complexity of 911; then ‘they’ can pull Boston. And you can spit all you like, but something sucks in that damage field that nothing you have said changes.

          • Mgrdichian says:

            REMO SAYS: “we don’t even know what bone looks like saluting us from a wheelchair.”

            Sometime soon I plan to take a short ride up to Costco in Nashua NH and ask Jeff Bauman to autograph the copy of his book that I just finished reading. Is there anything in particular you would like me ask him about his “saluting bone” that was amputated?

          • steven hobbs says:

            Hi Remo, — “..deception and part of disinformation warfare which has us so confused now we don’t even know what..” Yes — and one of the prime goals of that campaign is to sow dissension. Those goals are forwarded by “conspiracy theorists” (please excuse the use of this militarized term) among us who claim the most outrageous things, for example, the Moon landing and Boston bombing were fake, or that the 911 conspirators are reptiles from another planet, or that the buildings were brought down by vibration weapons that destroyed molecules. Still, it is challenging to determine at times which claim is fantastically impossible because there is so much we don’t know. For example, before I read that nanothermite could be spray painted I would of thought that secretly planting explosives necessary would be nearly impossible. So we balance, hopefully, formulations with knowledge while being mindful of our ignorance, logic, and valid scientific procedure, e.g., Occams Razor. We all sometimes speak as if opinions are facts. This is understandable as D.Tannin writes we live in an “argument society”. Doubting everything in true scientific fashion stands apart from wild proclamations. But, when profound shifts occur in an individuals world view as for example that necessitated by the contradiction of Newton’s Third Law to the “official story”, it’s understandable that some will go off the rails and see conspiracies to conspiracize everywhere. From what’s been presented here (only) it seems as if Mr. Roberts has fallen pray to some extent. And, thank you Mgrd, for bringing this to our attention.

          • Make sure you pack the polygraph.

          • Mgrdichian says:

            REMO SAYS: Make sure you pack the polygraph.

            I don’t have one. Can I borrow the one that you use?

          • Anyway.
            The podcast was entertaining.

  6. Please clarify accronyms: OCT, SCAD, GWOT, OCCAM.

    Also, the charges could have been laid during the construction of the towers as a way to prevent then from falling OVER onto other buildings in the event of a strong hurricane. Obviously, such a thing would be absolutely top secret.

    • Was that a joke? Please don’t retain that scenario in your precious mind. We have the gifts of logic and discernment for a reason. So that we don’t say things like “there could be secret explosives planted during skyscraper construction, as a safety measure”.

      Please. I know you can’t prove a negative, but you can be rational. This meme was planted well over 10 years ago and there have been plenty of debunkings for just as long.


    • Official Conspiracy Theory
      State Crimes Against Democracy
      Global War of/on Terror
      the razor of OCCAM..that which shaves closest..”Occam’s razor is a problem-solving principle attributed to William of Ockham, who was an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher and theologian. The principle can be interpreted as stating Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”

  7. I didn’t realize it was a meme. I had thought of that one on my own, or so I thought. How was it debunked?

    • Sorry for being harsh. Somehow, imagining you read it and took it seriously seems worse than coming up with the idea on your own. At least you’re thinking outside the box.

      The basic principle is that such a strategy would be more of a risk than a safety feature. Controlled demolition is a precise procedure/science and would not be built in for a possible event 30 or more years in the future. The towers were designed to prevent damage from severe weather and airplane crashes, so the need didn’t exist. Explosives and their protective housing would deteriorate over time and present an ever increasing danger. A fire that could be put out with limited damage might accidentally demolish the entire building, killing thousands. There was a previous WTC bombing in 1993 that probably would have caused some detonation. Etc. Just use your imagination for all the reasons why it would be a foolish, dangerous strategy and be sure to consider long time intervals and how precise a demolition would need to be, for directing the destruction of such massive structures, and using early 1970’s technology. Or Google it. Most likely, a demolition in the middle of a hurricane would compound a disaster by adding lots of explosives, and pretty much zero chance of “success”.

  8. Yeah, that was a dumb idea. I figured the explosives could be protected or need a certian chemical to set off, and could be maintenanced. And the towers could still fall if the winds were fast enough. Pbs did a show about NY’s skyline and a hurricane once. What it didn’t think of is that it would turn the whole building into flying debris.

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