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Are you tired of getting your news from sources funded by mega-corporations and billionaire dynasties? If yes, then come and join us in establishing NEWSBUD - 100% people-funded: Where media integrity matters. For everyone who has been dreaming of a major independent media platform that is free from corporate advertisements, partisan agendas, and a dependency on the ultra-rich, that dream is about to be a reality. We are asking those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project to come and join us. They have rendered we the people irrelevant. Together we are going to make them irrelevant! Thank you!

*We’ll be launching our ‘All-or-Nothing-Based’ Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign on Sunday, February 14, 2016. Please mark your calendar and activate your smart phone alerts!

**Those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project please add yourself, and your voice, to our group e-mail list here.

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  1. Thank you sooooooo much Spiro, Sibel, etc. !!!!!!!!!!! This is really great !!! Wow !!!!!

  2. steven hobbs says:

    Hi Spiro,

    Thank’s for provocative postings. Me thinks some media trends hyperbole.
    What distinguishes “media” from “fascism” in your usage?
    You say, “They work hand in hand with the government.. This is known as fascism.” Who are ‘they’? And you say, “..media used to be a tool of righteousness.” Really? Who were those ‘righteously’ wielding tools of media? Diogenes never found an honest man, and Paine had to print his own. Keep it on.

    • I’ll see your nuance and raise you extremes and degrees Steven. 🙂

      Diogenes might have never found an honest man, he never held a newspaper either. Newspaper only slowly came to be in the 17th century. The first radio broadcasts early 20th century. Likewise all other forms like cinema, television, internet are modern. Media is a new phenomena and as with pretty much everything it’ll be a blessing or a curse for mankind.
      So on the scale of human history, modern mass media is still a rather new element. However taking this relatively short history we can already see patterns. First recognition of the power of mass media by corporations, governments, royalty etc. i.e. the ruling classes and secondly capture and appropriation of media outlets by those same ruling classes. It’s like a fractal, take a large or small piece, you’ll the same pattern. Take a decade or a century, you’ll see the same patterns. Capture and appropriation, bringing it under their private control.
      Second pattern we see is monopolization, centralization and agglomeration. This one gets more extreme as time goes by. Only when a new technology is introduced we see a short period of diversity. Then the acquisition and agglomeration process takes hold and all the promises and opportunities are being swept away again. Even with the incredible opportunities we’ve been given with the internet, looking at the entire mass media landscape, we’ve reached a very, very extreme level. Because this process has no reverse. It’s one way traffic towards clustering. Just look at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and these.

      Nothing short of an intervention on the part of the people will do. There is no natural occurring counter process to offset the efforts of the ruling classes. A new technology only provides a brief window of opportunity.
      So for all your nuances I say look at the patterns and where it is heading. Extremes and degrees of control.
      If there ever was a time for a true alternative it’s now. Future generations might not have the opportunity.

  3. John Zotter says:

    Very much looking forward to the ‘Consumer Reports’ of journalism integrity.

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